What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

This is for when no one is on and for Chats!

5/2/2009 . Edited 3/18/2012 #1


5/2/2009 #2
Mistress Brya

Hey buddy.

5/2/2009 #3
Mistress Brya

*sighs* .... fuck my life...

5/7/2009 #4
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

I'll probably be posting here a lot right now since I'll get on when everyones asleep. Night time's the only time I can be here since I'm busy with school related stuff and work during the day. I'll try to RP if I can though. ^_^

5/9/2009 #5
Mistress Brya

Ok, it won't be a problem Shadow.

5/9/2009 #6
Mistress Brya

You two can bitch and rant as much as you want in here, but don't you fucking dare spam my rp topics with this petty bullshit! *leaves to play video game*

5/9/2009 #7

~|....I have nothing to say.|~

5/9/2009 #8


petty bullshit ne?

personaly im done with buzz i dont need soem lieing bastard to be my friend i think if hes tonna be a bitch then he should leave

we do not need those who being chaois and other types of lies or such into the forum

5/9/2009 #9

Damn right bitch you do have nothing to say so get the hell out and watch your ass as i slam the door on it full force

5/9/2009 #10
Mistress Brya


5/9/2009 #11

. but bastards shouldent be allowed it will give us a bad rep

5/9/2009 #12

~|Heh....Oh god, you're like that girl on the one forum I went to...and I wouldn't wanna say anything, since you probably can't even read it properly...|~

5/9/2009 #13
Mistress Brya

your the one that won't drop the subject puma, your the one keeping it going.

5/9/2009 #14
Mistress Brya

You are both on really fucking thin ice, yeah sorry buzz i know your my best friends boyfriend but yeah and Puma I know your my little bro and I love you both to death, but if you two don't come up to some compromise or a way to stop this problem, your both getting banned. *shrugs* Sorry Dresden.

5/9/2009 . Edited 5/9/2009 #15

ohhh whats this?

bitch is finally getting the nervest to shove the dicks out of his ass and stick up for himself?

i dont give a fuck abotu any forum you went to bitch? yor a BITCH your meant to be mistreated and beaten for your horrible lifestyle which effects others in a negitive way!

and that you cant read it properly joke? oh psah LMAO! your talkign to theson of a civil enginer and a HR head director bitch my parents and my own smarts out smart youres so back the fuck up and check yo self fool i know more then you at times

5/9/2009 #16

hell im done with buzz bri but if he dosent leave OR shut the fuckign hell up i wont stop

i have 0 tolerence for bitch-assness

5/9/2009 #17
Mistress Brya

I don't want him to leave. End of discussion. and i don't want you to be either.

5/9/2009 . Edited 5/9/2009 #18

And I have 0 tolerance for annoyances...

Maybe I will just shut up and be quiet.

5/9/2009 #19

i dont know bri someone has to come to a decision here

i think someone has some major apologies to make for messign with someones life and being a total bastard

*note i fogot to add this in the last message* i laugh at your dad buzz living such a pathetic life sitting at home and yelling and possibly beating his son senseless because he has nothing better to do and gets no love XDDD

5/9/2009 #20

so wait you have 0 tollernce for yourself? because your being one hell of a annoyance posting again! you need more self confidence!


5/9/2009 #21

*sigh* Heh....You know what? I'm officially done here....If any of you need me, I'll be checking back once in awhile.

5/9/2009 #22
Mistress Brya

No. You don't have to leave buzz.

5/9/2009 #23


5/9/2009 #24
Mistress Brya

*hits puma* SHUT THE FUCK UP!

5/9/2009 #25

no need to shut up my job is done the bitch has been exterminated and now onto Furspace 8D screw him ruinign other peoples live and screwng with them

5/9/2009 #26

I'd do what I did back in 7th grade to you if I ever see you.....Oh, wait. You don't wanna be going to hospital again, now would you?

5/9/2009 #27


oh wait

who has the shot gun

who has the bow and arrows

who has a green belt in self defense?

Now then Say again what you where goign to do to me? take a long hard think about it and see if it is worth your life

5/9/2009 #28
Nelle Kozera

I going to speak, Puma, you're like a five year old that his toy taken away. You have been told to shut your mouth yet keep talking. End this, buzz is beginning the better man because he know that your a child, and your proving the point over and over again. Your beginning an immature child that is throwing a tantrum because he's afraid.

5/9/2009 . Edited 5/9/2009 #29

HAHA! afriad of what? a bitch that cant stick up for himself yeah right!

and a five year old honestly Hah

its just the fact that no one gets to screw ME over with out getting one hell of a pay back and some fuckign scars that WONT HEAL

5/9/2009 #30
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