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OK. I admit, the title sounds a little braggy. But in this forum, you can talk about probably my most ambitious project ever. To learn more about my stories enter the forum, and I'll brief you in on the details. Or you can make roleplays. That's good too.
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Okay, I'm planning on incoporating creatures, characters, technology, and other factors from various media, such as Video games, Role-playing games, table top war games, and other sources.

Now some of these can take a long time to explain, and pretty dang hard to describe. But it be easier if you had the books that detail them.

So in this thread, I'll list the books where you can find info on various subjects, such as weapons and technology, monsters, and even some Org Villians!

Note: Most of these books can be bought at your local comic and hobby stores. As for strategy guides, you can buy them where games are sold, such as Gamestop.

Note: If you can't find the listed books, then you'll have to order them online.



(Note: Rifts has a compelling setting and great art, so people mostly buy the books just for the story)


Rifts Ultimate Edition (The main book. Definite need)

Rifts Sourcebook One (Archie 3, Hagan, and Archie's robots. Plus some monsters, including the Brodkil)

Rifts Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids (The Mechanoids)

Rifts Sourcebook Three: Mindwerks (Gene-Splciers)

Rifts Mercenaries (A whole treasure trove of weapons and vehicles. And some mercenaries. Some good, some evil)

Rifts Mercs Op (More equipment for both the Org, but mostly the Society!)

Rifts Sourcebook Four: Coalition Navy (The Navy of the Coalition)

Rifts Worldbook Two: Atlantis (The Splugorth and their minions)

Rifts Worldbook Five: Triax and the NGR (Triax, the New German Republic, and the Gargoyle Empire)

Rifts Worldbook Six: South America

Rifts Worldbook Seven: Undersea (The Naut'Yll, New Navy, and the NGR navy)

Rifts Worldbook Eight: Japan (Japan is divided by the technological Republic, and the anti-technology New Empire. The Org has plans for Japan)

Rifts Worldbook Nine: South America Two (The Arkhon and the Silver River Republic)

Rifts Worldbook Eleven: Coalition War Campaign (The Coalition War Machine. Note: Most of the Org army uses Coalition war machines)

Rifts Worldbook Thirteen: Lone Star (Mutant animals, and more Coalition)

Rifts Worldbook Fourteen: New West (Weapons, and monsters)

Rifts Worldbook Fifteen: Spirit West (Monsters and Magical Indians. Plus some cool machines)

Rifts Worldbook Sixteen: Federation of Magic (The Federation of Magic)

Rifts Worldbook Seventeen: Warlords of Russia

Rifts Worldbook Eighteen: Mystic Russia

Rifts Worldbook Twenty: Canada (Heroes, equipment, and cybernetics, and creatures)

Rifts Worldbook Twenty One: Splynn Dimensional Market (More on the Splugorth and their minions)

Rifts Worldbook Twenty Two: Free Qubec (The nation of Free Qubec, Coalition traitors)

Rifts Worldbook Twenty Three: Xiticix Invasion (The very dangerous Xiticix, and the war against them)

Siege on Tolkeen 1: Sedition (Coalition vs the magical Kingdom of Tolkeen. Some Techno-wizardy weapons, and the fabled Iron Juggernauts, which the Org uses!)

Siege on Tolkeen 2: Coalition Overkill (Coalition Flying Leviathan Stratocarrier, and the dreadful Daemonix, who have recently hooked up with the Org)

Siege on Tolkeen 3: Sorcerer's Revenge (More Iron Juggernauts, and Tolkeen's brutal assault on the Coalition forces)

Siege on Tolkeen 6: Final Siege (The fate of Tolkeen, and the end of war. Plus more Iron Juggernauts, TW war machines, and monsters who have now sided with the Org)

Rifts Worldbook Twenty Four: China One

Rifts Worldbook Twenty Five: China Two

Rifts Worldbook Thirty One: Triax 2 (More Triax robots)

Chaos Earth (A Prequel to Rifts. Features NEMA, heroes of humanity)

Chaos Earth Sourcebook One: Creatures of Chaos (Demons)

Rifts Dimension Book Ten: Hades - Pits of Hell (Demons and their home)

Rifts Dimension Book Twelve: Dimensional Outbreak (Demons in space!)

