What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

Naruto RP

For your pleasure I give you... *drum-roll then crash*

Shippuden: Kaikaku (Reformation!)

Rated: (18+) - Content suitable for mature audiences only, may contain: Violence, sex, alcohol use, severe language and vulgar images. :3

Alright, as you all know I'm full of twisted thoughts and I decided to do this roleplay. Nothing has really changed, all the characters are staying the same just bigger concept behind everything as the Scenario is taken in a different way and the plot is slightly changed. You are a container if you are the son/daughter of Naruto, Gaara, Jiraya, Tsunade or Orochimaru. (Plus the other Containers from the series) You have a Kekkei Genkai if you are the son/daughter of: Sasuke, Hinata, Neji, Lee (How he can't do taijutsu) Kakashi, Tobi, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, etc. It can only have one....one kekkei genkai, it can not have two. ie: both Sasuke and Neji's ability...that's a no no. Also, you can have the same mother or father as other people it's just you are going to have to make up things like either the mother or father, cheated or was married and got a divorce, etc. You get the concept. Background is at the bottom.


1. Kuroigakure: Darkness Village Kage: Dresden (Kuriokage)

2. Shirogakure: Light Village Kage: Blackrose is controlling (Shirokage)

3. Konohagakure: Tree Village It is now Hakumei: Twilight Village Kage: Max (Meikage)

4. Sungakure: Sand Village Kage: (Kazekage)

5. Otagakure: Sound Village Kage: Orochimaru (Otakage)

6. Mizugakure: Water Village Kage: (Mizukage)

7. Raigakure: Lightning Village Kage: Might (Raikage)

8. Iwagakure: Earth Village Kage: (Iwakage)

9. Kumogakure: Cloud Village Kage: (Kumokage)

10. Houshasei: Radioactive Village Kage: (Seikage)

11. ???

Tailed Beast:

1. Turtle - DD

2. Snake -

3. Eagle -

4. Wolf -

5.Cat - {Akane...}

6. Serpent -

7. Dragon - {Might}

8. Phoenix - {Max...}

9. Fox - Buzz

10. Leopard - {Blackrose...}

Character Sheet: (I am warning you, its long...)








Reincarnation or OC:

Appearance: (This is where you post a picture of your character, yes I do look at them.)

Skin color:



Hair (and style):







Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.):



Beast or Summon:










Other info:


At the end of the series, the Sound Village has grown ridiculously powerful. So powerful, in fact, that all the other hidden villages have been forced to band together in order to defend themselves. Some of the villages have been destroyed by trying to battle the sound. War is eminent, and a new generation of shinobi are ready to step up and finish off the rest of the sound. Orochimaru is still alive but he was not able to take over Sasuke's body. The Akatsuki are still here but some of them are dead, the immortals are now running things but they now have new people after the new group of containers.

Some of the enemy, mainly the Akatsuki don't want to cause another huge war again and want to be neutral in all the fighting, that's only a given few. They would rather not follow in the foot steps of their parents and live their own life instead of running. But with a ruthless leader some of them follow him but some don't. He wants to capture the newest beast, he won't let anything stop him from completing his goal his is the same as Orochimaru, capture the beast and cause another great war. The new Akatsuki learder name is Daisuke. (He really needs to die... XD)

A new tailed beast is on the horizon, having fangs and horns and can change it's appearance also power, depending on the season and time of day. It can have power that could turn forest into nothing but complete ash and flames or freeze over the oceans causing massive problems. Can this beast be tamed and sealed in time before it attacks another village and destroys all life as we know it? Or will evil use it to terrorize the rest of the villages into giving in.

Several new Nations have formed in the lands as there are now as The Village in the Grass, Waterfall and Rain have been destroyed. Shirogakure, the light village and Kuroigakure, the darkness village. Khonha was destroyed during the time of the eleventh demon attack, which was changed into Hakumei. (So we all can keep out characters and just move a few things around.)

This RP takes place after the end of the Naruto series, and the characters have grown up and had children. Naruto took over and then ended up dying after battling with the eleventh demon. (But he still may had a child with a Character), but the old council is no more. Instead, the Kages of all the villages make up a new council. I'd rather that you make OCs, but you can control a CC if you want. There is a brand new group of Containers there are 11 not 10, the eleventh is the hardest one to capture and in turn seen as a myth. The headquaters for all the Kages to meet up at is Sakarau, the newest village because all the others have been attacked.

