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I'm doing Thee's for pic 5 too, Jessa. :)

I've had an idea that corresponds with that rather well. :D

11/8/2010 #91
Aventine Hill

I think I'll do Theia's . . . In December, though. Pictures two, three, and five . . .

11/13/2010 #92

I think I may do Theia's... picture three... That is, if I get bored of what I'm writing right now.

11/14/2010 #93
The Midnight Doe

I'll do Fanda's challenge.

11/14/2010 #94
Colt in the Moon

I would like to enter the How it Really Was challenge

with my story "The Sun will not harm you, nor the moon by night"

the first couple chapters involve Apollo and Artemis during the Space Race.

(what's artemis reaction to men walking on the moon, about the missions being named apollo, etc.)

I don't know it that would be okay, but thanks.

11/17/2010 #95

Title Of Challenge: -insert title- Word Limit: -insert word limit- Rating Limit: (Like, whether it can be K-T or K-M) Description Of Challenge: (What you want the people to do, different ways to approach the challenge, et cetera.) Bonuses, if any: -insert special stuff people can do if they really want to- Deadline: (Either Open or due by a certain date)

11/17/2010 #96

Meh. Messed up over there. goes nothing...

Title Of Challenge: Rathan

Word Limit: At least 1,000 words per chapter...if you plan on doing multiple chapters...

Rating Limit: K-M

Description Of Challenge: I've been toying with this idea for some time...but...ever heard of a Ethan Nakamura/Rachel Elizabeth Dare pairing? Write a oneshot, a full length story...whatever! Yep. It can be AU.

Bonuses, if any: Uh...

Deadline: Open!

11/17/2010 #97
Clockwork of Time

I shall do Theia's, picture 5 *rubs hands together*

11/28/2010 #98

Theia's picture challenge, number 5.

11/28/2010 #99
Colt in the Moon

I might do Theia's Picture challenge

photo #4: just because I already have this scenein my story. lucky me.

11/29/2010 #100
flying in the rain

I've done LionessAmaya's Ten Sentences challenge. My Lady.

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #101
not someone of importance

Here's my challenge:

Title Of Challenge: Deaths Of Demigods

Word Limit: Four thousand words at the most, one thousand words at the least.

Rating Limit: K-T

Description Of Challenge: Write a death scene of a demigod. It can be an OC, or a character in the books. The demigod can die by accident (they are sword fighting with their friend, and their friend gives them a deep cut, causing them to bleed to death) or by a monster. It doesn't matter what kind.

Bonuses, if any: Have a main character die (Percy or Nico for example). Do a bloody scene.

Deadline: Open

12/28/2010 #102
The Midnight Doe

I'm gonna do Zyna's Rathan challenge. *enjoys pairing*

12/28/2010 #103

I'm going to do Tay's 'Day in the Life of a Hunter' challenge, despite the fact that the deadline was a while ago.

12/28/2010 #104

Title Of Challenge: Cross-Crack Shipping

Word Limit: 5000 words at the most.

Rating Limit: K-M

Description Of Challenge: Go to Pick as many of the pairings that it generates as you like - it doesn't matter to me how many different ships you write about, and your story can be more than one chapter as long as it fits the word limit. You can write it like a parody/spoof or seriously, too - that doesn't matter to me either. ^^

Bonuses, if any: Have one of the characters in the pairing be a historical figure.

Deadline: Open

1/1/2011 #105
Gale's Magic Fingers

Rachel is doing Kal's.

1/1/2011 #106

Title Of Challenge: A Year In Parodies

Word Limit: None

Rating Limit: K-M

Description Of Challenge: Pick a single released in 2010-- preferably top 40 kind of shit-- and make a parody of it pertaining to your fandom of choice. Incorporate it into a oneshot somehow (song!fic acceptable, but discouraged).

Bonuses, if any: Crack. Pure, utter crack.

Deadline: December 31, 2011

1/1/2011 #107

Doing LionessAmaya's Ten Sentence challenge.

EDIT: Mirror, Mirror. Done. And somebody already trolled!! *squeals in delight*

1/5/2011 . Edited 1/6/2011 #108

Mi Amor Facit Eam Difficilis Occidere Te.

That happens to be for Lioness' Ten Sentences Challenge.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #109
Vanished Snowflake

Title Of Challenge: 'Tis a colourful world

Word Limit: 5000 words at the most. One-shot.

Rating Limit: K-M

Description Of Challenge: Write a one-shot based on the first three things you associate with any colour.

Eg. Chosen colour: Green.

I think of Percy, jealousy and apples. Now, I just need to write a story based on that and bada-bing bada-boom...DONE!

Bonuses, if any: *Shrug*

Deadline: Open

1/11/2011 #110

Lei, Flyte. We have a separate thread for Completed Challenges here.

1/11/2011 #111

I might as well announce that I'm doing two entries for the Original Cliche Challenge. 8D

(the second is camp gladius, ftr.)

1/11/2011 #112

OHTHATSRIGHT. An SoN fic counts, duh. XD

1/11/2011 #113

I will be doing SilverCyanide's ABC Challenge.

1/12/2011 #114
not someone of importance

Yet another challenge!

Title: The Power Of Perfume

Word Limit: Has to be more than two hundred words.

Rating Limit: K-T

Description: Get a bottle of perfume. Spray some on your wrist and smell it. Write down three words that pop into your head at the smell. These are your prompts. Write a story on them.

Bonuses: Use a perfume that smells like piss for your prompt.

Deadline: Open.

1/19/2011 . Edited 3/24/2011 #115

Oh yay! I'm going to have an awesome story to read now! :D

1/19/2011 #116
Daughter Of Poseiden

I know I'm a little late, but I wrote a drabble for this challenge. :)

1/24/2011 #117

Title: Anywhore Challenge

Word Limit: 750 - 10,000

Rating Limit: K - NC-17 (if posting off of FFN; otherwise, M)

Description: Theia is infamous for her pairings; that, and getting really pissed off when you challenge them. And since we all love pissing off our dear Thee... Write a romance fic about two people, any gender, from the FM Cbox (who are not paired). Set it in the PJO-verse.

Bonuses: Shred(Shrrg/Fred), Treg(Trevor/Shrrg), Treaty(Trevor/Arty), Fervor(Fred/Trevor), or Landed(Landon/Fred). Because if you do it now, they won't be able to kill you for it, so this is the only chance you'll have.

Deadline: The Ides of March, 2011

Extra Notes: The word "anywhore" comes courtesy of Trevor.


EDIT: Oh, screw the 'romance' part. If you want to write dub-con/non-con/hate!sex/any of the above, you can go right ahead. Actually, Elysium, I'd prefer it. PJO needs some more dark!fics.

Note from Admin: Please note that any Trevor/Girl-Who's-Not-Theia fic will be highly frowned upon by your God and you will go to Hell because of it. Be warned. 8D

2/12/2011 . Edited by hecates, 2/13/2011 #118

I'm in.

2/12/2011 #119

I'm out. I don't want to be involved in this. -_-

2/12/2011 #120
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