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This is the last of the arc threads that we lost. It's also the least changed from the source material, I think.


Arc 23. War Games

- This arc would start up after Karin and co. return from their beach vacation. And from here on out, I'll let Kenju speak for himself (just fixing any spelling errors and missing punctuation that I notice):

- It would basically amount to Soul Society realizing that they are pretty much boned, and that they need to start playing with their A game. Aizen has limitless resources, and unlike what Soul Society has to work with, his goons are actually very well versed in combat. Shinigami, while still formidable, have gotten lax over the years of not having anything like this to deal with.

Like many of the other arcs, this one would start with a Captains meeting, but with Yoruichi having an idea that would be the focus.

Each of the divisions has a specialty, something they are suppose to excel at right?

Well, they don't excel enough to put it bluntly.

Yoruichi's idea would be to pit various divisions against one another to help them improve. One example of this would be pitting the second division against the fifth division.

The second is supposed to be 'ninja' stuff, while the fifth is supposed to be the messengers. The 'game' would be having all the members of the fifth trying to deliver 'messages' to various random points in Soul Society while the members of the second division try to stop them/intercept them.

Fifth members would get busted for getting caught, second members would get busted for not catching their target.

Another set up could be the second division and the tenth. From what I can tell, the tenth is supposed to be the security detail of SS (the second division has the ninja true, but they are not as numerous and are for more important things) Have second division members 'hiding' while tenth division members try to track them down and flush them out.

I realize this means we need to come up with specialties for several of the other divisions, but I think we can come up with some ides no problem.

One very interesting (in my opinion) idea I came up with was the eleventh division. Instead of them going up against one of the other divisions (since they are the combat division) they would go up against hybrids and arrancar specifically. This would be to train them how to fight higher level hollows, what to expect, and what they will see. This would in turn allow the fourth division to practice their healing skills because you know the girls (and three male hybrids) would give the eleventh guys a sound pounding.

Before any of this however, they would need to do a culling of sorts. Have each Captain go through the people of their division, and separate them into three groups. Those with 'no hope' would temporarily be reassigned to the academy to work on their basics to become stronger, and to help the academy students. The second group would be the ones that show promise or at least are passable. They would receive the normal training (war games) then the third group would be the 'hopefuls' the ones that are the best of the best each division has to offer. Some might have more than others, some divisions might not have any at all, but these would be the real 'keepers' the ones they would try to pull off the normal duty rosters and put into the higher grade training.

The third group would also have another thing to make them different from the other two groups. Basically, they would be kept off the front lines. They would be the emergency reserves, the ones that get called out when things go from bad to bleak. The reason for keeping them off the battlefield for as long as possible is the fact that they are actually half decent, that they have the chance to really become something if they have the time and training. Rather than risk losing them, Soul Society would keep them back and build them up for as long as possible.

Who knows, maybe they could be the unofficial 'Fourteenth Division' similar to the 'Specialist' from Gundam Wing (basically they were rank and file soldiers that had the 'rank' to issue orders on their own or even disobey direct orders from a superior officer, this was because they had proven themselves to know what they are doing).

The majority of the arc would be the 'War Games' between the divisions, the culling would be early in the arc, but perhaps some bits that follow up on each of the groups would be worth doing, especially the third group.

The primary purpose of this arc is to give Soul Society the chance to give itself an honest assessment of what they have to work with. Aizen has superior numbers, so they have to fight with superior individual strength and tactics. They have trained fighters already, but what they need are trained warriors and soldiers, and there is a world of difference in that regard. Not many of the main characters in Bleach know war, they know fighting, but not war. If they are going to have any chance at winning, they need to learn, and quick.

A few other 'war games' I had thought up were 'evacuation' which would have one division trying to remove another that had been 'wiped out' during a live fire type situation, getting them to the medics and out of the heat so to speak.

Next there is the 'lone gunman' game, which would have the second division looking for a single criminal that had done something really bad (like assassinate a Captain or noble etc) the main point would be them having to find someone within a specified period of time.

One for the thirteenth division is 'guard the gate' which is pretty self-explanatory. They have the only normally open portal from Soul Society to the world to the living (other portals can be opened of course, but this one is open most of the time) they would need to protect it from being captured, possibly by members of the eleventh (wearing fake hollow masks) which would help out both divisions.

Those were the ones I came up with off the top of my head for that.

For the third group's special training I was thinking about basic survival training. Not 'our' survival training, rather 'survival in the Bleach universe' training. The idea comes from what the U.S. is doing now with the middle east situation, having people go through a special training period to get use to what they will be facing.

In these guys case, it would stuff like 'when its smart to cut your losses and run' 'how to run and actually survive' 'how to pick out the largest threat', you get the idea. It might even be fitting to have the Vizard train this group since the other Captains would have their own divisions to run, the Vizard could show off just how much higher they can take someone than conventional training would allow.

If the second division is the Special Forces, and the eleventh division is the standard army, these guys are the Marines.

I can actually see this as being a deep arc in some parts, especially towards the beginning where the Captains are forced to go through their people, and honestly 'rate' them as being 'poor, good, or great'. These are in some cases people that they have known for some time, might even be friends with or care about (Lieutenants and other seated officers are NOT exempt from this) and I can see it possibly hurting to send some back to the Academy.


SNK's response (minus some personal comments):

As to the thing about the eleventh division, those boys are Marines. The Marines have a motto: Once a Marine, always a Marine. Renji is a prime example of that.


And that's it.

Your thoughts?

Until next time...

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