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thanks so much skyisthelimit for the link!!! i've just read it, and i'm more than happy; i'm in bliss!!

*off to read some more*

9/28/2009 #61

lol, no problem! I remember discovering this fic, it was the only DN fic among a couple pages of tamora pierce fics, and I was like, "hmm..." So I read it and then I was like ":D"

Hidden Fairy - I'll have to check it out sometime! Unfortunately, thanks to school, I barely have time to read the ones I have on notification, let alone new fics. So it'll probably have to wait until my next break. T_T stupid school

Edit: I put your posts together -Sylv

Hidden Fairy! I knew there was a reason you pen name sounded familiar. I read all you DN stories a while ago, and I loved them! But it was before i had a Fanfic account, so i didn't review. But they were really good! Especially you funny one-shots! Sorry, just had to shout that out.

9/28/2009 . Edited by Sylvanius, 10/18/2009 #62
Hidden Fairy

Hahaha, thanks. I want to apologise to the fans of my fics. I am still writing my major D&N 'now that war is done', Uni is getting in the way. I am also working on some more oneshots and some other sad/angsty/fluff ones. I have ideas of where its all going. so hopefully Ill post again soon. :)

10/5/2009 #63

hallo :) thanks to Loten for the link here! sweet forum :)

10/6/2009 #64

Hey! Welcome aboard! :) Hope to see you get involved :D

10/6/2009 #65

i hope to be :) i'm around quite a bit, so i should be!

10/7/2009 #66
Hidden Fairy

I was not really sure where to post this, so I thought here would do. I just purchased Wild Magic on Audio CD!!!!!! Im very excited, even if I did have to ship it in from the states with the nice price of $80..... But I have it, and am on the hunt for the next three! I have found book 2 and 3 but as of yet I have not discovered book 4... I work in a bookstore (Im a huge book nerd) and am just searching for them. I do a lot of driving so I like to listen to a good story. I was wondering if anyone else owned them on audio and what their thoughts were?

Its a full cast audio! different voices for each character with Tamora Pierce narrating herself! I am hugely excited, though not very hopefull at getting my greedy little hands on the next three. Any advice for where I might find them?

10/9/2009 #67

The fourth one hasn't been recorded yet, they're making it this year I think. As for Wolf-Speaker and Emperor Mage, you can buy them on the Full Cast Audio website, or from Amazon, but they are very expensive, which is why I don't have them.

I managed to find a free download of Wild Magic - don't tell anyone! xD I actually liked it, once I got used to the accents. I'm not used to American accents, y'see :) But none of them were very strong, so it wasn't difficult to get into it. I'd like to get hold of the others too, but money is a problem.

10/9/2009 #68

Really?? Could you please tell me where you found it in like a PM or something? I really wanna be able to listen!

Oh I heard a sample from it. It sounds interesting. I really wanna hear what Numair sounds like though!

10/9/2009 #69

You should be able to find them on amazon. I have the first one but I really wasn't very impressed...I didn't like the voice they picked for Daine...and while in theory having Tamora Pierce narrate it was a good idea I found that she just didn't pull it off with the same ease that professional readers do. I may have been spoiled though because the first book on tape I ever got was a Harry Potter one and the man who does those is absolutely amazing.

10/9/2009 #70

Sky - I'll try and message you the link, but it might not work. Same for anyone else who wants it.

Sylvanius - It's Stephen Fry who does the HP ones, isn't it? The man's a god :) I know what you mean about Daine and TP, too, but I found that after a while it didn't bother me so much.

10/10/2009 #71

Yeah, he's absolutely amazing. I'll have to find it and listen to it again......i wonder where it is.....I don't think they're too expensive on amazon though...I feel like I got mine for about 20 which isn't that bad....and it was newer then...

Hmmm by the way...does anyone have anything they want written that they would like to request...I know I have a lot of projects going on but I'm getting a bit stuck...I just need a little something to write....

10/10/2009 #72
Even Later

I've actually asked my boyfriend to get me The Immortals audiobooks for our anniversary... And the Buffy complete box set for Christmas.... I think he's fnally realized that I'm absolutely crazy.

I'd like to see a good "Daine and Numair tell everyone/everyone fnds out about them" fic. There are so many out there but I've only read one or two actually good ones, and they're still not really what I would imagineactually happening.... Heck, maybe that's what I'll have a go at the next time I get a creative bug up my butt ;)

10/11/2009 #73

I love Buffy...I have all the seasons...and Angel...have you seen Firefly?

Hmmm, I could try that...I definitely have an idea as to how I would think it would go...hmmm, I'll post when I have it written....

