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Just say your favorites, Mine would have to be Dr. Cockroach. Cute bug eyes + Awesome evil laugh + Awesome Dance skills + British accent = Awesome Character :-)

So just say who your fave character is from the movie (P.S: It doesn't have to be a monster, it can be a human like Monger or the President.)

5/7/2009 #1

B.O.B. hands down.

For one thing, he's a blob and he's actually a good guy. Blob creatures freaking NEVER get to be good guys! And, secondly, stupid characters are adorable lol.

5/7/2009 #2

Why, Gallaxhar of course. What? Did you honestly expect me to pick one of the good guys? Lawl.

Gallaxhar = Awsome because

He is freakin cool.

I might be attracted to 4 eyes.

And comon. Evil plot dialouge? EPIC

5/22/2009 #3

*wavers terribly*

Um... Um...

Snap answer: Dr. Cockroach. Mad science always = FTW. I cannot resist. To do so would go against my very nature. But, yeah, it's the mad science that immediately made me love him. The second he started going on about "They called me crazy, but I'll show them! I'll show them ALL!" was the second I realized I had fallen in lurve.

Favorite to write: Gallaxhar, hands down. He's so... everything that is wonderful about alien invaders. Also, to agree with GDPM, the four eyes? Hawt.

Favorite to draw: Katie, for some reason. *shrugs* Dunno why.

5/23/2009 #4

Dr. Cockroach was awsome, but what about our favorite macho Link? I love that guy! Instant Love.

And who couldn't love Insecto?

10/6/2009 #5

I would say

Dr. C

and my oc Emma who is Dr. C's adoptive daughter.

10/7/2009 #6

I love ginormica because i'm a girl thus I like Dr. Cockroach too, I always fall in love with his abilities and movements he is so awesome.

10/17/2009 #7

Favorite character? Hmm... I can definitely say that it's not Derek. (Derik? Derrik? I don't know how to spell his name.) He is, as Bob says, "a selfish jerk".

As for my overall favorite... Oh man, I don't know. I like all the monsters. And Monger. And in a way I kinda like Gallaxar too. And the president, 'cause he obviously has problems. X)

10/17/2009 #8

I have to stay that my favorite would have to be either BOB or Dr. Cockroach. I mean BOB is so dumb. I love his hilarious brainless antics. But I just LOVE mad scientists!

10/18/2009 #9

dr. cockroach is mine

6/29/2010 #10

Gonna have to go with President Hathaway. *laughs* He's just so... adorably clueless.

7/2/2010 #11
Cora Sinclair

Give me Dr. Cockroach or ....well just give me Dr. Cockroach cause he's just so cute. Come on, he's super smart, really cute/hot, and he's soo sweet! (Sigh) I'm in love with a bug. X)

7/17/2010 #12

I LOVE DR. C.! And everything about him. He's brilliant, sweet, an absolute gentleman, and handsome both as a human and monster. I love the laugh, his facial expressions, and the accent. My favorite part is his dancing. And the fact that he's a mad scientist is one of the things I like. PS: if you want to be one, the closest thing you can get to that is a chemist.

8/3/2010 #13

My favorite monster is Missing Link.

1/14/2011 #14
susan, she looks like a very nice girl that would let me ride in her pocket, or shoulder, or even holding me in her hands
4/14/2012 #15
Super late to the party Lina is super late to the party, but hopefully I can revive this fandom a little in the case scenario it died down. For me, it's a tie between Susan and Link. Because, out of the entire cast (minus Derek), they are probably the most Real ones. Sure Dr. C is a mad scientist, and B.O.B. is the most loveable blob on the planet, but something about Link and Susan makes them feel very well fleshed out and complex. And in the end of the day, a character that makes me think is the one who's sure to become one of my favorites. Gallaxhar is a close second to them tho. Deffinitely. Love that guy.
6/13/2014 #16
Bookworm Gal

My favorites in order are: Susan (female protagonist who doesn't need a boyfriend/husband to prove her worth), Dr Cockroach (awesome mad scientist with a great evil laugh and fantastic inventing skills), Bob (sweet, hilarious, and managed to somehow dump Derek in an awesome fashion regardless of the fact he was never dating the guy in the first place), Link (actually manages to demonstrate some impressive kung-fu skills even though it seemed originally that he was all talk), and General Warren R. Monger (kind of crazy, always prepared for insane situations, travels by jetpack, and a nice enough guy to make a deal for the monsters' freedom).

7/24/2014 #17
mar speedsman

well it's hard to tell,susan from the show is great and I'm quickly falling for her,link is the sort of dude you'd like as your buddy,docroach is the likable mad's kinda weird he's one of my favorits though,i hate insects!...B.O.B is you're average likable blob...heck I even like monger!! don't really like any of the aliens though...coverton and gallaxar anoy me alot actually!

1/14/2015 #18
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