Remake of How I met your mother
I need 4 if possible 2 girls and two guys people to play the roll of one of these characters: Ted Mosby: free Barney Stinson: taken Marshall Ericksen: taken Lilly Aldrin: taken Robin Scherbatsky: taken Secondary characters:free
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Robin couldn't help but burst out laughing. "Can you all picture Barney in the mountains?! I bet one actual look and smell of mountain air and Barney will be begging to come back to the polluted city!"

4/22/2010 #61

"Is that a bet?" said Barney as he looked at Robin with a self-confident look.

4/23/2010 #62

"You bet your sweet a** it is." Robin grinned right back. "I bet that you can't last one week in the mountains." She grinned, "Plus as an added bonus - I bet you can't last one week without banging a complete stranger."

4/23/2010 #63

"If those are two seperate bets, I'm in." responded Barney while Marshall was looking at Robin giving her a wink as a sign: Good work making him go.

4/23/2010 #64
Random person 11

thanks but i don't want to see ice for a while ted thought going to vomit in the trashcan.

4/23/2010 #65

"Barney, the bet is that you won't last in the mountains AND you can't bang any strangers for one week. Together!" Robin said patting his cheek, "But, I know that you will never be able to last that long - so you'll only lose ..." Leaning to whisper in his ear, "won't you wanna know."

4/24/2010 #66

"Even I know I won't last that long. Forget it. I'm not going."- answered Barney as he turned and continued watching the game. Marshall looked at Robin:"Well, nice try, anyway."

4/24/2010 #67

"I knew it." Robin said standing to her feet and walked into the kitchen. Grabbing two beers she walked back into the living area. "All right, Barney." She said handing him one of the beers. "I'll make this easier for you. You can bang any strangers you want. I won't even bet you on that one." Her eyes lit up, "I just want to see your experssion when you see mountains for the very first time." Laughing as she sat next to him once more, "I want to see you high tail it faster than a jack rabbit." She took a long pull from her second beer since arriving at the apartment.

4/24/2010 #68

"Robin, Robin, Robin..." Barney said as he put his beer down to the table and looked at her-"... as a buisnessman I have visited numerous countries including Nepal, which happens to have the highest Mountain peak on Earth. Ofcourse, you wouldn't know that since you're Canadian..."

4/24/2010 #69

"So is it a bet?" Robin's eyes squinted. "Oh, and I'm not talking about staying in a hotel. I'm talking about either living in a cabin for a week - or actually camping for a week." Her blood was raised over Barney's quack about Canada. There was taking things too far ... and Barney had just done that with her.

4/24/2010 #70

"Let me get it right, we're betting about me taking my tent with me to the mountain?"- stuttered Barney as he moved on his sofa trying to find a good place to put his toosh after feeling a bit awkward.

4/25/2010 #71

Robin grinned. "You can take your tent any where you want too, Barney." She reached over and patted his knee, "Come on Barney, you know you want to see me with leaves in my hair and bad clothes for a week." Her right eye brow, "This is the only chance that I'm offering you."

4/25/2010 #72

"Alright, if I win, ~" -says Barney his price.

4/26/2010 #73

Robin paused for one moment. What Barney wanted she may not be able to give. She was relieved that he told her his price with his eyes instead of voicing it for the others to hear. She kept her eyes glued to his, and she read the encouragement in them. Swallowing she smirked, "You are on." Her head tilted to the right, "I plan on winning this bet, Barney. I don't plan on losing."

4/26/2010 #74

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Barney. "What do you ask for if you win?" Marshall cuts in.

4/28/2010 #75

"You won't find out till I win." Robin said not taking her eyes from Barney.

"So we won't know what the prize of the bet is until one of you wins?" Lily bemused.

4/28/2010 #76

Barney 'hmm-ed' a lil:"Tempting. I'm in."- "So when are we going then!?" said Marshall bursting out of exciment.

4/28/2010 #77

"I can be ready in two days. I have to clear it with my boss." Robin said with a shrug as she reached for Barney's abandoned beer. No need for a good beer to go to waste. Lifting it she began her third beer since arriving at the apartment.

