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Can it be a crossover? Like, say, PJO/Bones?

12/8/2011 #31


If you can prove to me that the person knows/likes Bones without asking them, then yes.

12/10/2011 #32
Code Purple

Bones is a good show.


12/11/2011 #33

Err. Quick heads-up: I might not be able to post my fic on time, seeing as I will be visiting my grandparent's house and won't have any access to my laptop. I could post at January 3rd at the earliest, or maybe the fifth. Is that okay? I'm really sorry for any inconvenience. :/

12/28/2011 #34

On the topic of time, whose 31st are we posting on?

North west area of the world, I'm assuming?

12/30/2011 #35
the universe is ours

Because of the strange time-zones, I might end up posting mine in the middle of the night for some people... so yeah, I pre-apologize if it's too late or too early ;__; I don't want to have to stay up to 3am or something. Not to mention that I'll probably be dead asleep after the New-Year celebrations XD


12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #36
President Snow

Same here. I don't really know which timezones-what and stuff. So if I screw it up, sorry. ^^

ed: So like. It's the 31st and it's one thirty but I'm assuming it's still the 30th for most of you? I guess this fic will have to be a little late instead...

12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #37

...12:28am counts as the 31st :D

Plan B, for Tzadikim

Happy Belated Hanukkah, Zadi!

12/31/2011 #38

a word called hope is written for PaperSky95.

12/31/2011 #39
President Snow


Life of Lies is written for Fayy, a.k.a P r o m i s e Me That. :3

12/31/2011 #40
Just post it when you can. GMT -8 would be best, but I understand that it's not possible for everyone. Also, don't be alarmed if your fic doesn't show up just yet. 03 #late
12/31/2011 #41

Sitting in a Tree:

For Cheese, the Queen of Dairy. :-)

12/31/2011 #42

Like an Angel for madeliiine AKA all the lonely people

12/31/2011 #43

color on the walls, for Juliet (Faded Classic).

12/31/2011 #44

Five Murders Never Solved (and one which was), for Snowstorm XD

12/31/2011 #45
Road Lizard

Two For Christmas for Code Purple

12/31/2011 #46

the gravedigger knows my name, for B. :)

12/31/2011 #47

Broken Dreams for Road Lizard

*facepalm* Sorry about how terrible it is.

12/31/2011 #48
the universe is ours

the leather bound book

Or if that didn't work;

For Incendiartist, Happy New Year. Xx

12/31/2011 #49
Code Purple

Slice my Soul and Chop my Hope

For Holderofhope-1794. Merry holiday. xD

I apologize for it sucking.

12/31/2011 #50

The Paving on the Road

For Syd.

(also, I suck at titles)

1/1/2012 #51

Help for Musafreen

1/1/2012 #52

Something About the Atmosphere for Ave.

And also: my sincerest apologies.

oh jk my links aren't working. I'll fix that... later...


1/2/2012 . Edited 1/2/2012 #53
Code Purple

All of your fics were awesome. :3

1/2/2012 #54
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