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OK. I admit, the title sounds a little braggy. But in this forum, you can talk about probably my most ambitious project ever. To learn more about my stories enter the forum, and I'll brief you in on the details. Or you can make roleplays. That's good too.
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Yeah I decided to jump on the Roleplay bandwagon seeing as it's popular with you guys. In this story The Organization discovers the left 4 dead universe and (using special colliers that Dr. Animo invented) take control of a lot of the special infected, even the dreaded witch!! The society get wind of there plan and head to the L4D universe to stop them. Nick, Couch, Ellis, and Rochelle join them for two reasons: 1: To stop the spread of zombies. 2: To finally get out of the nightmare that is the L4D universe: I'm going to play the survivors you guys can choose these options




12/15/2009 #1

Ill do the Organization.

Among them will be:








and Hairsplitters.

As for villians comanding them:

Medusa (Soul Eater)

Moria Gecko (One Piece)

and Vicky (who has been dipped into the Sea of Black Tears)

12/15/2009 #2

Great, can you PM TLsouldude and ask him to join he could play as the zombies.

12/15/2009 #3

Just did. I haven't played Left 4 Dead, and I don't know about TL. You'll have to help us on a little of the back story.

I know who and what the Zombies are since I've been to the L4D wiki and and read PC Gamer.

12/16/2009 #4

Alright, L4D is a teamwork sort of game where you play as one of 4 survivors in 4 (L4D2 had 5) campaigns. In these campaigns you navigate from safe house to safe house fighting zombies along the way until you reach the finale where you get rescued if you survive against the horde long enough (some finales require you to do something special like run a destroyed bridge). There are 4 characters in L4D2: Rochelle, a journalist who was doing a report on the infection in Savannah when it hit. Nick, a gambler and a hustler who drifted from city to city, when the infection hit he just so happened to be in Savannah, Nick has probably the worst attitude in the group. Coach, when he was in college coach was a football player going pro but a knee injury destroyed his chances of pro and the only job he could get was well Coaching the Savannah high school foot ball team which is now a huge asset to his own team of survivors, due to his leadership role he clashes with Nick, Last but certainly not least is the wise-cracking mechanic, Ellis who opened up his auto-shop in Savannah, has a happy-go-lucky attitude most of the time, a running gag throughout the game is that whenever the survivors are in a safe house Ellis will start talking about when he and his buddy Keith did very stupid things and he gets interrupted by another survivor asking if now is a good time.

Is that all you need to know or do you need more to go on?

12/16/2009 #5

TL said he doesn't want to. He never really got into the series. He did say no offense.

I'll have to do both the organization and the zombies.

Nick will have to do the heroes.

12/16/2009 #6

Okay then (holds back tears) you can start with the organization now. (I will send a PM to nick)

12/16/2009 #7

(sorry Dude)


I'll try to get this right.


(We see the town of Savannah. In a street we can see Organization grunts herding infected)

Grunt 1: Man these guys are creepy.

Grunt 2: But they'll make good weapons for invading universes.

Grunt 3: The Doc wants us to load 1000 undead on to the Air-Carrier. We can't leave till our Job is done.

Grunt 1: The Air-Carrier is on the edge of Town, right?

Grunt 3: Yup. But it'll be a while. It's our job to make sure this operation goes smoothly.

Grunt 2: Well it's a good thing we've launched assaults on all the military bases, and fleets in the USA.

(Unkown to the grunts, they we're being watched)

12/16/2009 #8

I got the reply from you crossover4. It's too bad TL couldn't play. I guess I'll do the Society in this story. Although, it might get a little confusing to determine the ultimasword wielding Nick to the gambling L4D Nick. That, and I've never played Left 4 Dead either. But the information above does help a little. I might want to look up stuff on YouTube as well.

12/16/2009 #9

Remember trailers and gameplay and walkthroughs.

Also I'll be using 2 villians from Anime. Medusa from Soul Eater, and Moria Gecko from One Piece. Also Vicky will be dipped into the sea of Black Tears and she will have the Drowning Doom at her command.



(An unkown group was watching the grunts do their work)

(Note: It's either the Survivors or the Society)

12/16/2009 #10

(In the bushes)

L4D Nick:Who the hell are those guys?

Coach: I don't know but there rounding up zombies so the army maybe?

Rochelle: I don't think the army is that High-tech.

Ellis: Didn't y'all hear what they said "Invading universes" I think there from different universes!

Rochelle: Don't be stupid Ellis that's not possible.

