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not someone of importance

This is the thread where you post the story behind your pename. Because Dia likes learning the meaning/story behind your penames. Don't ask why. Storm gave her permission. Now she'll post her tale to start:

When I read the first book in the Warriors series (I still have to read the rest) I came up with a cat named Diamond Fang. Then I added Dragon to the middle of it. Then I added Pertemis because it's my favourite pairing. Yeah, I know it's a crack!pairing. And very OOC.

Tell her your tale, and she'll give you a muffin. And a baby dragon.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #1
m y e h

Well the thing is, I was a bit paranoid at first.

ED: I forgot the other reasons.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #2
Lola Sveroski

I have a thing for catchy names... I was Andi Lee Malcolm, because I just liked that name and there were no other reasons... And then I decided to change it... And I really love Luna Lovegood from HP. And Lola was the closest I could think of to Luna without BEING Luna. So I was Lola. And then... Sveroski is just something I pulled from out of nowhere but it sounded pretty cool so i decided to use it.

2/1/2011 #3

My starting username was embarrassing. I don't like to talk about it.

But I had/have this thing about matching my avvie to my username, and I found a gorgeous water-ish pic with a glow in it. Then I was waterglow.

Then I decided it didn't have a ring to it, and hence, HallowedHallsOfWriting was made. Because I liked the word Hallow (this was before HP7, btw). And I found a picture of a girl who kinda-sorta looked like me, only way prettier and edgier and aloofer, who was walking through a hall on fire. And I was like OMGPRETTY. *nods*

And now I'm Faded Classic because I'm trying to change all my usernames to matching ones, and I really, really like the way Faded Classic rolls off the tongue, because I love random lines in Tiffany Blews and it was one of the first signatures I thought of. And the juxtaposition of it is really nice.

2/1/2011 . Edited 7/3/2011 #4
the tiniest pyre

Well, I was a young FB addict, and despite my searching I couldn't find a group for the Percabeth Revolution. I had to fix this. So, I went to Theia 47's profile, sent her a message, and told her she should make a group for it. Then we started PMing back and forth (this is how I became a Theia!fangirl). I said something about how I was a "like a flaming minion," or something of the sort. It stuck with me, and voila, Minnie was born~

2/1/2011 #5

Uhm. Well, my first penname was something along the lines of 'purple poppies,' which was way back (coughcough, a year ago) when I had just joined, was fangirlish - you know, all that shite. I think I got it from the fact that Poppy was a flower I liked and was also pretty much my internet-pseudonym in those days. *nod*

Then I wanted to change it sometime later - I think I was trying to shed my ex-fangirl skin around then, so I wanted to revamp everything - but anyway, I was in a Beatles phase, and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was a song I loved (no, this does not mean I am a druggie, kthnxguise), and I either wanted to be 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' or 'Cellophane Flowers,' since I thought those two were pretty phrases, but they ended up being taken. D:

So I smooshed them together to get Kaleidoscope Flowers. 8D And that's the story.

2/1/2011 #6

Warning: If your browser/brain has a pre-installed sarcasm filter, the text below may be incorrectly displayed as something like: ndktytascheesedghkerfucklehymju. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Oooh. You want the epical history of my penname?...What, you don't? Oh well, I'm going to tell you anyway. So there.

Right-o. Here it goes.

Me, being so amazing and all that, decided on the "Her.Royal" part of my penname quite quickly - because I'm just that awesome and should be worshipped and considered royalty by all. However, since I am so modest and all that (as you might have noticed), becoming "Her.Royal.Highness" was just a bit too much, I thought. I mean, I know I am epical and fantastic enough to deserve such a title, but I didn't want everyone to be crowding around me, worshipping my awesomeness. So...I needed something random...

Everytime someone tells me to think of something random, I think of cheese, for some random reason. And so when I racked my brains for something random, cheese popped up. So "Cheesyness" was born.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Apart from blank spaces, which are, according to reports, on suicide watch due to the depression of not being awesome enough to feature in my penname.


Y'know...there should be one of these topics for nicknames.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #7

I haven't changed my username since I made it. But the reason why I picked this one was because I'd gotten a phone call from my dad saying that he was having a baby girl due just before Christmas. Him and his girl friend decided on naming her Aanaleigh. I liked the name, and it was free. So here I am.

I tried changing it to FearlessLove several times, but it's already taken, so I decided that I liked the one I had, and wouldn't change it.

2/1/2011 #8
fleur hazel

Well, um. . . Let's see. I love flowers, even though I'm semi-allergic to pollen. I chose Fleur Hazel, since it meant Hazel Flower. . . And I like hazel eyes.


