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:) You have any other questions I could try to answer?

*is enjoying this*

2/6/2011 #61

(pause) Anastasia Phoenix a sue name? (she's not a half-blood)

(gives Musafreen a cookie for helping her)

2/6/2011 #62

It is.

2/6/2011 #63

(gets on knees) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......(sobbing)

(gives To Kill a Mockingjay a cookie for enlightening her)

People call her A.J., though.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #64

Call me Rachel. xD

One big hint is that it's your pen name, too. But it's just too...flowery.

2/6/2011 #65

e_e Yeeeeahh....she acts the total opposite though...she's more of a tomboy. I got a lot of the names for this story in my 7th grade history class..ah...middle school...(I'm in high school now).

2/6/2011 #66
The Evil Sniff

That and the Phoenix part. No one has Phoenix for a last name.

And the pen name thing too.

2/6/2011 #67

(facepalm) (headdesks) I was lazy for the pen name thing. Forgive me.

But, she isn't a mortal or a demigod, I will give you that.

(gives The Evil Sniff a cookie)

(gives everyone cookies)

Meh. I like cookies.

2/6/2011 #68

e_e Yeeeeahh....she acts the total opposite though...she's more of a tomboy. I got a lot of the names for this story in my 7th grade history class..ah...middle school...(I'm in high school now).

See, she sounds like a Sue, too. The way you're describing her.

"Oh, she's not like this."

We're in the wrong thread, guise.

2/6/2011 #69
The Evil Sniff

Not a mortal or a demigod? So I'm assuming she's some spawn of your imagination. These ideas usually get classified as Mary Sue's.

I have a bad feeling for this not a mortal or demigod thing. Hopefully not a Immortal?

And it's Draco.

Rachel, we always break the rules for not posting on certain threads anyways. So it's not a big deal. :P No one posts on this thread anyways.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #70

Ahhhh....forgive me for being defensive. She probably is a Sue, now that I seriously think about it. But, I'm here to learn.

2/6/2011 #71

As for the immortal thing....(sighs) she is a figment of my sugar coated, hyperactive imagination. If I list her species, I might kill you guys. It's THAT bad.

All I can say is, she can die.

2/6/2011 #72
The Evil Sniff

*Is skimming over the di Angelo project* It's quite plain that you put yourself in this story. Especially the part that this is sorta against the ToS. One of those stories that includes the writer knowing the canon characters.

At least it's readable. Not many mistakes in the grammar department.

There's also the fact that this isn't really a fic. More like a rant against flames with PJO characters and you mixed into it.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #73

I am a very impetuous person. And I do have a serious ranting problem XD

And yeah, it's me. I'm not pairing myself with anybody, but it's me.

(blows bubble out of bubble gum)

2/6/2011 #74

WAIT! OMGS, YOUR READING THEM??? (frantically cleaning)

Okay...(breathing) Okay....CTMatO was my FIRST, count FIRST FIC, OKAY? PLEASE DON'T HURT MEEEEEE!!!!


2/6/2011 #75
The Evil Sniff

There's also that weird sentence that says "An African voice called" or something of the sort. What is an African voice? You should have said something like a strong or heavily accented voice called out.

Rants are for forums. Not stories.

2/6/2011 #76

That's my mother -_- (that describes her in a nutshell)

I'm still new and learning here. Forgive me.

2/6/2011 #77
The Evil Sniff

It's all good. We all have to start somewhere. It's just the choices that you make that affect the fandom. Either continue writing like a troll or seek help and improvement on your writing.

And I'm just skimming over them.

2/6/2011 #78

Aaaaaahhhh.... (small voice) do I write like a troll?

2/6/2011 #79

And that ladies and gentlemen, is Draco's halfhearted attempt to be nice about CC.

2/6/2011 #80
The Evil Sniff

No. You just have a few mistakes here and there. But we all do in the beginning.

You have a few cliches though. But at least you can use grammar. Or the situation would be worse.

2/6/2011 #81

Yeesh. I hate it when the internet misbehaves. *scowls*

Draco's being nice? 8D

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #82

Should I run now?

2/6/2011 #83


Oh, and thank you.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #84
The Evil Sniff

Hmm, what? She's not that bad. She just uses a few cliches and twists Greek Mythology in one story. Which you should have warned us that it was AU or something. Or else we get peeved over it. Just don't break the big rules of Greek Mythology or Canon and you'll be some what safe... I think.

And no, stay put. I'm not done.

2/6/2011 #85

o.o meep....

(taking notes) AU. Got it.

2/6/2011 #86

(eating ice cream nervously)

2/6/2011 #87

Try not to double post. :D We usually try to use the Edit button here.

2/6/2011 #88

(taking notes) Edit....button....

2/6/2011 #89
The Evil Sniff

Ahh, and I have stumbled upon your first story. As I'll only base this off the first chapter I'll just say that. It was rather short, you have that bad habit of putting the POV notice when you change views. I'd say that putting it into third person would be easier.

You did bend a few rules here and there. Like how you put all the canon characters in one school. When they're actually spread out around the country. Skimming over chapter two I can deduce that this was one of those OC characters saving the world and the canon characters like to be around them.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt becuase it was your first story.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #90
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