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willful dest

Due to recent nostalgia, I decided to create this thread at the go ahead of Storm. I am sure that many people on this forum have great memories that they would like to add in here. Remember -- It can be anything. Anything really, really small or something huge and, er, well, Veritas-life-changing... Bad wording there.

Anyway, I would like to create a format so that we may all keep track of what is going on and when the specific memory happened. So please stick to this format:





(Here you can do a separate thing and reply to any previous memories listed. I would just like for you to leave a memory of your own there as well, simply because I would LOVE for this thread to be used a lot.)


All right. Pretty simple. Go at it.

-Willful Destruction

9/1/2010 . Edited by storm-brain, 11/22/2010 #1

Date: 01/09/2010

Thread: Ghost town 13

Memory: Theia desperately wanting to get 5,000 post and making us post but Ave got it first then Theia deleted the post and then the first conversation in Ghost Town 14 *sighs*

Date: 01/09/2010

Thread: Ghost Town 13

Memory: Homework Hell. (See you in there Des, once I come back from school *sighs*, leaving for school in twenty minutes)

9/2/2010 #2
Infinity Blues

Date: Sometime in June

Thread: Skype Call

Memory: Luna and Zoe had an entire conversation about their favorite kinds of pie, due to not having anything else to say. ^^

Date: August

Thread:GT 12

Memory: Pigeon cruelly and heartlessly kidnappes Luna, and then refuses to give her a band aid. :O But Thaya saves the say by threatening Pigeon. (party).

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #3
Aventine Hill

Date: Sometime in June

Thread: Skype Call

Memory: Luna and Zoe had an entire conversation about their favorite kinds of pie, due to not having anything else to say. ^^

And Ave forced them to talk about pie because all there was was silence and she herself couldn't speak due to there being other people in the room.

9/2/2010 #4
willful dest

Date: June 12th

Thread: PM conversation

Memory: When Ave adopted me as her little sister. XD

Aventine Hill Jun 12th, 10:25am -- I can do that. You are now my little sister.

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #5
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

*feels special that Luna mentioned her in a memory*

Date: July 13, 2010

Thread: Ghost Town 8

Memory: First ever post in Ghost Town. I was nervous as hell.

9/2/2010 #6
The Midnight Doe

Date: August 10, 2010

Thread: Ghost Town 11

Memory: That was my first GT post. Des invited me(: Since I was a new-newb, it took me a while to realize that "GT11" meant "Ghost Town 11" :) Lol

9/2/2010 #7

Date: March 28, 2010

Thread: Have you Given Up? I Nearly Have (On Honest101's forum)

Memory: The day inbox-killing was invented.

Holy fuck, we're clogging up my inbox. One minute, I had three unread, and the next--BAM!--I had, like, nine to read

Theia 47, 8:21 A.M

I just thought I'd let you know that I have 130, 130 unread messages in my inbox. Grr.

Storm-Brain, 9:38 A.M (Hahhh...138 messages...)

This is crazy. First PJO, then disney (WTF? O_O) then norse, egyptians, geese, and now spiders? We're getting so off-topic here... oh, well.

ShibaMiso, 10:02 A.M


Good times.

9/2/2010 #8
Aventine Hill

Date: June 12, 2010

Thread: Ghost Town 4/Ghost Town 5

Memory: Des got last post on GT4 and didn't even know it.


Des wins. XD

Jun 12th, 10:26am #2

Willful Destruction

What did I win? 0_0

Jun 12th, 10:27am #3

9/3/2010 . Edited 9/3/2010 #9

Date: Feb 7th, 2009

Thread: Have you given up? I nearly have. (On the now-dead Flames, Flames, Flames! forum)

Memory: My first-ever post on the first-ever inbox-killing thread (now known as Ghost Towns.)

Kaleidoscope Flowers

Twilight is a horrible excuse for vampire fiction. Period. Now since all these people have noticed that Twilight is popular, they're going to try modeling a lot of stories after it...sigh. I do wish people would get back to the days of deadly, nonsparkling vampires who weren't all romanticized crap. Now almost every story about vampires I see involves love and teenage angst.

Feb 07th, 11:32am #100

9/3/2010 #10

Date: ...I really don't know

Thread: Have you given up? I nearly have

Memory: Being warned that Kay would bite my head off for calling myself Kay by about... six different people the moment I posted.

9/3/2010 #11

Date: Mayish

Thread: No idea

Memory: So Sheva was going to do her podcast and so I created a skype convo for her, me and Theia. We got totlaly offtopic, and at some point Theia was telling me to guess AllieMarii's alt, right after telling me to guess something else. We started arguing and then someone told us we sounded like an old married couple.

9/3/2010 #12
willful dest

Date: May-ish.

Where: Skype Conversation.

Memory: So we were asked to guess Theia's name and it was like, ten minutes after I had joined the Veritas chat. Anyway, I said, "LEXIS!" and Theia was like, "Lexus? Who names their kid Lexus? It sounds like a car!" and I was like, "*blush* My cousin... She got a name change."

9/3/2010 #13

Date: Uh...

Where: Skype

Memory: My mom walking in on me Skyping and being all "Who are you talking to?" at which point I replied, "Kids from my gifted class." My mom, being smart, asked "What school do you go to?" and there was a long, awkward silence. Theia asked, rhetorically and oh so helpfully "How are we supposed to know the name of a school in Canada?"

I had to pull out the fake tears to get out of that one. xD

9/4/2010 #14

Date: May-ish.

