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Didn't see any active ones so I decided to try to start my own. RP seasons 1-8. I despise the Ori.
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Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

Create new planets here. Wait for mod permission before going ahead.





Orbit: (is it circular, epipleciatl or what)


Any local peoples? If so, either describe them briefly or say 'on species creation thread' and say their name.

Air: is is poisonous? Is it safe for humans to breathe?


4/23/2010 . Edited 8/12/2010 #1

Name: Paxacroma

Size: Slightly bigger than earth

System: Pegasus

Orbit: circular

Terrain: rocky with vegetation near populated areas

Air: it has slight hallucinogenic properties but after an hour or so you become used to it and it is safe for humans

Extra: no animal life.

4/23/2010 #2
Lost child of Gallifrey


SIZE: same as earth




life: look on species thread

Terrain: All terrain

Air:the air is safe for humans to breath

Extra: Harsh very harsh winters actualy its always wintery and snowy. It is has lots of caves

4/23/2010 . Edited 4/28/2010 #3
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

They sound interesting both.

Gallifrey, can you please copy the template and make it on that in the future?

4/23/2010 #4

Name: P3X-182

Size: A little smaller than the earth

System: Milky Way

Orbit: Circular

Terrain: Covered in thick forest, mountains, and one large research base of unknown design

Air: Safe for humans to breath, although some fungus in the forest makes the air around them highly toxic at times

Extra: Planet seems to be in a permanent state of twilight.

4/28/2010 #5
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

Hey Josh, you know that as a Mod you don't need approval, right?

4/29/2010 #6

Yupp, but I like to post anyway, so other people know what I'm talking about.

4/29/2010 #7
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

No that makes sense but I was just making sure you knew.

4/29/2010 #8

No worries :D

4/29/2010 #9

Name: Voliti

Size: 3/4 the size of Earth- about Venus-size

Star: Morlia (After the Velvetoss god of the sun)

Galaxy: Milky Way

Orbit: oblong elipse

Terrain: The planet hosts only two continents on the equator seperated by a shallow channel. They both have deserts at their hearts, but the surrounding land goes:

Coastal marsh -- Prairie -- Temperate Forest -- Rain Forest -- Desert

Velvetoss cities are relativly small, since they are either in space or oceanic.

Air: The atmosphere is safe for Humans to breathe, but the the stratosphere contains less O-zone than Earth.

Extra: The planet spins on it's axis once every twelve Earth hours due to a cosmic impact that occured millions of years ago.

Stargate Address (From Earth): Sextons-Scutum-Crater-Sculptor-Aquila-Picses

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #10

Name: Lintsyia

Size: About double the size of Earth

Star: Qurtose (After the Averi god of the sun)

Galaxy: Milky Way

Orbit: Elipse

Terrain: Lintsyia's above water-level land is split into many different Austrailia-sized minicontinents. These large islands have varying climates (from polar to desert). Tectonic activity has subsided, causing the continents to slowly erode because the planet isn't renewing them.

Air: The atmosphere of Lintsyia is mostly Xenon and isn't exactly toxic to Humans; they just asphixiate.

Extra: The Averi are in a war with a neighboring system called the Morlia system.

Stargate Address: Sextons-Sctum-Crater-Sculptor-Aquila-Orion

5/5/2010 #11

XDDDD Isn't toxic, they just choke to death XDDDDD

5/5/2010 #12

Should I change that? Is Voliti accepted?

5/5/2010 #13

I don't see why not. I reckon you're good.

5/5/2010 #14

Cool. Now I just have to wait and see if the species are approved and I can pitch a plot suggestion.