Sakarau, it is where the old Waterfall village is. (Refer to naruto.com and look at world map) It is not a nation, it's only a thriving village because the kage doesn't want all the authority of having a great nation. The club that alot of people go to is right off the harbor, its called Yoroko. The Araukage is the host of the club and is always seen mixing with the crowd that has mostly chunnin, Jonin & Anbu. It has been the place ever since Orochimaru has gotten alot stronger. Much of the nins are from the other villages except for Otagakure and Shirogakure, they have been prowned to causing too many fights. Sometimes a Kage shows up but its rare. It is known for its lush settings.

This is in modern time slightly so modern clothes and modern weapons.


So, at the very end of the last role play everyone is back at the village. The center of the nations is Sakarau. This is where Kasumi (Hakumei's kage) is getting married to her fiancé Max. Well lets just say everything stops right after the I dos. Daisuke's back and is not letting anything get in his way of finishing his goal. Kidnapping and finding the newest container. He crashes the wedding during the time that Sasuke comes in and crashes also. The wedding gets canceled by the fact that a huge earthquake comes and splits some of the world apart, causing some tension in the situation.

Its been a year and a half now, everyone is at least around 17 or 18. Everyone is trying to get back to normal but, it doesn't seem to work out so well. There has been rumors going around that a tenth Nation has formed, but no one knows where it is or seen any ninjas from it. Most presume its just a myth. This is where we begin...

5/4/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #1
Mistress Brya

Name: Kasumi Akiwa (Maiden name) Kasumi Tsuami (Max's last name.)

Alias: Blackrose


Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Village: Snow before the first, then Hakumei now she's missing again.

Rank: Jonin

Reincarnation or OC: OC but has a slight ability like TenTen

Appearance: Facial:

Skin: Dark Skinned

Clothing: She normally wears a black shorts mostly long pants and dark blue shirt with the sides cut, black fish net shirt and pants underneath them and white chuck taylors. She wears a crystal necklace around her neck that is very important to her also keeps her emotions and chakra in line. She has a form fitting body with many curves but doesn't quite have the "hourglass" figure. She has two tattoos on her body that won't be seen half of the time.

Eyes: Human form: Hazel Demon form: Black Vampire form: Red Bloodline: Both black and red

Hair (and style): Obsidian Black that is slightly choppy and down to her back

Personality: She has a cold personality to people she doesn't know nor trust. She opens up slowly, blossoming some but other than that she just goes on her own. She mostly stays in the back and just watches from sideline, quick to lash out unless she feels threatened, which happens a lot. Cunning, getting what she wants and they least expect it an advantage for her. Never backing down from an argument, especially when she knows she's right, doesn't matter if she's wrong.

Height: 5”7

Weight: 130

Body: (Look at Avi) Hourglass figure

Bio: Kasumi grew up with her mother after her father attacked her and turned her partly into a vampire. She lived with her mother in the village called Hakumei, her mother being the Meikage. She has lived there for the past few years as the deals with her father comes back to haunt her. Her mother ends up dying as she gave up her life to save Akane as does her Uncle, Ranpu and her mothers best friend, Ayame. She's now the present Meikage but when Daisuke comes back and steal Akane's son, Shin. She goes on a rescue mission to save him. Evidently hurting herself after she's been just reunited with her fiancee for only 6 months. After time she ends up getting hurt and kidnapped once again as they head back towards Hakumei. She finally started to think that her life wasn't going to be so hectic once she got married but That didn't stop her enemies from ruining her wedding day and causing another seperation from her and her friends.

Weapon(s): Iron fan Naginata , senbon neddles, kunai, Scythe with chain, sword

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Ice, Darkness, Light

Jutsu: Tessenjutsu, Naginatajutsu, Kusarigamajutsu, kenjutsu

Bloodline: Blinding rage- It's a chakra magnifier. While it's extremely powerful, this ability is overridden by the logic center of the brain. She must be in near shock to use this power as it cause the frontal lobes to shut down. Because she is using the instinct center of her brain her recall of friends and foe is non-existent. The over-load of chakra cause the body to vent in any means possible this cause phedobloodlust causing her to attack anything that registers on her optic nerve. Even though her body is venting chahra the over load soon burns out her charkra network and she pass out.

Beast or Summon: Snow Leopard

Curse effect: It can be activated on it's own, and by command of anyone who knows about it and herself, it can leave her paralyzed and not moving, also inflicting it's own pain on her and having her bound. It looks like a small leopard that is black and has golden piercing eyes, the madder Kasumi gets or the more harsher the commands come the bigger the leopard gets. It effects Kasumi by having her body change. Kasumi had someone put a spell on her when she was little, giving her the leopard seal on her back, making her a strong weapon.

