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Because everyone needs a place to rant and bitch about their writing.

For example: "Like the genius that I am I managed to spill soup all over my keyboard. My dad had to take it out in order for the computer to turn on. Which means that I can't edit my NaNo until we fix it, which means I've missed by End-Of-April editing deadline, which means that getting it done before the CreateSpace deadline is going to be touch, adn the worst part is that I don't CARE because I don't want to edit the friggin thing anyway. so of course I did what I have repeatedly told myself I would never do... and that is write a Buffy fanfiction with actual characters in it. I'm screwed. So I'm going to go make Sherlock fanvideos instead."

4/24/2012 #1

Ooh, new thread. :D

Anyway. Damnit, why don't I feel like writing? I've spent the entire afternoon writing out character bios and making a rough outline of the stupid fanfiction that I've been planning for ages. And it's finally come together brilliantly, but I just can't bring myself to start it.

And my NaNo. Oh gosh, my NaNo. I started planning it in August 2010 and I finally wrote it last year. Problem is, it's absolute crap (because that's what happens when you sign up for NaNoWriMo and forget that you have to go overseas on the 20th), and I just need to re-plan everything. And then re-write it. By the end of the year.

(And it needs to be perfect, because my friends want to read it and there's no way I'm sending them a horrible story full of plot-holes and inconsistent characterisation.)

I thought that getting into a writing camp would make me more motivated. Guess not. -.-

4/25/2012 #2
i made my mistakes

I have a heap of ideas so high that you could fill a Dumpster with them.

And then, whenever I try to get down to actually writing, I don't know how to put it into words.


6/4/2012 #3


Length: One and a half chapters

Projected total length: Twenty chapters


In case anyone cares, it is about a bitchy pretty girl who wants to date a blind girl who isn't into bullies, and the way it totally changes her world. And they don't end up together in the end, because actions have consequences even after you've become a better person. :P

12/2/2012 #4

That sounds awesome, Lion. XD

Um... I started a fanfiction. Which is bad and very wrong of me but it's been stuck in my head for about a month now. It's also my first time writing something long with canon characters, so that'll be... fun? I guess?

I'm mostly doing it to keep from editing my nano. Which was about an extended family and a whole lot of shennanigans.

12/26/2012 #5
Olympus - 117

Hmm, why didn't I see this before ...

Well, I'm trying to write a full length novel. No, seriously.

And at the same time, I've got a ton of other plot bunnies bubbling up which result in me writing and posting heaps of starts to stories then forgeting about them ...#fail.

@storm: Uh, I dimly recall you saying you were trying to quit fanfic ...?

@Lion: Wow, good effort. That actually sounds very interesting. Got a title for it yet?

12/26/2012 #6

It does not have a title, sadly enough. (: Good luck on the fanfic, Storm!

12/26/2012 #7

SHUT UP, LYMPUS. Can i call you Limpit?

anyway its not PJO so HAH

12/26/2012 #8

Vampire romance.

But the vampire turns human in the first chapter.

Traditional gender roles are switched.

Goes through an identity crisis or two.

Think Buffyverse meets Dresden Files.


12/27/2012 #9

So are they having tea and crackers?

12/27/2012 #10

How's your NaNo editing, then?

12/27/2012 #11

*dives under pillow* If I'm on your author alert, you'll see that it's not going well. I was up till midnight abusing Juliet's goodwill by talking at her about my plot and deciding who would win in fights between the gods.

12/27/2012 #12


Which pantheon? I've always had a soft spot for pre-Hellenistic.

12/27/2012 #13

Sumerian, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, African. Have you seen Supernatural?

12/27/2012 #14

Yes. I'm doing a good job of convincing a friend to be one. :-D

I did a good squeal when Metatron was mentioned. I thought it was rather thick of them not to know who he is.

12/27/2012 #15

XD Be one what?

Yeah, well... It took me awhile to figure out who he actually was; he's mentioned in everything with angels (Good Omens, His Dark Materials, Vellum, Spn, and a bunch of fanfictions) but I didn't know who he was outside of that until I looked him up (first in the Bible, obviously that wasn't a go) and then on wiki. (Are you Jewish?)

12/27/2012 #16

To be a Supernatural fan, she loves the gag reels.

I'm as Ashkenazi as they come (yes, I'm of the eastern European stuff). I've been doing research on the mystic aspscts: Magic, summonings, golems…Angels are the tricker info to find.

12/27/2012 #17

Have you read the book Snow in August by Pete Hammill? It's got so much Jewish mysticism; it's awesome.

12/27/2012 #18

I love that book. After I saw the movie back in third face I tried to make a Golem. As you can imagine it didn't started walking and carrying my backpack.

In spirit of this forum I'll have to say that the research is the most fun and annoying part.

12/27/2012 #19

There's a movie?

Yeah I'm not so sure how I felt about the last forty pages; my theory was a little bit that they'd all died.

haha. Well like, writing can be a pain. I have sticky notes iwth gods names all over my wall and I'm trying to work hard not to let the fact that I've seen Thor and read Riordan influence anything.

12/27/2012 #20

It would be easier to let them do the talking. :-P At least Riordan has comical interpretations.

There are too many vampire myths! Each culture has their own version, and they seem to be the staples with ghosts and witches.

12/27/2012 #21

Just like, I feel like I'm making a conscious effort to make them NOT like Riordan's, so that's hard too. Anyway.

Yeah I know, right? I don't envy you. It's like, you keep on reading, and you want to add a little bit of everything.

12/27/2012 #22

And then when you read what Meyer said about the little research she did…

My main worry is the historical research when she reverts to her personality before she got turned into a vampire. Man, I may have to take some creative liberties. I hate doing that to history.

What is your story about again?

12/27/2012 #23

The fanfic or the nano?

12/27/2012 #24

Both, actually. It's been a while.

12/27/2012 #25

The fic is The Dance of Inanna

My NaNo was A Map of Aratta (

(Yes I've been on a Sumerian theme.)

(Shut up.)

12/27/2012 #26

Will Ishtar be in the Sumerian? :-)

Oh! Supernatural! Something to give me joy during this car ride.

12/27/2012 #27

Ishtar and Inanna are the same person, so, yep = ) (seriously though she's like the most awesome goddess ever.)

Mhm. I only have one chapter up, but I'm working on it. You know. Who needs college.

12/27/2012 #28

Not a very comforting thought.

//Probs SAT guides

Fantasy Kitchen Sink involved?

12/27/2012 #29

I feel like Fantasy Kitchen Sink is an innuendo I'm missing.

12/27/2012 #30
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