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Since. . . -checks forum details- a long time ago, Veritaville has been a Percy Jackson and the Olympians forum, because of its involvement with the fandom.

The thing is, though. . . we're not really a Percy Jackson group anymore, are we? Talk of PJO has been ~scarce since 2010, and barring the fact that "it's always been like that," there aren't many reasons for Veritaville to remain a PJO forum. (But if you have a reason, that's why this thread was created.)

So yeah. And moving to General would give us a chance to meet new people/get out of the rut that is the dead Ghost Town. //never thought i'd type that what

I suppose that's it. Storm would appreciate it if you would voice your opinion here.

2/13/2012 #1

I agree.

2/13/2012 #2
Aventine Hill

It seems to me that yeah, a lot of the people on here don't just talk about PJO. I don't care either way; it's fine with me. Then again, I'm literally never on Ghost Town, so I have no idea what the newbs talk about on there.

2/13/2012 #3


I guess it makes sense.





So that's a drawback.

2/13/2012 #4
Then I wouldn't be so lonely all the time. D:
2/14/2012 #5

I say no. And I have a whole long rant/ramble about it, too, but it's nearly midnight and anything I typed there is probably nonsensical.

(but I really don't want us to move. :/ it's because of stupid sentimental reasons, really.)

2/14/2012 #6
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

It would make sense to change this from PJO to a General forum. While the PJO series is discussed here from time to time--mostly someone stating an opinion on a character/pairing, or asking a question to keep a fic canon--the forum is no longer centered around the books.

Plus, switching the category over to General would revive the forum. It's dead compared to what it used to be, and it would be nice to have the Ghost Town as active as it was in the past.

However, I agree with Cez. There are sentimental reasons why I want it to stay as it is.

2/15/2012 #7

We've moved forums completely before, and that worked out well for a while. So I vote yes. But, like Ave, I'm never on here, so I think this decision is better left to more recent regs.

2/15/2012 #8

Sure thing. Only Storm's the only one who can move it.

Maybe we should put up an official poll on the forum.

2/15/2012 #9

Cez is the only one that's against. I don't really have an opinion. Maybe we should do it and if we get a lot of obnoxious people we can ban them all and move back? :D

2/15/2012 #10
the tiniest pyre

I don't really WANT us to move because of sentimental reasons and feelings and stuff, and to be honest the thought of it almost makes me cry (shut up i wasn't this emotional before tumblr okay don't judge me), but it feels almost... blasphemous, I guess, to stay in PJO.

I don't even know. Y.Y

2/15/2012 #11

yeah I don't really want to move either. But. Yeah. Anyway. So I just did, we're now in general. Give it a week and if the world hasn't ended, I guess we can leave it. If annoying things happen as a result, I'll move is back.

//feels like a traitor

2/15/2012 #12
St. Elsewhere

I don't like it.

3/3/2012 #13
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