Phase 1: When the leopard on her back is just in a small kitten form, she'll have claws when she's a little ticked off or on a average day she'll just have this kind of way she'll walk with etiquette and balance unlike anyone else.

Phase 2: When the leopard is covering half of her back, her eyes will flash at different time, her claws will become much sharper as will all her ability and agility. She will mostly be even meaner and harsher. Her flexibility is the key to her fighting.

Phase 3: When she's really mad, she'll look like a leopard with whiskers and her eyes will be golden instead of brown, the tattoo will be covering her entire back and she'll be able to get in and out of places with ease. Her running is more impeccable as is her pouncing ability to tackle people at amazing speed. If she is in this state for a long time she will most likely pass out from fatigue, sooner or later.

Blessing Effect: It heals all her wounds after a while. If she's calm it can put her to sleep and help her out when she needs to find things. It gives her the ability to help others as she is in this state once a month during a lunar cycle, mostly the full moon. The blessing is that will help her calm her temper

Weaknesses: Platinum metal (extreme attraction), necrophilia, being in a place with a lot of people without someone she knows, tight small places,

Friends: Moriko, Akane, Might, Kyouske, Dresden, etc etc

Enemies: a lot!

Team: Never had one

Lover: Her husband Max

Likes: Sunset, moon, water, running, climbing, fishing, relaxing, clawing trees, listening to music

Dislikes: Annoying people, those who use her, those who hurt her, those who bother her friends or family

Goal: To live her life with her loved ones without running away.

Belief: “Your fate is never already written for you.”

Other info: She has three secrets. (shhh! ^0^)

5/6/2009 #2
Forsaken Dark Prince

Name: Might Kyske

Alias:Lightning Hound

Age: 20



Village: Hakumei

Rank: Jounin

Reincarnation or OC:OC

Appearance: (This is where you post a picture of your character, yes I do look at them.)

Skin color: His skin is mostly tanned

Clothing: black jeans, a navy blue undershirt covered by a black jacket, In the past year he's gotten rid of his gloves.

Eyes: His eyes are a permanent green from a loss of control over his Raigan, but in most cases he wears blue contacts when he has to.

Hair (and style): red spiked hair

Personality: He's a mostly cold and distant person, but some of his friends atleast can read him.

Height: 5'11

Weight: 180Lbs

Body: He's got a thin yet muscular figure.

Bio: Might is the sole survivor of the Kyske Massacare caused by his uncle and his follower who later called themselves the Dark Dragon clan in order to mock the kyske clan's Bloodlimit the Raigan or Lightning eye. Might survived the Massacare by having his Bloodlimit awaken and killing those that his uncle sent to kill him. Might has swore that he'd claim revenge on those that killed his clan and later rebuild it.

After that day he disappeared for a few years until he released a dragon demon named Raiken. Before Raiken could go berserk and destroy everything around him Might sealed him wthin himself with a incomplete sealing jutsu. He rarely speaks of the events of the next 3 years since during the time he was consumed with an inhumane thirst for power, but once what he calls the "Hakumei Crisis" He disappeared to finish sealing Raiken, who by then had grown fond of the people around Might, in himself.

After Killing his uncle Might took over the temporary role of Meikage for Max.

Weapon(s): A twin bladed scythe named Raifer and a chakra blade

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Lightning, Fire


Electrigger: releases a destructive yet predictable blast of Lightning Chakra from either hand.

Lightning Hound: he covers himself in Lightning chakra and rushes into the ememy punching them away from him, under normal conditions can use 6 shots a day.

Lightning Wave: He focuses his chakra into a part of his body or raifer before he swings it sending out a wave of chakra.

Storm Dragon: He creates a dragon out of his chakra and sends it at his target.

Storm Aura: He covers himself in dense aura of electricity that paralyzes anything that comes close to him.

Bloodline: Raigan( Storm eyes) Also called the Dragon Eye for the Kyske's strong connection to dragons. Gained it's name from the first recorded member having the storm tomoe but isn't restricted to just Lightning type specialists and the look can differ in the tomoe.

his bloodlimit has 2 levels:

Awakening: the main and basic form of the Raigan, his eyes become a dark green but are said to shine in the darkness. with this level he can clearly see chakra and most movements and even Chakra color and thus can tell the element of an attack. Green with 2 lightning bolt tomoe almost looks like the Sharingan.

Dragonsoul: looks similar to the normal Raigan but his eyes have 3 Lightning bolt Symbols each with the third goind down the eye and across the pupil, the symbol differs depending on what element a Raigan user is best at using. The true form of the Raigan said to be able to see any form of charkra and movement, and can enduce strong genjutsu just by making eye-contact but this level can only be achieved by releasing a dragon seal on his chakra system but oce it's released it can't be resealed but the level of Raigan can be controlled

the storm seal that is present on his body has never found a way to be released by any of the members of his clan in recorded history. A forbidden jutsu known as the dragon gate-jutsu can forcebly remove the seal on a Kyske's chakra system but has a high chance of overloading their chakra system killing them instantly.

