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This is a forum for discussing the first six Final Fantasy games, since most people are only interested in the later ones. So come on in, these games need some love too!
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Madame Wilhelmina

A place to discuss the fifth installment of the series. So whether it is Exdeath you wish to talk about or Faris and Lenna's relationship go ahead. Enjoy yourself!

3/29/2009 . Edited 3/29/2009 #1

This was my first Final Fantasy, so I've always had a soft spot for this game. I like how all of the characters are strong in their own way. I love the scenes with the Dawn Warriors, and like to think about their possible early adventures.

3/30/2009 #2
Madame Wilhelmina

I haven't finished it yet, but so far this is a fun game. The character interaction is just great.

Galuf: Whose idea was it to steal that pirate ship, anyway?

Bartz: Yours, you old coot!

Galuf: ... Oh, my head! I can't seem to remember anything!

Bartz: And his amnesia oh-so-conveniently returns.

3/30/2009 #3

Definitely one of the funniest games of the series. The dialogue alone pretty much made this game for me.

4/25/2010 #4
Michael Belmont

I like the touching moment of Bartz and Faris when he visits his parent's grave and i beleive they make a good couple.

5/20/2010 #5
Madame Wilhelmina

I like the touching moment of Bartz and Faris when he visits his parent's grave and i beleive they make a good couple.

I think so too! The most common Final Fantasy V pairing is Bartz/Lenna but I was never actually taken on that ship. I like Lenna and all, but I can't see her and Bartz together. As adventurous and good-natured as she is, Lenna has too many obligations to her kingdom and her people to tie down with someone like Bartz. She would be busy running her kingdom and he would be wanting to go on adventures and travel. Faris and Bartz would probably make very good adventure buddies...they even have a ship to use thanks to her being a pirate captain. I can imagine them either as friends or as a couple wandering around the world of V battling monsters and finding treasure. I don't mind them as just friends since I always enjoyed the close-knit bond of friendship that exists between all of V's party members without romance.

9/7/2010 #6


Well... Madame Wilhelmina, I would like to hear your thoughts as well. Galuf, to me, is one of the most awesome characters in FFV, in my opinion. He's hilarious, yet when push comes to shove, he'll get himself killed to save his comrades... in a most epic way. He's not a fave, but he's still awesome.

As for pairings... well, I don't care too much for pairings in this game. It's fun, though.

2/9/2011 #7
Madame Wilhelmina

I don't care much for parings either. It's nice that the game kept them on just friends terms with each other.

As for the characters, I love all of them, Faris and Galuf are both really badass and Krile is adorable. Lenna won me over with her love for animals, and I think that Bartz's cluelessness is hilarious. Then there is Guido, a badass turtle and Gilgamesh who is awesome and has the best theme in the game. Exdeath is amusing in his own way too and was a pretty hard final boss. I grew up playing the SNES, so I don't mind that the characters aren't amazingly complex. They are still all really likable and kick tons of a** in battle. For me that is all that matters.

Who is your favorite character, if you have one?

3/30/2011 #8

In FFV? Gilgamesh. Hands down. This line sold him:

"Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!"

XD He's so hammy and hilarious.

3/30/2011 #9
Madame Wilhelmina

I love that line too. It is definitely a toss up between him, Faris and Galuf for me.

3/30/2011 #10

"Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!"

XD He's so hammy and hilarious.

And delicious. Har har har.

Definitely Gilgamesh for me here. Out of the main party I'd definitely have to go with Faris.

3/30/2011 #11

I Agree, Gilgamesh is hilarious. But of all the characters in the game, the one who intregued me the most was Shinryu. I'd like to know more about why he was locked away. What exactly had he done to deserve being sealed away in the rift for 1000 years?

5/5/2011 #12
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