Where: Uh, skype voice call.

Memory: The first time I talked to Theia over voice call on skype, we started the country wars, Britain v. USA. And to show how 'crap' Britain was Theia said we (meaning Britain) had the Titanic incident. My clever comeback? 'THAT WAS A NATIONAL DISASTER!'.


Though, I can safely say I've never laughed so hard in my life :D -huggles Theia wherever she is-

9/4/2010 #15
willful dest

Date: September 4th, 2010

Where: Skype, mainly.

Memory: Aventine Hill made a schedule at the prompting of me, Willful Destruction. She then realized that there is a lot of stuff on that damn thing and she cannot procrastinate.


Date: September 4th, 2010

Where: Skype

Memory: We held funerals for This Conversation and Procrastination. May they rest in peace. *sadness*


Date: September 5th, 2010

Where: Skype

Memory: Ave convinced me to do her FM bio. *sulks* *pouts* -.-

9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #16
Aventine Hill

Date: August 23, 2010

Thread: Ghost Town 13

Memory: Juliet finished a story, and so we had a celebratory party, and I hit Musa in the eye with the cork from a champagne bottle. She then tried to kill me. XD


Ooh! I finally finished my Johanna story I was bitching about a week earlier. *bounces*

Aventine Hill

YAY FOR JULIET! *throws celebration party* *pops cork on bottle of champagne* *loses cork* I'm sorry, that wasn't supposed to hit you in the eye, Musa...*huggles again* *administers first aid even though she doesn't know first aid*


*comes back holding icepack over eyes*

Now I'm half-blind as well as inflicted with writer's block. *tries to claw at Ave*

Aventine Hill


*huggles Musa*


ed: AK, you also said you didn't know how, so you might have made it worse.

Aventine Hill

ed: *glares at Juliet* Not. Helping.

9/5/2010 #17
Infinity Blues

Date: September

Thread: Skype

Memory: Jed: more pacific? Pigeon: Sorry, was I talking atlantic? XD

9/5/2010 #18
The Midnight Doe

Date: September 6, 2010.

Thread: Skype

Memory: Critic, Luna and I joined the hunters. Because: [9/6/2010 9:13:28 PM] Katie: Boys=Drama and Drama=Bad. XD

9/7/2010 #19
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Date: September 10, 2010

Thread: Skype

Memory: After a brief 'hi' and an awkward 'eh?' from me, Jed, Luna and I burst into a fit of giggles.

9/10/2010 #20
willful dest

Date: September 10, 2010

Where: GT14

Memory: Reese came back and we all had a conversation just like before. XD


Date: Sept. 10, 2010


Memory: Des developed a life and came back on later to realize that she has missed out on a Skype conversation. =[

9/10/2010 #21

September 10th... Reese came back, and for the first time in a long time, things felt right.

9/10/2010 #22
willful dest

Sept. 11th:

Ave got her magical pony that is made of solid gold, speaks seven languages, does gymnastics, and is a surfer.

We also had a Snicker/Hugglefest.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #23
Infinity Blues

Doe makes a terrible mistake on skype...

Tay: BRB going to eat Luna. Luna: .... Tay: *Lunch Jed: Hehe, Luna: WHY WOULD YOU EAT ME! Luna: :(

9/11/2010 #24
The Midnight Doe

Date: September 11, 2010

Thread: Skype

Memory: Jed and I found out that we have the same last name IRL. And we started our own family ^^

9/11/2010 #25
Infinity Blues

Date: September 11, 2010

Thread: Skype

Memory: Jed, Tay and I are now sisters.

9/11/2010 #26
The Midnight Doe

Date: September 11, 2010

Thread: Skype Call

Memory: Jed attempted an American accent. Luna and I attempted Scottish accents. We all failed :D The conversation was three hours long :D

9/11/2010 #27

Date: Sometime in May.

Thread: Skype Call.

Memory: While talking to Theia and Ave, Ave discovers she has a built in mic.


Date: June/July

Thread: Skype Call.

Memory: I think Theia says, "I want to do a cow." Instead of something totally unrelated to doing such a thing to a cow.

9/11/2010 #28

Date: September 11th (or was it 10th?)

Thread: Skype chat/ call

Memory: Middy saying she was hiding inside Luna, then next day saying she was going to eat Luna. Tis was epic and you know it sis!


Date: September 11th

Thread: Skype Call

Memory: My failed attempt at an American accent and Luan and Middy's failed attempt at a Scottish one, but you've got English accent down!

9/12/2010 #29
Aventine Hill

July 24th, 2010


Theia, Jess, and Juliet forced me to share my "feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings". Thinking back on that, it actually wasn't very funny at the time, but...yeah.


September 1st, 2010

Skype/GT 13 (At least, I think it was GT 13...)

I discovered the song Hero of War and continued daily obnoxious renditions of it throughout the entire following week. This resulted in Desy tackling me for liking Rise Against, Kal being a lyric!fail and mangling the same lines over and over no many how times we corrected her, Juliet trying to stab me to death for never shutting up about that song (she also wrote a short story inspired by it, though), and Storm being very confuzzled whenever Kal or I spontaneously burst out into song and she thought we were just talking in caps. And so the many times Kal was singing, "A HERO OF WAR IS WHAT THEY SEE" (Which is not even the correct line. The correct line is, "A HERO OF WAR IS THAT WHAT THEY SEE".), Storm was there asking, "A hero of war is what who sees? Huh?" and the like. *remembers* *snickers*

9/12/2010 #30
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