Ultima: The Biggest Cartoon Crossover Series Ever!
OK. I admit, the title sounds a little braggy. But in this forum, you can talk about probably my most ambitious project ever. To learn more about my stories enter the forum, and I'll brief you in on the details. Or you can make roleplays. That's good too.
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"Rush!" Regulus called out. The entire squad ran ahead.

"If only we came here before, we could find a shortcut warp," Vector commented. "I don't think we need to level up."

"Vector, enough with the fourth wall!"


Phineas miscalculated a bit, he admitted it. Fortunately there was one last method he could try.

"I enjoyed this party, I really did, but I must jet," he said, throwing a stun grenade on the floor and activating his jet boots to fly up and out.

2/16/2011 #61

Grunt: We need a command and conquer style.

Grunt 2: Nope. Starcraft!

(Immediatly, everything swtich to a Starcraft-like view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht0ji5gEbx4&feature=related) (This music played: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9wMRuJuYw)

(The player placed his mouse over a grunt, and selected him)

Grunt: You want a piece of me boy?

(He then selected a Mechanoid Exterminator)

Exterminator: Slaughter!

(He selected the whole army)

Lodo: Time to go to war. (The player order the group to move) Let's see what we have here. (Xiticix warriors appeared, the player order the group to attack) Destroy all opposition!

(The warriors were killed. The player instructed the army to move down a winding path.)

Lodo: Leapers.

(Xiticix Leapers attacked. The mechanoid runners used their psionics to paralyze the, while the Kittani blasted them)

(The player then instructed the group to move to a small ridge)

2/16/2011 #62

"Did anyone get hurt? Regulus asked.

"I stubbed my toe!"

"Any injuries that people care about, Spicer?"

No response.

Regulus turned to Lodo. "I think we overdid it on the weaponry. I'm not complaining, but no one, maybe not even the Grunts, has been hurt."

2/17/2011 #63

Lodo: This is just the calm before the swarm...

Kittani: When you say swarm, you mean...(buzzing was heard)

(hundreds of thousands of Xiticix warriors, hunters, leapers, and super-warriors emerged)

Kittani 2: Great.

Lodo: Get ready Regulus. Time to put our forces to the test!

(Lodo's man opened fired)


(Write an epic battle)

2/17/2011 #64

"Show them who is supreme!" Regulus, Jack Spicer, Fawful, Eggman and their minions all began to fire their weapons into the swarm. They fell by the dozens, but got up to bring more damage. Apparently, hitting them anywhere aside from the head would only injure them, not kill them. Still, they were falling after a bit.

"They're on the ropes!" Regulus cackled, just before a Hunter got through and knocked Regulus on the ground. Then the Hunter's head fell, having been decapitated by a certain laser sword...

"Hopefully you'll repay me, brother," Phineas remarked.

2/17/2011 #65

(Some grunts were skewered and gunned down. As well as gorgies, Kittani, Kydian, and some of the other's minions)

Lodo: Great losing troops.

(Out of the ground, burst 4 massive Xiticix. Their legs dirigitrid, and they had 4 massive arms)

Lodo: Well wadda y'know. They do adapt. And quite amazingly. These Xiticix appear to be anti-armor castes.

(The 4 Xiticix rushed over to Regulus's gruntbots and started smashing them)

Lodo: Yup. Definetly an anti-armor breed. I'll call them berserkers.

2/17/2011 #66

(So you DO remember previous statements. Nice work.)

Regulus nodded to Herbert.

"Already on it, " the polar bear said, pressing a remote control to make the Ultimate Protobot come out and start pumbeling a couple of aptly-named Berserkers.

2/17/2011 #67

(Unfortunely, the Berserkers were fast and numerous, and said pummeling did little (unless they were ripped in half, which some were). More Berserkers swarmed the Proto-bot, and started beating it to death)


(I always remmeber previous statements. I just think the people I roleplay sometimes do. No offense)

2/19/2011 #68

(Yeah. I'm just surprised about remembering some insignifigant thing from 20 posts ago. I mean, you remembered Phineas' name on the airship with just the word 'brother' to help. That is awesome.)


"No!" Herbert cried out in shock and sadness. But help was on the way. About fifty Armored Warrior GruntBots jumped up, landing on some of the Bezerkers and slashed mercilessly.

2/21/2011 #69

(Of course the Berserkers grabbed some and even started mauling them, and smashing them. Some bots managed to kill some berserkers)

Lodo: We have to keep moving!

(Some Kydians blasted some warriors swarming in on them. A few remaining Romanovs fired at the berserkers, and the Exterminators backed them up)

(More Xiticix were swarming out of the holes)

(The mechanoids and robots managed to defeat the berserkers, and the whole group was on the run)

2/21/2011 #70

Regulus turned toward Lodo as they ran. "Any ideas as to how we can lose them?" he asked. "Smoke bombs? Stun grenade? Anything?"

2/21/2011 #71

Lodo: Just blast through them. (Lodo pressed a button, and all the troops he lost were summoned back to his location) Open fire!

(The army started to blast their way through the bug horde)

2/21/2011 #72

Regulus noticed a few holes under precipices of rocks.

"Smart idea to clog up the nests?"

2/22/2011 #73

Lodo: Their diggers will eventually... well... dig them out, but yes, it will slow them down.

