The Continuum Protectors
Completely Updated and renewed! Starting off as a simple Pokemon Crossover RP, this forum has become all about Multi-Crossover RPs! OCs and Canon Characters from everywhere are welcome!
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Post any questions here concerning this forum.

7/14/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #1

I have a question! Why is the Rp called Three World's Collide? I thought there were only two, and they were dimensions.

8/10/2009 #2
Well, technically, both Pokemon Dimensions are worlds. Also, I'm going to have creatures that aren't Pokemon come out of the portals, which would mean that there is a 3rd World inside the portals, it's just that only a Continuum Protector can access this 3rd World... Also, I haven't decided what the creatures should be, so suggestions are welcome!
8/10/2009 #3

Before I decide to get into this forum, I have a couple of questions, 1st, Do I have to be either a Trainer, Pokemon, or Continuum Protector or can I be one of the monsters that comes out of the portals?

8/11/2009 #4
A Continuum Protector is a Pokemon or Trainer that has been chosed by Dialga and/or Palkia to defend the worlds against the 3rd World threat, which are the monsters coming out of the portals. Since none of the monsters have been unleashed yet, there is no need for Continuum Protectors yet. If you want to control one of the monsters, that depends on what it is, and/or what power(s) you give it.
8/11/2009 #5

Okay, okay, Thank you and 2nd question. How would you feel if said monster was, say, a lycanthrope, ya know, werewolf and what not, but, it would be like, 'part' werewolf. So it would be able to 'Shift' some what into like a half werewolf state. If that's okay with you, I mean, I could come up with something completely different than that but, ya know, kinda need to know some boundaries that I can't cross here, other wise, well, your gonna get one mean, twisted, drunken, character. And trust me, I can Roleplay a drunken character, ask Ziggy, He would vouch for me on that part.

BUT, that's getting off topic, The base 2nd question is, what kind of monster are you looking for specifically or do you not have a preference?

8/12/2009 #6

preferably kind of related to the topic

8/12/2009 #7

Well, since The RAndoMest HAlo ManiaC EVER was able to have a character from Halo, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to have a 'part' werewolf.

You'll have to post it's bio in the Character Registration Thread first though...

Actually, how about this rule?

Anyone can have one character that isn't from the Pokemon Universe (Which are Trainers, Pokemon and Continuum Protectors).

But, no overly powerful or overwhelming characters, though...

Plus, after creating a non-Pokemon Universe character, you can't make another non-Pokemon Unverse character, unless you kill off the current non-Pokemon character that you own...

8/12/2009 . Edited 8/12/2009 #8

Dude, you just made this forum a WHOLE LOT more crazy. I'm sure that's the plan we're trying to achieve here.

8/12/2009 #9

Maybe I should rename the Forum, since the Characters are starting to get out of the Pokemon topic?

Or, should this Forum stay named 'The Continuum Protecters'?

8/12/2009 #10

Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................................................ I would keep it. It sounds cool! And that doesn't necessarily mean it's a Pokemon forum.

8/12/2009 #11

Well, you've got a point there...

8/12/2009 #12

Okay, I am just overly confused. Could you explain what this forum is and what the RPs are about?

10/30/2010 #13
I'll try to explain the best I can. This forum is basically an RP forum for any character from any game, whether the character is canon or an OC. The active RP, known as 'Nine Worlds Collide!', is about a group of heroes, all from different worlds, having to travel to approx. 9 seperate worlds (So far, there's been the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario games, the Sinnoh Region from Pokemon, Ice Caves from Blinx 2 and the Candy Chateau from Rayman 1) to defeat monsters known as 'Time Monsters', which are basically major glitches in time that have become monsters that corrupt the Spacetime of worlds as long as they exist. When defeated, these Time Monsters degrade into special crystals, known as Time Crystals, which are only minor time glitches. With the heroes is a Time Sweeper, whose job is to help them defeat the Time Monsters and clean up the Time Crystals, as well as transport the heroes to the different worlds.
10/30/2010 #14

So, say I wanted to create an OC, could I make my character from the Kirby universe?

10/30/2010 #15
Yep, you could.
10/30/2010 #16

Okay! Thanks for answering my questions.

10/30/2010 #17
You're welcome.
10/30/2010 #18
Philosophical Insanity

Hey. Is the Time Sweeper a person, or a piece of equipment?

11/7/2010 #19
E-Mir the Luminoth


11/7/2010 #20
Yeah. Basically, a Time Sweeper is either the job title of a time stream-repairing anthro cat or the device that the cat uses to both control time and to defend themself. Though, on Blinx 2, the cats were referred to as 'Sweepers', though it could still refer to either the cat or the device.
11/8/2010 #21
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