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Sabaku no Kyuubi

Well Fifth, if you're so against writing the FFP for Yoshi when it comes up, then maybe i should take it up. What do you think Tobi?

8/18/2009 #61
Fifth Horseman

I suppose it depends largely on what the 5 points will be, but if you want it, go for it. You guys are obviously seeing something with this character that I'm not, so go ahead and run with it.

8/18/2009 #62
RGZ Archer

Just out of curosity, did either of you see the message I posed on the reviews? lol.

Sorry, got home form a ten hour shift of heck only to find myself babysetting for 4 hrs bro-bonom and have another ten hours of heck awaiting me tomorrow. *slams head on desk*

If you want though, I can post them here and now...relitivly speaking. It might take me a few minutes to find them. I have them all on a document, but then past Fifth's writtings (and some of yours) under those for each character, its like, 50 pages long now....yeah. I can only stay on this site for short periods of time at work due to the fire walls, so I copy and paste them to word documents (saved on memory stick of course) so I can read them at my leasure.

If you want to take a crack at Yoshi though, just say the word and I'll past them up....as soon as I can find them *sweat drops*

8/18/2009 #63
Sabaku no Kyuubi

Alright then. I'll take a crack at it. Can't say that they'll be as good as yours are Fifth, but I'll take a whack at it anyway.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you came up with for Isane and Nel (and Soifon's rewrite as well) when they come. Based on what you've given us so far though, they'll be awesome.

8/18/2009 #64
Fifth Horseman

I'm slowly progressing on Isane. I haven't felt the greatest the last few days, been really tired. I tend to get really wound up about stuff, particularly at work, (It's a wonder I haven't committed a homicide yet. Seriously), and it tends to linger for days or weeks at a time. Add to that that I tend to drink way too much coffee at times, and then can't keep up on my sleep. The end result is a very sick feeling creeping into my head which I suspect is caused by these factors raising my blood pressure. Once I manage to get the demon put back in its cage again, it takes me a few days to get back up to speed. I've been feeling iffy for the last few days but I'm coming around.

I might wait until I get all three of them done before I post any.

8/18/2009 #65
RGZ Archer

Everything Fifth does is awesome! *not praise, its ture, his worst work is still better than 3/4 of the stuff on this entire site, probably more)

Ok, now Fifth raised some good points about Yoshi in his bit, namely that she is very emotionally unstable and a bit unbalanced (who in this series isnt though?) Thinking from a logical POV I think I figured out why she's a bit 'cracked'.


Say if she had given her heart to someone, or more than likely several someones over the cours of time, but they tried to kill her or betray her in some way afer discovering her nature as a Bount, then over time she would become hostile and extremely bitter. The fact that all of the Bounts got to be a bit tipsy after drinking that Bitto juice also needs to be taken into account, perhaps she'll calm down a bit after it runs through her system? Anyways, this might explain why she was so ruthless towards Rukia, someone who (in Ypshi's mind) is cared for and has a life she always wanted but was denied all because she wasent human. If she spied on Rukia and Ichigo's interchanges, and knew of Ichigo's status of being a living human, this would 'fan the flames' so to speak.

Namely, she's bitter and scorned from being spurned in one way or another, more than likely several times actually. So, in lue of this, I made a few alterations with her FFP's.

1. First time someone gives her something/anything not expecing repayment:

2. First time someone draws their sword to defend her (be it a physical threat or verbal towards her):

3. First time someone comes looking for her and it’s not to kill her:

4. First time she see’s just how much Yachiru means to Kenpachi:

5. First time she meets Yumichika:

Number five is due to her more than likely hanging around the 11th since she would feel more at home there than anywhere else, so Yumichika would kind of stick out like a sore thumb. Also, given that there is much more to his character than people give him credit for, I thought it would be neat if she picked up on some things others didnt, like the fact that he's Lieutenant level in power, etc.

