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I came across the name 'Jessamine' when reading one of my sister's notebooks. She'd noted that it meant 'jasmine', which was pretty obvious, but I thought it was really cool.

When I signed up for an account, I had no idea what to name myself. Then I remembered Jessamine. Well, okay, I thought. But 'Jessamine' is taken. By this time, I'd been anonymously "CCing" (read: fail flaming) stories, and thought myself a fighter for the archive -- a revolutionary, a riot.


"The Jessamine Riot" was born.

Months later, I was tired of my penname. The reasons behind it seemed juvenile. But I was already known as Jessa, and I was fond of the nickname. In another spurt of ego, I remembered that the Hindi word for 'goddess' is 'devi'. Combine the two and you get Jessavi. (Although 'devi' is pronounced 'dhay-vee', I always pronounced my penname as 'Jessa-vy'.)

Then, after a few months as Jessavi, I wanted "Riot" back. It was too much a part of my identity on FFn. I'd made up an Internet name, Jessamine Theriot (pronounced 'theh-ree-uht'), a while ago. It seemed only logical to change my penname to that.

Not very interesting, really.

3/23/2011 #31

My penname is derived from an anime (my all-time favorite) called Full Metal Alchemist. In romaji, it is known as 'hagane no renkinjutsushi' and the main protagonist is a vertically-challenged male who has metal prosthetic limbs (right arm and left leg), hence his title as Full Metal Alchemist.

hagane = full metal

chibi = shorty

haganeochibi = full metal shorty *The 'o' is something like a connector.

It's pretty simple.

4/7/2011 #32
Cora Lennox

I wish my name was Cora (because I freaking love that name...) And Lennox just sounded right with it. I like to fancy it makes me sound like a witty British librarian who sloves mysteries in her spare time. Probably not, but still. XD

4/7/2011 #33


(*has read a total of three volumes*)

4/7/2011 #34
President Snow

I stumbled across Fanfiction.Net whilst looking for a book in the series 'Warriors' which, of course, led me to read stories in the archive. The first story I read was something about a 'kit clan' which I now think is a ridiculous idea. I immediately made a account so I could recieve Story Alerts.

As I found this website through Warriors and was reading fanfictions in that archive, I thought it would be suitable to make my Pename a 'warriors name'. I came up with 'Snowstorm' which I thought sounded pretty. Then I just slapped a smiley face at the end because, well; that's how I am.

4/8/2011 . Edited 4/8/2011 #35


(*has read a total of three volumes*)



It's like the Manga equivalent of Dresden Files. It's a hilarious tragicomedy with enough moments of awesome to make you squeal. And I KNEW Hagaenochibi sounded familiar. Ha!

Chapter 98, ohmygawd. Curb. Stomp. Battle. And Wrath is so damned cool. Hell, Lust is like the most awesome villaness ever. Except for Lara Raith. And every chapter after that, seriously.

Greed, ohmigawd. 8D Greed.


Right. Pennames. Um.

So, when I first started, it was in the Card Captor Sakura Fandom. I went by the name of ScarySorceress because I was somewhat obsessed with all kinds of fantasies at the time.

I might have changed the name a few times after that, but I can't really remember any of them. However, I do remember that during my I-hate-the-world-and-it-hates-me-and-this-is-so-pointless-and-I-feel-so-useless emoangst phase, I changed my name to Akela Musafir, which was Hindi for lonely wanderer and was pretty much what I felt I was at the point.

To be honest, though; I think I just liked the sound of it. Very pretty syllables.

Anyway, after a point, I got tired of Wangsting and the Lonely part bugged me a little, but I still liked the wanderer part. Musafir, however, seemed a little too... plain. Unmodified. Too much of an entity by itself to ever really represent me. So I personalized it by adding what I figured could be thought of as some kind of feminization, although it later struck me that it could also be a possible plural.

Anyway; that's the story of Musafreen.

4/8/2011 #36
Perseus Jackson II

What is it with Fullmetal Alchemist?


Me. First start: θυσία - sacrifice, which was just about all the Star Wars fanfics were about.

Second: "ολύμπιος - Olympian" which was kinda lame, so I changed it to Perseus Jackson II.

Oh, and NO, I did NOT copy this picture from Zoe Nightshade.

4/8/2011 #37

Oh, and NO, I did NOT copy this picture from Zoe Nightshade.

