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All right, all you Disgaea fans! Cick here for some classic adventure, that is, if you dare...!
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Here is where we can shout out OOC, without doing any damage to the actual story thread, if anything this will be the hang out for waiting

9/23/2009 #1

I hope your reading this LaharlKage, cause I want to dicuse your Character

He is fine and dandy, but I'm having a few problems with the Race I'd like to speak about you in this Topic

First of all, Angels and Demons have been around each other for a long time giving each other a reputation, While this happened the Humans stayed away on their little planet called earth untill the events of the first Disgaea

What I'm looking towards is that your race seem highly unlikly to be actualy able to exists, please find a way to tell me other wise

9/23/2009 #2
The Absent Dungeon Master

Demons have always been going to Earth causing a ruckus. some just go, eat, and stay to torment other people. We must also remember that Laharl's mom was a human who was able to go to the Netherworld, so it isn't impossible for a demon to go to earth and gain family, some demons have been known to kidnap and rape virgins. and Angels have always been going to earth to teach and spread gospel and religions thruout the ages. Since Flonne and Lammington were able to not be bias towards demons that means that other angels could have, or an angel/human crossbreed. Also the game went to great lengths to teach that not all demons are evil, others might've gone to earth to act as defenders, just look at Sparda from DMC. so in all actuality it is very possible for my character to exist in the Disgaea universe. Though it would be rare for it to happen it is not incredibly rare, nor is it impossible.

Just be glad i decided not to use my OTHER Disgaea OC: Aion the Transmigrated Overlord. I think this RP has too many crazies, and i've only read the first two pages! beside, I was inspired to create Canti (i've edited his name, i thought his previous one was too complicated) after watching FLCL (otherwise known as Fooly Cooly).

Are there any other questions?

9/23/2009 #3

Other then, Are you ready to role?

for me yoru in, I'm the only one left, I hope that you won't abondond this tread

Welcome aboard, I'll make a new thread for our Rp since the old one still holds the old ones memories, hopefully we can call them back

9/23/2009 #4
The Absent Dungeon Master

hello, is this place dead or not?

1/26/2010 #5
The Absent Dungeon Master

Here is everybody?

I already started in the new thread and am still waiting for Meteor to respond

Get your Butt in Gear NOW!!!!

7/29/2010 #6
Mystic Cake

Well since this thread doesn't seem to get much use otherwise, I think should use it to point out that the new RP is kinda going nowhere except for Selena and Gale talking- an event needs to happen, or nothing will

LaharlKage, your presence would probably help too!

8/17/2010 #7
The Absent Dungeon Master

Dear friends,

It is with the greatest regret that I must inform you all of a saddening topic. Because my life has become overly busy I have had no time to RP and forum, so I must resign these activities for now.

THis doesn't mean everything must stop, I leave it to all of you to delegate who will use and opperate my OCs from now on in my stead so as the writing may continue.

If there are any problems with how my characters are to be played, please PM me and I will reply with haste what could be the best solution.

Yours sincerely,


11/5/2010 #8
Pupil of Madara

Um, can DLC characters from the new Disgaeas be used?

5/18/2013 #9

Ummmmmm, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in joining the Netherworldverse rp ? which is the forum above this one.

3/23/2014 #10
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