2/1/2011 #9

Midnight = Midnighters Series by Scott Westerfeld.

Flyte = Flight, but it's five letters long and can therefore make my nom de plume thirteen letters long.

And that's all, folks.

2/1/2011 #10
Vanished Snowflake
Justmemyseliandme= past blog username. I just chose it because having another username for something else would just confuse me.
2/1/2011 #11

My pen name was mangabreadroll because I liked mangas and bread, then everyone started calling me Manga so it stuck. After an incident in the other forum, I became ashamed of those names and became Bean. Lousy, I know.

I'm known as ANNIKA on my blog, all caps. It used to be Arciel, then Rosanova, then ANNIKA after much modification.

2/1/2011 #12
I am Peter of the Ji family.
2/1/2011 #13

For about a day I was somghing like xX_chocoholic_Xx. Then I was like, that's a stupid name. So then I was trying random things and at some point I tried brainstorm and brain-storm. It wans't taken, so I switched it around to storm-brain, which was free.

Since then I've tried to change it to Escriba-la and RunawayMarbles, but I keep on getting yelled at.

2/1/2011 #14

There's not much of a story to my penname... 'Cezaria' is just a word I came up with. But it was already taken, so I just added a 'z' to the end.

Honestly, adding any other letter to the end of the word would sound ridiculous (Cezariad? Cezariag? Ugh).

2/2/2011 #15

Um, well I was initially Kira222, then I changed it to CelestialAngelKira, then I combined them be Kira222 aka Celestial101. Then after having this for like, 3 years, I hated it and how it sounded. So my older sister's name was Morgana Mors, and I loved how the name flowed, so I researched and got Kay Celestine, though now I want to make it Kay C. Ghost. But blah. That's too much work -.-"

2/2/2011 #16

Okay, this is gonna take awhile.

Ginnyrox350- My Ginny is awesome stage at the HP fandom, in which I wrote Hinny sap!fics.

Loveforluna- My Luna is Awesome stage at th HP fandom, in which i wrote song parodies. Also bled into PJO.

Argentum Luna- My parody phase in PJO, during which I worshipped the Veritas and was a hopeless newb. Means Silver Moon.

Rising From Ashes- My slightness less but still kind of newbie stage in which I wrote crack fics. I also liked phoenixes, so yeah.

Just Desperate Creatures- My horribly narcissistic stage in which I was a completer bitch, but then in the latter part became slightly less terrible.

Lulled Into a Lullaby- My abandoned HG account. The lullaby refers to Rue's Lullaby. Might change to The Hanging Tree.

Infinity Blues- Not used much since I abandoned that account, but is a poem by Ryan Adams which is quite amazing.

Lunalicious- Luna + Delicious = This alt. In which I thought I was hot shit.

Claire De Luna- Claire de Lune + Luna. In which I am trying to recover from all the shit I did. Seriously, it's hard not to cringe when reading over old forum posts.

If you want a more detailed explanation of any of these, PM meh.

2/2/2011 #17
we're all squares here

My original and most beloved is Frocked. I have a thing with weird names that are real words. Frocked is a real word and it sounded amazing. I originally used it for, of all thinsg, Neopets. But then I brought it here because, oh what they hay! I had nothing to write as penname. And it stuck for a loooooong time.

Until, of course, my parents found out about FF. -shudders- So then they blocked any traces of Frocked. But, being the genius I am (Or, maybe, the retard I am) I changed it to Andy Incognito, which makes a lot of sense. Andy is the name I have adopted, because it sounds soooo much better than my real one. Incognito, well, it basically meant that I'm in hiding. So, therefore, Andy is Hiding. Made sense to me. (Note: Andy Incognito was later changes back to Frocked because I like the name.)

I made a new account after. It was kiwitown, after my beloved Neopets alt!account. ^^

Audreacity. Now that's a hard one. I intended to leave Veritaville for good. Like, as in, forever. But I still liked the name Andy. And I was infatuated with the word audacity. So I smooshed them together and, voila. Audreacity. Andrea + Audacity. Audreacity. That's pronounced odd-ree-ah-city.

