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Midnight Sol

...I don't know. But the roman gods were generally a combo of Greek and Latin gods. So you could look up some Latin gods or something.

And Diana could be older, even though Rome came after Greece. She was simply a god not acknowledged until after the rise of Rome. But she was pagan an I believe. She had a male aspect worshiped by some tribal peoples. Very nasty as a man she was. Liked blood sacrifices.

Someone tell me if I'm getting this wrong. I did the reasearch, but it was a year ago . . .

10/24/2010 #181

Reflection of society... it depends on the culture. Greeks portray gods as more superpowerful humanoids than anything else, but there are other religions for which gods are treated as distant, immutable figures on a pedestal somewhere. Rome seems like the latter to me, mostly because stories of human-god interaction seem to be common in the former.

10/24/2010 #182

A lot of the Roman gods were different from the Greek gods because the had influence from other cultures and the Romans themselves. Artemis and Apollo were not the deities of the sun and moon in the Greek myths as The Titan's Curse explains.

10/24/2010 #183
Midnight Sol

Not originally. Helios and Selene were the original Sun and Moon deities, but Apollo and Artemis later took their place.

10/24/2010 #184

Ah, history. You are confusing by definition.

10/24/2010 #185

I don't know about the idea of a evil Artemis duplicate? Can you even clone a god? I mean, I could see how one could create an artificial Demigod, by obtaining God DNA and Mortal DNA and combining it (How you get the God DNA, could be a challenge). But a clone of a god, somehow that violates nature and mythical morals.

10/24/2010 #186
Midnight Sol

What are you talking about?

10/24/2010 #187

Least in my view, anyways. But the fact is, you can't dissect the gods origins in myth and legend, if you don't go mad doing it, your find something you just don't want to find out

10/24/2010 #188
Midnight Sol

Like Aphrodite. Don't even want to think about it.

10/24/2010 #189

I think Jason counts as Roman, not Greek. Similarly, even if he may be called the son of Neptune in the second book, Percy is still Greek. I'm not entirely sure if Annabeth is one of the 7. So far, Leo and Piper have displayed powers over and above those belonging to a typical demigod of their cabin, and Jason and Percy are children of the Big Three. Annabeth was never shown to have some power that other children of Athena didn't. The closest was her cap, which was a magical artifact.

I can't see demititans, honestly. I've seen a lot of people mention them here, but except for one or two of them, all the Titans were either neutral or evil. I can't see the evil ones having mated with the humans they thought were cattle, although I guess there's an outside chance for the ones like Oceanus. Not Oceanus specifically, because that's too close to Poseidon. If there is a demititan, my prediction is Prometheus. But even that's an outside chance. I guess the most that can be said for the idea of demititans is that it allows there to be a 3/3 mix of Greek and Roman demigods, without one camp having more.

10/25/2010 #190

Yeah, I think demititans are a stretch.

10/26/2010 #191

Come on, just imagine it

???- I am ????, son.daughter of Kronos

(Percy does a mouth drop)


????-Percy, I am your Uncle!

Or perhaps even

???- I have all the time in the world, Kronos, the titan of Time, is my father

10/26/2010 #192

*laughs* Call me crazy but I can't see it.

10/27/2010 #193
The Evil Sniff

I'll be straight forward seeing as how I could care less for your reaction. The Demititan idea?

Slap me now. That my friend is begging for a Gary-stu or a Mary-stu. It would go against everything in the book and fangirls would swarm over this idea like a pack of wolves.

Please, it's a good idea to muse over. Just don't publish it. Or else we will be terribly screwed.

Thank you.

P.S. The idea of a child of Kronos is actually impossible. Why? He hates humans for one, and he is currently nothing more than dust. Other than the fact that RR is no longer even touching the Kronos or Titan subject. He's focusing on Giants and the Roman aspects now.

And I still find the idea of a demititan utterly absurd.

10/27/2010 . Edited 10/27/2010 #194

1; There are already a ton of them (the other day, I even saw a kid of Chaos)

2; Kronos was free for about a year, its possible

3; Its not the concept that makes the Mary sue. Just ask the multiple Percy sisters, the Nico sisters, ect ect ect ect

10/27/2010 #195

Just because they're there doesn't mean they're good. I haven't seen a good story featuring a Demititan or a Percy/Nico sister. Same with Child of Artemis. Concept does not make Mary Sue, but the invariable majority of some sections just are.

Kronos was in Luke's body. Wouldn't the DNA be Luke's, then?

*is disturbed because of her Thuke shipping tendencies*

10/27/2010 #196
The Evil Sniff

Here is where I will make you see what's wrong with the picture.

1; There are already a ton of them (the other day, I even saw a kid of Chaos)

And I have yet to see one that's actually good. They're complete Mary-sues with OMG! overwhelming powers that tick's any one off.