I look foward to seeing what you turn out. And, if in time you feel up to it, I can produce another FFP for her more along the lines of the others (waking up in someones arms, kiss, etc) or if Fifth changes his mind, he's alwas welcome to give it a shot (of course for him a shot is pretty much an ace with a sniper rifle.)

8/18/2009 #66
RGZ Archer

Had an idea for a bit later down the road, for how she unlocks her 'final form'.

She might be helping here and there with fighting the Hollows, and do a great job with it, and even be able to fight against Arrancar, but perhaps she hits a brick wall of orts when dealing with Aizen's new creations (the gator-man creation Fifth came up with in Apache's FFP's).

Not being able to fight and kill them as she did with the normal hollows and even the synthetically created Arrancar, she might have a serious talk with her sword and fan, even fall into a bit of a depression over not being as useful as she once was or wants to be. They would debate on the possibility of merging the way 'the other two' did with their dolls to become more powerful, with her dolls actually encouraging it to appease their mistress, but her not wanting to, citing it would be her simply following the way of another, not her own path.

Then, 'someone' (not sure who, either Kenpachi, Ichigo, Nemu, Uryu, Ran'tao) tells her not to if she she is only doing so the become stronger (or something like that, I'm not the creative on here (thats Anon) or the one good with emotions (thats Fifth) or the one good with words (thats SNK) but they somehow convince her not to merge with her doll, but to try finding her own path as she always has.

Then she would find that path (again not sure how, it could be during a desperate battle, or it could be through deep medatation, its up to you guys)


9/7/2009 #67
Anon e Mouse Jr

?: "Why do you want to be stronger?"

Yoshi: "I... I feel so useless, not being able to help! I was strong before - I was one of the strongest of my kind! But now I'm nothing compared to these new things! I should be out there with [insert names here], but all I can do is sit around and wait while [insert names here] are out doing all the fighting, and it's driving me crazy!"

?: "You want to be able to help them, to fight alongside the people you care about?"

Yoshi: "Yes! Dammit, I don't want to lose them because I was too weak to fight with them, as an equal!"

?: "Then you will find a way to become stronger, and achieve your desires."

Yoshi: "How?"

?: "That is entirely up to you. But as long as your reasons are true, the path will reveal itself to you in time."



Yoshi (arriving at a battle to see someone defeating one or both of her respective others, probably with a cheap shot): "You... get your damn dirty paws off of my man and my woman!"

(Insert battle scene here. Yoshi is still getting her butt kicked. Finally, the foe says something about finishing her, and then finishing off the other person.)

Yoshi: "No... I won't let you!" (Her weapons start glowing.) "Nieder... please, lend me your strength! I have to save them! WE have to save them! NIEDER!!!"

There is a massive explosion of light and reiatsu. When it clears, Yoshi is in her new form: "Nieder, Zweite Phase." (Points her sword at her foe.) "You're going down, [insert descriptive term here]."

Meanwhile, the people watching this are awed:

Kenpachi: "What's that old saying? Hell hath no fury like the woman you've just royally pi$$ed off?"

Kukaku: "Close enough."

They proceed to wince at some of the pain she's dealing out to her foe, and Kukaku comments that "I'm so glad she's on our side now."


"With that kind of power, she could give even you AND Ichigo a run for your money, when you're both working together."

Kenpachi (grinning): "Really? Guess I know what my new morning workout is going to be!"

Kukaku turns to the fourth wall: "Be afraid... be very afraid."

Kenpachi: "Who are you talking to?"

Kukaku: "Er... myself?"

"Eh." (They turn back to watching the fight.)


(Looks at everything he just typed) So that's what you get when you combine almost 24 hours of no sleep with a desperate search for inspiration.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

9/8/2009 #68
RGZ Archer

Had an idea for a possible scene for her.

After it becomes apparent that she is no longer powerful enough to help deal with Aizen’s new creations, she might try to gain more power through a Arrancar Zanpakuto.

This of course would not work.

I had the idea that someone (possibly even Uryu) might take her to ‘the vault’ when they see how much she really wants to be able to help, and not just sit on the sidelines.

