Ultima: The Biggest Cartoon Crossover Series Ever!
OK. I admit, the title sounds a little braggy. But in this forum, you can talk about probably my most ambitious project ever. To learn more about my stories enter the forum, and I'll brief you in on the details. Or you can make roleplays. That's good too.
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This topic will allow you to discuss cartoon hero vs. cartoon villain battles in one of my stories, Ultima: Heroes vs. Villains. If you don't know what it is about, the plot is all about the cartoon villains of the Organization as they go to other worlds and test the powers of heroes from other universes. I'll be putting in my own fights and I shall also be accepting requests for battles in my story. Here are a few examples of what the fights look like.

Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants) vs. Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)


Spongebob: Rats? What are those?

Sandy: Rats are nasty little vermin who live on the surface world. Unlike us squirrels, rats are pretty uncivilized pests.

Rat #1: Hey! We have feelings too!

Sandy: But this doesn’t make sense. Why are there rats underwater?

Ratigan: Never doubt the power of the Organization.

(The leader of the rats approached Sandy and Spongebob.)

Ratigan: And what have we here?

Rat #2: It’s that guy Plankton was talking about.

Spongebob: Plankton?! Where is he?!

Ratigan: He’s taking a day off, so I’m filling in.

Sandy: Ya’ll are no bigger than a slice of cherry pie! You little varmints don’t stand a chance against us big folk!

Ratigan: Is that so? GET HER BOYS!!

(Immediately, the rats crawled all over Sandys body punching and scratching at her until she falls limp on the floor like they did with Squidward.)

Spongebob: Sandy! NO!

(The rats carry Sandys body into a cage and hang it over the acid pit with Patrick and Squidwards cages.)

Ratigans: Now it’s your turn Spongebob!

Woody (Toy Story) vs. Zurg (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

(On board Zurgs ship, he was giving orders to the Hornets.)

Zurg: The universe doesn’t need anymore worlds like this. Hornets! Prepare to destroy this world!

(The robots pressed buttons on the ship preparing the laser. While they prepared, Woody was hiding behind a steel girder trying to avoid being seen. He kept hidden until he ran into something lying on the floor. It was a laser gun. Woody picked it up and aimed it carefully at the Hornets. When he pulled the trigger, one of the Hornets was immediately destroyed. Alerted by this, the other Hornets ran to the source of the laser fire. Woody kept firing the laser until all the Hornets were destroyed.)


(Woody fired the laser at Zurg, but totally missed. Zurg looked and saw Woody with the laser gun in his hands.)

Zurg: You are starting to become a thorn in my side!

(Zurg pulled out his ion blaster and destroyed Woodys laser gun.)

Zurg: You can’t fight without a weapon cowboy!

Alien Force Ben (Ben 10: Alien Force) vs. Vlad Plasmius (Danny Phantom)

(Kevin runs in to fight Vlad. Ben pushes the button on his Omnitrix again and transforms into a purple crystal monster.)

Chromastone: CHROMASTONE!

(Kevin in his metal form ran for a punch at Vlad, but he phased through and missed. Vlad then grabs his by his shoulders and throws his to a wall.)

Vlad: Now with him out of the way, I guess it's my turn to take you on!

(Vlad fires a ghost ray at Chromastone, but he absorbs the attack.)

Vlad: What?!

(Chromastone uses the absorbed attack and launches the ghost ray back at Vlad. It hits and sends him across the room.)

Chromastone: It's over. You know you can't beat me.

Vlad: If I can't hit you with any projectile attacks, I guess I'll try a more direct approach!

(Vlad flies over to Chromastone and punches him in the chest causing him to double over. Vlad then kicks him right in the face send him into a pile of boxes. Chromastone jumps out of the boxes and runs up to Vlad again to punch him. But Vlad disappears and then reappears right behind him. Chromastone quickly turns around and does an uppercut on Vlads chin.)

Vlad: I see. Well, you're more of a challenge than I thought. Well enough of this then.