L4D Nick: Well were not gonna find out who they are by hiding from them, let's talk to em.

(Nick walks out of the bushes)

L4D Nick: Hi I'm Nick and I'm immune so I won't go zombie on you, could you tell me what your doing.

12/16/2009 #11

Grunt 4: Oh, we're rounding up all the undead we can get our hands on. We're gonna use them in our conquest of the multiverse. We're the main army of the Organization. An interdimensional... organization... that's out to conquer every universe there is. Also terminate all the heroes of every world we invade. And you know something... if your a survivor... (Looks to the rest of his squad) We got survivors. What should we do with them?

Grunt 3: Just kill them.

Grunt 4: Roger-roger!

(All the grunts aimed their rifles at the survivors)

12/16/2009 #12

L4D Nick: Hey I just wanted to know what you were doing!

(he jumps behind a car to avoid the gunfire)

Coach: Attack!!!

(Imagine the L4D2 theme is playing, Ellis,Coach, and Rochelle charge out of the bushes shooting grunt and zombie alike while Nick throws a pipe bomb that distracts the horde and lures them into a trap as the beeping from the light goes faster and faster until BOOM, all the zombies are dead)

(When the last grunt falls L4D Nick looks around)

L4D Nick: well that was a waste of time.

Ellis: I don't think so, look at this!

(Ellis grabs a holographic recorder from a grunts hand and presses the button in the middle, as soon as he does that an image of Dr. Animo appears.

12/16/2009 #13

Dr. Animo (Hologram Recording): Now listen up. I'm developing a new bio-weapon that will cripple the defenses of the worlds we invade. In order to make this weapon I require the right subjects. I have located a world where some sort of virus is turning people into zombie-like creatures. These "zombies" come in many different shapes and sizes. I need you to gather at least 1000 zombies in order for me to make this bio-weapon. Here, this is a special controller which should keep them under your control. I already created larger versions of them. They are being loaded onto the Air-Carrier from which you will launch your mission. Medusa and Moria will over see the mission. Also Vicky has returned from her trip to Brutal world and has come backed with a new battalion for the Organization. The first batch of this new regiment will be delpoyed alongside you. They will remain with Vicky at the Air carrier, in case it comes under attacked. The usual Hair Metal Militia will accompined you as always. Tainted Coil forces will be deployed if you encoutner strong resistance. This is an Earth-type world. You have no need to worry about the local militaries, we already dispatched battalions to take care of them. No go. Take the portable controller, and bring me back at least 1000 zombies. Also try to get at least 1 of each type. (Message Ends)

12/16/2009 #14

L4D Nick: You guys heard that right, it wasn't just me?

Coach: Yeah we heard it and I for don't like it!

Ellis: A whole bunch of things are messed up more than usual now but 2 things are for certain:

1. I was right about the universe thing , Rochelle you owe me an apology.

Rochelle: Sorry Ellis (she said in an annoyed tone)

Ellis: 2. I don't think we can count on the army on saving us.

Coach: the Hologram thing said that there was an air carrier near the edge of town lets head there now.

Rochelle: Alright coach and I think we should take the controller, less zombies to worry about.

(Nick searches through a solders gear and grabs a circler device with buttons on the top and bottom of it and a screen that says Low Battery)

Nick: God Damn it! Looks like well have to recharge it at there air carrier

(As the group walks off Ellis says)

Ellis: This days just getting weirder and weirder.

(And the day was going to get more weird for the survivors as a portal opened up a mile away and out came a guy in a leather jacket that held a guitar and an axe at the same time)


Before you ask yes the guy is Eddie Riggs, bout time he was in an Ultima story if you ask me, no offence Nick

12/16/2009 #15

(note: You and Nick will do the heroes, I'll do all the bad guys. It's bout time for Eddie to make his appearance with the Hair Metal Militia and the Tainted Coil as major branches of the Organization's amry)


(At the Air-Carrier, which looks like a Assault Destroyer with wings. We see a control room, and see Medusa, and Moria at the bridge overlooking grunts at several computers)

Grunt: Huh? We lost contact with Squad 16.

Medusa: What happend to them.

Grunt: It seems some unkown group killed.

Moria: Kishishishishishishi. And I thought this was going to be boring.

Medusa: have one of our UAVs locate them.

Grunt: Roger-roger.

???: What about me?

(A mysterious figure who resembles Vicky with shadows around her approaches Medusa and Moria)

Vicky???: I'm just dying to test out my new powers!

Medusa: Not yet. We need you to defend the carrier. Also the society may arrive, and we'll need you to deal with them.