So, she tries to take up a few of the blades, but none of them respond to her, no matter how hard she tries, shouts, screams, curses, or cries, her voice falls on deaf ears.

This would at first possible lead to a small bout of depression, but then it would motivate her. Seeing that she cant rely on ‘borrowed’ strength, she would gain the resolve to find her own strength. Leading to the debate over fusing with her doll, only to realize that to do so would basically be the same as using an Arrancar’s Zanpakuto. It wouldn’t be her strength, she wouldn’t become any stronger, she would just have access to more power.

So, she would ultimately decide to find her own path, one that does not rely on the strength of others, be it given or taken. I think this would be the missing piece for the Bount’s ‘Bankai’, they would have to not rely on their doll, but on themselves for power. This of course would mean that Koga Go was actually on the verge of unlocking it himself during the Bount arc, though he probably had no idea he was doing so.


9/11/2009 #69
Anon e Mouse Jr

Sounds like an interesting idea.

And there could be a bit where she almost feels a tiniest tingle of a connection to Pinza Aguda, but then nothing. (This would reference my earlier suggestion of giving her that weapon, AND serve as foreshadowing for her future evolution of her inherent powers, both of which were options that resulted from us trying to solve the problem she has of not being able to use both her strongest attack and strongest defensive abilities at the same time.)

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

9/17/2009 #70
RGZ Archer

Had an idea for her, though its going to be absurdly difficult to pull off. Remember what we came up with for Ryo? Her berserker moment? (not her first release of powers) I was thinking that perhaps Yoshi (for whatever reason, perhaps Uryu taking her to ‘the vault’ for a Arrancar Zanpakuto) could be present when it happens. This would show her something, something very, very ugly. Namely, what she was, and how she acted for so very long. Loneliness does terrible things to a person, as does betrayal and loss. I think these are what led to Yoshi’s personality from the series. She most likely still be very much the same at this point, but I think this would help her to actually see from an external POV just what she looks like.

If she had memories of long ago, back when she was a dignified and honorable warrior, then she saw just how far she had sunk, it could give her that kick she needs to really pull her act together. She would also be of great help for Ryo, having walked the path herself, she would know what Ryo is likely to be going through and what could help prevent her from continuing down the same path.


9/29/2009 #71
RGZ Archer

Had a small humor point here. Remember that cool thing the Bounts did to repair their clothes? I had something for that.

I was thinking that one day Yoshi might be sparing with some members of the Eleventh, af during a break she’d use that to fix her outfit before the next round.

Looking around, she would be surprised at the astonished looks on the others faces, then be even more surprised when she see’s a few of them slipping on a new robe, not understading why they don’t just do the same thing.

Finally, someone (read as Ikkaku) complains about her being able to do that while he has to pay to get his clothes fixed (and more often than not, replaced).

Figuring it out, Yoshi would start laughing hysterically over the fact that the Bount’s figured out how to do that trick LONG ago, and the Shinigami still haven’t figured it out.

She would tell them that its not a Bount trick, that any one of them could actually do it, she could even teach them how.

Ikkaku, would then ask ‘really!?’

And she’d say yes, she ‘could’ teach them, but she’s not going to.

*cue sweat drop*

SNK, you asked for us to come up with a solution for the Arrancar and Hybrids clothing issue right? Well, here it is. Yoshi could teach them this little trick so they wouldn’t have to stay in their released forms until they got back home, something I think they would appreciate quite a bit. Though given her nature, I don’t see her as teaching it to them for free. She’s like Kenpachi remember? She’d make them fight for it lol. It wouldn’t be fair to make it so they had to beat her (since she is Captain level) but I can see her making it where they’d have to last a certain length of time or land so many blows on her before she knocks them out. *Apache’s cursing will be heard in the world of the living I think lol*


10/1/2009 #72
RGZ Archer

Just had a little idea for her. Going over her notes, and what was shown of her in the series, I will acknowledge the fact that she has a LOT of issues to work out, some of which can’t be worked through with others help, but only through herself.

