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Don't you just wish their were more comics and stories of Julian/Hellion and Laura/X-23.

B/c I know I do.

There is not many stories of them on here and I have read the ones that are on here.

9/29/2009 #1
Shadow Hand Zealot

Yeah, their dynamic is one of the more intriguing ones in the X-Men universe right now. But unfortunately they as characters haven't been given a chance to make any moves in a direction to explore what they could be.

Laura has her duties with X-Force. Julian has been doing... something since the end of the Messiah Complex. Perhaps his recent rescue and Laura's recent capture will allow for something to begin.

I agree, there isn't enough of them together in the comics.

10/5/2009 #2

I agree, we don't see them together since New X-Men ended. But with Julian on Kimura's hit list, there is a way for a reunion for them.

1/30/2010 #3
Shadow Hand Zealot

Let's hope so. I hear that Laura's next limited series is going to involve her friends from NYX. The author writing it said that it will explore her in regard to friendship, confronting one's inner demons, and possibly love. So, cross your fingers.

1/30/2010 #4

Yee gods, or it could mean a new love interest. That does not bode well for us hardcore Helix fans =(

2/1/2010 #5

New love interest? I doubt it. I think Laura must confront her own feelings for Hellion (remember, when Cessily tried to make her talk about Julian in cafe, Laura started to cut herself).

2/1/2010 #6

That's the logical conclusion...but I have come to expect the unexpected, illogical solutions in comics. This writer may have her own ideas about Laura, and may have decided to entirely ignore Hellion's associations with her in the past. Of course, if it is Hellion, I will be tempted to frame the issues on my wall (to give you an idea of how much I am in support of that in case you couldn't guess! ;-)

2/1/2010 #7
Shadow Hand Zealot

I'm not sure a writer can credibly ignore something like the dynamic between Hellion and Laura. Put it off, yes, but not ignore. It's been made apparent time and time again that Laura is attracted to him. It is a subject that has led to the development of her dealing with unfamiliar feelings, which is hallmark for a character like Laura.

Hellion is an enigma regarding his feelings for Laura. However, I get the feeling he genuinely cares for her beyond friendship. Post-Messiah complex when the X-Men disbanded and he woke up from his coma, he asked about her specifically. Later in the Not Forgotten arc of X-Force he was concerned about her being missing, and prepared to go out and find her. Then again, one would be concerned if someone they knew just disappeared all of a sudden so that last one is ambiguous.

Anyway, speaking of Hellion...

Post-Second Coming, Hellion is said to become a more regular character in X-Men: Legacy as a student under Rogue. Not certain how much exposure he'll get, or if he'll have much of any interaction with Laura. Speaking of her...

Update from C2E2, Laura's not getting another one-shot, she's not getting another limited series.

SHE'S GETTING HER FIRST ON-GOING SERIES STARTING THIS SEPTEMBER!!! Can't wait to see how it unfolds. I am a little skeptical since I am not familiar with the writer, Marjorie Liu, but I did like her work with the cast of NYX, so we'll see. Since this series will be about Laura finding her way, perhaps that means confronting certain feelings? I hope so.

here's the link about the above. http:// comics . ign . com / articles / 108 / 1084459p1 . html (you know the drill, get rid of the spaces first)

4/22/2010 #8

Have you seen the last issue of X-Force? I swear, it's writers' plot because they don't want to develop Hellion/X23!

5/30/2010 #9

WARNING: spoiler (I mention exactly what happened in X-force here; I wanted to discuss it more in-depth) Hmmm. It could be that...but we did get a nice moment of Laura at Julian's bedside, showing she cared. There was something very touching about the scene, maybe in the way she didn't cry, didn't go off alone, but seems to just _be there_ for him....kind of hinting that the injury doesn't matter to her on a grander scheme. I'm sure she's very upset about it, but Laura will never be one to shy him away for such an injury like a few of the X-kids might (example Nori or Cessily might flinch when seeing him like that; I don't think it would affect their friendship but they would still feel pity). On the other hand, I don't think Laura, who has cut off her own hand before and seen much more horrible things, will ever flinch away from him for such a loss. There is a problem however that concerned me (not worried me but you know drew my attention) more than Julian's injury did: Laura just took a one-way trip to the future! Ah noes! Well, we all know this isn't going to be permanent. Seeing as even death isn't always permanent for the X-men, I doubt they will get stuck. They'll find a way back. Orrr maybe Hope's about to surprise us with a quick fix and show she's Phoenix after all. I don't know if the Hellion/X-23 relationship will be addressed properly. The scene with Julian getting injured and Laura in the background looking horrified, then her by his bedside, suggests the writers haven't forgotten. Hopefully! :-)

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #10

Note: I'm not sure why this forum insists on making my post a huge block of words that suggests I haven't learned the art of paragraphs. I even tried messing with the HTML and adding BR tags...grrr I hate you ff.net! .

5/30/2010 #11
Shadow Hand Zealot

Well it definitely is not going to be a one-way trip for Laura at least because she is getting her first ongoing series come fall. What I found even more touching about the X-23/Hellion moment in this issue was how she, knowing it was a one-way trip into the future, decided to spend it with someone she really cares for who she may not see again (as far as she knows). Those few panels really were moving.

5/30/2010 #12

Have you seen Second Coming #2? We see Julian (in the scene with Magneto and Hope) and Laura (talking to Logan). But no Julian and Laura together. I guess the do not want Julian meet Laura in his new condition - it's too embarassing for him.

7/17/2010 #13

Thankfully, we see more Helix moments in X-23 ongoing series.


Too bad she had to leave Utopia.

11/28/2010 #14
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