Rifts Converion Book 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse (Gods and their minions. Plus Org members)

Dark Conversions (Loathsome monsters used by the Org)


Other Books from Palladium


Splicers RPG (Killer Robots, and organic weapons and war machines used to fight them)

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (Mecha, the Invid, and the Haydonites. Note: The both the Org and the Society uses these mecha)

Robotech: The Masters Saga (More Mecha, and the Robotech masters)

Robotech: The Macross Saga (Again, more Mecha, and the Zentraidei, which serve both the Org and the Society)

Beyond the Supernatural (Horror RPG)

Land of the Damned One: Chaos Lands (Monsters and Dark minions for the Org)


CthulhuTech - Combining mecha-genre anime and the works of HP Lovecraft:


Core Book (The Nazzadi, mecha, Tagers, Dhohanoids, migou, and monsters. Almost ALL of it is used by the Org. But the Society has other plans)

Vade Mecum (More mecha, tagers, and monsters)

Damnation View (the first storybook. An insight to NEG projects, a couple of EOD mecha, the horned ones, and some important events(stories) of what happens in 2086)

Mortal Remains (the aftermath of DV. More on the Nazzadi and Migou. Plus some a couple of Nazzadi and Migou mecha. And the NEG's Nephiliam project)

Ancient Enemies (More on the Eldritch Society, and the Children of Chaos. Plus two new Tagers, and four new Dhoahanoids. Note: The Org uses both)

Unveiled Threats (Weapons. For both human, Migou, and Deep Ones. The Org uses all three)

Burning Horizon (Unreleased) (the second Story book. The NEG begins for an all attack on the Migou Hive Ship, and an unexpected ally from the stars. Plus some space mecha!)

Dead Gods (Unreleased) (Described as being centered around the cults, Esoteric Order of Dagon, and the Rapine Storm.


Strategy Guides

(Although, they tell you little story, they give some great stats on various weapons and enemies)


Killzone 3 Official Strategy Guide (Some Grunt variants are based off the Helghast, and the Org does use Helghan weaponry)

Vanquish Official Strategy Guide (Org Robots)

Front Mission Evolved (Mecha that both the Society and Org use)


Warhammer 40,000

(Note: These books can be bought at Games Workshop)


Codex: Dark Eldar

Codex: Orks

Codex: Tyranids

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

Codex: Chaos Daemons

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Here's some ideas of more villains...

Fawful (Mario)

Mr. Dark, Razorbeard, Reflux, Andre (Rayman)

Opal Koboi (Artemis Fowl)

Prosper English (Evil Genius)

Maxwell Doppelganger (Scribblenauts)

Strong Bad (Homestar Runner)

Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet and Clank)

Megamind (Megamind, assuming he's still evil.)

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Umm. I made this topic specificully for Tabletop Wargames, tabletop RPGs, First Person shooters, Third person Shooters, RTS, and Turn based strategy games.

And of course list the books that go with them.

2/9/2011 #3

Whoops. Thought you meant video games period. My mistake.

2/10/2011 #4

Hey C4? Have you looked at the list?

2/24/2011 #5

Hey guys, I just updated the list. Added some Rift Books, and CthulhuTech.

CthulhuTech is very cool, and I have plans to incorporate it into Ultima.

Plus it's features tons of mecha and monsters, which the Org both uses. The Society also use these mechs as well.

Plus some Cults who have teemed up with the Org, and the powerful Migou race, which the Org(with the help of the Irkens) plans to enslave.

9/14/2011 #6

Impossible Creatures


Clips of Dr Nefarious


Another Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd0zebfZ3ZI


Link for RYNO V:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG_b1eDB6T8

OddWorld:Stranger's Wrath

Here's a link to a machinima The Forgotten Spartans

Link to episode 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx2-IqN8rc4

Mortal Kombat Armageddon


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