But, V!Ville was just so damned addicting that I started lurking. Then I did a challenge. Then I talked to Kay. And then, here I am. :D

2/2/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #18

When I was an eleven year old fangirl, I was Lioness-of-Tortall-7. The name came from Tamora Pierce, and my questionable love affair with the number seven. No, really, I practically got into a fist fight in an effort to get the number seven jersey when I was in Cross Country. Anyway, I loved that penname, and I still remember it with fondness. It was that initial, feeling things out, just learning to write stage. I'm a little embarassed now, but I remember all of the thrill and excitement, all of the firsts. The biggest standout is my first forum, The Akatsuki Writers Society. Everyone there was a lot older than me, and I had to get a bit more mature. It was also sometime during this stage that I first encountered the forum Flames, Flames, Flames. I was instantly entranced, and made an introductory post. Like the newb I am, I lost the link to the forum and couldn't remember its name. In retrospect, that is a very, very good thing. I would have been eaten alive.

Life moved on, I grew up. I rediscovered Flames, Flames, Flames, started to develop some actual writing skills, became involved in other forums. I deleted old fics left and right, blushing with the now-familiar oh my god I actually thought this was good? kill me now sensation. I was definitely in awe of the senior members of Flames, Flames, Flames at that point-- terror would actually be a better word. Theia in particular, I was somewhat frightened to try speaking too. Besides which, I had started to be more conscious of quality writing and my own shortcomings. I wanted to know what most young FFN members ask at some point-- am I any good?

This turned out to be a deciding moment for my online identity. I needed to know whether or not I had potential, but I didn't want to ask Theia as Lioness, the somewhat shy newb who was still sucking up to the regulars. Instead, I did a quick search of Japanese names. Amaya was the one that stood out to me-- night rain. It was pretty, and something to put at the end of my formspring question. I want to know if my fanfiction is any good. How can I tell? Her response was simple. She told me to get either her or another well-known Verita to review something of mine. Eager and carried away, I was determined to write a long epic in one sitting-- something that would truly show my skill, or lack thereof. I wrote exactly one hundred words about a pairing I couldn't stand in a genre that wasn't my strongest. (Not my best work, anymore, but I don't hate it yet.) The response was favourable, life went on, I grew some confidence. When I eventually made my own formspring account, I still remembered signing my questions with Amaya, but I wanted to be recognizable. So, I mashed them up. LionessAmaya was used for more and more accounts, until eventually I decided to abandon my fangirlishness and changed my FFN penname with only a few stray tears (kidding, kidding, I'm not that pathetic... probably... u_u).

Sometime during these events, I discovered the truth of Lola Sveroski vs. Kay's Inferno. It took me a few weeks to catch onto the fact that they were, in fact, the same person-- rather shameful, actually, considering that it was an open secret. Her exasperated throwaway statement of "no one was supposed to know about Kay in the beginning" sparked an idea in me. I thought it would be cool to be able to interact with my friends without them knowing it was me, to go through the process of winning people over again. I went through a million different names to give this creature that was quickly forming in my head-- a slightly awkward, formal character who was still essentially me-- and most of them sucked. Eventually, I typed a random name in. Infinite Sorrow was the first of my alts, and I love her to pieces.

The others were born slowly. WhenIt'sTimeToLiveAndLetDie, lyrics from Green Day, was formed after the first LU/ Vville falling out. I had left the LU in a childish huff with a dramatic post that no one paid much attention to (XD), and found myself missing it. Embarassed, I hardly wanted to return with them knowing who I was. (It should be noted that my 'secret identity' lasted all of about an hour before I got tired of pretending not to know anyone's name.)

Iridescent Sand came from a skype discussion with Storm and, I believe, Kay. We were tossing out ideas for her livejournal name as-- sorrow-- storm-brain was taken. I suggested Iridescent Sand and became rather fond of it. So I made it. Yay, long involved stories, huh?

Lonely Death, Weresong, and some other one that I can't remember the name of right now, were all created at about the same time because I felt like I needed more alts. Lonely Death was a sporadic name choice. Weresong was going to be Werecat or Werehorse or something generic like that, but I wanted something muuuusical. And I was thinking about the song Werewolves of London. So.

Fly.Kay-la.Fly was mainly me thinking about Uglies and how someone calling me Kayla-la would be weird and then I was thinking about my nickname being Kay at school so maybe they would call me Kay-la and then I realized that was just my name so I made an account and tacked the 'fly' to either end because Kay-la was taken. (Run-on sentences FTW.) Coincidentially, I can no longer access this account because I forgot the e-mail.


2/20/2011 #19


So I was reviewing a story I really liked and I wanted to point out a flaw in it. Since I had already reviewed before I decided to go under a different name.


So yah.

2/21/2011 #20


2/21/2011 #21
Aventine Hill

So. Uhm.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who decided she wanted to join FF. She did. Her stories sucked. However she was young and ignorant and thus didn't notice this.