…do we care where you may or may not have gotten your avatar?

What is it with Fullmetal Alchemist?

*cringes and waits for Musa to attack*

4/8/2011 #38

Oh, and NO, I did NOT copy this picture from Zoe Nightshade.

Okay. But that's who everyone is going to think of when they look at it. Do you really want that?

4/8/2011 #39
Clockwork of Time

*tackles Storm* Hai!

4/8/2011 #40
President Snow

. . . *has no idea who 'Zoe Nightshade' is*

4/8/2011 #41

What is it with Fullmetal Alchemist?

*cringes and waits for Musa to attack*


Lei knows me.


So; FMA is set in a world where alchemy developed instead of science and is about this undersized double-amputee (but with a mechanical arm/leg!) kid and his younger brother who is a soul trapped in a suit of armor. They are searching for a way to get their missing body parts back and during the process encounters a plot by a being who wants immense power and all that stuff.


I can't explain this. It's all about equivalent exchange. Read the manga. Or see the Anime. Either of the Animes.

It is a world of badass.

4/8/2011 #42

. . . *has no idea who 'Zoe Nightshade' is*

A FFN user with a lot of Veritian history.

4/8/2011 #43

1. Snowstorm, who reminds me of a music piece by G. Sviridov, I suggest you read this if you want to know more about Zoe Nightshade, the "FFN user with a lot of Veritian history" (storm-brain, 2011).

2. Okay, in addition to what Musa said about dear old FMA...

FMA is an anime/manga made by Hiromu Arakawa back in 2004, and it revolves on the search of 2 brothers for the philosopher's stone to bring their bodies back in order after the brothers attempted the ultimate taboo in alchemy: human transmutation (to ressurect their dead mother). Now the catch in this anime (based on series 2) is that this 'being' who initially looked like the 2 brother's father has been pulling the strings of their world for a long time with the help of soulless beings called homunculi (names after the 7 deadly sins). His goal? To be the perfect being, or 'god'. And chaos ensues.

The anime currently has 2 series wherein the 2nd series follows the manga more closely than the first, which deviated from the manga near the end of the series. The first series has a movie sequel to tie up loose ends in the anime (SPOILER! considering that the elder brother somehow made it in the parallel world of science at the end of the anime END SPOILER!). It had a bittersweet ending, but a definite ending nonetheless.

With a blend of action, suspense, a splash of drama and humor here and there, Full Metal Alchemist is one pretty complex anime which compelled me to use haganeochibi as my pen name in

4/9/2011 #44
Hayley Barry

I don't remember how I got my penname.

I think it's stupid, but I'm too lazy to change it.

Hooray for memory loss and laziness.

4/9/2011 #45
President Snow

1. Snowstorm, who reminds me of a music piece by G. Sviridov

O.o Why would that be?

I suggest you read this

edited response. because i shouldn't be judging anyone, whether or not i believe what they did was horribledisgusting.

4/9/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #46

The Zoe situation was bad. I think we've already accepted this. How 'bout them Chudley Cannons?

4/9/2011 #47

My pen name comes from my name on the website Howrse (I go by 575horseyfan there). I liked the name and got used to it so I shortened it to just horseyfan and used it here. Most people call me horsey. Yes I like horses, I horseback ride and everything.

4/9/2011 #48

In response to Snowstorm: The said person composed a musical piece entitled 'Snowstorm.'

4/11/2011 #49
President Snow

Ah. I see. :)

4/11/2011 #50

It's kind of weird, actually. The very first fanfiction I ever read (Pokemon) was on the Nintendo NSider forums, written by a guy whose name was something like MasterSwordsman. When I made my account name, because I loved his story so much, I half-copied him and made it Mastergunner8612. However, I didn't realize that that was my account name, not the screen name that other people saw. So when I had to make a screen name, I wanted something still related to Mastergunner, and the first thing - don't ask me how - that came to my mind was BigBangMeteor, even though it wasn't really related. And I've stuck with both those names - mastergunner8612 and BigBangMeteor are still my names for most things. For, someone already had the name BigBangMeteor, so I added the numbers to it.

And when I tried to remember that story just now, I couldn't even remember what happened in it... Strange to think that something that affected my internet life so much is so unimportant now.