10/12/2009 #74
Even Later

I have most of the good Buffy seasons (i.e. with Spike ;) ) on my computer. I watched most of Angel, but since I'm a Spike shipper, I was never too fond of him, lol. I was a Wesley fan. And I never got a chance to see any Firefly, but I really want to. I'm a big fan of Alan Tudyk. I've seen some clips online and I saw Serenity, so I know I'd like it. I just have no money and no more room on my computer to download any more shows! I'm working on that issue though.....

10/12/2009 #75

You should totally finish Angel then...Spike is in season 5, it's pretty awesome. I love Spike...I'm kind of torn between him and Angel though because I love them both....*sigh* decisions. Firefly was amazing but sadly it's only 16 episodes...:( I was so sad when I finished could have lasted so much could probably find somewhere to watch it online without downloading it...

*Sigh* I should go do schoolwork..but I don't want I might write instead :D

10/12/2009 #76
skyisthelimit work. Why do that when I could be listening to Tamora, Daine, and Numair??? Sigh...but I do have to read the Crucible... T_T *whines* I don't wanna...........

Edit: I put your two posts together -Sylv

I [did not] find the second part of wolf speaker and the first parts of EM and somehow realms of the gods...though that's not out yet....

10/12/2009 . Edited by Sylvanius, 10/18/2009 #77

Even Later I wrote a story to that idea :) It's a one-shot and I'm not really sure if it's what you were looking for but I hope you like it. Here's the link....

If anyone else has anything they want done just let me know :)

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #78

So, I'm Misty, and I write really, really long fics. Hi! ;)

I think everything about me's in my profile really. I'm 22, just graduated with a degree in History and Gaelic Studies (don't ask!) and live in Scotland.

Yup, I think that's about it really. Oh, and go check out my stuff!

Oh yeah, the TP stuff. I've been reading her for about a decade now! I read SotL first after being put onto it by one of my friends, then didn't read them again. A few years later, we came across the series in a bookshop and bought them. We both (stupidly) spent some time going, "Immortals? She talks to animals? Yeah, like that's gonna be any good," (as sceptical teenagers do) then bought them anyway, and fell in love.

That really is everything.

11/20/2009 . Edited 11/20/2009 #79
Even Later

Haha, that's what I did! My best friend's mom went to a yard sale and bought Wild Magic because it had horses on the cover (the orange paperback cover with the herd of ponies and Daine holding a hawk) because my friend is a rider as well. We were like 11 and my friend hated to read, so her mom gave the book to me because I was always reading. The description made it sound stupid, so I put it on the shelf for several months. Then my family went on vacaion and I wanted to take a book for the car ride. I'd read all my books a million times so I finally pulled that one off the shelf. Read the whole thing in one sitting in the car, closed it, put it down, sat for a minute and then picked it back up and started reading it again! I did the same darn thing with Harry Potter. Was given it by a family friend a few years before it hit the mainstream and shelved it for months before giving in, lol. I think there's a pattern here....

11/21/2009 #80

I did that with HP too! One of my English teachers read CoS to our class in S1, and I thought it was stupid, and then that Christmas I was given the Philosopher's Stone, which I refused to read. When I finally did it was because it was in the summer that PoA, and I'd run out of books to take to my grandparents' for the day. I read PS, had to rush out a few days later and get CoS, and then finished that in the car on the way to buy PoA the day it came out!

Are you sure you're not a crazy stalker? Cos you seem to be stalking my reading habits.

11/21/2009 #81

Haha, actually for me, HP and the Immortals were two different stories.

With HP, I actually first read it when I was 6, it was like my first fantasy book. I was used to reading like the Little House on the Prarie or Anne of Green Gables (I skiped the entire picture book phase. LHoP was the first book I read apart from the tiny instructional books I read when learning. I still have them :D). So when my mom gave me HP to read cuz she knew they were getting popular, I read it, and was like "Mommy, is there really magic?" "No, sweetie, it's just a fantasy." "Then why write it? I don't get it. Mommy, this book isn't believable." "Sweetie, just read it." "But why?" "Because it's supposed to be good." "How can it be good when it can't happen?" and apparently this went on and on. Finally I finished reading it, but my 6 year old self was not impressed. Then, later, just before I turned 7, my 2nd grade teacher started reading it to the class. By then I knew what a fantasy was, and so I could apprecitate it a little more. So I went home, picked up the book again, and read. Gobbled it up, and moved to the second. then the third. then the newly released 4th. Read all 4 in a week and a half :)