5/5/2010 #15
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

Name: Etrusca

Size: Small, about the size of a large moon

System: Escala

Galaxy: Milky Way

Orbit: Highly epilipical, resulting in very harsh summers and winters with very brief periods of spring and autumn

Terrain: Highly mountainous, with many active volcanos and dormant volcanoes, with caves everywhere, which is the usual habitat of the native Etruscans. Large snow fields, particularly at the poles, which are caked hard and cracked during the harsh summer

Any local peoples?: Etruscans, in species thread

Air: Similar to Earth, less oxygen

Extra: N/A

8/12/2010 . Edited 8/12/2010 #16
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

Name: Sailira

Size: About half the size of Earth again

System: Escala, neighbouring planet to Etrusca

Galaxy: Milky Way

Orbit: Quite round, which results in it coming very close to Etrusca twice a year

Terrain: Very rocky and mountainous in parts, where the Sair live, and quite developed with farming land and grand cities in others, where the Laer live

Any local peoples?: The two Sailiran species

Air: More oxygen and carbon dioxide than Earth

Extra: N/A

9/8/2010 #17

Name: Thebes

Size: slightly larger than Earth

System: Nilza

Galaxy: Pegasus

Orbit: in an oval shape

Terrain: jungle, but it is very swampy, and 53% of the land is mangrove swamp

Any local peoples?: It is where the Goa'uld Supreme first took their foothold

Air: Much oxygen, more than normal

Extra: Thebes is a planet, which while very green, is very industrial; the Goa'uld Supreme hold multiple factories, but they run solely on crystalline power

12/31/2010 #18

Name: Agartha

Size: Six Times the Size of Earth

System: None

Galaxy: Canes Dwarf

Orbit: Stationary

Terrain: Tundra, Savannah, Desert, Tropical, ect.

Any local peoples: none

Air: Oxygen, nitrogen

Extra: Massive Anderson Disk type Construct built by an unknown race (possibly the Ancients, because really, as a civilization that was millions of years old, they didn't really have much to show for it). An artificial miniature star located forty thousand kilometers away gives it heat and light.

1/14/2011 #19
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive


1/19/2011 #20

Name: Lintsyia

Size: Slightly larger than Earth

System: Qurtosian System

Galaxy: Milky Way

Orbit: Eliptical

Terrain: Varied; everything imaginable.

Any local peoples: On Species Creation Thread: Averi and Zentrin

Air: Mostly Earth-like; breathable by Humans.

2/16/2011 #21
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive


2/16/2011 #22

Name: Yggdrasil

Size: Slightly bigger then earth, enough to make a slight gravity diffrence

System: Alpha Centauri

Galaxy: Centarus

Orbit: Circular

Terrain: The planet is 70% land and 30% water. It has large, glorious oceans filled with a diverse sea life. On land it's mostly large, ancient forests and fields. At the caps it's a tundra climate, but the planet has a very warm temperature, most places have a perpetual climate similar to summer, while other have a temperate climate.

Local People: Legion

Air: Very similar to earths only with small concentrations of sulfur and a little more nitrogen

Extra: None

5/18/2011 #23
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive


5/19/2011 #24

Yay! Now which Rp topic should I join...


5/19/2011 #25
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

Sure. But you need a charrie first :P

5/19/2011 #26
hammond DSC 304-six

Name:At-Ana-SOR V (CAP)

Size: mid

System: helios

Galaxy: V-1211 alpha (one of the galaxies in Destany's path)

Orbit: elliptical

Terrain: earth like (multiple environments)

Natives: human - Janus Paradox -colonial humans-

Air: O2- 31% N- 67%, CO2- 1.89% ,SiO2- 0.11%

Extra: this planet has been inhabited by humans for 5250 years. these humans were accidentally dragged from the milky way nearly 5.5k years ago by a device created by Janus in an attempt to create a small colony that would be out of reach of the Gould the attempt succeeded but instead of using the device to pull the people to him as a test he meant to pull an asteroid... (i think he missed his target by a fraction of a percent) these humans have built there own small empire across 3 star systems. they have also built there own ships. * for any that don't get the reference this is one of the 12 colonies* (if the moderators agree anyway)

10/2/2012 #27
Catlover friendly-but-xplosive

I don't mind using the Battlestar concepts here, but no crossovers please.

10/3/2012 #28
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