I was thinking that after she is freed, and after she’s had some time to pull herself together, she might leave for a short while if for no other reason than to make peace with herself and her people. She lives only to fight and has no other hopes, desires, dreams, or plans for the future, only fighting and eventually dying by the hand of someone stronger than herself.

That in mind, I think I might know a place where she could find some answers and some piece for herself.

Remember the lost Bount city? The one that they thought was hidden and secure but the Shinigami found and destroyed? I was thinking, perhaps if she was to return there and truly look around, not just look, but actually SEE what was there, what her people were trying to do, it would do her some good, and put some things into perspective. Her people were trying to carve out a place for themselves, a corner of the world to call their own where they could live in peace.

Now, she has the power to make that come true, she can literally create the world they were seeking with just a little bit of help. I’m sure that in time, Ran Tao, Urahara, Unohana, and Nemu will find a way to correct their inability to produce, though it might be a ways off, she could start things off by claiming a place in the SS for the Bount in the future.

The only trick though is that she has to see this, she needs to be made aware of just what it is she has within her reach. In many respects, she has a great deal in common with Kukaku, the only difference being that Kukaku is trying to restore something to its original state while she would be creating something from the ground up.

Besides, as has been stated before, she would be paid to fight and kill stuff, she could boss around Shinigami all day long and not get in trouble for it, she could run them into the ground with training and get praised for it. I think she’ll find herself comfortable in time lol. But, this will only happen if she actually realizes it, and I don’t think she can do that with any outside help, she needs to realize it on her own.


10/6/2009 #73
RGZ Archer

Odd that I’m having so many ideas for this one isn’t it? Anyways, I thought of someone who might try very hard to help her after she’s freed.


The man has his faults, but he always tries his hardest to make up for them. Its one of the reasons he’s one of my favorite characters, the guy is humble when events require it, and he’s not above apologizing for his errors.

This is one of his biggest ones, taking Mayuri out of the Maggots Nest.

He might see himself personally accountable for any and all damage the man has done since being freed, and make it part of his mission to undo as much of it as possible, and what cant be undone to try and atone for it.

After Yoshi is freed, I can easily see him offering her anything she would need or want, including just to lay it on him for what she went through.

Who knows, in time they might become friends, but I see her as carrying a very large ax to grind for a while. He might even be the one to help her see that there is more to fighting in life, and show her how to get back at SS by helping it rather than fighting it, just as he had. Show them that she is better than them, show them that need her and that she doesn’t need them. Make them painfully aware that they owe her, and milk it for all its worth.

By him explaining what has happened up until now, and by him pointing out that every time Ichigo saves SS’s tails from the frying pan that it’s a tally mark in his favor, and a reminder that they are only living because of HIM, it could influence her some.

Its just an idea.


10/7/2009 #74
Anon e Mouse Jr

"Now, she has the power to make that come true, she can literally create the world they were seeking with just a little bit of help. I’m sure that in time, Ran Tao, Urahara, Unohana, and Nemu will find a way to correct their inability to reproduce, though it might be a ways off, she could start things off by claiming a place in the SS for the Bount in the future."

This little bit got me thinking... what is the cause of their infertility?

We know this condition affects Bount of both genders (so it can't be something that specifically affects the uterus and causes miscarriages), and that feeding off souls has something to do with rendering them infertile.

But how does this affect the... ehem... necessary organs? Does it make the parts incapable of releasing the cells that would merge into an embryo? Does it halt their ability to fully develop before they would begin production of said cells? Or is something else at work here?

If it simply makes them unable to release the cells in question, that could be solved relatively easily: extract said cells, fertilize one and implant it.

If it's the latter issue (halting the development of the organs before they can produce the necessary cells), that's a little trickier, and I can't think of a solution to fix that problem off the top of my head.

Just figured I'd toss this out there.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

10/16/2009 #75
RGZ Archer

Ok, I've gone over the available information a few times, and I think I have this one figured out.

The Bount cease aging around their earily to mid 20's unless the begin to consume souls from the living. In order for them to survive, they must feed on souls, though only souls from the living cause them to age.

