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This is a forum for discussing the first six Final Fantasy games, since most people are only interested in the later ones. So come on in, these games need some love too!
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I liked Galuf. I was kind of sad that he got replaced for Krile. AND I ACTUALLY CRIED. TRUTHS! And I'm generally heartless, so...

2/23/2011 #31

*sniff* GALUF!!! *cries* In all seriousness, he was the literal badass grandpa.

You can see his death echoed with Leo.

2/23/2011 #32

Dude, he TOTALLY was. Plus, Krile screwed with my job classes. I had Galuf all monk-like, and it was awesome, but then I felt weird using her as a monk, because it just didn't work. XD

That's true. I also cried when Leo died. I don't remember quite how Leo died, but I'm pretty sure it was in a Heroic Sacrifice sort of way, like with Galuf.

2/23/2011 #33

Yeah... I mean, I had Galuf the same way... but I was quick to correct it once I got to The Void. XD In the GBA version I borrowed from a friend, than later gave back to him, I had only ONE CLASS unmastered, and that was because I did not have it yet.

Yeah. I dunno which ticked me off. That Leo died, or that he was tricked by his king -and Kefka- just before he died.

2/23/2011 #34

Haha. I was replaying it a few months ago and mastered them all...except I went into the Void prematurely and was underlevelled, so I had to go back to a file that was a lot earlier in the game because I accidently saved over the one I made before I went into the Void. But I liked to use the mimic class, just because you have everyone's passive abilities and then you have 3 ability slots, AND you can mimic enemies to death with badass spells without using up mana. Aw yeeeeeah.

XD I think both annoyed me. I think I actually screamed profanity at Kefka.

2/23/2011 #35

Kefka is one of the few characters that I really truely hate, in fact the only other one that comes even close is Luca Blight.

Glad people are posting here.

2/23/2011 #36

Lol. Sweet, Rogue.

Yes, never before has a character been so hated, yet so admired for how hated he was.

*gasp* A fellow fan of Suikoden! XD

2/23/2011 #37


And I will have you know that I am writing a Suikoden FF6 crossover.

2/23/2011 #38

*gasp* Which Suikoden? I've only played I, III, Tactics, and Tierkreis! XD Admittedly, Tierkreis and I are my faves.

2/23/2011 #39

Timeline wise it takes place during III, but some charaters from the first two and 5 are going to show up.

2/23/2011 #40

Terra's a badass. Other than Rydia, Terra and Celes are the biggest badasses of the female FF characters - although, there's not really a lot of great competition for that spot, unfortunately.

I actually don't agree with that. Leila, Faris, Tifa, Quistis, Freya, Beatrix and Ashe were all pretty badass as well. As far as little kid characters go, Porum, Krile, Relm and Eiko all definitely have their moments as well.

I can't say I was wild about Terra in Dissidia though. She is supposed to protect little kids, not be protected by them. She is also supposed to be a magic knight, not a straight up Black Mage. I guess I'll have to wait and see how she does in Dissidia 2. On another note, I'm surprised this game hasn't been remade yet.

3/30/2011 #41

Lol. Just my opinion. They were my earliest FF girls, after all. XD I just like Rydia, Terra, and Celes more... and Fran, but she's basically an elf with rabbit ears.

I'm surprised, too. We get GBA ports, but not much else.

3/30/2011 #42

Wow, that's weird. I was just thinking that I should restart a topic in here earlier today too. You're inside my head! D8

Actually Mme. Wilhelmina, you do have a point. Final Fantasy does have more strong female characters than I am giving it credit for, even if I don't particularly like them all. I think I just had my nostalgia filter on, although I can't believe I forgot about Faris in my original list.

I find the less that is said about Dissidia Terra, the better. I also made the same comment about Terra being relegated to strictly mage status in Dissidia, but I think there was a reason for that; something along the lines of since all the other main characters are almost all warrior types, a mage character was needed, or something? Of course, naturally, the chick would get that position. I'm not really sure what the reasoning behind that was.

I'm actually surprised too, seeing as the game was relatively popular. I didn't even realize there was a GBA port for it, either. I'm not a big fan of the DS remake of FFIV though, for various reasons, so I'm not really too torn up about it, but I do find it strange that they haven't bothered with one yet. What I would like to see if a full-blown remake of it, like for Xbox or something, but I highly doubt Squeenix will spend that kind of money on remakes.

3/30/2011 #43

Blink. Blink. I actually wasn't expecting a reply so soon.

I'm not sure what I think about a remake of VI. On the one hand it might serve to flesh out the characters and the story more but I can't say that I want to see it in 3D. Playing IV in 3d was strange enough, plus I didn't really like the graphic style. It depends on what system it is for and how they go about it I guess. Of course before VI comes V, if they are planning on remaking them at all.

