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Sick of Amuto? Sick of Tadamu, Rimahiko, Kutau, and all those popular pairings? Come here to discuss /your/ personal favs. ;D Lets spice up this dull fandom!
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Phantom Thief Zel

Ever considered pairing up Shugo Chara's lovely ladies? Discuss it here! 8)

4/13/2009 #1
Phantom Thief Zel

While I'm not a big yuri fan, one pairing I have been pondering as of late is Yukari/Utau. I mean, it just kinda makes sense when you think about it.

That one time when Yukari fell out of that helicopter b/c of the X Charas and Utau rescued her? Then they had a little touching heart to heart moment? Yeah, I was just sitting there thinking, "Are they gonna make out or something?" Haha. But yeah. Out of all the possible SC yuri pairings, that one seems the most plausible to me.

4/18/2009 #2

Whoa, No one has posted in a-bit.


I'm a Yuri gal.

7/20/2009 #3
Phantom Thief Zel

Whoa, No one has posted in a-bit.

And neither have I! xp I really oughta check up on this forum more.

Amu/Utau actually seems quite plausible when I think about it. The dynamic between them, especially during the time that Utau was working for Easter, would be fun to read. ^^

7/28/2009 #4

You know what I'd like to see? NadeshikoxAmu and RimaxAmu. With more UtauxAmu!

I seriously just did a search on them, and it was so depressing. That's a problem with shoujo, they make couples so OBVIOUS. It's like shove it in your face and down your throat into your stomach obvious. Sometimes pairings need to be a wee bit more ambiguous to allow other couples time to flower and prosper and then be crushed when the manga ends and shows the actual pairing they were planning.(The Tadamu/Amuto debate does NOT count as ambiguous. We all knew she liked those two above all. I'm talking those other lovely couplings out there)

So yeah...I may be pro Amuto, but a fan needs her yaoi and yuri! And I will not turn to actual yaoi and yuri mangas for it!

11/30/2009 #5

I love Amu/Utau!

4/16/2010 #6

I love Amu/Utau!

I know right? If it doesn't work out between Utau/Kukai and Amu/Ikuto, then by all means Peach-Pit, pair those two lovely ladies together! And then Ikuto can go run off with Tadase, because we all know that's what we secretly want. And then Kukai becomes soccer star extraordinaire!

...I still stand by my desire to see more NadeshikoxAmu and RimaxAmu though. I don't care if Rimahiko is basically canon, or that Nadeshiko doesn't exist (And is a dude): Amu basically just nuzzled "Nadeshiko" the entire time she was hugging "her" in that one Party episode (Yes it counts). And Rima is obvious since she goes into a quiet jealous rage at anything that even breathes in Amu's general direction.

4/16/2010 #7

Wow, I'm probaby too late to be in this forum. Shugo Chara actually was the series that birthed my first and favorite yuri pairing: Amu/Rima. They were adorable in the manga, I couldn't help myself to falling for their interaction. It was probably because I couldn't make up my mind when it came to pairing Amu up with dudes, so my mind kind of did a weird jolt and shouted "WELL WHAT ABOUT RIMA?! 8D"

1/19/2011 #8

XDDDDD I think I love your weird brain jolt. Maybe it's just the smiley face it did.

1/20/2011 #9
yeah you don't see many yuri's of SC but i like Rima x Amu...they make a pretty cute couple but i also like Kukai x Amu, and nooffense to you if you like this couple or anyone else who does but i hate Kukai x Utau, don't know y just do. But when i see a really good yuri or kukai x amu i am so happy!
11/5/2013 #10
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