What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

Ground Rules.

1. Yaoi, yuri, lemons, fluff & smut. I really don't care if they are on here. Just put it in the M-rated room until it's finished, then post it in the role-play it belongs with. You can role-play it in the forums, just if people start bitching, just be kind and move to the M-rated room.

2. Don't be a fucking asshole about rule one. It won't end pretty, I can promise you that.

3. Please don't be a cunt on the Rps. People will hate you. And, you'll get banned. And a cunts on here would be people who are mean, rude, and/or grammar freaks.

4. When wanting to add a topic, talk to the Mod(s) first. The beginning of the topic must have the rating, background, and/or character sheet if needed.

5. I would like everyone to have at least some sanity I'm really stretching that because I have very little sanity, dignity and class. And, please show everyone some respect. I really don't want to have to go off on anyone.

Spamming, Editing and Deleting Posts

-If you are here just to talk to your friends, please go to the chat topic. That's what it's for, don't spam the topic because that really makes some people irritated.

-The only reason I should see people editing post is if, the name is spelled wrong. I rather they tell you in the next post then edit it for you because then you will be confused on what they edited.

-There's not really any other reason anyone should delete your posts, unless you double post. Deleting post out of being rude, I think it's annoying and childish.

Religion, Politics and Sexuality

-If you have high religious beliefs, ie. You hate people who are atheist or have different religious beliefs, then you really need to either fake that you like it or go to a different forum. I really don't want you to be uncomfortable or try to push your beliefs onto others. We are here to role-play, people.

-If you are one of the ones that were upset about the election then I strongly suggest that you either keep your opinion to yourself of just go to a different forum.

-If you have anything against bi, lesbian, trisexuals, or gays then you may not want to be here when lemons and pairings come in. You will feel really awkward and probably uncomfortable.

-I know some of you are reading this and like, "What about freedom of speech?" Well yeah you can have your right to speak up on things but don't try and push your beliefs on others, what they believe is their choice, not yours.

Material and Content

-I really don't care what goes on in the Rps as long as every one is happy. And, your Mod(s) is/are perverted so slight chance that there will be sex on here, most likely.

-Most likely there will be threesomes, fetishes, bestiality, sex, gore, rape, violence, blood, sexual themes, language, alcohol & drugs. Oh and cussing, tons of that.

-Don't bitch about what's going on in the role-plays. If you don't like it, don't role-play on it. Plain and simple.

-If you feel angered by any of the content above, then you have can choice one of the three options. One, get over it. Two, start leaving now. Three, get the fuck out.


-Limes are what lead up to a Lemon, but Limes are not when people just make out to the point they jump right into sex, Limes are a teaser, they are meant to tease so you have to go so far as the people are out of their clothes right up to the point they are about to do it before stopping. Which is why Limes are called teasers.

-Lemons are full-blown sex. Meaning no boundaries, you can do anything in them which is through all the making out and through the climax and everything. Which is why alot of people like and dislike lemons.

-If you are uncomfortable doing lemons or limes and you do the little making out and hop into straight sex That is NOT romance, if you roleplay romance you have to be willing to go all the way or at least far into a lime, if you can't then romance roleplaying is not for you so you might as well not do it. Because I'm really sick and tired of people complaining so either you do it, or you don't, plain and simple,

-Anyone bitches about this rule, just hop straight down to objections.


-(5+) - Content suitable for most ages.

-(9+) - Content might not be suitable for some children.

-(13+) - Contains content not suitable for children.

-(16+) - Content suitable for mature teens and older.

-(18+) - Content suitable for mature adults only.


If you have any questions, comments concerns, or just offended about anything above, you really only have one option. So please follow the steps below, correctly:

Step 1: First, cry me a damn river.

Step 2: Next, build me a fucking bridge.

Step 3: Lastly, take two steps and jump, skip or hop the hell over it.

Love, x-Blackrose of Snow-x :3

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