That got me to figuring that the reason they must feed on souls to alive is similar to the reason that Hollow's feed on souls to survive, which is that they are incapable of producing their own spiritual power.

Hollows use the spiritual energy they absorb from eating souls to sustian them and continue living. However, they seem to use the Spiritual energy AROUND them for attacks such as Cero, much in the same way that a Quincy does for their own attacks. The only difference is that Quincy are living souls that also produce their own spiritual power.

Now, using this as a template, it would make sense that Bount are incapable of self sustenence. Like hollows, they must feed on souls for energy because unlike Shinigami or Quincy, their bodies do not produce it on their own.

Continuing with that, I pieced together a few other interesting things.

Humans can have children, we know this to be true correct?

Quincy can have children, we know this to be true correct?

Shinigami, though only on RARE occasions have been known to have children correct?

Now, has there EVER been mention of a hollow ever giving birth?


Now, lets look at this more closly. What is the difference between humans, Quincy, Shinigami and hollows?

The anser is that humans, Quincy and Shinigami are able to produce their own spiritual energy. They do not require feeding on souls to sustain themselves the way a hollow does.

Now, it was noted that with one exception, the Bount were all sterile correct?

Ok, lets use the before mentioned template. Like Hollows, Bounts are incapable of self sustance, they require 'feeding' in order to continue living. They are also the only two groups that are incapable of giving birth.

This is my theory.

The first reason is that they are not truely alive, but are 'dead' souls, like a Plus is. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, Pluses are the only other group incapable of having children, stupid me lol.

Anyways, the reason for this is that I think Hollows, Bount, and Pluses are all 'dead' souls, where as humans, Quincy, and Shinigami are all living souls, that is to say that they generate their own spiritual energy and only require normal food in order to produce it, they dont need to feed on another soul to live. In other words, only a living soul can produce children. This is why historically vampires and ghosts, even though they supposdily have/can form a physical body are incapable of producing offspring through the normal method. Though I am still unable to figure out what made one Bount different and able to produce children (and even more how it was known that she could have them in the first place) other than a mutation or something else unknown.

This of course also means that the Arrancar girls, until their mask fragments have been removed and their hollow holes are sealed, will need to continue feeding to survive, and are sterile.

To fix the problem with Yoshi would require turning her into a living soul. This however would be very dificult as I can think of NO way to plausable do this. She's not a hollow, so letting go of a regret would do nothing but lesson some mental stress she might be under. I dont think there would be a natural process that could work here since the Bount are not a naturally occuring species but rather are the result of an accident. The only thing I can even begin to theorize over is something connect to their dolls, which if they follow the model of a Zanpakuto, are in fact living souls.



10/18/2009 #76
Anon e Mouse Jr

All of this would certainly explain the problem.

"To fix the problem with Yoshi would require turning her into a living soul. This however would be very dificult as I can think of NO way to plausable do this. She's not a hollow, so letting go of a regret would do nothing but lesson some mental stress she might be under. I dont think there would be a natural process that could work here since the Bount are not a naturally occuring species but rather are the result of an accident. The only thing I can even begin to theorize over is something connect to their dolls, which if they follow the model of a Zanpakuto, are in fact living souls."

I can.

According to one of my books, Yoshino was made from Ran'Tao's soul, and it is quite possible that this connection to someone able to produce spirit energy is the reason she could reproduce. This connection could also explain why she was able to merge with her doll (whereas Jin Kariya, the only other person to merge with his doll, required an amulet that Ran'Tao had created to do so).

It is likely that by tapping into the true power of her doll and achieving her second form (without outside help), Yoshi will truly become complete, surpassing even Yoshino: she will have all of the Bount's strengths, and none of their weaknesses. In other words, she will be able to produce her own spiritual energy, and no longer need to feed on other souls. This would also restore her ability to reproduce.

Would that fit?

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

10/18/2009 #77
RGZ Archer

Seems good to me.