His Raigan is between the 2 stages and permanantly activated.

Beast or Summon:

Summon: He can summon a medium sized dragon named Sadmugen

Beast: He has a dragon demon named Raiken sealed within him. There is no visible seal on his body now since it's on a far deeper level. In order to keep both of them alive Might and Raiken have 3 stages of power or cooperation with their chakras.

Phase 0: This stage is composed of just Mights chakra ad appearance. Might and Raikens bond is rarely at this level besides when might is unconscious or near people he doesn't want to frieghten. This is the very edge of their connection. Migt says it's like " a Damn waiting to break."

Phase 1: This is the state that Might usually stays in. In this stage he can freely draw upon Raikens chakra and talk to him mentally. To those who can see his chakra will notice a steady amount flowing out of his body in all directions, the amount idn't enough to do anything to most people. He's stronger and faster then normal as well as able to absorb lightning, but he can't his is chakra signal at all.

Phase 2: The main difference between this and the previous stage is that Mights personality starts to reflect Rakens in several ways and his eyes take on a slight red outer tint. The chakra released from his body has a higher density and can paralyze most people below jounin rank. He becomes faster and stronger, but can't maintain this stage for long because of the strain it places on his body and chakra system.

Weaknesses: It's obvious who he is to those who know of the Raigan. He's overly hostile towards most people, Lily

Friends: Max, Akane, Kasumi

Enemies:There's quite a few



Likes:Rain, Lightning, storm, training

Dislikes: Power hungry people, Loud people, Most people

Goal(s): Currently has none

Belief: "Power corrupts, and corruption is absolute"

Other info:None

5/7/2009 #3
Nelle Kozera

Name: Dresden Jackson. (Very few people know his name)

Alias: The Dark Dragon

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay


Rank: Anbu

Reincarnation or OC: OC

Appearance: With Blue white wings.

Skin color: Blue and white scales

Clothing: Black thick sunglasses.


Hair:Um...none xD

Personality:Acidic/Nice/Risk taker


Weight: 210

Body: Semi-muscular


Weapon(s):Industrial grinder, Pandora's box, M-16


Bloodline:Dark Dragon

Beast or Summon: Black 5 tailed dragon.

Weaknesses: Bright light


Enemies: Light village



Likes: N/A


Goal(s):Do what he's payed to do.

Belief: Atheist

Other info: N/A

5/7/2009 #4






Village:Hakumei, Previous unknown


Reinc. or OC:OC


Skin:Caucasian, somewhat tanned

Clothing:When travelling outside of the village, he wears a black cloak over his normal outfit and a mask that conceals the lower half of his face. Usually, he wears a black, long sleeve shirt and black shorts that end just short of his knees.

Eyes:A dark, clear blue

Hair:Obsidian black that is medium legnth, but on the short side. He doesn't style it, so it is usually rather messy

Personality:His personality can vary. He usually is cold and distant, but will occasionally open up to people. Rarely fully though, and he always holds a distrust of them, even if he hides it well. He is usually calm, but will sometimes lash out and tries to avoid arguments.



Body:Slender, athletic build

Bio:Roaven grew up in one of the villages, which has not mentioned to anyone, and left it after his family broke apart due to building tensions between them. He left, taking only a few supplies, and set up a tent in a small clearing there, stealing food and drink and practicing his abilities. Eventually, he stumbled upon the village Hakumei, somehow coming up with the money for an inn room and living there, realizing exactly how long he had been away from civillization.

Weapon:Katana, Kunai

Favorite Style of Jutsu:Lightning


Bloodline:None that he knows of

Beast or Summon:

Wolf Demon

Stage 1:At this point it does little but magnify his strength and chakra, and isn't too noticable. This can happen both randomly and a will, even while the seal remains intact

Stage 2:At this point, the seal is partially or fully broken, but the demon has yet to take full control, and is simply augmenting his abilities beyond what would be normally possible, with a very visible chakra engufling him

Stage 3:The demon is released and completely in control, with the outline of it formed in chakra around Roaven, and the abilities beyond what would be humanly possible, which may end up wounding or killing Roaven in the long run

Weaknesses:Heights, need to be in control, hatred of those stronger than him(and of course attractive women. Jk, jk. Or am I?)