(Vlad flies over to Kevins body and stands next to it.)

Vlad: Why Kevin. Have you really forgotten what it's like to be evil? Well why don't I remind you?!

(Vlad turns invisible and phases right into Kevins body. Kevin immediately gets up and faces Chromastone.)

Chromastone: Kevin?

(But then, Kevins eyes start to glow very red.)

Vlad: Sorry boy. But you've got the wrong guy.

Chromastone: Vlad?! What have you done to Kevin?!

Vlad: I have made him into my own little puppet. It's an old habit of mine. Now let's see how well you fight against your own friend!

Kim Possible (Kim Possible) vs. Plankton (Spongebob Squarepants)

Kim: Wade! I need your help!

Wade: Does it have to do with Plankton in a robot suit? Because I can see him right behind you!

(Kim quickly turned and avoided a hard punch from the robots fist.)

Kim: How can I beat him?!

Wade: I don’t know. This technology goes beyond even my own. KIM! LOOK OUT!

(Plankton fired a laser at Kim, but she was able to avoid that too.)

Kim: This would be so much easier if I had my battle suit!

Wade: Don’t worry Kim. I assumed this kind of thing would happen. Press the button behind your Kimmunicator, quick!

(Kim turned her Kimmunicator around and saw a bright flashing button behind it. When she pushed it, nothing really happened.)

Kim: Uh, Wade? Nothing’s happening!

Wade: Wait for it.

Kim: I can’t wait! Plankton would probably destroy me by then!


(Another laser shot at Kim, and almost hit her. When Kim tried to dodge the laser blast, Plankton shot forward a grabbed Kim by the throat.)


Kim: How. . . .how do you. . .you know about Dra. . . .Drakken?

Plankton: He’s in the Organization red-head! And now, prepare to di-WHAT?!

(Suddenly, a bright blue flash flew over to Plankton and forced him to release his grip on Kim. After Kim was released, the blue thing went right over to Kims body and a bright blue flash consumed her. When the flash cleared, Kim was now wearing a white battle suit with blue markings.)

Kim: Wow. Wade, you rock even more.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs. Crocker (The Fairly Odd Parents)

(Sora had made it into the room where the princesses were. And in the middle was Kairi’s unconscious body.)

Sora: KAIRI!

(Sora ran up to the unconscious princess but was halted when a laser blast was fired in front of him. Sora fell backwards and saw Crocker in his mech-suit descending down between him and Kairi.)


Crocker: Relax kid. She’s fine. She has to be or our plans will surely FAIL!! And I don’t like FAILING!!

Sora: Yeah? Well tough break!

(Sora flashed out his keyblade and jumped and did a vertical slice to Crockers chest. Unfortunately, a claw from his mech-suit grabbed his keyblade and stopped Sora before he could deliver the attack.)


4/27/2009 #1

El tigre (Eltigre the adventures of manny rivera) vs Ember Mclain (danny phantom)

Frida: Dang this is evil but she rocks at the guitar

Ember: Thanks kid but I gout to kill you and the cat boy there.

She points to Manny

Manny: Why, I could be bad to you know

Ember: Sorry but A friend of mine wants you dead and this universe taking over.

Manny: Universe, friend ,what are you talking about?

Ember: Ha, The dipstick Danny is just as clueless as you but at least he puts up a good fight

(Ember tunes her guitar and blast Frida with a green beam!)

Manny: Frida!

Ember:You better hurry and cure her the virus will eat her flesh If you don't cure her in one hour.

(she turns intangible and phases through the ground.)

8/23/2009 . Edited 11/24/2009 #2

There are some grammer errors that i just saw but I'm sure you understand what happened, Oh and If your wondering who the freind is it's Sartana of the dead why? well they would make great friends because

1. They both use guitars

2. They have huge weaknesses

3. They are and can control the undead

8/23/2009 #3

So what's this then? Is this an idea for a fight you want me to post in my story, or is it something you're going to write yourself?

