we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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The Midnight Doe

Critic is a nice person who is always ready to chat :) She's a great person and everybody luuuuuuuuuuuuurves her. (Including me!(: ) She's just epic :)

9/6/2010 #91
Lord Jace

To those on here I know well, those I only know a little, and even those I know not at all, every last person on here is one of the kindest, friendliest people I know.

I know on days when I'm feeling down, that I can come on FM or Veritaville and know that I'll leave feeling better than when I arrived, and in my books, that makes every single person on here absolutely one of the greatest, bestest(not a word but in this case I'm overlooking it), positively awesome people I know!

9/6/2010 #92
Infinity Blues

Yuul is the coolest mouse ever, I'd love to get to know him better.

9/6/2010 #93

You guys are all really great authors and I aspire to be half as good as you guys.

-from Madeleine

9/6/2010 #94

You all seem like a really nice group of people.

I'm trying to change my fngirl ways, i know I was a terrible person. I wanna change that.

9/9/2010 . Edited 9/9/2010 #95
Des is a really nice and kind person. She's friendly and is a bundle of pure awhshumness.[: Fawn, you might not see this but I have to say that even with our bitch fights, you know I still lurve you.
9/9/2010 #96

Des is, in my opinion, one of the strongest girls I've ever met. After all the shit that happened to her, I'm happy she's still here with us and slowly getting better. Hopefully. *luffles*

Kay is one of the AWESOMEST people I've met, funny and I love talking with her.

Reese is a close friend and I felt like crying when she came back. Best blonde I'll ever meet.

Sheva is like a model to me. Not as much as Dem is but I look up to her strange as it may seem. :P She's adorable, easily luffable, and her flames are good. She also makes me smile way too hard, but hey, smiling/laughing prolonged your life right? :D *glomps Sheva*

I admire Storm for her stubbornness with stuff concerning FM, whether it be my new lusting of a layout, addition of categories and general setup. She's a challenge because she doesn't automatically give me what I want. ;)

And Kal is one of the most levelheaded people I've ever met. She was my first buddy on here when I came on as Theia and she'll always have a special part in my FF heart. 3 you doll.

9/12/2010 . Edited 9/12/2010 #97

Theia is an epic person, has the biggest ego in the world, and is a whole lot of fun to be around. :)

9/12/2010 #98

When Critic was anonymously reviewing, she sounded a lot older than she actually is. ;) I liked her reviews because they were blunt and made me laugh a lot.

9/12/2010 #99

Theia is just a fabulous person to be around. She's a fantastic writer, and as if that's not enough, she's got the greatest sense of humor and knows just how to make anyone's day. (Liek she's making mine right now :D) I love her to death, and she's a fantasmic bestie. *uber!glomps*

9/12/2010 #100
The Evil Sniff

Alright let's go.

Reese, is someone who initially scared the living crap out of me. But then I realized she's actually a big softie who I really enjoy talking to. She's the life of the party when she comes back and I'm hopping she doesn't leave... ever. ^^

Bianca, is my sister. She actually act's like mine too. And even though she let me drown ^^ I actually think she's an awesometasticall person.

9/12/2010 #101
willful dest

Bianca is... one of those people who you meet and immediately love. She gives off a really friendly air, even over the Internet, and has, well, always been really kind to me and to everyone. She always seems to know the right thing to say when you are down and can relate on most every level. She is completely brilliant and I wish her the best. As Draco said, she is an awesometastical person. Love you, Bianca. *huggles tight*

9/14/2010 #102

Storm is the best person to rant together about the sanctimonious fucks (politicians) in the governments. Also, she is a West Coaster, which means that sometimes, I can chat after school, which is a bloody mess.

Critic is very amiable and uses Firefox, which is quite respectable. She also killed my morals teacher, an equally respectable feat. xD

Des is a good writer, and the narrative style and the emotional atmosphere achieved in RIST continues to be one of the best benchmarks for dramatic scenes, and I think I'll sample some for my new story. Also, she is quite fun to talk to.

Draco is always avalible for chatting at night, and the discussions about politics, school, and history provided invaluable sights into Latin American Politics, such as the fact that Brazillians hate Argentinians' guts. :)

Luna is amazingly articulate and talented, a fact even more reinforced by her age. I should get my sister to talk to her sometimes later......although her mastery of English is somewhat limited. Also, time zones.)