2; Kronos was free for about a year, its possible.

Kronos was in Luke's body. Therefore no Titan or Godly blood would enter said child except some of Hermes godly blood that runs in Luke. And Kronos was off plotting a war not sleeping with mortals who he thinks rank lower than cattle. Titans aren't bound to lust so much as the Gods are.

3; Its not the concept that makes the Mary sue. Just ask the multiple Percy sisters, the Nico sisters, ect ect ect ect

And all these stories are crap. Give me one story that actually pulled off Percy's sister and Nico's siblings? There are none. These are taboo. Never to be written. And the basic concept makes it Mary sue. Why? Becuase they'd be freaking everything you'd want them to be. More powerful than canon and basically loved by most for being that powerul.

And here is something I will now repeat that everyone misses: Titans hate mortals. Just like Artemis is a virgin goddess and she doesn't have children, Titans do not frolick and flirt with humans. They mate among themselves and breed mini Titans and Gods.

Get it? Or must I explain the concept of this again? Trust me. This is just another reason the PJO archive is dying. Becuase people go against every rule and story that Greek mythology has ever showed us. And RR showed us these rules.

Here's something to remember: Titans never sired in children with mortals in the past. They wont do it now.

10/27/2010 . Edited 10/27/2010 #197

RR broke the Athena-virgin rule.

Did Minerva swear any oath of the sort?

10/27/2010 #198
The Evil Sniff

Musa deary, that was covered in book 4. She doesn't actually become pregnant or partake in sexual activity to sire her children. Athena was born by popping out of Zeus's head. That's how here children are born.

Annabeth covered this. Even going as far as to say that they were litteraly "brainchildren".

So technically he didn't break the rule.

10/27/2010 . Edited 10/27/2010 #199

*pokes* Don't patronize me, Sensei. I might consider rebellion. :P

Yeah, never quite got that... if Athena cabiners have no trace of Mortal DNA, how on earth are they demigods? It's at least halfway hand -waving. Exactly like the two-cabins-getting-together-is-not-incest thing.

Roman military tactics! Gladiuses!

*goes to check out Codex Alera again, because some sort of reference point for Magical Roman Legionaries is needed*

10/27/2010 #200

1; What are you expecting, novels??? You need to be a little less expectant of writers

2; Who knows, he could have done something? Kronos is like the gods, he had a few Liasons from Rhea, namely Chiron. And are the Titan's that different from the Gods?

3; I'm not a fan of the sibling stories myself, but for that matter, I know of some good Kid of Artemis stories. Broken Bow, for instance

10/27/2010 #201

Well, the Gods interacted with the mortals. Kronos despised them. Would you procreate with someone you consider an insect?

10/27/2010 #202
The Evil Sniff

If I could whack you I would:

1) Of course I don't expect them to be novels. But I do expect them to not go into the definition's of cliche, fangirl, and mary sue. Grammar, that's important too.

2) *whacks* He is a goddamn motherfucking Titan! Do you not comprehend this vital fact? He does not communicate with mortals. He HATES them. He made them slaves during the Golden age. Get that through your skull. And Yes, they are very differant from the Gods. Very.

3) Kid of Artemis goes against the original Greek mythology. You never go against it. Never. The original mythology is your guideline and you must respect those rules.

Get it?

10/27/2010 #203

Think about it, what is the best way to beat a Demigod army,fight fire with fire, but make your own fire. The Gods have a demigod Army, so why not the Titans raise their own Demititan Army. Titans may not have as many liasons (Most likely because they had less people to frolic with). In about 15 years, perhaps one of the non mentioned Titans, for example Coueus, is part of a secret, back up plan of a demigod army.

10/27/2010 #204


So there may be a few Percabeth things, its not a plague. Lets also not forget that some slaves were more for, um, pleasure I guess the word is

10/27/2010 #205

Lets also not forget that some slaves were more for, um, pleasure I guess the word is

Where did that come from? I never saw anything but gun-wielding mortals in the Titan Army.

10/27/2010 #206
The Evil Sniff


They do not mate with humans. None of them. *headdesk* Get this through your head. They don't do it under and circumstances.

And they don't do that. They make a monster army like they did in PJO, like in the ancient Titan wars.

It goes against Ancient Greek mythology. Which let me repeat myself: You do not disobey.

10/27/2010 #207


10/27/2010 #208

Or at least you come up with a halfway viable (....) explanation for it, see? Artemis falling in love is not one of those.

10/27/2010 #209

Orion for one? Not to mention, I never said love. If Athena can make kids with her mind, and seeing as she's the goddess of Childbirth, whose to say what can't and won't happen?

10/27/2010 #210
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