8/23/2009 #4

It's a story I would like you to write, you said to write it like the examples that you wrote in your forum sorry if you diddn't understand

8/24/2009 #5

Alright. Sounds like a plan. Interesting plot going on here. I will see how El Tigre vs. Ember will play out. Be on the look out for it.

9/30/2009 #6

Alright now that you updated TDU we can start focusing on H vs V (or the crossing of universes what ever you want.

This story came to me when I read Woody vs Zurg when I saw the ending the question came "How did Zurg escape Star command?" so this Idea is for you to make if you want.

Cad Bane vs Buzz

Zurg- well its about time I was stuck in here for six chapters you know.

Cad- Maleficent thought that you could escape on your own, apparently you are not good at thinking for yourself.

Zurg - Hey! I can think for myself I just choose to have other people wait on me.

Cad - Other people your not even a person, just a droid.

Zurg - DO I LOOK LIKE I COME FROM YOUR UNIVERSE, NO! Now spring me out before Lightyear shows up

Buzz - too late Zurg

(the villains turn around and see Buzz standing behind them)

Buzz - let me guess, your from another universe.

Cad - well that's a though question are you Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz - yes and I'm also the guy who will not let either of you leave!

Cad - Maleficent has paid me to free him and nothing gets between me and money, not Jedi and not some Purple hared green man who dresses like a cowboy.

(Cad prepares his blasters as Buzz prepares his wrist laser)

Zurg - this could turn ugly.

11/14/2009 #7

Oh how about some Brutal Legend villians.

Doviculus and the Tainted Coil.

General lionwhyte and the Hair Metal Millitia (His Army)

And maybe the Organization can dip one of their own (such as Vicky) into the sea of Black Tears, so they can use the Drowning Doom.

11/15/2009 #8

wow you really like Brutal Legend don't you?

11/16/2009 #9


I don't have the game, but I plan on getting it.

Ever since I started watching it on youtube, i've been hooked.

How about these matches:

Timmy Turner vs. General lionwhyte, and the Hail Metal Millitia.

(I wonder what timmy would do when he encounter a Glitterfist)

Sora vs. Doviculus

(I think Sora should fight hordes of Tainted coil before facing Doviculus)

11/16/2009 #10

Sora has already been used in H vs V so he can't be used again, right?

11/16/2009 #11

ON THE CONTRARY! If you'd look in the Upcomming Showdowns chapter in my Heroes vs Villains story, you can see all of the upcoming battles I plan to write. One of which happens to be Robin Hood (Robin Hood) vs Skulker (Danny Phantom). Of course you all know I already used Robin Hood in a fight with the Queen of Hearts, but I have another idea where this Disney character fights another villain sent by Prince John. So in fact, I CAN use some heroes and villains more than once!

And crossover4, the Buzz Lightyear (Buzz Lightyear of Start Command) vs Cad Bane (Star Wars: the Clone Wars) idea is absolutely ingenius! However, I musty admit that I haven't watched the Clone Wars series that much. But in this case, I will learn all that I know to make this battle come to life!

Your ideas are good too TemhotaTech. But I'll probably have to learn more about General Lionwhyte before I can see why he'd be a perfect nemesis for Timmy Turner.

So, I guess that's it! Better get to writing.

11/16/2009 #12

Ask Crossover4. He has the game and knows all about Lionwhyte and his army. He most likely knows it better than me, since he played the game, and seen two of Lionwhyte's remaining troops, which I've never seen in Youtube. (Watt-R-Boys, and Hairsplitters)

Hmm... The Organization's forces are growing. They have the Heartless, the Grunts, the Demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series, the monsters of the Fabrication machine, and now the Hair MEtal Millitia, and the Tainted Coil.

I think the good guys could use reinforcements.