4/11/2011 #51
Cascading Rainbows

Well, first I was PixyStix800, in which I let my fangirl side run wild in Sonny with a Chance stories. *shudders* Thank goodness I changed.

Then I was Time.Of.Our.Lives. I got the phrase from a Miley Cyrus song. -.- And since I thought TimeOfOurLives looked a bit...blah, I added periods in between. That was more of my Percy Jackson phase. I tried to write a Percabeth fic then... D: Oh, and people called me TOOL back then, which I thought was kind of funny.

I think that's why I changed my username to this. Cascading Rainbows came out of nowhere when Lola was trying to help me find a new username. She suggested Dreamless Dancing, Musical Mirage, etc. And then she said Riding Rainbows and Reminiscing Rainbows, and I loved the Rainbows part of the usernames. But I decided to do Dare.To.Dream, but it was taken. And I thought Cascading was a pretty word, so...ta-da.

Also, Cascading Rainbows is a name of a quilt pattern. o.O

4/12/2011 #52

@Musafreen- This is really nitpicking, but I just had to say that musafir is actually Urdu, which is Hindi mixed with Arabic. If you look at other pure Hindi words, you can notice the difference; it rolls off your tongue in a different way. Or maybe I can only notice that since I'm Indian, but yeah...

4/12/2011 #53

My penname came from a mocking of my friend's brother's username on another website, and that's pretty much it.

4/12/2011 #54

@Musafreen- This isreallynitpicking, but I just had to say that musafir is actually Urdu, which is Hindi mixed with Arabic. If you look at other pure Hindi words, you can notice the difference; it rolls off your tongue in a different way. Or maybe I can only notice that since I'm Indian, but yeah...

XD I know, but it's pretty commonly used in Hindi too; like in literature literature. Or so I think. Hindi is basically a combination od Urdu and Sanskrit anyway. Although admittedly I'm no expert. South Indian languages have different origin points.

4/12/2011 #55

A good deal of India, especially the north, was once controlled by the Mughals, who came from the Middle East and spoke Farsi. They created Urdu, a mix of Hindi and Farsi, which intermingled with Hindi. They're so similar/intermingled that many people mix the two together when they speak or write. Very few people even know pure Hindi, because the Mughals ruled for a long time, longer than the British. Those who do have pretty much studied it. So people mostly mix the languages when they speak or write anyways, which is why I wasn't even 100% sure at first that musafir was actually Urdu. TBH, I didn't even know the pure Hindi word for it until yesterday, when I checked. It's yaatri. But Yaatreen doesn't sound as cool, so stick to Musafreen. :P

Then after the Partition, because it was northern India which became Pakistan, it adopted Urdu as their official language, while India made theirs Hindi and English. You might know this, but another word for India is Hindustan. :P And then because India was once just made up of many different peoples and empires, each state is allowed to have their own official languages as well.

4/13/2011 #56

*smacks self* Farsi. Iknew I was missing something in my equation.

Reciprocal nitpicking; Hindustan does not mean land of Hindi. It originated asland beyond the Indus. Which was later shortened to India by the Macedonians and stuff. My Dadkeepsranting about the whole dividing states according to language thing. :) He reckons it just fosters divisiveness, and I can't really argue with that.

XD And there are four people of Indian origin here now. Two more and we'll have a statistical triumph.



Disregard that last comment. I got my statistics mixed up. :p

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #57

More nitpicking: Musaafir (the 'a' is lengthened) is an indefinite singular noun, derived from the verb saafaro-yusaafiru (the past and present form of the Arabic verb 'to travel', respectively) which means 'one who travels'. The plural form for Musaafir, depending on its position in the sentence (as the subject, object, after a preposition, or other certain particles) is either 'Musaafiruun(a)' or 'Musaafiriin(a)' (in Arabic, the last word in a sentence looses its last vowel). Yeah, it's complicated.

BTW, this is 100% true, not making it up or looking it on internet. Lets just say that I had really intense Arabic lessons during junior high school.

And there are four people of Indian origin here now


4/14/2011 #58

It's saafaro? Becasue safar (short a) I've heard used in Hindi. It means journey. @_@ Damned languages and mixing points.

Uhm. Were you Indian, Nur? I wasn't sure. *smacks self* Stupid memory. Anyway; the other people I was thinking of were me, Fleur and Jessa.

4/14/2011 #59

I couldn't think of anything else at the time.

6/14/2011 #60
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