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This is for all of those who want to debate over who is the hottest Dark-Hunter.
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i think the hottest one would definietly be lol 'scuse my spelling Acheron but i would date Nick. Nick is soo adorable, charming funny and HOTT. but all of them are funny i like Kyrian since his book was the 1st that i read.

5/27/2009 #1

I agree but the I think ash is the hottest. IDk maybe it's because he's always taken by someone or unless it's because he's hard to get.

6/4/2009 #2
Gaara Rose

sorry people, but even though i love acheron to death, sometimes i think hes a cocky oracle. can u imagine asking him questions and him just looking at u as if he knew u were going to do that? personally i like talon, zarek, fury, and valerus. i also like vane and wulf.

7/3/2009 #3

i agree it would be quite annoying knowing he knew the answer but purposfully didnt tell you or put it in confusing words. and i adore phury he is soo funny.

7/4/2009 #4

I love fury too. but what i wonder sometimes is if he actually realized what a pain he can be.

7/9/2009 #5
Prustrian Informant

Okay. Acheron is deliciously hot. We all know and adore that. Dante, Valerius, Zarek, and Sin. Those guys I would LOVE to have. I would never travel away from home again. (thinking about them) Sigh.

7/20/2009 #6

I know I love them all too. But I wish there was a story on Dante, or is one there already? Well I don't know but I really like Zarek too. If I had to choose one of them I could never decide

7/22/2009 #7

I agree with the Dante story i wish there was a story on him and also Dragon *sighs* but my favorite would have to be Dev Petlier OMG LOL But as for Acheron yep most definitely the Hottest one

7/22/2009 #8

Okay guys, just found this but I read Fang's book and it is seriously hot!! My friends tell me that I'm like a cross between Tabitha and Sunshine. Ironically it is Talon and Nick who I am hot for. As for were hunters, Dev is hot but its all about Wren OMG I want that tiger!

8/7/2009 #9

I personally like Zarek, Hunter, Wolf, Vane, and of don't forget Ash, maybe Wren.

9/2/2009 #10

I personally like Zarek, Hunter, Wolf, Vane, and of don't forget Ash, maybe Wren.

9/2/2009 #11

I agree. Dante's story is awsome along with Fury's and Fang's story. Julian, Kyrian, Talon, Ash, Vane, and Remi are my favorites.

12/22/2009 #12

I agree. Dante's story is awsome along with Fury's and Fang's story. Julian, Kyrian, Talon, Ash, Vane, and Remi are my favorites.

12/22/2009 #13
Xenia Cytherea

oh come on~ i think ALL of them are hot~ LOL ALL of them just make u want to kneel on ur knees and worship their "hottness" LOL

it may make me sound like some weird pervert~ but~ almost ALL of the guys make me want to lick them from head to toe~! LOL ~

12/30/2009 #14

Oh. I hear you on that one. Have you seen their pics on her website? One word...SEXY!!! Pervert nothing! Lol.

1/6/2010 #15

Hi everyone!

One of my favorites is Zarek. :) I love tortured minds. And of course, Fury is quite sexy!

1/6/2010 #16

Totally true! But if that does make you a pervert then so am I.

1/13/2010 #17

I vote Kyrian actually. I mean honestly, the first thing she says to him is 'mister yummy leather man?' HELLO?! YUMMY. LEATHER. MAN.

4/13/2010 #18

:) Kyrian is definitely also a hottie. And I seriously have a thing for the wolves too!

4/14/2010 #19
Independent Not in Love

lol yeah my vote's for three of them . Ash, he is a badass. Kyrian badass and hot and soooo sweet! Then nick just cause we're alot alike.

you guys should read infinity it was awsome!

7/10/2010 #20

AWWWW i wanna read infinity i knoe ive said it b4 but i loooove Nick:) he is mmmmmm good;) lol and Fangs book was amazing3

7/10/2010 #21
Independent Not in Love

MAN I REALLY NEED TO READ THE OTHERS!!! ive only read infinity!damn!

7/11/2010 #22
Independent Not in Love

ohhh! try vampire academy. thats good to. WAYYYYY better then twilight trust me!

7/11/2010 #23

I seen that book and a lot of people said it's better then twilight, Im not a fan of twilight so I'll have to try it out! :D

12/27/2010 #24

Oh I have to say Wren from Unleash the night, He's seems so moody and dark...gooodddd I loved that book!!!

12/27/2010 #25
Gin's lil kitsune

I only read Devil May Cry and Retribution.. so I like Sin, Ash, and Jess. They all seem so yummy!! X3

9/2/2011 #26

alright people its obviouse that all the dark-hunters are hot. ive read all of them and i have to say that my favorite is Savitar. even though he isn't a dark-hunter that man is THE hottest guy is the serises. and i dont know about the rest of you but i want to know more about him. BADLY!

9/19/2011 #27

Yeah, I totally agree with you one the part where all Dark-Hunters are hot. I mean, let's face it, they all do something that's sweet and considerate. Take Acheron for example, do you remember when he sang in front of Tory? Or when Cassandra fell pregnant with Wulf's child and she was going to die on her 27th birthday? Don't even get me started on the memory box they made for the baby. Or when Zarek helped Astrid when she was blind? I have to admit, I'm drawn to bad boys and all Dark-Hunters are bad boys... one way or another. But if I had to choose one person, Acheron all the way baby!

10/5/2011 #28
Luke Cole

In my opinion the best Dark Hunter is Zarek is the perfect guy ,bad reputation ,the antisocial ,the angry and the most insine guy the i ever meet in a book ,but later he becomes in a Wulf puppy that the only thing he wants is love

10/6/2011 #29

ok i totally agree with you guys that they are all hott but come on no one can deny that savitar's book with be fantastic! question though for you.......do you guys like Arik? because i dont. not really anyway.

10/7/2011 #30
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