Friends:Not any, he tends to keep to himself

Enemies:Not particularly many that he knows of


Lover:None at the moment

Likes:The dark, rain, warmth, training, doing what he does best. Killing.

Dislikes:Overly outgoing people, making mistakes, those who attempt to use him

Goal:None in particular


5/7/2009 #5

Name: Adonia Akatsuna

Alias: None

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Village: Sungakure headband of her fathers, yet no true village of her own.

Rank: Jonin missing ninja

Reincarnation or OC: OC

Appearance: (Changes in color’s will be noted below)

Skin color: Pale

Clothing: (Focus on the wrapping and white tank only. The rest doesn’t apply) A pair of pink shorts with a silver belt follow the look. Some pink finger gloves cover her hands.

Eyes: Light hazel that looks red in the light

Hair (and style): Blond with red/brown around the bottom.

Personality: You’ll see in the RP

Height: 5’3

Weight: 115

Body: Thin and average. She (Like Sasori) denied her human body and decided to make herself better by becoming a human puppet. However it didn’t work out like she’d hoped and only her hands and arms became like a puppets.

Bio: Daughter of Sasori Akatsuna and Anabelle Matisukia. The background and other stuff will be revealed later on in the RP

Weapon(s): (It shrinks down to dagger size at her will)

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Ice

Jutsu: Puppet Jutsu

Bloodline: N/A

Beast or Summon: None

Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, the flaws of a mostly human body, her horrid immune system…

Friends: Doesn’t need them.

Enemies: Sakura Haruno being on the top of the list. Other then that many others.

Team: Has never had the chance to experience a team, but may get to in the future deciding on the turn of events.

Lover: None, her love was doomed from the start and she doesn’t want another

Likes: Making new puppets to work with. Learning new jutsu’s. Warm weather.

Dislikes: Cold! Annoyances who think they can do things when they cant. Having to wait for things.

Goal(s): Unknown as of now

Belief: “You don’t have to outrun everyone to survive, just the person behind you.”

Other info: None

5/7/2009 #6

Name: L Sabaku. {Sometimes goes bye Akane. L was the nickname given to her by her father}

Alias: Tearni.

Age: 14 and a half.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Straight.

Village: Kuroigakure.

Rank: Jounin {Is this okay?}

Reincarnation or OC: Gaara is her father. And her mother is unknown. {Some random girl who happened to anger him.}

Appearance: (This is where you post a picture of your character, yes I do look at them.)

Skin color: Pale

Clothing: Look at last pic.

Eyes: They are rainbow-ish, they change color often.

Hair (and style): Look at pics. Her hair color is brown btw

Personality: Like her fathers.

Height: 5'8 and a half.

Weight: 127 pounds.

Body: Thin and beautifully curvy.

Bio: Her father never knew she exsited until she was found on his doorstep. He gave an order for her to be hidden for most of her life. He told her that if she reached Jonin level by the time she was fourteen he would let her be his daughter. She achieved this, but Gaara went missing before she was able to tell him. She spent a few months looking for him but then gave up and was forced to move to Koiragakure. She hid her family back ground from everyone.

Weapon(s): A gourd full of sand, her fathers gourd. Two small katanas. And a black pouch strapped to her waist.

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Sand.

Jutsu: Sand Barriel.

Bloodline: Uh....

Beast or Summon: Twelve tailed {Is this allowed?} cat.

Weaknesses: Water, she's terrified of it. And there is a special place on her neck, when touched she is under the control of that person.

Friends: None.

Enemies: Many.

Team: None.

Lover: None.

Likes: Killing

Dislikes: Living.

Goal(s): To find her father..

Belief: "Violence is always the answer."

Other info: She pretends that she's blind.

5/7/2009 #7
P.A.A.B.'s Bro

Character Sheet: (I am warning you, its long...)

Name: Leon Hiato

Alias: Iron Metal. The Eighth Man, One tail, and The Shell


Gender: male

Sexuality: straight


Rank: Anbu

Reincarnation or OC: Thrid Kazakage

Appearance: (This is where you post a picture of your character, yes I do look at them.)