3/30/2011 #44

Like I said, xbox 360, or something. And I mean full-scale, up to the same level as FFXIII graphics and what not, remake. I honestly avoid the DS version of IV like the plague purely for the graphics, and the voice acting (particularly Kain's). So, I wouldn't really bother too much with a DS remake of VI. V would probably get shafted seeing as it was never even released outside of Japan until I don't even know when, when they were re-releasing the other games on the playstation I think.

I'm not really sure how I'd feel about a remake either. One of the major things that becomes a real hit and miss for me in the later FF games is the voice-acting. That can completely break a game for me, and bad voice acting is basically the entire reason why I can't stand FFX, and almost ruined XII for me because of Vaan, so the voice-acting would have to be really, really good. I also think it would probably ruin my SNES-induced nostalgia of it too.

3/30/2011 #45

The voice-acting is definitely another reason not to remake this game in 3D. I didn't like it in X or the remake of IV and I doubt that I would like it much here. Kefka would sound ridiculous and I'm afraid of what they would do to his laugh. It sounds best the way it is.

By the way, V was released here for the first time in '99 on the Playstation and then later in '06 on the GBA. As for it being remade, it is actually a lot more popular in Japan than it is here so it very well may receive a remake.

3/31/2011 #46

... True... So true... I don't think anyone could perfect his SNES laugh... I think they did okay with Kefka's voice and mannerisms in Dissidia. It was... mainly the Warriors of Cosmos they didn't seem to do justice to, at least, that's how I saw it.

XD Ah... Yeah, I like V. Mastered all but Freelancer and Nercomancer, the latter because I don't have it. Turns out the Void is a VERY good place to level up Jobs...

3/31/2011 #47
Blue Deity

Oh my God, if Square has any decency they will not redo this masterpiece in the form of the lifeless games since X. FF VI was the greatest of the FF's and it deserves to be remembered as such. The new FF's have no heart, ever since they got more realistic they lost so much of their personality, and I'm talking about X on the PS1 FF's were great too.

5/18/2011 #48

Lol. I guess...

5/18/2011 #49

The new FF's have no heart, ever since they got more realistic they lost so much of their personality,

What are you talking about? XII was ridiculously fun. Not the best in plot maybe, but there's so much to do! Although, I guess I do agree with your point on some level. There's just something about the older games that makes you really love them. But then again, that could be the nostalgia filter talking. If they do remake it, I don't think they're going to take a lot of liberties with it. They'll probably stay relatively true to the original. In that vein though, judging from Advent Children and Crisis Core, they may try to shoehorn some retcons in. So, I guess we'd have to wait and see the end result.

Oh, and Vulpine. Remember when I said the reason why I wouldn't play the DS version of FFIV was partly because of Kain's baaaad voice? Well, the same VA voices him in Dissidia 012, and ohmygod - sounds SO MUCH BETTER! (Also, I never realized that VA in question was Liam O'Brien because he's generally a pretty good VA).

/end fangushing

5/18/2011 #50

I admit, in XII, Fran was my fave character for more than her looks. She... had this... 'air' about her. Melancholic, like someone you wanted to hug... And darn, that accent...

Yeah, voice acting tends to go sour on hand-held games.

Also, while I did not mention it before, I think, Locke Cole is my favorite male character in IV. Just... I forgot why.

10/14/2011 #51

Because Locke is so cool that he made you forget which game he is in :-)

10/14/2011 #52

Because Locke is so cool that he made you forget which game he is in :-)


I admit, in XII, Fran was my fave character for more than her looks. She... had this... 'air' about her. Melancholic, like someone you wanted to hug... And darn, that accent...

Balthier is my favourite. I probably don't need to elaborate on why. ;p

10/14/2011 . Edited 10/14/2011 #53

LOL! I got the number wrong!

Let's see... Locke... He's a theif, or as he insists, a "treasure hunter" whom had a very unlucky childhood friend. After an incident in some mines, that friend lost her memory, and everyone in Locke's hometown turned on him, agreeing to to Rachel from remembering her friendship with Locke.

Why? Because he's the leading man? XD

10/15/2011 #54

Locke was my favourite male character in VI too. I had a massive crush on him when I was a kid the first place I played the game, LOL. I always thought he was so bad***. I liked Shadow too, but he kept disappearing from your party. :/

Why? Because he's the leading man? XD

Duh! 8P And stylish.

10/15/2011 #55

Eh, I didn't like Shadow as much... Cyan, though... Got to feel for him.

Lol! XD Well, I still like Fran more.

10/15/2011 #56
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