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Please submit your characters using the following format. I will read them over and approve. There is no specific length requirement for answers, but give enough information that your character is easily recognizable.



Race / Place of Origin:

Physical Appearance:




Strengths / Weaknesses:


Interesting Facts:

4/18/2009 #1

here's my first character:

Name: Melannen Greenleaf

Age: 719 (appears about 20)

Race / Place of Origin: Elf, Mirkwood

Physical Appearance: Tall, slender, has long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. She has a fair face and lightly tanned skin. Her hair falls to just beyond her shoulders. She has the ears of an elf and the hearing that accompanies it. Melannen usually wears a brown or white tunic covered with a blue or green jerkin, long pants, and tall boots suited for traveling.

Personality: gentle, caring, a little flirtatious, intelligent, a seasoned tracker, and often reckless.

Backstory: The younger sister of Legolas Greenleaf, Melannen was brought up in a loving home along with her brother. They played all the time when they were younger and share a very close bond. Legolas taught her to use an elvish bow and how to make arrows. Melannen wanted to accompany her brother on the Ring quest, but her parents held her back. Betrothed in Legolas' absence, Melannen refused marriage and instead went off into the world to become a freedom fighter and orc-huntress. Legolas located her and recruited her to his new cause - to defend and uphold the rule of Aragorn, king of Gondor. There, Melannen fell in love with the human Faramir, but found that he already was seeing Eowyn. Determined to gain Faramir's heart, she tried tirelessly to help Eowyn see Legolas' love for her.

Weapon: an elvish bow and arrows, as well as several curved knives.

Strengths / Weaknesses: intelligent, good fighter, skilled with weapons / rash, thinks with her heart rather than with her head.

Model: Rachel Leigh Cook

Interesting Facts: Melannen shares a birthday with her brother, Legolas, only about 100 years later than his. She is a conneiseur of trees and plants and their medicinal uses.

4/18/2009 #2

Nice...I like her. And I smell some Legolas/Eowyn in the making!

Great job, Sapph!

4/18/2009 #3

thanks!! i've had her stewing in my cranium for a while and she needed some fresh air! ^___^

4/18/2009 #4

(Here is my first Adoni, a major baddie!)

Name: Troylus Brogan Stoellgard (B—terror in Anglo-Saxon)

Age: 745 (looks in his late-thirties/later forties)

Race / Place of Origin: Adoni/Kingdom of Haran

Physical Appearance: Troylus is the epitome of masculine beauty and perfection. His handsome, stunning good looks are only rivaled by a few of his fellow Adoni and even fewer elves. There is a cleft on his potent, unwavering chin, accompanied by firm cheekbones, a fairly oval head, and broad nose. He has wavy blonde hair that ends around his shoulders and has a habit of swaying in breeze rather entreatingly. Troylus is physically impressive and has a strong, sinewy body most women lust after.

He wears navy blue trousers, black doe-skinned boots, and a cream-colored shirt that opens up, exposing a good portion of his chest (a gift to the ladies, as he says).

Personality: He can ensnare any women he wants, human, elf, or Adoni, for he’s that good. Troylus is malicious to the core, vicious, bloodthirsty, cruel, and has a nasty taste for ambition. He will fight dirty at levels just win and get higher and will back-stab anyone once he gains their trust and milks them for all their worth. His favorite sport is hunting and toying with humans or seducing maidens.

Backstory: Troylus’s mother, Natasha, was a close cousin of the leading ruler of the Adoni kingdom sequestered in Haran, thus making her and any of her children of royal blood. His father, Flandor Stoellgard, was one of reigning aristocratic families that carried special and close ties to the Adoni king and later, became a top general in the army. Natasha and Flandor met at a party one day and after series of fornication, Natasha discovered she was pregnant. She and Flandor were quickly married and nine months later, Troylus was born. He is the eldest child out of four children and considers himself the head of house ever since his father’s death about 200 years ago.

As Troylus grew up, he progressed greatly, mastering his Adoni magic and the art of combat to perfection while using his free time to satisfy his needs and lusts, becoming an accomplish lover in no time. He holds a special place in the king’s council but so far, he isn’t one of the most vital members in the room but he’s resolved to change that.