Skin color: brown

Clothing: Anbu type

Eyes: hazel

Hair (and style): small afro

Personality:Very lazy at times and needs motivation



Body: very ripped but not bulky

BioL(Will post tomarrow sorry)

Weapon(s): Japanese long sword

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.):Metal and Lighting


*Iron Sand Manipulation- self explanatory

*Chidori- again you should know

*Chidori Current- Channels it thought weapons or himself

*Steel Skin- This creates a level of steel his skin to protect from harm. Because he has the turtleit activates with no hand seals, no work, and without thinking. It will disapper after

*Metal Dome- Creates a half dome shape shield for the user as can expand

Bloodline: Iron Sand- able to move metal of any kind or make it out of sand. It has two affect levels

*Level 1: The user can move anything metal breaking it down or multiplying it to a degree

*Level 2: the user turns himself into a full magnet being able to channel and hold the current of electricity. He can also draw anyone with magnetic or electric charge to him gradually

Beast or Summon: Turtle-one tail beast Hoji

*Phase 0: Leon and the Hoji can communacate and sense things around. Hoji can activate the steel skin on and off and Leon's defence is incresed

*Phase 1: He gets the chakra coat and his one tail. The amount of energy let out is left up to him. The beast doesn't take over and Leon has full control of his actions and thoughts

*Phase 2:Control is lessened from 100% to now 40%. The Beast's instents are used and speed is incresed. This is rarely used

Weaknesses:wind and some water techs.

Friends: None so far

Enemies: Shin Jojima


Lover: Yumi

Likes: fighting woman and drinking

Dislikes: alot

Goal(s): to avenge as certain someone

Belief: Darwinism and Defense make the best Offence

Other info: N/A

5/7/2009 . Edited 5/8/2009 #8

Name: Kyu Rider

Alias: Red, Nine-tails, Kitsune

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Village: Iwagakure

Rank: Jounin

Reincarnation or OC: OC


Eyes: Red and slitted

Personality: Quiet, protective, lazy

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210

Body: Semi-muscular

Bio: Originally the son of Naruto Uzumaki. After ranking to jounin, he set off on his own. Soon after, because of him using Kyuubi's power so much, he started to actually look like the fox himself. Right now, he's deeply regretting on using his power so much. ~|That's all I got right now...I'm feeling too lazy atm.|~

Weapon(s): Kunai

Favorite style of jutsu: Fire

Jutsu: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/57654/13113777/3/ - and has Naruto's Rasengan and Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu

Bloodline: Rasengan

Beast or Summon: Nine-Tailed Fox Demon, Kyuubi

Weaknesses: Water, can easily be decieved

Friends: ?

Enemies: ?

Team: ?

Lover: ?

Likes: Reading, writing, training

Dislikes: Water

Goal(s): To revert back to human

Belief: "Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing."

5/7/2009 #9
Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

[Evil dude]

Name: Takuya

Alias: Flame Wind

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Village: Akatsuki

Rank: Rouge

Reincarnation or OC: Obito


Clothing: Black Akatsuki cloak with red clouds on it.

Eyes: Brown when normal, but Red when activated.

Hair (and style): Brown and spiked.

Personality: TBA

Height: 5'10

Weight: 125 lbs

Body: Martial artist build.

Bio: Was in a small town village when the wars started over the demon containers. His whole village was destroyed, but he somehow survived. The Akatsuki found him, saw his potential and his Sharingun abilities.

Weapon(s): A katana.

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Fire/Wind

Jutsu: Wind Blaze

Bloodline: Uchiha

Beast or Summon: None

Weaknesses: Water Jutsu

Friends: None

Enemies: Hakumei

Team: His partner [not sure who you want me to be teamed with.]

Lover: None

Likes: Sketching

Dislikes: Hakumei

Goal: Akatsuki's goal.

Belief: None

Other info:

5/8/2009 #10
Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Name: Max Tsuami

Alias: Twilight Wing

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Village: Wind, then Hakumei

Rank: Jonin

Reincarnation or OC: OC


Skin color: White

Clothing: Like one in the picture [too lazy to come up with a newer one lol]

Eyes: Silver

Hair (and style): Brown and spiked

Personality: Same as usual

Height: 5'10

Weight: 135 lbs

Body: Same as picture

Bio: Was one of Orochimaru's experiments where he was given his dark and light wings. He escaped at age ten and found by the Toad Sage, Jiraiya. He traveled with him before depositing him in the Wind village. Later he moved to Hakumei where he met Kasumi and the others. He helped Kasumi along the way with whatever was going on with her, and even when she vanished he went looking for her. Now they are engaged and he's somewhat hoping things will calm down. For a while anyway.

Weapon(s): Scythe, various other weapons he can bring out of scrolls.

Favorite style of jutsu(Earth, Ice, Fire, etc.): Wind, Fire, Darkness

Jutsu: Many different types of wind jutsu, Rasengan, Various fire jutsu, Summonings.

Bloodline: Light and Darkness: Has the ability to change him into either his Light Form [Prince of Wind] where he has complete control of fire jutsus and such, or his Dark Form [Vampire Form] where his darkness jutsus are increased. He developed the Prince of Wind from getting the wings in Orochimaru's labs, and also in this form both of his wings are white, while he got his Vampire Form from Kasumi's claiming mark and in this form both of his wings are black.