10/18/2009 #78
Anon e Mouse Jr

Glad you like it.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

10/21/2009 #79
RGZ Archer

Had an idea for her that I thought might be worth mentioning.

She and Koga are the only two surviving Bounts within the series.

That are known of.

See my idea was that since in the Bleach universe, most of the mythical creatures in humans history were actually Bount Dolls, that she might have an intrest in anything mythical in nature. Not that she wouls be a book worm, I honestly dont think she would be much of a reader. But just on the off chance that she is not one of the only two remaining Bounts alive, I can see her keeping an eye out for any reports that come in or anything even in the human world that is remotly possible of being a Bount (Bigfoot, Wearwolf, Tangu, Oni etc) and that she might compile some notes on these sightings, and even go out to look for them from time to time. Once things have settled down and she is recgonized as not being a threat to SS, I can even see her making an uneasy friendship with Soifon/Yourichi and getting word of any strange reports that come in or any odd sightings that might have been submitted. Same with Nemu once Mayuri is no longer running things, I can easily see her doing it as a favor to repay Yoshi for what she put her through.

I know its a bit odd, but for her to be one of the only two left in existance might...I dont know, worry her to a degree. No one wants to be alone, or the last of their kind (not counting Jack Sparrow) so I figured it wouldnt be so strange for her to keep an ear to the ground for this sort of thing.


10/24/2009 #80
Anon e Mouse Jr

That makes perfect sense to me. (I'm reminded of the Children of Oberon in Gargoyles, actually, where many legendary figures turned out to be the Fae finding a place in the world for themselves.)

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

10/24/2009 #81
RGZ Archer

I felt like working on my previous post a bit more.

Depending on the order of things, this is what I figured might go down.

Nemu gets rescued, then informs th Ryoka about Yoshi.

Yoshi gets rescued.

Aizen sends some scouts into SS to determine its strength and unsettle the people by reminding them that hollows/arranca/he can still inter SS at will. Yoshi, while still weak would take out the two hollows that were investigating Kukaku's home that were about to kill Yachiru.

Thats the condensed idea from awhile ago, and I still like it.

Now the new stuff.

Yoshi would be feeling confused over why she saved a Shinigami, sure she's just a kid, but she's still a 'stinking Shinigami' which is only a step above a 'stinking Quincy'. While she is recovering, Koga Go would be brought in, or perhaps has already been brought in to help comfort/calm her down a little. Once she has recovered her strength, she would want to leave. At this point, Nemu (who has been free for a little while) would have composed from memory everything she had seen of Mayuri's pertaining to the Bount into a journal for her. It wouldnt make up for what had happened, but it would be a first step in the right direction. They would open the gate, and I see Ichigo surprising everyone by giving her something from Urahara, a package with an ID, passport, and some cash for her. Then they would open the gate, and she'd leave through it.

Some time passes, then the chapter with the invasion happens (I figure it would be a few months down the time line, I wouldnt hold it against SNK to use a time skip every now and then, otherwise this thing wold take forever, just as long as he uses them tastefully). Everything would be going to heck in a handbasket, trying to fgure out what is going on and what to do. Orihime would be attacked and saved by Nemu, and varous other actions would take place. During this time, Aizen would have fielded one of his newest creations, a creature that can destroy a Shinigami's Zanpakuto at will (similar to Metastacia in function, just it wouldnt be limited to once a day). Byakuya would be strugling to protect Yachiru, and Nel would be away or fighting close by. Just as all seems lost, Yoshi makes her entrence by killing the creature, then helping fight off the invasion force.

After this there would be a period of 'rest' where everyone is just trying to calm down and get their wits about them before they start the reconstruction process. During this time Yoshi would tell some of the others what had happened, possibly invoking a chapter centered entirly on her and what happened while she was away. Her using Nemu's notes to try and track down any other surviving Bounts through various legends (Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Loch Ness, etc) only to find that they had all died, or were feral.

