The Continuum Protectors
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Project #:


What experiment was your character?: ( What was Changed.)


Good at:

Bad at:

Any Weapons? If so. What are they?:

( Feel free to Add things as you please/)

3/6/2012 #1

Name: Garth

Project #: G614

What was changed?: He was Gene Spliced with a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and a Grey Wolf.

Appearance: Just over 5 foot tall. Well built. Brown Hair & Silver Eyes. Snake or Wolf Fangs. Ability to Change completly or Partially into Either of the Spliced Animals.

Personality: Over-Protective. Unstable. Used to be classified as Insane. Just try to stay on his good side.

Good at: Flying, Driving & Shooting. Anything involving Strength.

Bad at: Anything involving Maths. No tactics. Very Straight up guy.

Weapons: Anzito 20mm Vulcan Sniper Rifle. Scoped .357 Colt Python. And a Backup Beretta M93R

3/6/2012 #2

Name: Matty McFerran or "Le Loup Beras"

Gender: Male

Project #: F049

Body/Looks/Description: ~6 foot 8 inch with "F***ing Massive teeth and claws!" but other than those he is Fairly tanned, Long messy blonde hair, and one blue eye and 1 brown eye. He has a mild build and an Australian accent.

Personality: Cocky, Agressive and a pure Idiot and adrenaline junkie...

Weapons: Teeth. claws and Dual unscoped 44 magnum

Background/Past: A apparently Failed experiment of trying to combine Wolf DNA with a Humans DNA Which ended badly with anger problems and so when they tried to End his life by lethal injection.

Likes: Anger Adrenaline and Drugs and Shitloads of blood and gore.

Dislikes: Many Many things...

Abilities. 50/50 sight teeth and claws.

( He's not going to play a big part. He's just there.)

3/14/2012 #3
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