we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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Here is the offical D23 Brain Central. I'm going to keep a list of article ideas and jobs on the first post so that we don't go totally insane.... just tell me or another mod and your ideas will be added.

Articles for October :

So for october we were thinking that we were going to go with the parent theme. So that'd include:

Parental horror stories (and how to avoid them) -

Parent views in general (we all write 200 words on our dear parentals and their thoughts on our lives?)

Online friendships - (maybe bits from different people?)

Tips on secrecy -

How to handle the parents when they find out -

Friends IRL -

those are just ones we've talked about. If anyone else has ideas...


Layout - Storm calls dibs

Proofreaders - Theia

Cover art - Sheva wanted to work on this. We could trade off per issue though.

Article writing - all


Cover - Sheva

Drawings - August Skies

Comes out: The first of the month.


1st- sent out

10th- articles for next issue due

11th-19st- proof readers read

19-29th- layout formats it all

1st- sent out

7/20/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #1

What's the difference between The Letter to The Editor and Letter from The Editor?

7/20/2010 #2

The obvious. One is a letter to the editor and one is like the editor's notes that go in teh beginning, or an editorial. One is to the editor and one is from the editor.

7/20/2010 #3


7/20/2010 #4

Does that make sense?

7/20/2010 #5

Yeah. :)

7/20/2010 #6

ok, awesome.

I'm going through Issuu. It actually looks really good. THanks Sheva!

7/20/2010 #7

What about a article thing for shameless plugging? Or updates on stories?

7/20/2010 #8

Maybe. But if we send it out monthly or bimonthly then all the updates would be outdated fast and there'd be so many of them...

7/20/2010 #9

Oh yeah. Forgot about that...

7/20/2010 #10
Ariadne's Twine

We could do The Great Divide, which would be a one-time article separating The Veritas and the LU?

7/20/2010 #11

Hmm. Maybe. I feel like we don't even want to bring up the LU unless a lot of peope talk about it, you know? since most poeple here don't know them.

7/20/2010 #12

Thinking about that still agitates me...

7/20/2010 #13

I like the idea of original fiction since that's sort of all I've been doing the past month... or two.

7/20/2010 #14
Ariadne's Twine

We could have a Critic's Corner, where one person an issue reviews a book. Not a fic, a book. Not necessarily PJO-related, but for instance, when The Lost Hero comes out, someone could review it?

And/or a Poetry/Short Story Section.

7/20/2010 #15

So this really expands to all writing in general then?

7/20/2010 #16

Both good ideas. And Fish- lucky. I've been trying. lol. Books... hmm. Like, the if you like PJO you might like...? kind of thing? Like Hunger Games, Nicholas Flamell, etc?

ed: it depends on how much we did. But it could be anything, really...

7/20/2010 . Edited 7/20/2010 #17

We could recomment more Greek Mythology related books. I just finished reading the Cronus Chronicles Trilogy which is great if you need a good laugh.

7/20/2010 #18
Ariadne's Twine

It could be that, or not. Really anything that would interest readers. But the if you like PJO, you might like is probably the better idea.

ed: We could have random spottings. Like, at a mall in my state, there's a Watch-store called Kronos' Time blah blah blah.

7/20/2010 . Edited 7/20/2010 #19

*nods* so do we want to have one person do that all the time or do you want to switch off?

7/20/2010 #20

I think we should have a couple people do it because one person might not be able to read all the time and too many people gets really confusing.

I volunteer if we're going to do it.

7/20/2010 #21
Ariadne's Twine

I'd be willing to do if full-time, but switching off would pro'lly be better.

7/20/2010 #22

If you guys wanted to do it together or switch off that'd be good to so that it doesn't come down to just one person.

7/20/2010 #23

oh so I was talking with Sheva and we were wondering if we wanted to have a theme for each issue?

oh and what day do you think it should be sent out on?

7/20/2010 #24
Kay Celestine

Can someone explain this to me?

7/20/2010 #25
Ariadne's Twine

I think there shouldn't be a theme. That'd just add stress.

And Monday.

7/20/2010 #26

Verita newspaperzinenewsleteresque thing.

7/20/2010 #27

I think Friday or Saturday would work best. Or maybe Monday.

7/20/2010 #28

red- I mean what day of the month. The first? Fifth? Seventh?

7/20/2010 #29
Ariadne's Twine

First, then.

7/20/2010 #30
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