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We know there's a movie coming, but not much about it; info and opinions please!
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At first I thought it was just a hoax, but there is, in fact, a Spyro movie coming out late this year (2009). From what I've been able to find, it looks like it's going to be based on the Legend of Spyro timeline/canon, but that's about all I know about the plot. What I do know is that the Wachowski (am I spelling that right?) brothers, who worked on the Matrix trilogy, will be directing, and that we have the production crew from the Eragon movie (*flinches*). Beyond that, I haven't been able to find much out about it.

Opinions and any new info are appreciated.

4/30/2009 #1

i don't really know if i should still be excited or just cautious about believing it. i found out about it a year ago, and i thought it was like pleneko thought 'a hoax'. But, now that its still on the internet, i suppose i should believe it. I just don't believe the movie posters because they were all found on deviantART a long time ago. If they just started showing trailers soon, then i'll be excited and believe that there will be a movie coming out this christmas. I just hope it won't be terrible. -_-'

6/30/2009 #2

Thanx for posting; it was taking so long for anyone to find this I'd almost forgotten about it. OK, just now did a quick search for some more info, and I found something, but I'd like to get a confirm/debunk if anyone can.

(I can't get it to include the link for some reason, just copy and paste)

Like I thought, it appears that Elijah Wood and Gary Oldman are coming back, so I'm hoping we'll also see Christina Ricci and Blair Underwood. Oh, and it seems I was wong about the director; it's now Mark A. Z. Dippe and not the Wachowskis.

7/1/2009 #3

The film is definitely legit, but there are virtually no details about it whatsoever. Don't trust anything you see on IMDB; any user can add information about a movie, verified or not. Nothing is confirmed, not the cast, or release date, or anything else.

Here are the facts:

- Animation is being handled by the Animation Picture Company. Sales and advertising is being handled by Velvet Octopus (at least one site lists the film as being fully funded).

- The Animation Picture Company lists Fox Home Entertainment as the film's distributor, which suggests that it may receive a direct-to-DVD release.

- The plot will follow the events of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.

- It is estimated that the film will be released sometime within the next year. The most common date given is Christmas 2009, but there are rumors that the movie has been pushed back to sometime in 2010 due to delays resulting from Activision's closure of Sierra.

darkspyro.net has a fairly comprehensive section on what little is known about the film. Check there to find confirmed details about the cast and crew.

7/12/2009 #4
THE Steel Armored Dragon

i found a site that should have info right about now on said movie. i think it's www.velvetoctopus.com, and you'll have to do some clicking, but it is coming, and Velvet octopus is the production compony

7/23/2009 #5

the only way I could see a successful spyro movie is if it was a sequel to dawn of the dragon but I don't see that happening I'm a really big spyro fan so I'll definitely be seeing this movie whether it's good or not

9/29/2009 #6

What I've been able to find so far at DarkSpyro Forums and a couple other places (just did a Google search and looked at anything that seemed legit) says that the movie is going to follow the story of A New Beginning. That's kind of good and kind of bad. On the one hand, we've seen it before (heck, we've done it before), but on the other hand, at least they have something solid to work from. Also, if the first one does well this means they may do the others over the next few years.

One thing that really caught my attention was that in the plot synopsis it mentions that the Dark Master is using some kind of crystal pendant to control Cynder. When I read that I did a double-take, and here's why:

In two different fics here that I know of, and I'm sure of several others I haven't found yet, the exact same crystal is used. Now I know that it's one of the more popular devices, so it may just be a coincidence, but...

10/4/2009 #7
THE Steel Armored Dragon

it could be her choker. it's a perfect place to stash moonshine... i mean, embed crystals.

10/9/2009 #8

I was thinking that too. Honestly the only reason it caught my eye is that I don't emember the games saying anything about it and...well I already explained the rest

10/14/2009 #9
Alec the Dark Angel

According to Wikipedia, the release date will be April 10 2010 (just in time for my birthday)

All I can say is that if it is a hoax, then it's a well put together one. Like what Sinder said, the plot seems to follow the story line of A New Beginning. And if that's true, then they had better make movies for the entire trilogy (or else they will have to feel my wrath). I don't know if I'll be able to handle Dawn of the Dragon as a movie the. If the game can make me cry like it does, I can only imagine how it'll affect me as a movie.

12/10/2009 #10

Well, that's later than they said, but as long as it does come out I'll be happy. Besides this way you can force your friend to go see it (birthday present lol).

Trust me, you aren't the only one who'll be up in arms if they don't do the trilogy, and do it right dammit! But yeah I got pretty choked up about the games too, so I can only hope the movie(s) have that kind of emotion. Any word on who they got for Sparx and Cynder? I'm hoping for David Spade and...I think it was Cree Summer?

12/14/2009 #11
Alec the Dark Angel

According to my research, Sparx will be played by Wayne Brady (even though I agree that David Spade would be better). I don't know about Cynder though.

12/16/2009 #12

Well, Brady voiced sparx in Dawn of the Dragon, which I guess is better than getting someone that was never in the games. And if they're geting him for Sparx I'll bet they get Christina Ricci for Cynder.

12/17/2009 #13

Yeah I'm pretty excited about the movie coming out in April.... I want David Spade for Sparx, he is the best Sparx!! And whoever is the Cynder in The Eternal Night is who I want for her.