I own Ave for advocating my adoption as Peter Ji Rising in the family tree, which I thank Veritaville for officially making myself part of such an awesome online community. Furthermore, her mastery of the art of chatting is quite masterful.

Much respect and admiration goes to Lola for executing her extreme schedule, and in an enjoyable way. I should do the same.

Although I haven't talked to Kayla much, a small sample of the talking we have done just yesterday was very interesting, and I hope to talk more in the future.

Jed shares my view on the despicable remnant of militarism known as school uniforms, and has a Scottish pronounciation, which I am trying to set as my primary pronounciation method.

Theia was extremely articulate on her assessment of my article for Daedalus Twenty-Three, and also, she banned nukes in cyberwars!

Although I haven't talked to Sheva very much, she speaks Hebrew, which is linguistically superb. I should learn a few words......

Although I never talked to Reese, Jessie, and many others, I hope to do so in the future, and undoubtedly, they are all awesome for being in this forum, which I regularly worship and sacrifice rice and fruit for while chanting in ancient Korean Confucian books. (JK.)

Veritaville Season Three!

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #103
Infinity Blues

Peter has one of the best grips on the world of all of us. He has very defined and justified opinions and its great he has such an intrest and what what, or else I wouldn't now anything. :P

Season three? I say every GT is a season.

9/15/2010 #104
The Bagel of Justice

Cara is a beautiful, funny, smart, energetic, wonderful person who never fails to make me laugh. She's too nice for her own good and my WEBZSISTA. I know that a lot of times you come online upset, Cara, but I do my best to cheer you up. You always make smile, and I hope I can do the same for you!

9/26/2010 #105

Des and Ave make me smile by just being online. :)

10/2/2010 #106
willful dest

I feel incredibly special every time I talk to Musa and am like, "*gasps* Musa's online!" whenever I see her post. ^^

Avie is completely epic and I totally enjoy our messed up conversations.

Jeddie is a brilliant friend and one I wish to keep for a while. ^^

10/2/2010 #107
Infinity Blues

Jed is...

What is Jed? Its hard to put in words the epic that is Jed. Shes humorous, a good writer, a nice girl, and an all around awesome person. she is Scotlish, which makes her even cooler (if thats possible), and she can brighten anyones day. She is lurved by many and hated by the stupid. She frequents Veritaville and skype, and we are all so lucky to have a gift like her in our life.

10/3/2010 #108
The Midnight Doe

*cracks knuckles* This may take awhile. But I'll keep these straight-to-the-point.

Des- Des, in one word, is supercalifradulisticexpialidocious. (sp?) She's got it all; she's smart, funny, great writer and she's nice. Everyone lurves her, whether it's from Veritaville, to Skype to Omegle. ^^ She's also great at writing emails, though she may take a while to respond. I honestly lurve this girl soooooooo much.

Jed- To chose one word for Jed is impossible. I guess it would be epical. She's just...awesome. Sweeet, funny, ah-ma-zing writer...and stb he has the coolest accent evah. She's the bestest Scotish seestah evah. She really needs to realize how lucky everyone who meets her is. She's fantastic and I love her(:

Luna- Luna is...Luna. There's no other way to put it. She's unique. I love her to death. She's just so funny! I mean...her huggle bears ;) And she has such a great personality. She's a fantastical writer, even is she doesn't agree. ^^ Luna, you're awesome. The best Texan seestah I could evah weesh for(:

10/3/2010 #109
Infinity Blues

Tay is quite literally the crowning Queen of making people feel speshul. I love hr sosososososososoososo much and I could never hope for a better friend/sistah than Tay. she always makes me laugh, and she has something about her that everyone just loves.

10/3/2010 #110

Musa ~ Musa is wonderful. Musa is a writer and friendly person and lovely little quirk all in one who is very good at the Quintuple Game, very fun to talk to, and the kind of person who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever she reviews a fic of yours well. ^^

Des ~ Des is ... awesome. She's my fellow nerd (yay for knowing all of Henry VIII's wives!) and one of the nicest, most sensitive people you'll ever meet. You can talk to her about anything, and I'm always happy when she's online.

