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Aventine Hill

I'm only on season 3, Avytine. :P




5/19/2011 #571

I think I killed my computer again. DDDDDDDDD8 -headdeskheaddeskheaddeskheaddesk-

ed: heithar AK & Ly~

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #572
St. Elsewhere
I'm only halfway through season one, though I have a vague idea who Castiel is.
5/19/2011 #573
Aventine Hill

Cas shows up in the start of season four. *nods*

*hasn't even seen most of the episodes but follows the basic storyline*

5/19/2011 #574
Pure Evil Breed

Oh, Supernatural. I've finished watching season four a long time ago, but I'm not sure I want to continue it. I heard the fifth season sucked~

5/19/2011 #575

Rant on the Dresden Files kinkmeme


Apparently EVERYONE on the interwebz ships Harry/Marcone. Which is somewhat disturbing, considering Harry's very... unrestrained opinions on Marcone. And Marcone's frankly chilling pragmatism.

For god's sake, people; the guy designed a whole set of traps to specifically murder Harry. In canon. All this crap about him being in love with Harry and secretly arranging things to help him out is just... getting to be a bit too much. And harry calling him scumbag does not an insult make. He usually gets a lot more personal than that; and openly rages and challenges him.

Geez; at least make it realistic.

Marcone may be the God of Mob Bosses. But he is not a nice guy. Liking kids does not a misunderstood person make. Him criminal scumbag. And that's not an expression of endearment. If anything, he's got to be at least as fucked up as Helen Beckitt; for pretty much the same reasons, even. And she admits to being a psychopath.

And while we're at it; no love for Marcone/Helen? DX Or ANY other couple? Ninety percent of the kinkmeme is Harry/Marcone (whichisnotactuallythatbadbecasuetheyinteractwell), but I can at least take comfort in the fact that it's not Harry/Murphy. Becasue romantic Harry/Murphy is just a big mess waiting to happen. And not in a good way either. :/ Usually; I'm all for BFFs hooking up with each other, but Harry and Murphy? *shudders*

Everything overtly Harry/Murphy that I have ever seen; even in canon, seems just so... contrived. Yes, I'm looking at you; Love Hurts. A romantic relationship tends to lead to scenes where they're less close than they are as friends. Harry/Murphy is too strong a relationship for a conventional to-romance makeover. I have no clue how they're going to get closer. No wonder Jim Butcher keeps plugging holes into that ship.

But we can't just sink it. :/ That would be even worse. Dammit.

And what about the established couples and crushes? Because Molly has it bad for Harry; almost as much as Morgan for Luccio. God, Morgan/Luccio DEMANDS an exploration. Established couples; Charity/Michael, Thomas/Justine and Will/Georgia. In their own separate ways, they are strong, solid and mindblowingly sweet. Even Thomas/Justine, which is admittedly fucked up.

Also, Waldo Butters needs some love. I don't care if he gets it from the Mob Boss or the Sex Vampire. HE JUST NEEDS MORE LOVE. D8 And what about our resident virgin? CARLOS NEEDS SOME LOVE TOO.

And while we're on Sex Vampires; why is this a kink meme without a single entry on Lara Raith? o.o A DF kinkmeme without a Lara entry. What the hell?

Oh look; it's Dresden/Morgan. Which is even weirder than Dresden/Marcone. (but not quite as bad as Dresden/Thomas)

But at least it's not Dresden/Marcone like EVERY. OTHER. THING.

*stomps off to read*


But what I really need are more gen fics. :-/

5/19/2011 #576
St. Elsewhere

Sorry, Musa. I just tl;dr'd.

5/19/2011 #577

What? @_@

5/19/2011 #578

Also; I love my family. But I hate being around them. I can't talk to them without being obnoxious. :( It's horrible of me, I know. But I wish they'd fucking LAY OFF.

I will not EVER spend more than a continuous month to close proximity to these people. *headdesks* God. Control freaks all. Which would be bearable if they didn't try to extend their claws to my life.

I need to get out of here before I start raving like a-

ARGH. NO, Dad. I don't remember people who I've talked to maybe thrice since I was five. Really. And no, it does not mean that I don't 'pay attention to my surroundings'. It means that I suck at remembering inconsequential things.

Raving. Madwoman. It's starting.



5/19/2011 #579


Totally failed my stats exam.

Excuse me while I go drown in my sorrows.

Just kidding. I have too much pure maths to revise.

Oh wait, I'll probably fail that too. :/

5/20/2011 #580



Too long; didn't read~

5/21/2011 #581
not someone of importance




5/24/2011 #582
The Midnight Doe

This'll probably come off as petty :/ Oh well.


I'm sick and tired oh your 'woe me' sob story. I don't care. I honestly DO NOT FREAKING CARE that you want to change yourself. I'm sick of feeding your ego. I feel like a broken record, always telling you that you don't need to change, you're fine the way you are. SERIOUSLY. Why do you have to come to ME with all your problems? And why are you so determined that we are going to hang out? Can't you TAKE A HINT and see that I'm not into you? Honestly, I don't think I could be any more obvious. It's so freaking annoying. I don't give a crap that you're bored.

