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Ryo Nightray

The second part of the Original Character Creations!!!! This is where you take your characters and breathe some life into them. Create a story involving them. each person involved here must also take on the part of a normal Demonata character eg. Grubbs or Dervish or Lord Loss. Please look at the rules!


1) You can only do the dialogue of your own people! Eg. If you are taking the part of Grubbs and someone else has taken the part of Bec, the person playing Grubbs MUST NOT post Bec's next part! (I did that once on another roleplay and embaressed myself when I was told that's not the wya it works!)

2) You may create and use as many OC's as you wish, but as I said before, only one normal character.

3) You can either write it in a story format or movie script format.

4) You must place your OC in the Character Creations before using them here.

That's about it.

Now, we gotta decide who shall take on the normal people's roles. I am taking the role of Bec; she's mine, and no one else can use her sorry! I suggest that, if they're reading this, Dervishgirl should be, well Dervish, and thatgr8guy should be Grubbs. But decide who ya wanna be ^^

Someone else start off the story, because I'm tired after typing all this out. That's all folks!

8/17/2009 #1

woo! im grubs ! thx!

OK, im a bit slow 2day. i dont get it. if im grubbs, then cant i be marcus as well?

8/17/2009 #2

Grubbs boarded the planeto go and visit Reni, his once beloved. Reni had moved out of Carcery Vale after the demons broke through the window. Eventually, Grubbs had found her after searching for her for many a long year. Now, he was going to see her at last. He couldn't wait. Then...

8/17/2009 #3

i guess im dervish...im a little slow today.....?

8/17/2009 #4

yh i think so... i think u have to create a character of ur own in the demonata original character creation thingamajiggy. wait 4 naomi to explain. thats wot im doing lol

OMG i just bought Deaths shadow 2day. gonna start it ASAP!

8/18/2009 #5

Awesome! That book rocks!

8/18/2009 #6
Ryo Nightray

Darn it, I should have made it clearer! you can only be one normal character, but can be as many OC's as you wish. And those were only suggestions, you don;t have to be Grubbs or Dervish if you don't want to!

8/18/2009 #7
Ryo Nightray

The Night's Bride lepat out of the shadow of the plane, placed a strong hand over the human boy's mouth to prevent him from screaming, and with a soft crack dissappeared from view, so fast that no one could have seen it.

She reappeard with the boy hostage in her own Demonic realm, within the walls of her fortess. The Night's Bride's Foretress was inky black and like a cluster of needles, and the throne room which she'd appeared in was dim save for a few blue-flamed torches.

She released the boy, who staggered away and fell to the floor at her feet, eyes wide and confused.

"Grubbs Grady?" she hissed softly.

8/18/2009 #8

"who are you?" Grubbs whimpered helplessly.

8/19/2009 #9
Ryo Nightray

"My name is a secret, but I am known as the Night's Bride. I have brought you here so that you cna help me."

8/19/2009 #10

"How can i help you?" Grubbs asked in a confused manner. This creature frightened Grubbs.

8/20/2009 #11
Ryo Nightray

The Night's Bride looked at the pitiful boy at her feet. Could he really help her? Could she, a queen amoungst Demons, trust a mere mortal child? But one sharp stare was enough to tell her that this boy was a lot stronger than he appeared.

"There is more to you that meet's the eye, Grubbs Grady. I have long been seeking a creature with your power. I can not trust a Demon with the task I'm about to ask you, as it takes place in your universe. I need a magically adept human, more than some petty Mage."

She paused before continuing. "But I can not appoint you with this task until you are proven worthy. I will test you on your abilities. I challennge you to a duel, just you and me. If you can harm me, then you are worthy. If not, depending on my mood, you will either be sent back to your own realm or devoured by my minions. Attempt to escape, and I shall torture you. Is that clear, boy?"

8/20/2009 #12

Grubbs was scared of this thing. She seemed immensely strong, and he was sure that she would crush him immediately if he accepted her challenge.

But if he rejected, worse would come of him. So, without a moments hesitation, Grubbs accepted.

8/20/2009 #13

sorry to interrupt the roleplay but u gotta check this out! its freaky!

8/20/2009 #14

ooops sorry you'll have to copy and paste it.

8/20/2009 #15

dude, that is so weird!

8/20/2009 #16
Ryo Nightray

That is freaky! But if you do it loads of times, sometimes hse doesn't get it right haha

8/21/2009 #17

we worked out how it works.

theres only a certain few numbers u can get everytime, so all these numbers are given the same item. thats how she gets it right every time lol

8/21/2009 #18
Ryo Nightray

(haha sweet! By the way, its better if you write any random topics in brackets on this post, or else iy get's confusing whether it's in the story or not. speaking of which, I'm gonna continue the story. Dervishgirl, feel free to add a character in some place. You can create another story and let the two of them flow in together. That's always fun!)

