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Little Miss Hades

Yeah. That sounds good, Lioness. And a LOT to write.

9/16/2010 #31
The Evil Sniff

So basically I have no idea what the hell Nano is. :P

But if I do enter I have a vague plot of what I want: Yoshiro Shiburami wasn't your typical Shinsengumi samurai. Not one for blood or war. Forced to do this for his family's so called "honor". But when he turns out to be a prodigy at what he hates and begin's to kill inumerous people. Will he suddenly stop to keep keep his sanity or will he continue to swirl into the dark happening's called war? Dark centered story with humor mixed in.

The plot is being worked on for finer detail's and such but I might just write it and put it on fictionpress or something. :P

Anyone care to tell me what Nano is?

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #32

National Novel Writing Month.

Write 5000 words I think, in the month of October.

9/16/2010 #33
The Evil Sniff

Is it supposed to be exactly 5000 words? Or can you do more?

Where do you enter?

9/16/2010 #34

I dunno. I'm not doing it.

9/16/2010 #35
The Midnight Doe

It's 50,000 words, not 5,000. XD And you can go over. Here's the official website:

9/16/2010 #36

Oh right. Dur.

9/16/2010 #37
The Evil Sniff

50,000 words! Holy crap. That'd be pretty diffucult to pull off.

9/16/2010 #38
The Midnight Doe

Yeah. That's why it's a big deal if you make the deadline.

9/16/2010 #39
The Evil Sniff

Ah then I'm making a tweek to my plot and putting historical Okita Soji instead. I could pump alot out of him if I did his whole life story in a fiction. ^^

ed: What program do you use to write for your Nano? Is it like Microsoft Word or something similar?

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #40
willful dest

Draco -- Oh, you just write it. Like you would write a fanfic. Microsoft Word or whatever. I use OpenOffice, since it's free. *snickers* ^______^

Also, if you need help do, like, Fifteen Minute Word Wars and Write Or Die. Totally epic.

*is wondering if she answered the question correctly* Oh, jeez, total fail.

9/16/2010 #41
Little Miss Hades

Des, how do you make book covers? I have no clue.

9/26/2010 #42

Write or Die works great with Seventh Sanctum. Writer's block doesn't stand a chance.

9/26/2010 #43

*has finally got a decent idea*

I've already got most of it planned out. I'll only tell you guys one thing about my idea.

Part of idea: The Mayans were right about when the world was ending, though it didn't happen like everyone thought it would.

9/26/2010 #44

I'm under the attack of mutant plot bunnies right now... but that's beside the point.

My story is about demons, magic, fantasy... things like that. It has something to do with the Seven Deadly Sins and their corresponding devils.

Summary: Devils are real. But they are not like what people imagine them to be. What will happen when a ragtag group of people, spirits, and magical creatures alike team together, and face the ugly side of humanity?

I only have a very vague outline, but as they say, No Plot No Problem!

9/28/2010 #45
The Midnight Doe

*sobs* I'm abandoning my NaNo. It just isn't working out. :(

...But, I'm using one of my plot bunnies as a replacement. ^^ It's a girl named Angie who is in a bad car accident and sent into a coma for a couple months. And when she wakes out, her memory is lost! *giggles* It sounds like something from a scholastic book order. But anyway, it's about Angie and her trying to remember stuff from before the crash. And she also gets flashbacks from that night during the story.

I need names for the boyfriend and some of her friends, por favor. :)

10/3/2010 #46

I'm not so much experiencing writer's block as writer's blackout...

10/7/2010 #47
willful dest

So. NaNo is upon us. In a matter of weeks. *mass hysteria*

Anyway, I have this idea that I got from the NaNo forums and, basically, we all write down our necessities for NaNo. Or, if you will, our Survival Kits. It seemed very amusing/fun and a way to get people excited (terrified?) of NaNo. Oh, and I assume that when they were creating these they had already done NaNo one year or so but I think that enough of us have been in writing competitions and such that we know what we'll need or can at least predict. . . If not, then whatever. . . ^^


So, without further ado, here is my Survival Kit:

1) Leonardo, my laptop.