(a few messages later...)

Oh my ** god. You want to change yourself. To impress me. One of these days I'm going to snap. And freak out, screaming right in your face. And you know what? I'm not going to feel bad about it.

And for the love of all that is good, could you PLEASE stay off my facebook? I don't need you commenting, liking, whatever-ing on EVERY SINGLE THING I POST. It's creepy, not cute.


*feels a lot better now* I'd stay and chat, but I've got Glee to watch :D

5/24/2011 #583
President Snow

[edit]: Basically, I had a fucking annoying cold and got sick and my history project which I needed a skyrocketing mark on is screwed and insert more ranting about me being as lazy as shiz.

5/25/2011 . Edited 9/13/2011 #584
not someone of importance

Most of my rant summed by this.

Take note of the SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. :D

5/26/2011 #585
meaner than my demons

There are five or six people I want to send this to right now.

5/26/2011 #586

Girls who are in seventh grade should stop trying to act like they're in twelfth.

I can't say I'm more qualified to criticize you on that - I'm your age, after all - but oh, girlie, please stop telling everyone you meet about your emotional turmoil and how you've had your heart broken again for the third time this week and talking about all the wild parties you're going to. Seriously, you'retwelve,your parents still have to approve and drive you to your dates, and there are much worse things than being extroverted and popular and having everyone care about your problems.

Just stop trying so hard to grow up. *huffs* And acting like a slut doesn't make you more mature than the rest of us, either.


5/26/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #587

That was Tuesday. May 25th. I have proof if you need it. What was I even doing? I didn't even know...

Ha. It's really a coincidence that I even found out. To most, you would have just disappeared. And maybe some wouldn't have even given it a thought. Maybe they were like me. Maybe they were trying to forget because you said you wanted me to. But it isn't working out this time either, is it? NO. Obviously, it's not. And maybe I shouldn't be mad, because I know what it's like. I know how dragging it all is, and the empty feelings you get when you're just sitting at the computer, laughing at the words and no one else knows, and you're so frustrated that this is so constricting and just... not real.

And yes, I'm mad at you. Because you do it over and over again and I miss that first Summer. I think about it so much and how much I just loved everything! Sure, I was an idiot and didn't know how to write, but we were all in the same boat, and the real thing that mattered was that we were all friends and learning that we were idiots and couldn't write together. And once you...

Once you left, everything feel apart. That's when I realized things about my terrible writing, decided to improve, and then my progress was like swimming in sticky stuff that doesn't let you move very fast at all. And when it felt like you were lying to me about everything? ... Okay, so fine, it probably wasn't a big conspiracy against me, but for a moment, it felt like it. And you just... Well, it seemed like you didn't care anymore. It was "all about the writing" and "things were too distracting." Yes, I love writing too, and I hate feeling like I write nothing because life is such a worry and steals every moment of your attention. But now [friendnumbah2] and [friendnumbah2.5] are gone. I pretend to be gone, just because it gives me a false sense of cow killing... But I'm still just as dedicated to my writing as before, and I still think about it constantly and plot and have ideas and daydream

and i've still made time for friends and chatting even thought they weren't really friends just acquaintances but they were so thrilled because I was "famous" and "popular" [only time in my life] and i didn't want to be a jerk so i talked with them but it wasn't the same and i miss how things used to be and you shouldn't be so concerned about preserving you writing when i sacrifice to have both

... You know, Kiersten White {author of Paranormalcy} once said that you weren't a writer until you sacrificed something. But I'm pretty sure she didn't mean "ditch your friends," because she's also suggested having good friends to write with.

Does this mean I'm not a good friend? Because I know I'm not a good person, but I try. A lot.

And now I'm scared that you'll read this and know that it's you that I'm talking about but please just don't because I know I'll calm down in a bit and I don't want you to come telling me to shut up because I hate feeling bad about things and that's all that will happen and I promised not to be social. So I'm ranting instead, and that's all it will be. The only exception is if something will change. {Then maybe I'll spare the world and stop writing in run-on sentences so much.}

...The new pen names are poetic, though. And at least you left a couple smiley faces for the world. So. Don't let me bring you down.

/the end

5/27/2011 #588
President Snow

I'm too young, aren't I? I'm always too young, you say. I'm not mature enough, not like my sister, no- just ignore the fact that she acts like a child is not even a bit responsible- I'm the one who's too young, and not mature enough.

But am I ever going to be old enough? You tell me. Up to this day, you're still convinced I can't understand it.

Who's going to be the one looking after me when you're too old, huh? Who's going to be the one looking after you? That's right- me. And don't say I don't like him. I fucking love him, alright? He's my big brother, and yeah, I don't show that I love him much but does anyone in this family?

Yeah, and it's too stressful for you guys because you're his parents, you're the one which the autistic child and you're the only ones who can truly understand him and get him to calm down, and I never help you out, do I? No, I just sit on my lazy butt and stare at the computer screen.

