Laven Week
From August 6 to August 13 is Laven week! A time for moyashi and Bunny love! This pairing has been under-appreciated for too long and deserves it's own celebration!
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Hey everyone! please post a link to your Laven week stories in this topic please~ :) that way its nice and easy for everyone to find everything.


~NellaXIval and DGM yaoi Lover

8/4/2009 #1
Missus Ann

Uhhuu... Here it is, my horrible Laven week story (so far) I'm sorry I failed you so, Laven! TT^TT

8/6/2009 #2

XD theres nothing wrong with posting a story for a pairing you love~

heres my collection!

8/6/2009 #3
Missus Ann

It was just reaaaally badly written (mine) and so I failed them. I could've done way better.. holy flying monkeys it's 6. D:

8/6/2009 #4

Here's my trying-to-write-even-though-I-have-writer's-block-story D:

I thought the title pretty much spelled it all out... :-:

8/6/2009 #5
Aion Laven Walker

Here's mine:

8/6/2009 #6

Oooh, ooh! Haven't talked on here yet, but I'm still joining in! XD

Sorry if it's amateur-ish. =P

8/6/2009 #7

this here is Baka Coconut's entry. :3

8/6/2009 #8

sorry for the double post, I'm just posting any Laven week stories I find.

here is Zuenira Azure's entry.

And here is SolemnSoul's entry:

Aaaaaand here xBleedingLotusx's entry!

8/8/2009 . Edited 8/8/2009 #9

D: erk. another post. sorry! found some Laven week fanart for y'all. :D if you guys see anything relating to Laven week, please post it!

here is BlueEvee's submission;

and here is Aruka-san's!

and another! this one by Kagomedemon!

and heres some literature on DA! by Deideifg!


8/8/2009 #10

Ehh... my sorry excuse for an entry as something contributed to Laven week ;-; sorry~

8/15/2009 #11
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