With WM, I actually picked it out of my 6th grade's book fair. I loved the book fair, but that year, a lot of the books seemed stupid. They were all those diary kind of series, you know? Or they had weird/stupid drawings on the cover. I picked out a couple of books (don't ask me what they were, cuz I don't remember) and then came across the immortals. They only had the first 3 at the time, but the books caught my eye because of the pretty animals on the cover (I have the edition where the first one has a close up of a white pony in the forest, with orange accents. The second, a blue wolf, third a purple bird, etc). I picked up WM, and the back seemed decent enough, but I didn't want to buy all three without knowing if the first was any good. So I just bought WM. I read the other books I bought first, then WM. I read that in two days, and then went to my school's library for the second. They didn't have the third or fourth, so after finishing the second, I dragged my parents to three different book stores. I managed to get the third book, but all the RotGs were sold out. So I read the third, then begged my dad to buy the the fourth and the second (i wanted my own copy) online. Then waited impatiently for 5 days. Damn slow shipping :)

11/21/2009 #82

Just realised, you might not all know what I mean when I say S1 - it's the 1st year of high school here, so I was 11-12. :)

The covers were actually another thing that put me off the Immortals. It had this thing on the front! Even the fact that I actually did archery at that point didn't persuade me.

I learnt a valuable lesson. ;)

11/22/2009 #83

Oh wow. Um, is that a spidren? A really scary one. Yeah this is the one that I came across:

-looks on amazon- hmm i don't think they're selling this edition anymore.

-looks on borders- yeah the only thing i can find is either the audio or the coil bound version which is ridiculously expensive...oh well here's the image:

I like my books. They're ridiculously battered but I love them all the same :) Not that I can say anything since I'm the one that put them through the ringer. :D

11/22/2009 #84

Ack! I just realized how horribly I've been ignoring this forum! I'm so sorry you guys! Welcome to the forum mistywabbit, I'm glad to see you've been posting:)

I actually tried to start with the third Daine book because I liked the cover the best but the woman at the bookstore made me go back and get the first one instead :p

11/22/2009 #85

Yeah, those ones are long out of print. They've started changing the text since then! :eep: I really need to get new ones because the pages are about to start falling out (same goes for LR) but when I was reading Loten's stories, I found the change in the texts really distracting!

I remember when I was buying them, none of the bookshops I tried (at least 5) had EM, but they all had RotG. There was a mad dash to find them before I went off on this schooltrip, and it was the Christmas hols so if I'd ordered it in to one of the shops it would never have got there on time. I managed not to read RotG, but not the blurb on the back. "Hang on, they don't stop Ozorne?!" And of course, it said nothing on the back about Numair, so I did actually get very concerned that she'd killed him off... If I'd known then that she hardly ever kills named characters, I wouldn't have bothered worrying! ;) I was sat on that coach on the verge of crying... LOL

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

11/23/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #86

Wait wait wait what do you mean they started changing the texts???????

Oh yeah *looks sheepish* as soon as I read "Numair was executed" I flipped to the back. Then I saw Numair again, and I almost cried in relief. Then I went back and read. :D

11/23/2009 #87
Even Later

Oh boy, when I read that Numair had been killed, I flat out bawled... Like sat down in my room and cried my eyes out for 5 minutes. Then when I found out he was alive... I cried again. My family thought I was going insane because when I was that age, I NEVER cried. That's actually one of two times I can remember crying from the age of 6 to the age of 16.

I've had to replace all my TP books at least once, some 2 or 3 times, from them getting worn out and falling apart. WM and RotG have probably been replaced about 4 times each. I've never had trouble finding them in the book stores anywhere I've lived though, so it's ok.

11/23/2009 #88

For some reason when they said he died it didn't really affect me at all..I'm not sure why. I think part of it was that those books were the books that ended up really getting me into reading and since i was so young when I read them that I hadn't really started to get invested in characters yet. Well, I mean...I was..I just didn't realize it until I finished the series...I think the other reason that I didn't get upset was because I'm pretty sure I just didn't believe it. It was pretty much Kaddar being like 'Daine, He's dead' and me going 'no he's not' and just kept on reading. I just didn't believe all. Like..brick wall of denial..which has worked for two books now :) I find I'm pretty good at pointing out fake deaths. Yeah...does anyone else wonder how they would react to the books if they read them for the first time now?

11/23/2009 #89

I would of done the exact same thing I did then: flip to the back of the book and check :) I did it for the Riddle too, but even though I knew Cadvan wasn't dead, I still cried. It was just sad. I didn't cry during EM because I was like 'ok, he's not dead, and Daine's not acting sad, just cool. So ok.'

11/23/2009 #90
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