we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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I was only a news reporter...


The Speech, which is to be pasted at the top of each new Ghost Town thread, goes as follows:

Welcome to the Ghost Town, town of the dead inboxes, randomness, and various other things. Do not post unless you are prepared for a daily two or three hundred emails, or maybe more. If you are confused about the Verita family tree and how everyone is related, see

begging to be on the tree will be ignored.

The rules:

1. You do not need to consider yourself a Verita to hang out here, however, you must tolerate Veritas and not be here just to piss us off. We don't like that. It's really easy to click that "ban" button, and Kay and Storm really enjoy this power... though Storm tortures you first.

2. We do not discuss Skype or give away skype usernames of another FF member. All Skype buisness is to be conducted via PM. Thank you. This rule was put here because of privacy- Storms skype name is her first name, and it has started to bother her that all of you can now see it. She does not think she is the only one with this problem. Thanks.

3. You do not diss Storm's bold. That's how she works. It is both habit and necessity, due to weird technical reasons, and while you can question it here we accept it as a part of who she is. Got that?

4. Don't feed the trolls.

5. Please do not post a new topic without first clearing it with Storm. Thanks.

6. Okay, dudes and dudettes, let's get something straight: Here at the Veritas, we are too awesome for these so-called "awkward silences". Any silence here is a direct result of all the members simultaneously entering deep, cleansing trances.

7. Here at the Veritas we are a tight knit group. If you are a newb and you see any unfriendliness towards you, it is because we are not used to having newbs. Just bear with us, talk a lot, and we will get to know you. Thought I'd point that out...

8. We respect grammar and spelling here. Talk in chatspeak (chtspk) and you will get your ass banned.

9. No shipping publicly while said people involved in the relationship is there. If they don't like it and ask you to stop, stop. This extends to Skype, and if Theia gets any reports about it seriously annoying people, you will be banned from the forums for an hour. Respect their wishes, and keep your real-people!ships to yourself. Thank you for understanding.

10, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it online. The word is "cyberbullying." It can't get you a suspension like in-person bullying can, but it can get you banned from the forums for a day or more. It doesn't matter who you are. A random newb or Theia 47. (No joke. Storm is dead serious.) The Veritas are not a high-school bitch!clique, and we will not act as such. I'm pretty pissed that I actually have to tell you guys this, since you're supposed to learn that in like the fifth grade.

11/26/2010 . Edited by storm-brain, 12/14/2010 #1
Skadi 2. Marchking

*shoots sky*

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #2


11/26/2010 #3
Lieutenant Of Artemis


Ed: Curse you Skadi!! D:

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #4

Crap. *sighs*

11/26/2010 #5




11/26/2010 #6

Zenyo! Someone needs to edit that.

11/26/2010 #7
Lola Sveroski


11/26/2010 #8
flying in the rain

The Speech is all messed...

My battery died, just before Dame posted it...

11/26/2010 #9
Skadi 2. Marchking

What is this, three times in a row? *preens*

11/26/2010 #10

... So, Skadi gets a gold medal, I get a silver, and ... sorry, Lieutenant of Artemis, I don't think we've talked before. What's your nickname? (And you got the bronze medal for third post. Feel special. :D)

ed: Oh yeah, you should probably edit that monster of text up there.

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #11

Edit it.

ed: Thanks.

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #12


Because I am such a douche.

11/26/2010 #13

Okay, so now that that is over,


Can someones give me enough reviews to make it to 100? :D Come on. Be nice. Make my day. :D

11/26/2010 #14
Lieutenant Of Artemis

@ Kal: FreedomInTheSky on FS *nods* Otherwise known as Alexis.

11/26/2010 #15
Lola Sveroski

And Lola gets a participation ribbon and some sleep. Night all.

11/26/2010 #16

Dame, please replace the family tree with the most recent iteration. :) 11/26/2010 #17

'Sokay, Dame. You're a douche winner, and that makes all the difference. *pats*

Bye Lola. :D

11/26/2010 #18
flying in the rain

Bleck. If my battery hadn't died, I might have gotten a medal...

Bai bai, all!

11/26/2010 #19
Skadi 2. Marchking

Night Lola. Remember what I said about those radioactive bedbugs.

11/26/2010 #20

Okay then. Hi Alexis, you get a medal. :D Feel good about yourself.

ed: Bye Lola. *waves*

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #21

Now, I leave for a burger and some more math.


11/26/2010 #22

Bai Lola!

Bai Nymph!

*mutters about falling computers*

11/26/2010 #23
Lieutenant Of Artemis

Night Lola, Irish.

Yeah, I do, I guess. I never got so worked up about this.

Ed: I should go now. Science is awaiting. Bye . . .

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #24

I need to be banned, folks.

And with that note, I be off.

11/26/2010 #25

Bai Peter!

11/26/2010 #26
Skadi 2. Marchking

Goodbye Pietro. *shoves offstage with gun*

11/26/2010 #27


Wait. Pietro?

I like.

*makes note*

11/26/2010 #28

Bai Musa!

*mutters about first post* *chugs vodka*

11/26/2010 #29
Skadi 2. Marchking

You too, Musa! Leave my sight! I no longer desire to see your virtual presence. We are over!

11/26/2010 #30
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