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This really has nothing to do with writing...just like...I totally found my real life image of Numair....thought I should share...his name is Erick Elias...


9/23/2009 #1
dares to dream

I want to steal him. Aha. That is the perfect person to be Numair. :D

9/24/2009 #2

....Oooh. I like. xD Ahem. Focus, Loten, focus!

According to TP, Numair was actually based on Jeff Goldblum...

9/24/2009 #3

Yeah I've heard that! Everytime I see Jurassic Park I think of Numair..

Numair just happens to be a lot hotter than Jeff Goldblum in my mind....

9/24/2009 #4

I was watching Jurassic Park during my writing of Divine Intervention. As if the presence of Numair and dinosaurs wasn't awesome enough, I then noticed that Jeff Goldblum actually wears a black opal necklace during the film. I actually squealed at my television. It's probably the geekiest thing I've ever done!

9/24/2009 #5

Holy crap, really? I've never noticed that! I'm going to have to go re-watch it now....but bones is on after that...and my homework....*sigh* school....

9/24/2009 #6
dares to dream

Ahaha. I will definitely have to re-watch that movie now. Even though those dinosaurs really bother me...

AH! You are right! So much for homework. For exactly one hour I shall be glued to the tv screen.

9/24/2009 #7

It's weird...for some reason I have a much more definite mental image of Numair and Onua and a lot of other characters than I do Daine. I don't know why....maybe it's just her description but my mental image of her changes a lot because I find the description slightly vague for some reason (even though it really isn't and is more in-depth than others) maybe it's because I myself actually am 5'4", have blue-grey eyes and brown curly hair that her description isn't as defining for me...or perhaps its because the years during which she grows up are years where she would begin looking older very quickly...does anyone else ever have this problem with characters?

9/25/2009 #8

Well, that's mildly freaky... I'm 5'4" with blue-grey eyes and brown hair too xD Mine's not curly though and it's darker than I picture Daine's hair. I think it's her age - her basic description doesn't change but people change so much from thirteen onwards, and we keep seeing Daine appear well into her twenties.

9/25/2009 #9

*Jaw drops* Oh. my. god. Yes plleeeeeeeeeeeasssssssse. Numair, i need teaching! ;)

I know Tammy said that he's based off of Jeff Goldsomething but i never really liked that analogy. Numair's so much more hotter than that :) And I think sylvanius's discovery is perfect :) (I'm just going to imagine him with chocolate brown eyes like me)

I've actually never seen Jurasic park. I tend to stay away from movies that are from the 20th century. Call me prejudiced. But maybe i'll see it. though I'm looking at screen caps now and in my opinion he's definitely not hot enough to be Numair.

It's actually the opposite for me. Kinda. I have a very clear mental image of Daine. It's not as sharp as someone in real life, cuz I haven't found an actress for her at allllll, but bits and pieces are definite, and in my mind those parts fall into place to make the "essence" of daine, if that makes sense. Normally I dont find any actor/actress for characters. This Erick guy is close, but not EXACTLY, cuz he has to have that touch of Numairness. So instead, for all the characters, I build an "essence" in my mind. Some are more visual, some not, but never an exact match...

argh, i dont make sense...

9/25/2009 #10
Shayna Maidel

I feel like the way TP describes Daine, it's so that she really could be almost anybody. It's a connection with the audience sort of thing, or at least that's my theory. But I have a very distinct image of both Numair and Daine, because that just tends to be how I "see" book characters. I could write down everything I see down to the slight crows feet around Numair's eyes (I spent too much time thinking about this one).

9/25/2009 #11
Even Later

Ok, on this topic, I MET my version of Numair many years ago. I don't know if anyone here is from FL or ever visited Orlando, but I'm from Tampa and frequently visit Disney/Universal Studios, etc. When I was in middle school (probably 7th or 8th grade) my family and my best friend's family went to Islands of Adventure at Universal. The park is divided into different sections (Marvel Comics, Dr. Suess Land and Jurassic Park are a few) and is one of my favorite parks. My favorite area is called The Lost Continent. It's an Old World, fantasy style are with all sorts of cool things like different mideval weapons and arts and food... Anyways they have performers in all the areas and in The Lost Continent they usually have jugglers and acrobats and such. I was chilling with my friend while our parents went to the bathroom and a juggler came down the street and started juggling for us. He was super tall, kind of lanky, had long, black hair pulled into a horsetail and his features seriously matched exactly how I always pictured Numair. It was insane! And totally hot... Then he came up to me, turned me around, stood behind me and juggled in front of me. I honestly thought I was going to die. Someone took a picture, but it's in a huge basket full of pictures at my parents house. Next time I go to visit I'm going to have to try and find it because it's seriously unbelievable.