About 200 years ago, when he was 545 years old, Troylus discovered his father was having an affair with another woman. In rage, he told his mother (they sort of have had a rather unhealthy son-mother relationship) who flew off the handle and ordered him to kill his father in order to efface the shame that had been brought unto their house. Obediently, Troylus staged an attack on his father and made his death look like an accident. Natasha took it upon herself to poison Flandor’s mistress and went to kill the woman’s son (the child of Flandor and his lover, Winta) but Winta’s most trusted servant and good friend saved the child and ran off, finding sanctuary in another equally powerful house that disdained Natasha’s kin. Later, in fear of a conflict amongst his nobles, the Adoni king made a vindictive Natasha and Troylus swear not to harm Flandor and Winta’s son, which they agreed to begrudgingly.

Recently, after the defeat of Sauron, the Adoni king declared it was time rally up all the Adonis and take over the kingdoms of Men now that most of the elves had left for the Undying Lands. Troylus eagerly signed up to help his king accomplish the task for he sees humans as weak, inferior creatures that only serve as his toys of playthings of pleasure.

Weapon(s): Adoni magic (let me know if you want more info on what Adoni sorcery can do), a long, powerful broadsword he can easily wield with one hand, his seductive charms, and his mesmerizing, cunning gift with words.

Strengths: He’s very persuasive so he can make you think he’s on your side when he really isn’t, he is highly skilled in Adoni magic and combat. His ambitious thirst to be out the top drives him to victory and causes many to respect him for his cunning, ruthless mind and skills.

Weaknesses: Again, his ambition is double-edged sword for he may gain admires or followers, those who know him well do not trust him. Troylus possess a nasty, truculent temper that becomes explosive and can only be placated once he has whoever had angered him head mounted on a pike. Also, he is very prideful so any insults on his manhood or his prowess will result into a violent surge of fury on his part.

Model: John Bon Jovi

Interesting Facts: Although Troylus won’t admit it, he has a rather peculiar appetite for human females. He doesn’t understand why but every time one sparks his attention or captivates him, he is all too willing to claim her as his own.

4/22/2009 #5

HOLY CRAP IT'S JON BON JOVI!!!!!! *faints*

my mom would die.

i approve, girl! he is soooo badass.

4/23/2009 #6

Thanks, and holy cow! I thought no one else would be quite familair with Bon Jovi!

I have two more Adonis in mind and I think you'll like their models too... XD

4/23/2009 #7

sweeeet!! omigosh, this is shaping up so nicely!

4/23/2009 #8

Here's my #2:

Name: Rothirran Riwan

Age: 23

Race / Place of Origin: human, Rohan

Physical Appearance: Rothirran is tall, about 6'2", and has medium-length brown hair. His dark eyes are intelligent and rarely betray emotion. He is handsome and fair, but is not cocky. He is lithe and slender, and has a horseman's muscles. He looks more like his mother than his father, and has a perfect set of white teeth. He usually wears the tunic of his house - scarlet with a white horse rampant and laurel vert (that means red tunic with a rearing white horse and green laurel underneath the horse) and riding pants with black boots and a lightweight mail shirt underneath.

Personality: Rothirran, or Ro as he prefers, is gentle, intelligent, calm, and quite charming. He has all the good looks to catch the eyes of the women of the Rohirrim, but is not cocky and is merely a gentleman. He has a great skill with horses, and prefers the company of horses over that of the other young men his age. He is an excellent tracker, and can follow anything, man or beast, for leagues. He is outgoing but does not take a lot of risks.

Backstory: Rothirran, only son of Lord Rhodan and Lady Einion, was born two years before the death of Theoden. When Theoden was defeated by the Witch King and Lady Eowyn - Rhodan's cousin - killed the dark king, Eowyn appointed Rothirran's father, Rhodan to a position in her court at Rohan, elevating the Riwan family's status. Rothirran grew up in the House of Rohan, living a fairly privileged life among the other children of the court. When his mother died after the birth of his sister Rohenna, Rothirran's father fell into a deep depression, leaving his children to more or less fend for themselves. Rothirran basically raised Rohenna, and grew to become a leader of the Rohirrim. He has visited Gondor and Rivendell, and has been acquainted with King Aragorn and Lady Arwen.