Anyway, I find myself yelling at the TV or groaning in frustration (ie, when I'm fighting Cynder in the first one at the end, I'll be yelling "Cynder, you don't want to fight me!" or when I'm trying to free Ignitus near the end, "For Ignitus!" is my main yelling phrase and when you are traing for the first time and I fail repeatedly at a certain move) so I hope the movie makes me feel so strongly with in-depth emotion...

I'm counting down the days already.....


12/27/2009 #14
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

is there a movie coming out? ive heard of talk in April 26th, 2010, but i have yet to see proof. sure, theres an IGN page on it, but thats all really. i sure hope there will be a movie, but does anyone have any exact and direct proof?


2/14/2010 #15

I'm afraid that what you see here is about we have so far. Sorry it's so vague, but I've been too swamped lately to do any more research.

You might want to check out darkspyro.com (forum site dedicated to Spyro and related material); no promises, and there are a few trolls, but you might be able to find something there.

I'll hold out hope that they do it (and do it right) until I see proof otherwise.

2/17/2010 #16
Chaos Seeker-Night Hunter

I heard about the movie but nothing is really certain as yet. I hope to God if they do DoD they will give Spyro his character back. Anyone else notice in the game he just did whatever he was told!

I think they should keep whoever it was who did Cynder's voice when she was evil should still do Cynder's voice, but only when she's evil coz she's an adult then, and voices change as you age. Actually I think it was good they used three different voices with Cynder, coz a one point she's and adult, another point she's a child and then she's a teenager. You must have noticed your voice changesas you get older.

I just hope the Eragon producers don't mess this up. I thinks that's one of the reason there hasn't been a sequal to the inheritance saga, coz they messed it up madly.

2/19/2010 #17

They better not mess it up. It won't be hard to script; since its animated, you just gotta take some scenes from the games and then animate the training scenes.

Well, that is one way.

One month and 19 days...

3/8/2010 #18


3/30/2010 #19

Well I'll consider that confirmation

3/31/2010 #20
Alec the Dark Angel

Who better to confirm the making of the movie than the voice of Spyro himself?

3/31/2010 #21

Then again, maybe not:

4/11/2010 #22
Alec the Dark Angel

If that's true, I'm sure that they'll be getting a hell of allot of hate mail from Spyro fans all over...and I'll be one of them.

4/11/2010 #23

I think what gets to me more than the cancellation itself is that they wouldn't tell the writers about it. I know that Activision doesn't really care about their players, but that kid of disrespect to their own employees is just wrong. Then again, it is Activision, so I'm not realy surprised. Anyone have the email to write them at, or should I just use the regular email?

Semi-related note Sinder, do you have any idea what that "other direction" is?

4/12/2010 #24
Alec the Dark Angel

Actually, what right does Activision have? Didn't they sell the rights to Sierra?

4/12/2010 #25

Sierra had the rights to the Spyro series, and Activision bought Sierra; ergo, Activision now owns the Spyro rights.

As for what the "new direction" is, it's hard to tell. The film was supposed to be based upon the Legend of Spyro series, which in itself took a darker, more serious take on the Spyro universe. However, the writers and animation studio involved in its production were primarily known for doing comedy films (Dr. Doolittle, Garfield, etc.), which suggests that they may have given the story a more lighthearted treatment; it's impossible to know for sure without reading the script. (Theoretically, since the movie has been canned, someone could ask the Altiere Brothers to release the script to the Internet, as they seem like nice guys; their address is listed on their website,

So, three possibilities: the film was too light, the film was too dark, or Activision is taking the series in an entirely different direction (i.e., a reboot) that the movie simply wouldn't fit anymore. But as I said, it's hard to tell. You can try to pry some answers out of Activision just to see if they'll even reply, but I wouldn't count on anything substantial.

4/12/2010 . Edited 4/12/2010 #26

I swear to God if they try to take it back to Gen 1 with the Legend cast.... (ominous music)

Honestly, though, another reboot wouldn't be unbearable but I'd prefer if they just continue with the Legend storyline. I mean DotD was open-ended enough to invite a sequel of two and I'd like to see more of Ignitus, Cynder, and BA Hunter.

Back on topic though, if the movie's already written, the Altiere Bros. might be able to find another producer. Assuming Activision did can it, there's still the possibiltiy that we're just looking at a delay. That is, of course, assuming Activision lets anything that even has the slightest chance of syphoning away even one cent of their hard-stolen money get out into the world.

4/13/2010 #27
THE Steel Armored Dragon

I agree! I won't be able to watch any BS with the stupid Hunter from gen 1 or elora or anything that dont have cyn or the guardians.

and the gen 1 sparx was pure annoyance. BZZZZBZBZBZZZ omg kill me know!!!

4/13/2010 #28

One last post b/c it was something I've been meaning to say for a while, then I'll let this sleep. Or maybe close it but if I do I'll give fair warning.

I wouldn't mind seeing Elora and Bianca updated to the Legend universe, but they'd need to get the same treatment Hunter did or it would be worse than leaving then out completely.

5/17/2010 #29

I agree completely. It's so funny; Hunter was such a show-off un the first games, and now he's all serious and collected....

and wearing clothes.

Anyway, if they don't put the movie up soon, they're gonna hear from me!

You can change your name Activision...but i'll find you. I wiiiiiiillllll!! dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn

9/30/2010 #30
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