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I have now removed Feather's profile from the list. I have a better OC that I want to use.

7/4/2009 #61
The Blocked Writer


Could you remove Rike's profile? He won't be back for some time, and I want some production space.

I'm gonna be putting out another major story arc soon, and I need his OC slot. Please?

7/5/2009 #62

...Again, Lockon...?

7/5/2009 #63
The Blocked Writer

...Well, it is a hotel, not an apartment complex.

Besides, my creative genius is flaring right now. I'm getting pumped up!

7/5/2009 #64

...If you haven't noticed, I already removed Rike's profile.

7/5/2009 #65
The Blocked Writer

I know. I just wanted to make the "it's a hotel" point.

7/5/2009 #66

True... but it gets a just a TAD bit irksome when my saved document "OCs that have left the Hotel", is being filled up with YOUR characters... XD

Yes... I HAVE been keeping track of their profiles... XDDD Lol.

7/5/2009 #67
The Blocked Writer

I knew that. Just be sure to delete the ones that are dead, like Milo and Shikar.

7/5/2009 #68

There are in my "OCs that are dead" document. XD So they count too... XDDD

7/5/2009 #69

May Tai please have a room, maybe one thats all black and an average amount of lighting.

7/5/2009 #70
The Blocked Writer

For the record, Nu Sol Phoenix has been invited to live in Room 103 with Yuki and Iodun.

7/13/2009 #71
The Blocked Writer

Need Eric removed, due to his death.

Also, I do not mind if you guys do a funeral for him.

7/14/2009 #72
The Blocked Writer

I'm requesting the removal of Jillian and Nu Sol.

The new story arc is almost here... and it's only a warm up!

7/20/2009 #73

Avatar, I thought that Loy made it clear that the manager's office is not for roleplaying. If you want an OC to have a room, just request it yourself.

7/21/2009 #74

Fine, that was how it was done on the first page....eh I wouldn't think him leaving a NOTE on the desk was actually playing but whateves. Can he have a room then? -_-;;;;;;

7/21/2009 #75

Hey Loy, if I have an OC, but the story he's in is on FictionPress instead of FanFiction, is he still allowed to have his own room now that I've posted his story?

7/27/2009 #76

No, sorry... only appearances on Fanfiction count.

7/27/2009 #77

meaning Zekes has to be in a story using characters from a show, awww :(

7/27/2009 #78
The Blocked Writer

I'll just put this here for future newbs:


7/30/2009 #79


I am now increasing the number of main OCs everyone could use from 5 OCs to 10 OCs!!! That's right! Everyone can now have 5 more OCs to use as their main characters!!

This is because I notice some of us may be having more than 5 minor OCs in the MC Sheet. So with thoughts about not wanting to clog up the Minor Character Sheet... I decided to increase the number of main OCs everyone could have. This is also good, so you all can use a minor character that you liked repeatedly without any worries! :D

Just copy and paste a Minor OC's profile that you would want to become your main OC from the MC Sheet to the "Introducing your OC" Thread. If you have left out any details about a minor OC (their likes, dislikes and birthdays for examples)... PLEASE put them in there as well, if you want them to become your main OCs! I'm sure everyone would want to know more about them! :D

If you are finished transferring a Minor OC that you would want to become your main OC, just let me or any of the other current Mods to delete their profiles from the MC Sheet; since they would be your main OCs from then on.

Hope you all have fun with this! :D

8/20/2009 . Edited 8/20/2009 #80

HOLY CRAP! *faints*

8/20/2009 #81

Morning to you, Brit!

Happy? :D

8/20/2009 #82
The Blocked Writer

This place is getting...


8/20/2009 #83
Wandering outlaw

can i have a room?

9/7/2009 #84

I'm requesting a room for Leigh, I think she's gonna stick around for a while, and I just can't see her sharing a room with her nature, since her sis isn't around. And yes, she is the star of her very own fanfiction here, it's title is Mistaken Identity.

11/7/2009 #85

Can I suggest a room For Yaris because he is going to be staying at the Hotel. please?

Heron will come into the story later.

12/10/2009 #86

o-o.....I don't know If Mystiere should have a room and plus maybe I should have..one...TT_TT I don't know what to do but If I do get a room it'll be room 13 lols

12/10/2009 #87

Pinky... I already did that, if you hadn't seen it yet...

12/10/2009 #88

whoops my sight is poor and I miss things easily.

12/10/2009 #89
Insanity's Fire

Hello Active Gal! I don't think we've met before, but I know they call you Loy... :)

I was just wondering when Charlie would get his room, because he does indeed have a story.

No stress, though... I don't mind waiting if you don't want to make a lot of rooms yet or something. :D


- Fy

12/10/2009 #90
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