Weapons: his father's sword Thalien and a bow given to him by the elves of Rivendell.

Strengths / Weaknesses: intelligent, skilled horseman, good fighter / quiet, doesn't take many risks

Model: Ben Barnes

Interesting Facts: His horse, Harath, was born on Rothirran's tenth birthday. Harath is a white stallion with brown eyes and a noble face. Rothirran named his sister Rohenna, which is a diminutive of a name which means "lady of Rohan." Rothirran is also fond of elven literature and can speak elvish fluently.

4/24/2009 #9

aaand #3:

Name: Rohenna Riwan

Age: 18

Race / Place of Origin: human, Rohan

Physical Appearance: Rohenna is of medium height, has shoulder-length honey-brown hair, and bright brown eyes. She is fair and pretty, and looks quite a lot like her father, Rhodan. She is slight of build, but has muscle. She usually wears a brown or green dress and a patch with her family's crest on it. For riding and travel, she wears the tunic of her house (see Rothirran's profile) with riding pants and boots.

Personality: More outgoing and reckless than her older brother, Rohenna is courageous and likes taking risks. She is bold, funny, and can be flirtatious, but denies the boys who put themselves in front of her. She is eager to fight though her brother disapproves. Like her brother, she has a lot of skill with horses, and can almost communicate with them in a way that few can (think Aragorn and Brego).

Backstory: The second child of Rhodan and Einion, Rohenna's mother died shortly after giving birth to her. Because of her father's deep depression, she was raised mostly by her overprotective brother, Rothirran. Living in Lady Eowyn's court, Rohenna was given a position as a lady-in-waiting and Shield Maiden for Eowyn when she was old enough. She has visited Gondor and Rivendell along with her brother and her lady, and is well-acquainted with Legolas, Aragorn, Faramir, and Arwen.

Weapons: twin swords - Nianad and Nulienan

Strengths / Weaknesses: sword fighting, riding, communication with horses / reckless, bold, loudmouthed

Model: Emma Watson

Interesting Facts: Her horse, Cirthor, can "speak" to her; she loves listening to stories, is pretty good at drinking games though her brother often discourages her from playing them.

4/24/2009 #10

Wow, Ben Barnes and Emma Watson. Nice selection there!

4/24/2009 #11

thanks! oddly enough, they do look like brother and sister. :)

4/24/2009 #12

Name: Warack Heerddel Stoellgard

Age: 728 (looks in his mid-thirties)

Race / Place of Origin: Adoni/Kingdom of Haran

Physical Appearance: Straight, dirty blonde hair that ends near his shoulders and women loved tangling their hands in his silken locks. Unlike his older brother, Troylus, Warack is more broad-shouldered and roughly built—he’s stalker than most Adoni. His sinewy physique intimidates most men and is more muscled and honed than Troylus’s. His face is more rugged but possesses the same firm, wide cheekbones of Troylus and rather large brow. His nose is sharp and defined, almost aquiline and his eyes are the same shade of hazel green as Troylus.

Warack is comfortable wearing his armor so he’s rarely seen without it off. When the armor is gone, he will be clad in ebony boots and pants, with a loose fitting vermillion tunic with a black sash tied around his waist. He wears the emblem of his rank around his neck to symbol his power and status to other Adonis.

Personality: Warack is more of a fighter than a lover but will engage frequent orgies with anyone women who is willing. Winning is everything to him and he’ll do whatever it takes to emerge victorious. He’s an excellent strategist and loves to play minds games with his friends and enemies for he sees it has battle of wits. He believes in both exercising the body and the mind. He’s very active and hardly tires, and he has an impulsive streak in him whenever he becomes really excited about something.

On the other hand, he can sometime be a bit moody and aloof, creeping into a solitary state when he only states comments than need to be uttered. His thirst for blood only becomes apparent in the battlefield and it’s hard to say who is more vicious, him or Troylus.

Backstory: Warack is the third child of Natasha and Flandor Stoellard. His mother was a close cousin of the leading ruler of the Adoni kingdom sequestered in Haran, thus making her and any of her children of royal blood. His father, Flandor Stoellgard, was one of reigning aristocratic families that carried special and close ties to the Adoni king and later, became a top general in the army. Natasha and Flandor met at a party one day and after series of fornication, Natasha discovered she was pregnant. She and Flandor were quickly married and nine months later, Troylus was born. After the birth of their second child, they later had Warack and many years after that, finally begot their final offspring.