2) NaNo Notebook (Full of ideas, random thoughts, stupid notes, and failed subplots. It will spend the month or so moving between my desk and my bag.)

3) Pens. More pens than any person should own. And pencils. Pencils are important too.

4) Supply of Jolly Ranchers.

5) Tea. Lots of tea.

6) Cell phone. (Used to update friends on progress/procrastinate.)

7) Write-Or-Die

8) Fifteen Minute Word Wars (Ahem. I think we should do these a lot during NaNo. Just get a few people on and compete for. . . something.)

9) Basketball (Used to shoot around when I am looking for inspiration/ideas. Just as well because that is when basketball season begins. ^^)

10) Friends to bitch to.


Tada? I'm bored, in case you can't tell. . . ^^

ed: *sighs happily* I adore the NaNo site. . .

10/8/2010 . Edited 10/8/2010 #48
the wise and the brave

My Crappy Plan For NaNoWriMo - [Needs Name] is a goddess-in-training and has lived with her parents, Iris and Aeolus, all her life. When she reaches the ripe age of 11 she is called to attend Olympia Divine Acadmy, a school on the north side of Olympus. In school, she learns How to Be A Proper Goddess and she knows that when the end of her first year comes that she will have to select a position from a list of position they can choose from(ex. Goddess Of Imagination, Goddess Of Writing) and became a "unknown" Goddess, a goddess which is not worshipped or known by regular mortals but still in a way influence the mortals. But being a "Unknown" Goddess means that she has a high chance of being "mistifly". Which is a term to describe a immortal being fading. Divine beings get mistifly when they are forgottened.

I still need a name for my main character though.

10/14/2010 #49
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Hmm. I haven't posted my NaNo story plot yet, have I?

46 Things I Learned Last Summer is about a teen girl named Natalie who goes to spend her Summer vacation in some small, unnaturally cheerful town with her older sister, Heather, and Heather's roommate. Heather's roommate seems to uncannily remind everyone of a china doll (it's found slightly ironic her name's Dolli Delchine, no joke), they own a pet dragon, the ranch dowmtown farms unicorns, and Natalie is somehow part of a giant feud between the relatively sane and a small gang containing a six-year-old, a schizophrenic and some girl who has an unhealthy obsession with herself.

Oh, and Natalie learns the hard way that vampires cannot, and should not, sing. No matter how much they may want to get on Broadway, they honestly need to stop belting out Phantom of the Opera in tense situations.

10/20/2010 #50

So, I signed up for Nano. And all I have to show for it is a whisper of a Harry Potter fanfiction plot.

I don't think I'll make it. Any takers?

10/22/2010 #51

I actually may do NaNo just to make me write more because I need to write for CC applications...

10/22/2010 #52
Infinity Blues

I have no time for Nano. I'm keeping the plot and saving it for Jul-No.

10/22/2010 #53

There is a Jul-No?

*ponders, because she has vacations in June*

10/22/2010 #54

I did JulNo last year for No Evil and got to 60k. It's not as intense as NaNo, and the site isn't as good and it doesn't have the same sort of craziness, but it's also just a way to get your writing done too, ya know?

11/19/2010 #55
Petyr Baelish

I should try next year. Summer vacation...

11/19/2010 #56

So... Do we have any winners?

12/3/2010 #57
Aventine Hill

KAYLA GET ON SKYPE. *pokes* *pokes* *pokes*

12/3/2010 #58

Anyone wanna give me a rough list of what kinds of profiles and docs and stuff I need for good planning? *sucks at planning*

12/8/2010 #59

- Outline

-Character profiles

I sometims write a dialogu (my E ky is broken and unpredictable, sorry about that) betwen two charactrs, like a script, not lik a scen, and writ out storis about thm bfor it starts and that typ of thing.

it dpnds on prsonal prfrnc.

I look lik an idiot. /hits kyboard/

12/8/2010 #60
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