2/22/2011 #74

"Anything to keep me from dying," Regulus commented, firing a few rounds of laser into the rocks. They instantly fell, covering some of the holes.

2/23/2011 #75

(The army managed to cut a path through the swarm)

Lodo: Okay, that bought us some time, let's run!

2/23/2011 #76

The entire group ran as fast as they could, trying to outrun the Xixitx (Did I spell that right?). Regulus pulled out a tracking device.

"How far would you say we are from the Sleepers at this point?" he asked Lodo. "I don't feel like reenacting The Most Dangerous Game all day."

2/24/2011 #77

Lodo: Not that far, we just have to blast our way through a few more swarms.

(More Xiticix swarms flew into the air. There were thousands of them. The romanovs blasted into the sky, and wiped out some. The Mechanoid exterminators used their psionics to destroy some holes. The whole army continued to advance)


(Note: Sorry, but it's spelt Xiticix. Not Xixitx)

2/24/2011 #78

"How I got suckered into this..." Vector mumbled, shooting multiple Xiticix. "This better be worth the trip."

2/26/2011 #79

(The Xiticix, suddenly froze, and then turned around, leaving the group behind)

Lodo: They're retreating. We must be approaching the wastelands. Look! (Lodo pointed to a giant crevice in a massive rock wall) The Sleepers are just beyond there. Move out!

(Lodo re-spawned his troops, and the whole army moved into the canyon-like valley. They saw communities of what could only be mutants. Green skinned brutes, humanoid pigs, weird mushroom back man, and fat fish people)

Lodo: Just as I suspected, there are mutant communities living between the wastelands and the Xiticix hives.

2/27/2011 #80

"Will they kill us?" Phineas asked, quietly.

"No, but I will," Regulus said, slamming Phineas into the rock wall. He leaned in close. "I don't care how you got out. I don't even care how you made it here. I will let you slide, but you do not touch anything. I will kill you if so. Got it?"

Phineas nodded.

2/28/2011 #81

Lodo: They will most likely just leave us alone, and mind our their own business. Now, for this pest.

(Lodo grabs Phineas by the colar)

Lodo: I will not let ANYONE ruin this!

(Lodo threw Phineas at a Mechanoid Brute, who lifted him up with telepathy, and then hurled Phineas back into the hive lands, where he was caught by a Xiticix warrior, who carried him off into a nearby hive)

Lodo: That should keep him busy. Let's move.

(The group entered the community. It was a crude town, composed of scrap, looking somewhat like a sprawl and a slum. There were weirdos everywhere, giving the group an unfriendly look. (Note: These guys come from Gamma World and Worldshift))

Lodo: Let's try not to start trouble.

2/28/2011 #82

Regulus attempted peaceful talk. "Uh, hi. We're just passing through, don't mind us."

Then he whispered to Lodo. "You are delightfully evil. I like it. Phineas is not going to survive it this time."

(Was he really? Nah. Or was he?)

3/1/2011 #83

(Phineas? We shall see)


Lodo: You have no idea.

(Some mutants glared at the group)

Greenskin: What's a armed group doing here.

Lodo: We're just going into the wastelands.

Badder: Da wastelands?

Gallus Gallus: You have a death wish. No one, not even the bugman, go there.

Dabber: Dat's where the boney bots lurk.

Lodo: You mean Necro-Bots.

Greenskin: Whatever. The point is... you have no chance there.

Lodo: We shall see.

(The group continued to walk down the sprawl, noticing the many freaks leering at them. They eventually came to what would be the valley's exit, and a gigantic wall of mist)

3/1/2011 #84

Regulus scowled. "Highly suspicious. Permission to fire through it? Or just walk through it?"

3/2/2011 #85

Lodo: Move out. See anything that isn't ours... open fire. Oh, and follow me. I know the way.

(The group entered the mist. The fog was incredibly thick. IT was almost impossible to see)

3/2/2011 #86

"Everyone together!" Regulus called out. "Can't afford to get lost!"

3/3/2011 #87

(they wander for a while. Lodo heard walking)

Lodo: Listen... get ready to fight.

(Lodo held his hand in the air, and than made a clutch and released what appeared to be a black gem which soon disappated and the fog was removed)

(To the group shock and horror, they were surrounded on all sides by what appeared to be an endless legion of ghastly and nightmarish skeletal robots)

Lodo: The Necro-Bots. Not at as powerful as the Necrons. But still capable of scouring life from a galaxy. Defend your selves and follow me! Don't stop! Their weapons will strip the atoms off your body and they'll just get back on their feet when they're dead.

3/4/2011 #88

"Point taken. RUN!" Regulus shouted, immediately taking off with the other geniuses following suit. He dodged a few swings from a Necro-Bot, then kept running.

"How the (BLEEP) can Necrons have robotic dopplegangers that have near the same powers?" Nefarius yelled.

"We're in the middle of a plot point, and you ask that?" Vector yelled back.

Regulus looked back with a stern glare.

"Oh, right."

3/5/2011 #89

Lodo: The Necrons gave up their flesh and blood bodies and transfer their counscious into mechanical bodies made out of a living metal called Necrodermis, thus becoming immortal. The Necro-Bots are made out of the same substance, and use technology based on the Necrons.

3/5/2011 #90
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