Luna ~ Luna is fun. She's bubbly and funny and sometimes unintentionally funny too, and always friendly and happy. I can always rely on her when I want to feel happy too, or just need to be cheered up--and she's energetic and hilarious and never someone to ditch you when you're at your lowest point.

Tay ~ Tay is a great friend. She's the kind of girl who will say "hai" whenever you come online, congratulate you on your accomplishments and give you a huggle when you feel down. She's so nice and down-to-earth sometimes that it makes one feel guilty.

10/3/2010 #111
Infinity Blues

Kal is the self esteem fairy. She can make you feel happy when evrything is going wrong, and she nevrr has a bad word about anybody. shes gets a long with everyone, and is just a nice, energetic person in general. Also, her cheeks are pinchable.

Cara is that girl who you dont really know, but youd love to get to know. she always looks happy, and when she doesnt, you just atomatically wanna cheer her up. ROCK ON CARA!

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #112

Butterfly is an amazing person and a great friend. She is the admin of a fantastic site and is nice to everyone, even me, the newb (from hell). You are uh-maz-ing, Butterfly. Don't forget it.

11/3/2010 #113

Luna is one of the first few people I talked to on this site. She didn't treat me like a stupid n00b even though I was and still am. Same with Butterfly. She's nice, caring, and NOT a coward, no matter what anybody (including her) says.

Skadi, my adoptive sister. We tried to kill each other over popcorn once, then we got ^very^ drunk together at the first cyber!party on GT16. The beginning of a wonderful friendship. She's funny, twisted, and an egomaniac, and that's what makes her Skadi. But she's still an awesome person, and we all love her for that. *snuggles*

Maddi, one of the n00bs from hell. An awesome friend who helps others when they're down. She lives in the land down under and has never had a snow day. I feel sorry for you, Maddi. But you do have very loose drinking laws, so I'm not THAT sorry *huggles*

11/4/2010 #114

Kay~ My new wife. She makes me smile everytime I see she's online. I can talk to her about things I wouldn't even dream about bringing up with my RL friends. From porn stars to inappropriate music, she's absolutely epic.

Mia-Mia~ I know I don't talk to you much anymore, but you're truly a strong and beautiful person. I spend a lot of time these days thinking about our Skype call when we first became friends and how I stayed up super late because you were so interesting and nice and fun. Keep rocking, girl.

Ave~ You know that I see you as a younger sister. I will always, always be there to stop Laika from eating one of your siblings when you forget to feed her.

Theia~ Everyone knows she's the queen of awesomesauceness. They see her big ego, her kickass writing skill, and her healthy use of cuss words. I also see a heart. And some closeted romance. :)

Reese~ From my very first day, Reese was the one I simultaneously feared, loved, and respected. I miss her when she's gone and squeal when she's not.

Bianca~ Amazingly kind, beautiful, and awesomesauce. I still remember having a discussion with her about eye and hair colour and guessing people's appearances, and I have a short memory.

11/7/2010 #115
Midnight Sol

Critic-The person who first helped me come out of my shell and really start enjoying Veritaville. You rock.

Skadi- Your hilarious. You make my day everytime I see you. I love you're booze (and you too ;P)

Theia- I will be utterly honsest. You scared the hell out of me. You still kind do. But I think I'm starting to see a person I can talk to in you. (behind that huge ego wall, of course)

Blue- Hi mummy. I love you to death for adopting me. :D

Lioness- Ummm . . . You rock. THats all I can say. I wish I found you on V-Ville more often, because I love talking to you.

11/7/2010 #116

Kal may be shipping me, but she is social, fun, and has invented the concept of Skype states, which is awesome!

Stop shipping me!

11/8/2010 . Edited 11/8/2010 #117

Peter: Is just freaking amazing. The way he thinks and the way talks. Plus, he got me two ebooks. *worships* XD

11/10/2010 #118
Karma's Inferno

Much respect and admiration goes to Lola for executing her extreme schedule, and in an enjoyable way. I should do the same.

Made my day, Peter. Thanks. :) Though currently Lola's extremely bored and sneaking her way onto Fanfiction.

11/17/2010 #119
Aventine Hill

Bianca gives the best advice ever, and she always knows what to say. If it weren't for her, I swear to God I would honestly be being admitted to the psych ward right now. Love you, Bianca. *huggles*

11/22/2010 #120
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