In January of 2010 she had to get oral surgery and thus was sitting in lunch with her friend being hungry because she wasn't allowed to eat. Because said friend is so very nice and caring, she offered the girl her book because she knew her friend was obsessed with Greek mythology. This book just so happened to be The Lightning Thief.

The girl became so very obsessed that she spent absolutely all day reading TLT and when she finished around seven that evening decided that she just had to go look up fanfiction for it. She did and learned that, unlike fanfictions in TV show archives, book archives actually had standards. She learned of flamers and fangirls, of CCers and those who didn't really care, and over the next two months she slowly realized the sad sad truth: her stories failed.

By that point she already had PJO fanfics, though, and her account was known to people she knew IRL. Thus, she made a decision: She had to make a new account, with a new non-sucky penname. (Also she'd decided she was going to become a flamer, but that's not relevant because it was a really really stupid of her to decide that.)

One day she was home alone and though, Might as well just do it now. She decided the penname had to be something non-fangirl-ish, something not exclusive to one fandom, and it should have no numbers to it. Scrolling through random pages she discovered that the Ides of March was a festival to Mars (Ares), and tried that, but it was taken (and as was mentioned she wanted nothing with random add-ons to it) so she kept looking. Eventually she landed on the page about Diana (Artemis), who was her favorite goddess, and discovered that on Rome's Aventine Hill there was a shrine to her. Originally the girl wanted just Aventine--but that was taken, so she took the full name. Aventine Hill.

(Because this story is epic it will continue on past the initial penname selection.)

She decided her nickname was to be Ave--easy and simple. The first thing she did after that was go introduce herself on The Flaming Circus (because at this point she was all, "OHMYGOSH THE ARCHIVE SUCKS MUST KILL FANGIRLS" because she was very, very dumb) and it all just sort of snowballed from there to the point where she had no live outside forums. But she had friends, and people who showed her viewpoints that weren't her own. And she needed that.

Finally there came a time when she shed her newbie status, went through the Veritan hell we call June of 2010, grew up, became nocturnal, angst-ed, had a mental breakdown, was bitchy, had another mental breakdown, wrote a bit, had inner conflicts, more mental breakdowns, baked cookies, a few more mental breakdowns, was introduced to the song "Hero of War" by some band called "Rise Against", got her world torn apart when she lost someone she considered her best friend, tried to pick herself back up, somewhat successfully, then became obsessed with RA and HoW, sang, wrote, lived, loved, lost, cried, laughed, watched Scrubs, more mental breakdowns, adopted children, disowned them, and adopted them again in a never-ending cycle, learned to write, said goodbye to some friends she loved without even knowing it, became FF legal, learned to ramble, made peace with that friend even if they couldn't get the old days back, became mentally stable (le gaspeh~), and realized, finally, that the Veritas had changed her entirely and made her a much better person.

And that's how she became the Ave you know and (should) love today.

2/21/2011 #22

I was originally MadeleineSmileyFace. *ignores snickers* It was a placeholder, okay?

Smiley Face because my avvie was originally this ginormous yellow smiley, and Madeleine because it's a cool name. And French, therefore, in my newbish mind, cool.

Changes to Ex.Mea.Sententia because it means 'in my opinion'. So, Ancient Roman version of IMHO. :)

ed: And now Lightfall. Basically, it's a reference to the Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights. And it's pretty. So yah.

2/21/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #23

I feel like there should be discussion:

Ave. The image of this stubborn but earnest kid determined to come up with something that no one else is using made me smile. :D So cute.

Mads. That made me laugh. :D

Two additions to my alts (plus one that will be made when I feel like making another e-mail account)

Dara Akiki, the result of playing with google translate when I'm too tired. Darah = blood in Malay, Akiki = ruby in Swahili. So. Dara Akiki. Why I tok out the h, I don't even know. I like silent H's, I swear.

Caderea, 'to fall' in Romanian.

Eroria Laska, not yet created, 'fallen' 'love' (Basque and Slovac respectively).

the official alt list: sorrow, green, iri, song, lonely, kay(-la), dara, rea, laska, lacy (!)


Lacy Gently Wafting Curtains, my tribute to Dr Horrible.

2/22/2011 . Edited 2/22/2011 #24


Er. Sorry? *pats Lioness*

2/22/2011 #25

I wanted Midnight Masquerade at first, but i was taken. So I googled cool words and stuff until I became bored and just gave up.

Beguiling Butterfly comes from my friend's email address. And I have to admit, the imagery was pretty and stuff so, why not?