9/26/2009 #12

Even Later - You HAVE to find that photo for us. Otherwise we're not gonna believe you and think you just dreamed it xD Nah, kidding. But seriously, I really want to see that photo.

9/26/2009 #13

Oh my god, there are no words. I envy you. But you HAVE to find that picture!

9/26/2009 . Edited 9/26/2009 #14
Even Later

Ah, I know! I live 2 hours away from my parents though and won't be going to visit until the second weekend of October or something so someone needs to remind me! And it might be a little embarassing for me since I was super weird in middle school. I was an anarchist punk with an allergy of anything girly...... My favorite color is now pink for the record ;)

It was seriously an amazing day. I mean, any day spent at IoA with Marvel comics, Jurassic Park, Dr. Suess, and awesome mideval stuff rocks in general, but then I met Numair and it was just... amazing. He kissed my cheek while he was juggling. I'm still trying to figure out how I didn't pass out.

9/26/2009 #15

Sheesh! Your Numair even kissed your cheek! Dang it, I wanna go to Universal Studios now (the closest I've been is DisneyWorld, but now Universal sounds so much better)

Oh, that's okay. In middle school I went through your typical emotional rollercoaster, and was so insecure that i had regular emotional breakdowns and almost scared my friends away _ Embarassing memories, that.

9/27/2009 #16
Shayna Maidel

Lucky you =P

I don't like the looks of a lot of people who are used as models for Numair by graphics makers. They always make him a little more... rugged, than he comes across to me in the books. Especially with his slight, possibly more fanon than canon, obsession with his hair.

No worries, everyone was a bit weird in middle school, I think. Anyone who claims otherwise is probably lying.

9/27/2009 #17

Yeah...I was so weird during middle school just..yeah, better not talked about. You should definitely find that picture though, it sounds awesome :D

This picture from deviant art reminds me of Daine a lot...even though you can't see her eyes or just really reminds me of her..

9/27/2009 . Edited 9/29/2009 #18

haha, yeah, i can see the similarities. Although it would be closer if her hair were a little lighter i think...and she doesn't have that stubborn chin :)

10/4/2009 #19

umm, hi folks! :) Erik Elias = v. hot, would make a great Numair. i must confess to being a tad partial to Oded Fehr, tho :D

10/6/2009 #20

Eh, I mean, I'm sure he's nice and all, but I just always imagined Numair as hotter than that ;) Tough shoes to fill I know

EDIT: Haha, I figured out why this guy didn't really appeal to me. I knew he seemed familiar. He played a really evil guy in Charmed, one of my favorite shows :)

10/6/2009 . Edited 10/6/2009 #21

i looked at all the guys mentioned in this forum and quiet frankly i dont think any of them look like numair at all.

whoa yeah sylvanius that does look like daine. and shes even holding a feather against her eyes. shes hot 2

10/12/2009 . Edited by Sylvanius, 10/12/2009 #22

Yeah, that pics always reminded me of her. What's your idea of Numair then?

10/12/2009 #23

You know, for some reason I've always imagined with Numair with straight, sleek black hair. I dont know why. The first time I realized he supposed to have curly hair, the first thing on my mind was "Afro!!!!!!!". XD

So yeah, it's actually hard for me to imagine Numair like that. My Numair is special. However, if Numair DID have to have curly hair, I like sylvanius's pick ;)

10/12/2009 #24

Long straight black hair pulled into a painytail, dark tanned, beak nose, big black eyes stretching on 4ever a look of authority, large muscled arms. like that and realy tall.

10/12/2009 #25

Jeff Goldblum doesn't get enough credit from you guys :) He was much better looking when he was younger.

10/13/2009 #26

Hmmm, you're right....I haven't given him enough credit...I looked him up on google images and got another couple pics...

10/13/2009 #27

Eh. I mean, I never he was bad looking, but again, I keep seeing him as a villain. And I dunno, he's not...Numair-ish to me.

10/15/2009 #28


10/30/2009 #29

I just saw this guy on the TV, and the first thing that came to mind was, "Numair!" He's tall, and when I saw him, his hair was tied back. He was also guiding a puppet but that's by the by...

In the photo he's maybe a bit on the young side, but I reckon he'd age well. ;) I can't find any other photos of him, but I'll have a looksee tomorrow and see if there's any footage...

11/20/2009 #30
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