The Elder Race
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Shane Lutz

There were many things before the Elder Race. The Archons, Elemental Swords, and the recently mentioned "Earthlords", whose name was briefly scattered throughout the Necromancer. So who are these?

We've met two Archons: Cernunnos and Coatlicue. We know there are a total of 12 Archons and they ruled the world before the Elders. But who are they? Where was their center of power? And most improtantly, what happened to them?

We've met all four of the elemental swords: ice, fire, earth, and air. Dee had them all and used them to summon Coatlicue. But who made THEM if they even predated the Archons???

The Earthlords. i don't know about ya'll, but I'm getting tired of learning that there were races before races before races. But here's an important clue. In the Necromancer it's revealed that Earth is just a Shadowrealm. So the question is raised: who made it? The Archons can't wield magic, so they didn't. It's mentioned in the Magician that the Elder "came" to Earth, not created it. So who else could have? The Earthlords seem like a VERY good possibility. But who are they???

And just a small tidbit thrown in here: Nidhogg. Not an Elder, not an Archon. Dagon says that he and his siblings - whoever they may be - were released BY the Elders to fight against the Archons. Obviously, they won, which means that they must have been more powerful. So did they come before the Archons? Were they created with the Earth Shadowrealm? Are we willing to go so far as to say that they are even Earthlords?

Just some things to think about and consider. (:

-Shane Lutz

6/29/2010 #1

Okay- this post seems to be about predictions so...

I am about half way through the necromancer and... I think the man with the hook hand is Abraham the Mage.

Also- I know it is VERY improbable- but what if the swords themselfs were living things. Maybe that is why it take so long to prepare to hold them- they have incredibly strong auras or something.

Ohhhh... don't they feed off of auras and make the wielder go crazy?

Just some thoughts!

1/25/2011 #2
Dragon loving Bookworm

I think that the sword-alive thing is a very probable idea and-this id a very stupid theory- maybe each sword encompasses the very essence of each element. Sort of like they are the 'mother' of each element and each sword is the concentrated power of each element and all the elements in our 'shadow realm' (as it is referred to in The Necromancer) are shadows of the original elements. I know it's stupid, but a valid point all the same.

3/31/2011 #3

I think the Earthlords were advanced magicians and scientists.Judging from the things they created(elemental swords and other toys)they had an advanced feild of elements not just the usual 4.Maybe they had a war and with their weapons they destroyed their world.(Like humans will):

Did you consider that?

6/8/2012 #4

Very valid.Again read my points on earth lords.Maybe they use a nuclear element magic to create our elements?

Am I paranoid or what

6/8/2012 #5

If Earth was/is a shadow realm, what reality was it based off? Did the Archons come from this reality?

9/27/2013 #6
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