Ever since he was very young, Warack loved to battle or work his body out—whether it’s from copulation or training, he was always active. Though he preferred weapons of war and using his fists to fight rather than magic, he still went under training to master his Adoni sorcery so he’d be a deadly force. He’s not at good as Troylus in magic but he can beat him in spar with any sort of weapon. His drive to win and succeed quickly made him one of the top commanders in the Adoni army and he proudly wears the badge of his rank of commander around his neck.

Warack was rather distant to both of his parents, for he knew his mother loved Troylus the best of all and his father and him rarely talked because he and Warack were complete opposites. Yet Warack preferred his father over his mother simply because there were times Flandor showed he did care for Warack and his achievements by acknowledging them while Natasha was busy with other tasks and praising her two older children. The death of his father hurt Warack somewhat and after that, he became estranged from not only his mother but also Troylus. He is now only close to the youngest and second eldest of family.

Weapon(s): Adoni sorcery, his strategic mind, his wrestling and brawling moves, and a diverse assemblage of swords, daggers, spears, and axes he has collected over the years from Adoni, Elves, Men, and Dwarves.

Strengths: He is considered to be one of the best warriors in the Adoni kingdom and his stratagems are flawless. Warack can easily use his mind and brute force to defeat his opponent and his strength and finesse intimidates many people of all races. From all his intense training, he has an amazing amount of speed and endurance. In fact, he commented how he’d love to run with the elves to test his agility against theirs.

Weaknesses: He can be impulsive and rash which can cause him to lose sight of the goal or possible the battle. Warack’s appetite for blood can cloud his judgment and unleash the darker side of him, one that spares no one from his blade. This sanguinary penchant for blood and battle makes others wary of him, as if he’s a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Model: Brad Pitt in Troy

Interesting Facts: Warack can be very sneaky and sly at times, making him the perfect spy for anyone. Although he’s Adoni, he has respect for the other races so it’s rather hard to pinpoint whose side he’s on.

4/25/2009 #13

hot dayum, girl!! i like him a lot! :) great model, too.

voila, he eez approved!

4/25/2009 #14

Heh, thank you! He's going to be my wild card. XD

4/25/2009 #15

that's awesome! i love wild cards. i may create one more character, but i need to really figure this character out.

4/25/2009 #16

Yeah, my next guy will be an Adoni but he's the son of Winta and Flandor so he's Warack and Troylus's half-brother. I'm leaving their other two siblings and the Adoni king and queen open up to anyone who'd be interested in playing as them.

4/25/2009 #17

cool, okay!

hey, do you know anyone who we can recruit to this forum? i'm asking around too.

4/26/2009 #18

Hm, I'll see if vamp is up for it and I'll try a friend of mine to see if she's into LotR...

4/26/2009 #19

great! btw - excellent play so far. it's really shaping up into a great storyline!

4/26/2009 #20

Thanks, I like where this is going too! I definitely will make a poster out of this once we accumulate more characters...

4/26/2009 #21

sweeeeeeet!! :D ooh, could you do a Melannen-Faramir poster? Oh - i forgot to tell you: there's going to be a love triangle between Faramir, Melannen, and Rothirran. ;)

4/26/2009 #22

Sure, I take requests. Wow, talk about drama. Who will get the girl--dun, dun, dun!

4/26/2009 #23

hahah yeah, pretty much. :) would you like to play Faramir since I'm Eowyn?

4/26/2009 #24

Sure. ^__^

4/26/2009 #25

awesome! i can't wait to get that going too. if vamp joins, maybe she can be Aragorn or something. :)

4/26/2009 #26

Yeah, she said she has some good elf ideas...

4/26/2009 #27

sweet! we need more elves. :)

4/26/2009 #28

Yeah, after my last Adoni, I might do a Dwarf or maybe an elf--I'm not quite sure yet.

4/26/2009 #29

okay, that sounds great! I might bring in Samwise's son too...forgot if he actually had one, but I might do it anyway. ^^;

4/26/2009 #30
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