Beast or Summon: Phoenixes

Weaknesses: Tight spaces, Lightning jutsu

Friends: Akane, Might, Jiraiya, list goes on and on.

Enemies: Tons. Main ones are Orochimaru and Daisuke.

Team: None

Lover: His wife, Kasumi.

Likes: Flying, the moon, rain, and drawing among various other things.

Dislikes: A lot.

Goal(s): Be the best he can be.

Belief: "You've only got one life, live it as best as you can.

Other info: Has a brother, Ike, and they are slowly trying to find out about their old clan.

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Mistress Brya

(All Accepted. Just please make sure you read the background and everything about modern things.)


The elders sighed as the oldest slammed his hand on the table. “We order Max's return, Now!” He says as he shot a glare around everyone, daring them to speak out. “Kasumi's dead, he'll just have to cope with it.


“Silence!” The oldest elder yells, he starts coughing before sitting back down. “If he is not back within the next 48 hours, he will be forced back. We don't have time to wait, the Ataksuki and Orochimaru have gotten stronger.” He says as he looks around the circle of men around the table. “There's no time then the present but I'll be damned if I let that girl pester in affairs anymore.”

Lily sighed, tapping her foot on the floor as she waited for Might to come out of the meeting. Her fingers messed with the wedding band around her ring finger.


A boy with brown hair and green eyes ran following Max. “Max! Max! Calm down.” Haku says. It's been another year and a half since Kasumi fell into the cavern. They got a tip saying they spied Kasumi at the new village, Sakarau.

Another boy with blonde hair and brown eyes shook his head. “She's most likely-...” Kaze starts to say say as he ran behind Haku and Max. Haku stopped, “... Don't say that!” He says covering Kaze's mouth, knowing Max would most likely lash out on the next person that said she was dead or killed by Daisuke. Its been a rough year.

Kaze sighed, “Fine, but it's the truth...” He says as he continues behind Max and Haku as they leave Iwagakure and head for Sakarau.

Haku shot him a glare. “Just shut up before you get the crap beat out of you.”


The Mizukage sighed, watching Akane train from up at his tower. “Why don't you go to Sakarau and relax, take a load off. And Yes, this is an order.” He replies, glaring.


Daisuke got up slowly before heading towards the Blackhawk waiting outside the base. William was behind him as was Takuya. “You all understand that we can't have another village be an alliance. We need to take out that other village, even though its a myth.” He says as Kiyone nods and steps inside the helicopter. She put the small helmet on her head before strapping herself into the pilot.

“Ready...” She says with a smile into her mic.

“Alright, let's go.” Daisuke says sitting in the co-pilot seat. Takuya got into the other seat in the back, William took a seat beside. William withdrew several guns from his rather large bag. He tossed one to Daisuke and Takuya.

The Blackhawk took off into the air.


Shin walked out of academy in his new village, he pulled his coat on tighter before heading to his Aunts house. “Stupid cold...” He muttered angrily.

Suki was babysitting two year old twins. One was a boy and another was a girl. The boy looked like his but had black hair like mother. The girl had brown hair like her father but all the features like her mother. They were playing on the ground with toys. She smiled, she liked helping the Aisukage.

Cloe and Ike were waiting for the Aisukage to appear and go training, Cloe sighed tapping her foot annoyed as Ike looked outside the window at the fresh snow falling down.

Aisukage walked out of her office of pure ice. She looked up seeing Cloe and Ike, she nodded and started out of the tower grabbing her snow white cloak, heading to the forest that was covered in nothing but ice. The head band was of an ice sickle as they all headed to go train.


(Everyone else will be at the LARGE club at Sakarau. That is if everyone read the background...)

Kabuto entered the club, unseen as he walked around looking for a certain target.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Max continued on his way toward Sakarau, his eyes full of determination. The year had lead to the basically the same results, Kasumi dieing and killed by Daisuke. He knew it wasn't true. He touched the claim mark on his neck before he ran faster. "C'mon!"


Takuya took his gun, using his Sharingun to examine it clearly, the reflection in the gun reflecting his glowing red eyes.


Ike pulled his cloak on around himself tighter, blowing out an icy breath as he walked along after the Aisukage.

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Roaven looks around the club, taking a seat in the corner. It was loud and obnoxious, but perfect for not being overheard. He didn't consider it exactly honorable, but he was an assassin nonetheless. He didn't kill for pleasure, nor was he just a psychopath. It paid, and it was easy work. That was all that mattered to him. He glances around, waiting for an employer. He spread the word around that he was looking for a job, as long as it wasn't something like killing someone from ANBU. He refused to kill anyone that was generally considered to be a 'good guy.' He sighs, leaning back and waiting.

