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For those of us who are like Renfield- except hopefully without eating bugs- what is it about creatures of the night that are so appealing? Not only in terms of sexual attraction, but for writers and directors? What is it about the living dead that fills us with wonder? I welcome any opinions.
1/2/2006 #1
I think I heard somewhere that vampires are appealing not only because of the sexual attraction, but also because it represents a life that we truly want and enjoy. Vampires dress in awesome clothes and seem to have some kind of high social class. Perhaps there's some kind of thrill in being a vampire. It's probably fun and enjoyable to have a life like that. Maybe the basic idea is that there's just something cool about vampires. (Sorry if I'm babbling)
1/20/2006 #2
Michael Davidov
When talking about vampires, what is attracting about them are many things. First of all, the mystery of the afterlife that we all wish to know about. Second of all, it is the eternal life we that we seek what attracts us to vampires. And of course, the unusual erotical attraction to a creature that is dead, and yet its beauty is beyond life and death. No, the life style of the vampire has nothing attractive about it. A vampire is a slave, a slave to his thirst for blood. He cannot exist without blood, and therefore he must suck human blood as a drug-addict. He must kill to survive, and that lifestyle is humiliating and pathetic. That stands in complete opposite to the image of the noble, beautiful vampire. Vampires are beautiful more than any living creature, and yet they are much more terriblr than any. Read my fanfic "Dracula Epilouge" :) !
6/12/2006 #3
Not much a poet
I'm agreeing with the last one. I was reading this articule in a magazine on this subject, and I'd say that everything in this forum pretty much sums it up. Then again, I think it differs from person to person. I think the last thing that people may be drawn towards is the fact the vampires get so much publicity, and therefore, fame. Immortality (pretty much), the sexual side to it, fame, and beauty. That's all it is.
1/28/2007 #4
Petit Parapluie
Plus there is the element of control over everything - preety much every aspect of your life. There's not the same type of glamour about werewolves, for example, becuase they have no control over their transformation. Vampires can be anything they want, whether it's an icy aristocrat or a thusand rats scuttling across the floor or magical green smoke :S (thinking of the '92 version here, but oh well)
3/4/2008 #5

It's the offer of immortality that's so appealing. I think that in the movie Blade, being a Daywalker is pretty cool too.

4/14/2008 #6

Blade was what is known as a DHAMPIR. Some might think that being a Vampire is better than those, because they can still be killed by mortal weapons. While they are some-what immortal, they still have the ability to age (every three years). Back in the day, people would call upon them to protect them from Vampires. So in a way, they're enemies.

Sorry for the ramblin. :(

10/21/2008 #7

Ok everyone on this forum forgets that its not the life style or immortality that attracts people, its the mystery of the vampires as a whole, because you don't know they are immortal before they tell you (if they do before the change) its how they stay beautiful and how they move with the grace that they do that attracts us.

5/22/2009 #8

Ok everyone on this forum forgets that its not the life style or immortality that attracts people, its the mystery of the vampires as a whole, because you don't know they are immortal before they tell you (if they do before the change) its how they stay beautiful and how they move with the grace that they do that attracts us.

5/22/2009 #9
The Phantom's Scholar

I have created a forum for people to request reviews. if you want reviews, ask and we'll give you a review!

6/15/2009 #10
The Fourth Bride

Put quite simply, it's power. We might not want to admit it, but the idea of having such an enormous degree of power over life and death is immensely appealing. Well, that's it for the guys. I think the deal with male vampire/female human romances is the idea of, not immortality, per se but of immortal love. Also, I, for one, would actually buy that cliche 'we could rule the world together' line. Yum.

12/8/2009 #11

The Vampire allure changes in the ages. I remember the first vampires were more exaggerated female monsters luring men to their doom, nowadays is the opposite: with men luring females? After a stage with female luring females (thanks to Carmilla).

1/24/2010 #12
The Fourth Bride

EW. My eyes! Carmilla was like the most DISGUSTING thing I ever read. No offence to people who actually swing that way, But when mixed with vampirism, it just doesn't work for me. I think the grossest part was the fact that the 'feedings' began when the victim was anly, like, eight. (yucky) :O===

1/25/2010 #13

Carmilla is a genuine CLASSIC! It is effective and stylish mix of authentic folklore - vampires are not pale and thin and cold but rosy, they breath, they are warm - and Gothic romanticism - 19th century Styria, old castle, etc. It´s sexual tones are daring but tastefully handled, never gross and sleazy. Too bad it ended so soon - it is quite short.

Clarimonde, Carmilla´s predecessor, is another sumptuously elegant vampire siren in equally sumptuous and elegant La Morte Amoureuse (1834).

9/3/2010 . Edited 9/3/2010 #14


wait what? carmilla's story was based on this earlier work

9/3/2010 #15

No, no, sorry for misundestanding, I just saw some similarities between these two 19th century vampire women.

9/3/2010 #16

I think the main thing is that vampires will live forever and remain young and beautiful, they will not age like mortals. And those are the things we, in today's society, long for. We yearn to be young and beautiful like models and movie stars, and therefor we are attracted to vampires, who are those things.

That is really stupid, anf lately we have seen for too many sympathetic vampires, which they are not supposed to be. They are supposed to be horrible, evil, dark creatures, who feel nothing and have no souls. Please, let's go back to the original Stoker novel, or at least go back to what a vampire is really like.

12/4/2010 #17

My attraction to vampires is mixture of fabulous Gothic romanticism - period costumes, 19th century sets, castles and graveyards of fairytale Ruritania - and blood. Not splashing of blood, but the whole "Blood is the life!" thingy.

12/4/2010 #18

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7/31/2014 #19
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