Grunt: Mam! One of our UAVs has spotted someone!

Medusa: Is it the group who took out squad 16?

Grunt: Negative! Its... its... its... its him!

Medusa: So... that's the one with the power of Metal at his command.

Moria: the one who defeated Lionwhyte, and killed Doviculous.


A organization UAV spotted the large man that was Eddie Riggs.

12/16/2009 #16

(But he wasn't alone. Exiting from the tour bus and standing alongside him are his friends Ophelia, Lita, Mangus, Kill Master, Fire Baron, Rima, and his own army of Headbangers, Razorgirls, Bouncers, Roadies, and more. Also exiting from the bus came CIA agent: Stan Smith and his rebellious daughter Haley, master thief: Sly Cooper, teenage robot: Jenny Wakeman and her mother Nora, and finally, friend of the Keyblade master: Riku. They all stared at the Air-Carrier in awe. That is, except for Stan and Haley who were having an argument.)

Haley: I don't care what you think! These guys are my friends!

Stan: They're all renegades! I tried to drag you out of this stupid road trip, but you had to drag me along!

Haley: I didn't drag you here! You ran inside right when the bus took off!

Nora: AHEM! If we could focus on the situation at hand!

Sly: That's right. I think those guys are wise to us. You ready to give the orders Eddie?


Note: Would anyone else like to take the role of the Brutal Legend heroes? I'd wager you guys know more about what they'd have to say than I would. Also, if your wondering where Nick is, well I decided to add him in a little later in the roleplay and give the spotlight to a different OC of mine who would go perfectly with this dark storyline. Free brownie points to whoever knows who it is!

12/17/2009 #17

Eddie: Simple, we charge at them and yell "don't attack" when we're really going to attack, it's genius they never see it coming

(While giving orders, everyone hears a massive roar, they turn around to see a man that had chest and arms the size of a door.)

Eddie:On second thought let's attack that big,.......thing whatever it is.

12/17/2009 #18

(The Charger rushed towards them)


(Meanwhile on the Air-Carrier)

Moria: Kishishishishishishi. The Society has arrived with their own army.

Medusa: I guess now would be the time for you to move... Vicky.

Vicky???: Perfect.

Grunt: Mam! One of our UAVs has spotted the group that wiped out squad 16.

Medusa: Good dispatched some troops to deal with them.

Grunt: Roger-roger.

Medusa: As for you.... (Vicky??? was gone)... Hmm. I guess she was dying to use her new abilities.


(We see Organization Dropships heading towards the survivors location)

Grunt: Remember. As soon as you see them, kill them!

More Grunts: Roger-roger!


(At the front of the Air-Carrier, Vicky exited it. Her skin was a light BLue, and she had pitch-black bandages all over her, and dark mist was creeping around)

Drowned Vicky: Here's DROWNED VICKY! Bwahahahaha!

(The Drowning Doom, under the command of Vicky, exited the Air-Carrier)

Grunt: Some zombies have engaged the Society members. They're only a few blocks from me.

Drowned Vicky: Good. It's time for them to have a date with death! Bwahahahahaha!

12/17/2009 #19

(The Charger roared as it pummeled its way through many of Eddies army. Riku ran forward and brought out his keyblade "The Way to Dawn". With a quick slice, he merely put a huge cut on the Chargers arm. Sly then ran in a climbed on top of the Chargers head smacking him around with his cane. Stan was hiding behind a bus firing bullets at the Charger leaving little effect. Finally, lightning struck the beast on the face and Eddie chopped its torso in half using his axe. Jenny lifted the dead villain inb the air and threw him far away.)

Jenny: Well, that was a little easy.

Nora: Do not be so sure XJ9. Even while taking all of those hits, it still remained standing.

Riku: She's right. We might be able to defeat one. But what are the chances of us against over a hundred of these guys?

Sly: Uh, I don't think it's "guys" we should be worried about. HEADS UP!

12/17/2009 #20

Note: Vicky right?


(Vicky along with a Legion of Grave Diggers, Brides, Frightwigs, and Ratguts approached Eddie and his fellow society members)

Drowned Vicky: So your Eddie Riggs, right? Doviculous wants you dead for chopping his head off.

12/17/2009 #21

Note: It's going to cut back to the survivors now


(As the survivors continue walking Coach stops suddenly)

Coach: Y'all hear that?

(An Organization chopper flies over them)

Coach: It's go time baby!

(the helicopter begins firing at them.)

Nick: That hunk of junk is going down down!