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Mistress Brya

Haku sighed, running faster. "Max-senpai..." He yelled as he continued running.

Kaze shook his head before bolting past Haku and continued to run.


The Aisukage continued to walk as she walked towards the edge of the dome that hid the village. She did a quick hand sign before touching the dome, it opened up slowly. "Come.." She says walking out as they all walked out the dome and headed towards the forest that was covered with snow. It was the day of the week wherer the ice village could actually be seen. A blizzard year round except for 4 times a year during a certain week that it could be seen.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Max continued running, "Just c'mon! Who knows when I'll be ordered back!" He yelled to them, jumping into the air as he flexed his wings, before flying slightly ahead of them.


"Where are we going?" Ike asked, folling her still.

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Mistress Brya

Haku touched his temples. "Your ordered back today actually." He says getting a vision. He picks up his pace running faster.


"We're going to train, Ike-niichan." The Aisukage says.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

"Then 110% on speed at the moment then," Max said, determination in his voice. He flew faster, nearing the village.


Ike nodded, "Hai." He touched his paintbrush that was situated on his side like a dagger.

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Mistress Brya

Kabuto walked around inside the club, his shades sending a reflection from the lights as he takes a seat in a booth.


"Wait!" Haku yells.

Kaze sighed, he transformed into a panther as he raced off behind Max. He grabbed Haku by his shirt and flipped him onto his back. "Your slow." He mutters.

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Mistress Brya

"Alright, spread out through the snow, don't go near the mountain through.." The Aisukage says vanishing.

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Nelle Kozera

Ariel was looking over her armament logs and found one of her blackhawk helicopters where missing. "Who the fuck took one of my helicopters. Better question is they got it out." She said looking over the inventory lists she had sent one of her top specialists to track it down.

~|This is ariel by the way.


Ten hours later they had exusted the fuel in the axillry fuel tanks and jetsoned them over the artic ice. Kiyone ploited the craft made by the darkness village with some difficultly. The heavly tinted windows made to protect the eyes of those that lived in the dark underground made the flight abit diffcult, but where a god send in the artic with the white snow refelcting the sunlight.


Dresden entered the club threw the back entrance. His jet black goggles rode on his eye protecting his eye from the harsh lights around him.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

"We're almost there," Max said, seeing the club in the distance. "Head there first for information. When we get close enough set up a genjustu, alright?"


Ike nodded, racing west through the snow as fast as he could.

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Kyu wrapped himself in a dark coat, concealing his tails, and walked through the club.

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Mistress Brya

"Alright but why?" Haku asked.

Kaze nodded, transforming back as he ran with Haku on his back. "Your fat." He muttered before getting hit upside the head.

"Maybe you should lift more weights." Haku countered.


A blade flew towards Ike. "Not fast enough." The voice mocked.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Max landed next to them. "The more people that recognize where we're from, the more trouble we may receive. Better stick to genjustu for the time being."


Ike had already pulled out his brush, making a wall of ice from the snow that protected him from the blade.

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Mistress Brya

A fist punched the wall of ice as it shattered, the Aisukage came towards Ike with her katana drawn, ready to cut him. "Come on Ike." Kasumi says.


"They're already going to reconize you and Anbu are already on their way." Haku says, his pupils wide.

Kaze started to do hand signs. "Just hurry up and look around, I have the genjutsu while Haku tells me how much time we have." He says changing Max's features giving him short black hair and red eyes. "Now go, and change your chakra flow."

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Max concentrated while he changed the way his chakra flowed through him. "There. Now we have to hurry."


Ike smirked, jumping back. "Alright, if you insist Sensei."

A kunai with a bomb tag exploded under the Aisukage.

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Mistress Brya

Haku changed his features and headed inside the club first. Kaze vanished into the forest, holding the genjutsu as he put an earpiece in his ear. "Haku?" He asked.

"10 minutes, maybe less." Haku says looking around the club.


The Aisukage moved out of the way of the bomb tag and snow before tossing up a snowball in her hand. The ball started to change color as it was a aquamarine. It lite up brightly before sending a beam of ice at Ike.

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Drifter of the Forgotten Ones

Max glanced around the club. "Find anyone that could help us out with finding her." He whispered to Haku.


Ike rolled out of the way, drawing up a wolf that ran at the Aisukage.

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Adonia slid into the corner booth, laying her feet on the table and examining her newest poison.

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