11/17/2009 . Edited 11/17/2009 #13

My friend at school came up with:

Tick (The Tick) vs Seamore (Final Fantasy 10)

My friend also got an account on Fanfiction.net ,her ID is CatCat81

expect to see her soon I told her about Ultima

11/20/2009 #14

correction her name is CatCat88

11/24/2009 #15

This is all I can gather up on Lionwhite:

He has a british accent

he cares alot about looks

He seems to think that helping Dovicules is the right thing to do

His hair is so lucios that he can use is to fly

He likes the kind of rock where musicions focus less on music and more on glittery stuff (which if you ask me is kind of wierd).

His catchphrases are "Evillllllllll, aaaaaah.

11/26/2009 #16

Hey Nick, here's an Idea, if you are ever torn between what battles you want to put up next, just take the top three battles your torn over and put them in a poll, you know let the readers decide for you for once

2/4/2010 #17

Could there be a fight between a hero and 100 grunts?

2/4/2010 #18

Don't you think that would be to easy for the hero

2/5/2010 #19

A 1000 grunts?




2/5/2010 #20

Now I just think you want to put them in for the sake of them being in, if you want nick to put them in, wait for nick to want to put them in, I bet there going to be in the origin of the society

2/5/2010 #21

I hope they appear in future stories.

I think they could appear in TDI Ultima.

2/5/2010 #22

The perferable term is TDU.

Also, Nick I thought of another fight:

Jinx (teen titans) vs Charmcaster (Ben10)

(The main window to the living room sudenly shatters, and Charmcaster comes flying in)

Robin: Who are you, what do you want?

Charmcaster: Oh nothing really, just JINX!!!!

(Charmcaster uses an orb to trap Robin inside)

Charmcaster: Where is she!?

Robin: What do you want with her?

Charmcaster: She betrayed the brotherhood of evil, one of the most powerful group of villians in the Multiverse, all of them want her dead, and I have been sent on a mission assigned to me by Maleficent herself, to bring her back so the brotherhood can heve there way with her, now where IS SHE!!!!!

Robin: I'll never tell you!!

Charmcaster: Fine, I can wait here in the tower for her to come, she usally comes here often, so-

(She opens a cabinet and pulls out a bag of chips, thens pops one in her mouth)

Charmcaster: I don't have to wait that long.

(She then sits on a chair with her hands behind her head in a relaxed position)

What do you think Nick?

2/5/2010 #23

Sounds good to me.

And just so everybody knows, my name isn't really Nick. But you can keep calling me that if you like. My OC Nick was actually named after a friend of my big brother who is so freaking awesome!

And you can expect to see the next fight of Heroes vs Villains pretty soon. Then I think I'll continue with Total Drama Ultima. Just thought I'd let you all know.

2/5/2010 #24

Aw man, I like the name Nick,

Anyway I would like to ask, if you accept the fights that are put on this forum, then why aren't they in the Upcomming showdown list

2/5/2010 #25

Wow. You know, I completely forgot about that. Don't worry. I'll get right to it!

2/5/2010 #26

I know.

Chowder vs 10,000 grunts.

There are varieties of grunts.

Standard Infantry

Anti-Tank infantry (these carry rocket launchers)

Anti-Air infantry (these ones have anti-air rockets)

Flame Infantry (it's obvious what these guys are packing)

Mortar Infantry (carries deadly grenade launchers)

Assault infantry (these ones wield miniguns)

Snipers (yup. Snipers)

Covert Ops (Stealth guys. Have SMGs)

Spec Ops (carry shotguns or Light machine guns. Can call in air strikes)

Also they have vehicles such as BTR-90s and M2A3 Bradleys.

2/6/2010 #27

I like when I see our three avatars next to each other, kind of like

A leader-Nick

A second-in command-Temhota

A last resort-crossover4 aka me

2/6/2010 #28


(We see a large battlefield. One side is Red soldiers. The other side black soldiers. They are blasting each other)

(We see a large red fortress under siege. On top of it is General Temhota. We see Private Crossover4 run up to him)

Temhota: C4! Where's Commander Nick?!

C4: no idea sir! Oh, and the organization has us out-numbered.

Temhota: Where's the commander?


2/6/2010 #29

Nick, what did you mean by "Pretty soon"

2/7/2010 #30
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