The Night's Bride grinned, flashing rows of her venom-coated fangs. "Let's see if you can defeat me, Grubbs Grady."

And in the blink of an eye, she had clapped her hands together and the room was plunged into total darkness, save for the glint of her fierce eyes.

8/21/2009 #19

Grubbs was caught off guard. Instantly, a bolt of magic zapped through Grubbs' body, preparing and warning him of what was to come. But it was too late.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Grubbs screamed out in agony at the monstrous pain. It was agonising. He thoght he was dying.

Then, a human ran out of the darkness. He sprang onto The Night's bride, and the two of them toppled over.

"Run!" The human scremed at grubbs. But Grubbs didn't know where to run to.

8/21/2009 #20
Ryo Nightray

The Night's Bride hissed as the human leapt on top of her. Where had this mortal come from!? They had better not mess with her plans, or there would be more than hell to pay!

"Don't you dare run from me, Grubbs Grady! If you do, then both our worlds are in danger!"

8/21/2009 #21

Meanwhile in the human relm...

Dervish had spent several minutes opening a window to the demonic realm. He had seen Grubbs be taken by the powerful demonic creature. As he hurried to finish the window, he could only think of what the torture Grubbs was going through. Knowing demons, they was no mercy. Just as he was imagining Grubbs as several pieces of flesh and guts, a bright light appeared in front of him--he finished the window.

Without a second glance, he stepped right into the pits of hell.

[ok, i hope i did that correctly...]

8/21/2009 #22

( yes u did! thanks 4 joining in! its gonna be a lot more interesting!)

Back in the demon realm...

Grubbs was confused, hurt and scared. This thing had suddenly jumped on him from behind the plane, lunged into her realm within seconds, and now tried to attack him. Then, a mere mortal to the eye jumped out of the darkness and bounded on top of her. This mortal scremed at him to escape, and the Night's bride threatened grubbs.

When things couldn't get any weirder, a window opened. A blinding light in the deadly darkness. And then, someone steps through. A human. Dervish.

"dervish!" Grubbs screamed.

Before Dervish could find Grubbs, two figures were on top of Dervish, smacking him, kicking and punching.

8/21/2009 #23

Grubbs instantly ran over to the fighting threesome. He had to put a stop to it. Dervish was in trouble. His first thought was to get rid of the mortal- he seemed the weakest. As soon as Grubbs lunged himself at the mortal, the mortal turned on him and screamed.

"I'm on your side here! My name is Marcus! Im here to help you!" (yes, im allowed Marcus as well lol)

"Then why are you attacking my Uncle?!" grubbs shouted.

"I'm not! This thing is. She's magically holding onto me! You gotta help!" Marcus responded. (I hope im doing this right!)

"How can I help?!" Grubbs bellowed in reply.

8/21/2009 #24
Ryo Nightray

The Night's Bride gasped and leapt back away from the skirmish. She examined the three people before her: the human boy Grubbs Grady, a grey-haired, fierce-eyed man, and someone she would never have expected.

"Marcus?" she whispered. "Why did you attack me? I thought...I thought you were on my side!"

8/21/2009 #25

"So did I, Bride, So did I!" Marcus responded disappointedly.

8/21/2009 #26

As Dervish watched the man named Marcus, and the powerful creature talk, he leaned towards Grubbs, "Care to fill me in, kid?"

8/21/2009 #27

"your guess is as good as mine, matey," Grubbs replied bewilderedly.

8/21/2009 #28
Ryo Nightray

The Night's Bride shuddered with a mixture of rage and sorrow. Her veil-like, blood-red hair fell in her face as she whispered "Why, Marcus? I thought you believed in what I have tried to achieve, what I have been working on for 300 years." She looked up at the trio standing before her, posionous green tears falling from her face. "The borders between the Demonata's realm and the human's is collapsing. I have tried to rebuilt the fracture, but I knew I was missing one vital ingredient. I require the blood of a magician. I need a sacrafice that will prevent both our worlds falling into chaos. And now, Marcus, I assume you shall flee with these mortals and hide them from me. If you do, then that will result in disaster. Why?" She paused, trembling. "WHY?!" she shrieked.

8/22/2009 #29

"Because! You betrayed me!" Marcus sobbed.

8/22/2009 #30
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