Ultima: The Biggest Cartoon Crossover Series Ever!
OK. I admit, the title sounds a little braggy. But in this forum, you can talk about probably my most ambitious project ever. To learn more about my stories enter the forum, and I'll brief you in on the details. Or you can make roleplays. That's good too.
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Hey C4.

I think I'll convince Nick to continue at least one roleplay tomorrow.

So in the mean time, I think we'll do one ourselves.

This roleplay will star... you. That's right.

You are somehow sent to the world of your favorite show, and you find it under attack by Org forces, and you go on an interdimensional journey, discovering more forces at work.

So what do you say?

7/3/2010 #1

(Starts inhaling and exhaling deeply)

Alright I'll do it but from now on I want to be called by my name ,"Isiah" and i want this to start after all the RP's were doing are done, I mean Nick would want to do them if we just do 1 at a time, meaning that we put all the other ones on hiatus and continue one until it's done then go on to the next one

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS but I want who else out there who is reading the RP's (and is liking them) to now how the stories are going to end starting with Jet the merc then L4D then it will be random after that

P.S. Temhota, I think it was a HUGE mistake to become impatient and start all the RP's week after week

This is Isiah Gomez Signing off

7/3/2010 #2

I don't even know anyone who does read the roleplays.

I should ask some friends of mine to join, and ask them to invite other friends.

I think we'll start L4D tomorrow.


Also... as for this fic, I was thinking it just be you, me, and some other friends.

I think maybe Nick shouldn't have another RP to worry about. You seem to respond more often then he does.

7/4/2010 #3

I hope you don't mind me intruding, but I have some ideas as to how this roleplay could work.

1. Isiah comes from the REAL real world, so he tells the Society about Nick(this is before Nick's arrival) and how he's there savior thanks to reading the Ultima fanfictions/roleplays

2. Maleficent knows Isiah is from the REAL real world, so she wants him dead at all costs.

3. The villains primarily used are C4's favorite villains. Same goes for heroes.

7/7/2010 #4


But I would like to see other villians as well.

Also, who are you?

7/8/2010 #5

Oh, forgiveness Temhota, I'm a new author named DoktorK. I just like the idea of this roleplay and the Ultima series. And of course other heroes and villains can appear, I meant the main heroes and villains used should be his favorites.

7/8/2010 #6

Hmm. I wonder if C4 can do this with me sometime in the future.

3/2/2011 #7

Dude, if you want to do it, just ask him in a PM or something.

3/3/2011 #8

Will do it don't worry, it's just going to be after "U:T***" is finished, I plan for this to explain how the Safe House was built.

3/4/2011 #9
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