4/28/2010 #78

"You seriously need to cut down on those." said Barney pointing to HIS beer.

Two days later:

Marshall is still packing some stuff in the backpacks, Ted still isn't up and Lily is making lunch in the kitchen. Barney comes in with a lil bag he carries in his arm and the suit he's wearing on himself. Seems like that's all he's bringing. Marshall:"Are you sure Barney? A suit won't keep you warm."-"Yeah... Maybe you're right..." says Barney. Then he reaches out and takes Ted's scarf that was lying on the sofa and puts it around his neck:"There we go."

4/29/2010 #79

Robin walked into the apartment and put down her long army bag, the one that read C.A.N.A.D.A. (Instead of U.S.A.) She had packed it just so Barney would be able to make his Canada comments. She had to allow her friend some enjoyment this camping trip. Although she half honestly thought he would high tail it out of there right when they arrived. But, hey you never know the boy could last a day and night.

She looked at the bag Barney had with him, "Seriously Barney." She was in a good mood. She didn't even have to drink anything before leaving her apartment. She had two leashes at her sides. She had driven three of her dogs to her aunts place yesterday. She wish she could have taken all of her dogs. But, she knew the gang would have major issues with it. So she settled for two.

4/29/2010 #80

"Wow, is that really a canadian army backpack? Cause I saw girlscouts having the same bag the other day." Barney started with his canadian jokes. Marshall finished up with the packing and was ready to go.

4/29/2010 #81

"Hope you guys don't mind my bring two of my dogs with us." Robin said smiling down at her dogs - whom looked up at her with such happiness.

"We don't mind." Lily said walking into the living room. "Kinda of figured you would bring one, or two, or three - or all five; so I bought them some treats for them." She knelt down and began to pet both of them together, "Matter of fact Aunt Lily even bought you some toys to play with. Yes I did..."

4/29/2010 #82
Random person 11

Lilly unless you want to keep the barf train running i'd stop there ted added heaving again still sick with a hangover for the thrid straight day and no better I'm not even sure i should go on this trip ted added heaving[Sorry yall i'm busy organizing something very important and can't rp for three weeks i will be on and try to but i won't be half as involved as before so please just be patient with me.]

4/29/2010 #83

"Well, we're all here then." said Marshall while widening his eyes and smiling(it's a weird face, don't try imagining it :S)

"Time to move. Role out!"- Barney said as he raised his hand pointing one finger up.

4/29/2010 #84

"Where's Ted?" Robin asked looking around the living space.

"He's still sleeping." Lily said standing to her feet.

"Doesn't he know that we are waiting for him?" Robin frowned.

[Hey seriously; where's the person who plays Ted at? Is he still rpging??]

4/29/2010 #85

[sorry I didn't read the post above LuuRox's].

"Ted if you are going to be sick for a while. Why don't you just stay home." Robin said in concern looking at her friend. "We'll miss you. But, you won't have fun heaving chunks all week."

"I agree." Lily said with a nod.

4/29/2010 . Edited 4/29/2010 #86

"NO! Ted! You gotta go man! I can't go without my wingman! It's like a bird without wings. It makes no sense! I'm not going if he's not going" said Barney with a scared face. "Sorry, Barney, but you are obligated. You made a bet, remember?" Marshall replied.

4/30/2010 #87

Robin walked over to Ted and felt his forehead, "He's burning up. This is way more than being hung over. He's sick." She frowned over at Barney, "You are going without Ted, Barney. If you don't then I'm including no banging strangers onto the bet."

4/30/2010 #88

Barney chuckled and gave Robin a what-are-you-talking-about look:"If I don't go, the bet is off duh."

"Barney is right."-said Marshall as he did the same look at Robin-"The bet is on IF he goes there and stays there for a week. Punshing him by adding something else in the bet when he's not going makes no sense"


4/30/2010 #89

Robin glared at Barney, "What, so you aren't going if Ted isn't going? How lame a** is that, Barney!" She calmed down. "Look, how about this. I'll be your wing woman up in the mountains."

4/30/2010 #90
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