(Nick takes out his sniper rifle and manages to shoot the pilot in the head, bringing it down.)

(the foursome search the wreckage when they find a grunt still alive)

12/17/2009 #22

(If your having trouble picturing grunts, they are completly covered in black armor, which dehumanises them.)


Grunt: Aggh. Can't be believe they took out the pilot. Where is that Dropship?

(The Grunt notices the heroes. He reaches for his rifle, but it was crushed in the crash)

Grunt: Umm... I surrender?

12/17/2009 #23

Nick: You have 5 seconds to start talking or a bullet goes through your head!

(Nick points a pistol at the grunt)

Nick: What I want to know is if there are enemies of yours in Savannah right now?!

12/17/2009 #24

Grunt: Odd question to ask, but... yeah. One of our UAVs spotted some of our enemies on this world. They are 5 blocks away from the Air-Carrier. From what I know a special unit of ours has been dispatched to take care of them. It's all happening on the edge of town. And we happen to be on the opposite side of the middle of town where the Air carrier's side is. Also a small fleet of Dropships carrying troops have been dispatched to deal with you. Me and my bud we're just one of the many gunship patrols. They should be any minute now.

12/17/2009 #25

Nick: Thanks, oh by the way you took longer than 5 seconds

(Nick then procedes to shoot him)

Ellis:That was cold Nick.

Nick: Come on, don't think he would have done the same to us.

Coach: Why did you wanna know about there enemies.

Nick: Be realistic coach the four of us are good against zombies but this is a full fleged military operation here, I don't think well be able to take'em down.

Rochelle: You got a point Nick, aliright then let's head there now!

Ellis: How are we gonna get there?

Rochelle: let me see that hologram thing again Ellis.

(Ellis hands him the Holopod and she presses some buttons until a map shows up on the screen)

Ellis: How'd you do that?

Rochelle:There's a button that says "map", can't believe you didn't see that.

Coach: Alright we got a plan lets go there now and meet these "Heroes"!

(The group suddenly hears more choppers)

Nick:We might want to run.

12/17/2009 #26

(About 5 Organization Dropships appeared. They look like black Pelicans (From Halo 3). The Dropships landed and deployed their troops. Hairbangers, Groupies, and Glitterfists we're deployed among the grunts)

(Note: Think about what the 4 ordinary people will respond, when they see the hunchbacked blond Hairbangers and their fuzzy hand-cuffs, and the groupies armed with fire-belching crossbows, and the Glitterfists really big... fists coated in glitter.)

Grunt: There they are. And killed two of our guys. Smoke them!

12/17/2009 #27

Rochelle: This is some great stuff we got ourselfs into.

Ellis: Now I know there about to kill us put those chicks with weird guns are HOT!!!

Coach: Put your eyeballs back inside your head boy, we ain't through yet.

(As the Baddies charge toward our 4 survivors, Nick draws a glitterfists atencion)

Nick: Hey bigfist was your mom a male boxer and dad a gorilla for you to get those huge hands!

(The glitterfist in rage attacks raises his fist to strike nick but he jumpes out of the way while the fist hits a car and hot steam flies out and hits him in the face)

Nick: Oh and what idiot puts glitter on a weapon?

(Blinded the glitterfist swings his fists around hitting all the other glitterfists and killing them instanly while Nick shoots the blinded one until it two dies)

(Hairbangers start converging on coach)

Coach: Now now, how many of you boys think they can take me on?

(Not one of them backsdown..... until coach gets out a chainsaw)

Coach:How bout now?

(All the Hairbangers run away only to be shot down by the groupies)

Ellis: Now ladies try showing the gentlemen some respect

(He takes out a magnum pistol and blows all the groupies heads off)

12/17/2009 #28

Hairbanger: Those dipsticks are proving to be tougher then they look.

Groupies: We better call in more troops.

Grunt: Yeah. Roger-roger. This is hunter group 12, send in two more groups.

(The grunt look over the remaining troops. There was still 50 grunts, 40Hairbangers, 30 Groupies, and 25 Glitterfists left. Also the 5 Dropships were sitll airborne to give them air support. More Dropships could be heard)


I think this would be a good time to run.

12/17/2009 #29

Coach: We gotta move people!

(The 4 heroes run into an allyway but before leaving, Nick throws Boomer Bile in a jar at the troops)

Nick: Fight amongst yourselfs for a bit!


FYI: Boomer Bile can be thrown and is in L4D2 if you didn't know that.

12/17/2009 #30
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