You. Are. So. Freakin'. STUPID.

Okay. Scroll through your memories and tell me if there was ever, ever just one time that I told you that, 'no I can't help you do this'.

No, no there hasn't. But, of course- it's all good to overlook that fact and you know, just remind me a million times why my sister is better than me.

And, yeah, I'm always the one to watch out for him when he crosses the road (you're too busy gossiping about the lowest prices), to calm him down after (not that I actually get a chance, because you're now convinced I'll only ever make the situation worse and mess everything up) he's had a tantrum.

Yeah, but you just can't accept it, can you? It's just not right for me to be able to calm him down easier. No, because you have to.

I am sick of this shit.

And you're the one you can't understand that I'm growing up and maturing- that I can actually understand him, that I love him cause he's my brother.

So at the end of the day, you need to be the one to 'grow up and understand'. Because I can understand a hell lot beter than any of you.

5/30/2011 #589
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Sick in the hospital again.

Goddamn it, I refuse to let this ruin my end-of-year plans. I will not miss year end. I will not miss the grade eight trip.

I will not miss Quinte.


5/30/2011 #590

It really annoys me when people leave bitchy reviews anonymously. Grow up.

5/30/2011 #591

It really annoys me when people leave reviews with terrible grammar... Seriously, it's written, not wrote. {and the eyes were rolled}

5/30/2011 #592
Pure Evil Breed
Stuff it, father. I'm not going to help you wear that pants. I don't care that you're supposed to be an invalid, because I know you are not that invalid yet. I also know that you ask for help not because you can't do it by yourself, but because you won't!
5/31/2011 #593

My friend just spilled iced friggin tea all over me. If I had a hit list, she'd be on it right now. X_X

6/1/2011 #594
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

I don't need fucking therapy. I'm dealing with this all quite well on my own, thank you very much.

So piss off.

6/2/2011 #595
Clockwork of Time


6/2/2011 . Edited 9/25/2012 #596

Bloody fucking throatache had to pick now to-

*trails off into incoherent muttering*

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #597
The Midnight Doe

I don't want to talk about this, Dad. I know you feel bad, but I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to think about this. I can't freaking TYPE ABOUT IT without tearing up. Why the heck did you think it was a good idea to bring it up when we were eating dinner? What made you think that it was okay? Seriously, I can't handle it. I can't. I know that I'm going to have to deal with it one day, but that is not today.

//Me being emotional about discussing when we should put our oldest dog down.

6/3/2011 #598
the tiniest pyre


6/3/2011 . Edited 3/27/2014 #599

This year is finally fucking over, and I feel like I can finally say it freely now. Fuck all of you, you ignorant fucking bitches.

Fuck you, Mrs. Nanez, you ass. You made my life absolute hell and you know what? I have serious problems with my self esteem because ofyou.Because of you solely. For all those times you yelled at me when I didn't understand something, for all those times you took me out and killed me inside, for all those times you called me lazy and stupid. I have scars because of you, and they'll never disappear. I hope you realize what you've done, and I hope you jump off a bridge.

Fuck you Ms. Gilliland. Fuck you and your slut shaming and victim blaming and you ignorant, close-minded beliefs. I'll wear whatever the fuck I want, and if someone wants to rape me, they're going to rape me whether I'm wearing a miniskirt and a tank or a full length dress. You're supposed to be teaching me violin, not trying to convert me.

Fuck you, Coach Casillas. Fuck you and your bias.You are my bully, not any of my peers. You: a fucking teacher. You always treat me unfairly and punish me while letting everybody else off, and you tease me in front of the whole fucking class. What kind of example do you think you're setting?

Fuck you, Melinda. Fuck you for teasing me about my body and my grades. So what if I get grades lower than a ninety-fucking-seven? I don't care if you're going to graduate from fucking Harvard, you'll always be a stupid little bitch-bag to me. Fuck you for calling me a dyke. Fuck you and your homophobia, and your offhand offensive remarks that no one cares about, because they're coming from Melinda the fucking goddess, who can obviously do no wrong. You are a big-headed, stubborn idiot, and I won't miss you at all.

Fuck you, school system. Fuck you for being stupid, conservative, bible-beating freaks. I don't care about your fucking religion. I don't care if your the biggest God-worshipper ever, just get itoutof the school system. Stop parading around your religion and then punishing me when tell the cafeteria it's be cool if they at least offeredsomethingkosher for passover when it's passover. Fuck you for making us go to school on Saturday, when youknowit's our holy day. There's over a hundred Jewish kids in your middle schools alone, and they have to go against their own religion in order to avoid getting a fucking court sentence. You are just a little freak show and I hope each and every one of you realizes how stupid you are.

Sixth grade was probably the worst year of my life. I know it sounds stupid because I'm so young, but this was just such a horrible fucking year. I really, really hope next year will be better. I'd like to see it try to be worse.

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #600
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