I actually had a really good idea for some of these Bounts if SNK likes the idea. Who knows, maybe there really is a small populaton of them still alive. They could be like, the Shiba secutiry force (not like they actually need anyone other than Koga, it would more or less be an honary thing, and provide a home for another group of outcasts)



10/27/2009 #82
Anon e Mouse Jr

Perhaps Spring-Heeled Jack (no relation to Jack the Ripper) is/was a Bount.

Another possibility is the Chupacabra.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

11/4/2009 #83
RGZ Archer

Sprin-heeled-Jack? Isnt he that 'cover story' the cops over in England came up with for whenever someone got away lol.

Still, nice ideas. Chupacabra are actually something I've been looking into lately due to an episode of Monster Quest. There's this wierd new species of dog thats been poping up over in Texas killing various farm animals ranging from chickens to goats, and the farmers have taken to calling it the real 'Chupacabra' the things bloody ugly, looks like a cross between a fox and a kangaroo with no fur and four long fangs. If you check around google images you should be able to find sme pics of them no problem. So far there have been quite a few sightings and five or six killed/found dead. The thing isnt afraid of humans and its extremely aggressive.

Anyways, there are so many possibilities out there that it isnt even funny. I look foward to seeing what SNK does with this one.

11/5/2009 #84
Anon e Mouse Jr

Indeed... I was poking around on a list of cryptids, and I just happened to spot the vampiric Chupacabra. Its blood-sucking tendencies would make it a natural culprit to serve as a Bount.

Perhaps the Mothman, said to be responsible for the collapse of the Silver Bridge (whom I previously suggested as inspiration for an arrancar) could be another of these rogue Bounts, deliberately causing the collapse in order to feed off the spirits of those who died in the calamity. Earlier sightings were merely the creature on its regular search for souls, as it grew more desperate to find food.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

11/5/2009 #85
RGZ Archer

*Grins* Dude, the Mothman is my favorite cryptid of all time. Its one of the coolest mysteries of North America aside from the monster of lake Champlane (AKA Champ) its just so weird but so...believable compared to many of the other myths that pop up. The witnesses were all credible, the evidence WAS there that SOMETHING wierd was going on, and the additional evidence from the Native Americans of the area is a boon.

Champ and Loch Ness would be two high ones on my list too, in addition to the 'Thunder Bird' and the Jersy Devil (thats one that I wouldnt be willing to check on personally, just too many run ins and too much creepyness to risk given all the other weird mess that happens with my family).

Still, cryptids are a good possibility for Bount. The Wikipedia page on cryptids has some very interesting intries.

11/5/2009 #86
Anon e Mouse Jr

I own a copy of "The Mothman Prophecies" (both the book and the film), though I don't think I have the book version on hand at the moment. It's pretty interesting reading.

Too bad you wouldn't want to check out the Jersey Devil though... he hangs out in the same state as I do. (I'm up in North Jersey, he's down in South Jersey.)

I'll have to check my Weird U.S. books and see if I could find some other interesting cryptids that could be rogue Bounts.

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

11/5/2009 #87
RGZ Archer

I think you missunderstood what I said. I didnt say I wouldnt *research* it, just that I wouldnt check it out personally. Too many weird things have gone on with my family in histoy to risk coming face to face with that thing, and yes, I do believe that if I went there, I would come face to face with the thing, thats how bad my family histoy is concerning 'weird' stuff.

11/5/2009 #88
Anon e Mouse Jr

No misunderstanding here - you said you wouldn't want to actually meet the critter. But to physically meet it, you'd have to come to New Jersey. Which is too bad, since I happen to reside in that state. (Haven't ever run into the Jersey Devil, though I HAVE visited his neck of the woods before.)

Until next time...

Anon e Mouse Jr.

11/5/2009 #89
RGZ Archer

Ah, not sure why my family draws so much weirdness, could be our unique blood mix, my moms side being Native American, German, and Irish, my dads being Romanian. So we have the four most supersticious and 'mythical' bloods in the modern world. But yeah, if I came there, I would run across it, no doubt in my mind.

11/5/2009 #90
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