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This is where we chun out OCs for the Ultima series.

Here's one of mine:

Zark - a vicious mercenary recruited into the Organization. He's cruel, vicious, and has no respect for life. He's wanted in 37 countries worldwide. He's a gun for hired and will kill anyone, no matter who they are. He was recruited by Maleficent to hunt down and kill Society members. He doesn't care who lives or dies, as long as he gets to kill.

What do you think?

10/18/2009 #1

I think your character is awesome and this is coming from someone who does not approve of OC's

10/19/2009 #2


Zark is about 6 feet tall. He wears black armor, and has brown messy hair. He fights using various machine guns.

I'll try to make more unique OCs.

10/19/2009 #3

Have you checked "Best Villain in the Organization yet" Whenever I come up with an idea or question it's like you ignore me

10/22/2009 #4

You can delete this and the last reply now

PS: sorry I got you in the argument.

10/24/2009 #5

I have an OC for a machine from the Fabrication machine:


A machine that flutters around with many leather wings, It can shatter glass with a powerful gust of wind from It's wings, It appears blind as you can't see it's eyes but a zipper opens up at the Belly where a red eye serves as the sight for the beast, along with green tentacles that wrap heroes and pull them inside as hostages for the Organization.

10/31/2009 #6

Nice. The Organization will most likely use the machines created by the Fabrication machine. And sorry for the absense. I've been sick in bed for a week.

11/9/2009 #7

no problem, I really Hope Nick reads this and puts our OC's in the stories.

11/10/2009 #8

Uh oh.

Uh, I guess I picked the wrong time to tell everybody that I didn't plan on using other peoples OC's in my stories. Why? Well, I kinda find the whole idea to be difficult for me to work with seeing as how I have difficulty nailing down the personalities their creators expect to see when I write about them.

But if you're THAT deperate for me to write a story with your OC's, I suppose I could suffice. They won't be as long as my Crossing of Univeres story or any of the holiday specials, but I'll try my best. Zark sounds like a total renegade and the Moth-Beast I can already imagine as horrifyingly intimdating. I've known you two longer than most other authors on this website, it's the least I could do.

11/11/2009 #9

Actually they could appear in current stories.

11/12/2009 #10

I have an Idea on how to expand on a character, remember that grunt that attacked Tyler well......

Drew Nelson

A High ranking Grunt in the Org, Drew was shot with a special serum by Dr. Animo to amp up his abilities (Which explains how he did all those things in "Whomp race") making him faster, stronger and more deadly. Ever since his face was scared from the landmine, Drew has had a long grudge against Tyler, and would love nothing more than swift brutal revenge.Tyler himself does not know about the grudge or Drew's very existence because he had his mind wiped at the time. His name is a reference to the voice actor who plays Duncan.

What do you guys think?

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #11


But remember that most grunts are either ex-military or mercenaries, and thus have some decent military training.

But Drew here does sound like an amplified grunt. Nice. I guess his rank would be Captain then.

9/18/2010 #12

"Captain Drew Nelson" I like it

BTW Temhota, I made a new topic that you might like: Spill.com style

9/19/2010 #13

Plan OCs.

Here are OCs I plan to make to fit with the Ultima story. Right now I'm working on other projects so it'll be a while.


The Society Generals - 22 highly skilled military commanders, responsible for the refugee plane (where refugees are sent), and the society's army.


Ziggy - this mysterious girl has an enigmatic connection to Lodo. Plus, she's Kristy's cousin.


I'll try to find time to work on the generals.

8/14/2011 #14

Remember the blonde female grunt that wheeled Drew out of the throne room?


Claire Emile-Barlow

The Calmining Mediator of the group, she is a skilled assassin yet you couldn't tell from her personallity, in fact you probably couldn't tell she's in the Org. She has a very cheerful personality and makes an effort to calm down Drew and the other one in the squad whenever they get stressed. However, she is VERY protective of her team and if you hurt either of them she will harbor that against you. She has short,blonde, frizzy hair and is of medium build.

There is going to be another member of the squad (I call it Org squad 50) but I'm not telling you guys who it is yet, know why? Because I'm EVIL!!!!


2/21/2012 #15

The Forsaken Twelve

A new group of villains that comes out of the woodworks, The Forsaken Twelve are actually named under a misnomer since there are actually thirteen members; 6 Men and 6 Women each with special powers and they all follow the leader and creator of the group: a mysterious figure known only as The Zodiac, whose covered in a dark black cloak leaving only his dark red eyes visible. The group has stayed silent in the war so far but rest assured, they are biding there time to strike, and when they do, both The Society and The Org will be shaken to there cores. The Names of the members are:

The Zodiac

The Priest

The Jester

The Cyclops

The Barbarian

The Surgeon

The Gentleman

The Angel

The Widow

The Prisoner

The Pilot

The Witch

The Child

There's a bit of a tragedy for the ones who serve The Zodiac, which will be revealed later.

What do you guys think?

9/3/2013 . Edited 9/25/2013 #16
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