And ta-da. Beguiling Butterfly was born.

2/23/2011 #26
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

In grade five, I had this reversible pink vest. The inside was pink and fluffy. Being weird and immature, I thought the fluffy side was pretty awesome, so I wore it fluffy-side-out. Then my friends started comparing me to a pigeon, which I still don't understand, because pigeons aren't fluffy. And most aren't actually pink.

Either way, "pink pigeon" kinda stuck with me.

Lame, I know. :/

2/23/2011 #27

Hmm. Well, I may as well do this, though I've no intention to give away my original account's current name, since I don't want people on it, anyway.

My first name was ad patres, which was an old Latin euphemism for death.

Then it was causa mortis, meaning 'cause of death'.

Then it was debitum naturae, also (take a guess) an old Latin euphemism for death.

...I have a bit of a macabre side, if you couldn't already tell.

Then I grew out of that phase for a bit, and became Cacoethes Scribendi, which was my first non-death-related name, and meant 'a compulsive urge to write'. Coincidentally, I writ over a hundred fanfictions under that penname, which stayed with me for a little over two years.

Then I went through a cynical stage, which I never really actually grew out of, but I'm not quite as bad as I was then. So I was Cacoethes Carpendi, meaning 'a compulsion to find fault'.

That became damnant quodnon intelligunt, or 'they condemn what they do not understand', which I liked because at the time I'd had the moronic idea that I was infallible, and everyone else in the world was a complete idiot. And because it has the word 'damn' in it, and my parents hate swearing and I liked defying them. A lot.

Then there's IMBUE, which was my flaming phase. It stood for my goal of imbuing people with a sense of what decent writing was. It also happened to stand for 'It Must Be User Error', which is the computer-geek way of saying that humans are idiots.

I also had humans are idiots for a time.

Then I realised that flaming was pretty much useless, and I was giving myself a headache from reading shit!fics all the time, and so Incendiarist was born, from the Catalan word for 'fires', or the french word for 'burnt', or the Galician word for 'ignites', or the Italian word for 'fire', or - yeah, I think you get the idea. 'Incendiarism' is an actual word in British English and in Scots, archaeic though it may be, and it means pyromania or arson. 'Incendiarist' was the next logical step. And it was catchy. And it was based on a whole lot of languages, and I'm a bit of a linguist. And I've always really liked fire. And Baste is one of my patrons, and, among other things, she's a goddess of fire. And, well, you get the idea.

And then I got back into the macabre stage, and got Echo of Biota, which refers to the remnants of life that would remain if we started WWIII, now that we've got nuclear weaponry. In other words, cockroaches. And a few species of spider. Oh, and twinkies. Can't forget the twinkies. Because yes, they really do have that much preservative.

It also refers to EkhĂ´ of Boiotia, the nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, and went a tad suicidal.

And I'm thinking about maybe changing my current name to memento mor, or 'remember the dead', because it's a tad threatening and I like the alliteration.

Oh, and a long long time ago, I was Shadowsoul, because there was a really, really good Severitus fic that had a Dart Arts curse called as such that I thought was really fucking awesome.

Ooh, and I was also Owls and Spectres, from the poem Woods of Westermain, and Perennial Tears, from The Valley of Unrest.

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #28
Lola Sveroski

Sometime during these events, I discovered the truth of Lola Sveroski vs. Kay's Inferno. It took me a few weeks to catch onto the fact that they were, in fact, the same person-- rather shameful, actually, considering that it was an open secret. Her exasperated throwaway statement of "no one was supposed to know about Kay in the beginning" sparked an idea in me. I thought it would be cool to be able to interact with my friends without them knowing it was me, to go through the process of winning people over again. I went through a million different names to give this creature that was quickly forming in my head-- a slightly awkward, formal character who was still essentially me-- and most of them sucked. Eventually, I typed a random name in. Infinite Sorrow was the first of my alts, and I love her to pieces.


3/2/2011 #29

Well, I had a lot of usernames before Rotisserie Chicken, ranging from DoveSoap to Dinosaur Ninja of Awesomeness, but I won't go into any more detail with my vast list of ridiculous pseudonyms.

Anyway, Rotisserie Chicken started out as an inside joke between my friends and me because everyday during recess I would always rotate in a circle so that the sun would evenly "roast" me, so now they call me Rotisserie Chicken. But I hate chicken. (Long story short, I ate too much chicken, and now I'm sick of it.)

So, yeah. Not much depth or meaning to it, really. :/

3/4/2011 #30
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