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Red, the point of a review is to explain what the book is about and what you thought of it. So... we need to know what the plot is.

7/29/2010 #391
Ariadne's Twine

That basically is the whole plot.

ed: I'd actually really appreciate if you just scratch that one and let me do something else next month.

7/29/2010 . Edited 7/29/2010 #392

...then tell us.

7/29/2010 #393

Greetings Earthlings

You have one week to finish and submit your D23 articles.

8/3/2010 #394

So it looks like you need art? Want me to draw something?

8/4/2010 #395
Aish Sheva

Hallo there, and thanks much for the offer!

Unfortunately, storm is currently unavailable, and I'm not exactly sure what art is needed. If you could maybe send her a PM and she'll reply as soon as she can? Thanks again; art contributions are always great.

8/4/2010 #396
Kay Celestine

Take me out of the D23. I won't be able to do it. Sorry.

8/4/2010 #397
Aish Sheva

No worries. You were doing Parental Nightmares and the pro side of NC-17?

8/4/2010 #398

I'm not fond of listing "non-canon homosexuality" underneath sex crazed twelve year old, sexual assault, pedophilia, etc. =/ (About Peter's article)

8/4/2010 #399

Okay, I'll PM Storm :)

Um... I'll basically do anything that still needs doing, so if you need my help for something else, just ask ^^

8/5/2010 #400

Yeah, remove that. Could be homophobic, but it's uncanon, you know?

8/5/2010 #401
Aventine Hill

So? There's nothing wrong with being uncanon.

8/6/2010 #402

k. Er, who wants to cover the pro side of the NC-17? I can probly do that... if I have to, and Sheva, do you want to do parental nightmares? *pleading look*

ed: it's fine if it's uncanon. Don't add it... Peter can you send me the new version?

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #403
Aish Sheva

How can I resist a pleading look from storm? ^^; Just please tell me exactly what you want and how long it should be. (Also, WHAT ARTICLES SHOULD BE ON THE COVER?!)

8/7/2010 #404


8/7/2010 #405
Aish Sheva

I CAN'T. And I'm really annoyed about it, too. :c So don't rub it in! GET ON GMAIL!

8/7/2010 #406

I WILL! RIGHT NAO! *huggleglomp*

8/7/2010 #407
Lord Kelvin

Not to meddle in your internal affairs, but I see your past issue wasn't very popular with readers.

If you invited someone from the LU to add articles, you'd get more advertising space.

For the current issue, I hope you won't forget why the NC-17 thing was banned in the first place:

-Less C&D letters from concerned original authors

-Ads randomly generated on-site are suitable for teens

-No need for expensive age verification systems under extensive government regulation

-NC-17 included would make the entire archive appear as 'adults only' by US law

-No competition from AdultFFN and others.

8/8/2010 #408
Kay Celestine

Not to meddle in your internal affairs, but I see your past issue wasn't very popular with readers.

There is no past issue. It hasn't been launched yet.

8/8/2010 #409

Thanks for the MA info. If someone from the LU has an article topic they'd like to write on they can, o course.

8/8/2010 #410

I will take these points into the argument against MA in the revised article I will send in approximately eleven hours.

8/8/2010 #411

ok, thanks!

and if no one wants to do any parent paragraphs maybe we can just make it general this time and do the parents thing in October. That might be a better plan.

8/8/2010 #412
willful dest

So... Should I just send these articles over via Acid Rain?

8/8/2010 #413
Ariadne's Twine

Is mah school article supposed to be moar personal or third person?

8/8/2010 #414

First of all, it's not supposed to include the words "mah" or "moar" XD XD jk

Either, Des. If you want to send both that'd be awesomeness.

8/8/2010 #415

Fucking virus. I can't boot up my laptop......ㅠㅠ

8/8/2010 #416

I'm sorry

8/9/2010 #417

Guys, I need need need your articles.

8/11/2010 #418
Ariadne's Twine
Damn. I cannot turn mine in because I had it, but I lost it. *stares at stupid computer*
8/11/2010 #419

lost as in don't remember what you saved it as or your computer crashed?

And if it's the review I have that...

8/11/2010 #420
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