What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

Name: Mika Angelina Lockheart

Alias: Lotus

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Appears to be human, except for the fact that she doesn't cast a shadow, so specific people will know somewhat of what she is.

Looks: Inky black hair, the length in the back is short, just at the bottom of the ears. The rest gradually gets longer, to the point that the hair in the front is past her chin. Her bangs sweep over to the side, covering her right eye majority of the time. Alluring dark, deep, rich brown almond shaped eyes, which are very hypnotizing at times. Her pupils are slitted slightly. Narrow set face with average cheek bones, poetic delicate model nose above a proud-curved cupids-bow of a mouth and a beauty mark below right nostril above her upper lip. Tall and slim milk chocolate, tawny complexion. Long athletic legs, rather large bust, small waist and wide hips. Has a scar on her right hip that drags down to her leg stopping above her right kneecap, it was in an altercation she had. Five foot Six inches. She has a tattoo on her lower back that is of a lotus flower.

Attitude: Chaotic Good in a general sense. Good intentions, unlawful ways. Use to be bubbly and loving about everything, but after tragic events her mood changed to laid back, unsociable, and quiet, as well as spiteful and rude when angered. However, most of the time she is easy to get along with unless you push her buttons. She is very temperamental at times and finds it hard to contain her emotions. Her uncontrollable emotions are what makes her tainted. If awoken in the morning she is killer, demolishing anything in her path

Clothing: Mika wears a blood red corset that has black lace around the bosom area and black strings that goes up the back in the shape of a "V". She wears a black, red and white ruffled plaid skirt. The skirt goes all the way down just above her shoes, so it shows about an inch of skin between the two. The light blue bow is replaced with a white one as she wears high-heeled boots that goes all the way up to the upper part of her knees and white gloves just at her wrists that are fingerless. A choker around her neck. It is actually made out of special material and has a black rose charm at the center. It's a ruby red rose that changes color due to her mood. The color red meaning neutral or happy, pink being excited and silver meaning angry. It will begin to drip the color silver to black and her actual dark side will take over causing her to be more harsh and angry. When the petals begin to fall, she is losing control of herself conscience giving into her dark side.

Mini Bio: Mika lived in the household of the Lockhearts, before the fall of the city when she was eleven. She knew nothing of what happened to her human parents, because unlike her, she was a mutant. However, being a mutant without a real power doesn't make you really a mutant. Mika in her younger years in elementary school became friends with a girl that is very near and dear to her heart named Scar. The girl Scarleigh was however a mutant and Mika had given her a butterfly knife when the girl was seven years of age to protect herself because Scar couldn't really control her ability that well so she retorted to weaponry like how Mika did.

When the city fell, Mika's only friend and companion was Scarleigh. They travelled around from safe house to safe house that her family had established well over many states. How they had all these safe houses and such, Mika doesn't even know, but she has a list of them all and she uses them to her advantage. When Mika was seventeen, and Scar fifteen, they met up with a mutant named Riot. He hid all physical appearances from them and was caught in with Scar as she was attacked by HIVE. Riot accompanied Scar and Mika to one of their safe houses on a beach, where they kept a low profile from HIVE for the time being.

However, HIVE found out where the trio had escaped to and infiltrated the house. Mika, Scar and Riot made their escape out of house before Riot, deciding on his own, to go his separate way from Scar and Mika. Scar transported herself and Mika to a different planet where they lived for a year and a half before a jarring incident happened which caused Mika and Scar to separate from each other in the effects of Mika becoming much more of an assassin and rouge mutant that fought against HIVE.

Mika is back on Earth, for reasons unknown to her as she has been by herself for the past six months without any sort of contact from another person. She is a very large threat to HIVE now, as she has freed many mutants before they were brainwashed by attacking safe houses that are in the city and rallying them against HIVE. She uses multiple disguises and get ups to her advantage as she's always in quickly and out just as fast.

Powers/Abilities: Agility, reflexes, senses, quick footed, and skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Very Observant. (Her actual power has not been, "unlocked" yet)

Weapons: She uses a hedge-podge of different weapons. Her most usual ones is her silver revolver, her set of twin steel edged fans that contain 10 ribs, two daggers, and her last resort weapon, are her needles. The tensais were weapons she had before turning thirteen. One is obsidian black, with a white snowflake in the middle of it with light blue cresset shaped moons in the middle of it. The other is entirely snow white with a dark blue and light gray yin and yang sign in the center, the yin sign is dark blue and the yang sign is light gray. Like many weapons, they are named Kuro and Hikaru.

As for her daggers, it like the tensais, are opposites. They both have dark brown handles with silver gems going down both sides of the handle.Both of the daggers have strange markings on front and back of its handle. The first blade is pure white that has a reflection of dark gray depending on the way the sunlight hits it. The second dagger is of pure obsidian black that has a magenta reflection in the moonlight, depending on the way it is hit. The blades are made out of a special mineral used to only take out supernatural things, not humans. The black one is named Crucifix and the white one is named, Tsubasa.

Aside from that, she has one silver revolver that has a silencer on it. On the barrier has the word, "Ominous" in script font. It was given to her as a present from her friend. She always keeps it behind her in the back of her pants underneath any shirt she is wears for quick excess. She uses it before using anything else if she doesn't have time to get to her needles or her fans. Her gun is used just to scare the person she is holding it at and warn them that she's not one to play with. She always seems to be always pistol ready and is not afraid to pistol-whip someone at any moment. Her bullets are only used to precise supernatural things, not humans. It can take out both of the creatures of the night, but she only uses it only on special occasions

Lastly, she uses senbon needles drenched with her special poisons. Her poisons are named Spider Lotus, Bloody Orchid, Lilac's Kiss and Black Dahlia.

-Spider Lotus is her most lethal poison. She only uses it for a quick kill. It seeps through the blood stream and targets the wrists or neck, blocking blood flow is two small spots of concentration. It will leave two" bite marks" on the dead person's wrist or neck, as the blood seeps out. The dead person's body will have a light pink rash growing around near the entry wounds and on the entire body. The poison is of a light blue color.

-Lilac's Kiss is her tormenting poison. Near the entry point and on the rest of the body the victim will feel a sever burning. It kills slowly, and painfully, leaving the person it targets to writhe and struggle in pain. Not many are sure how it really works, but they know it targets the brain. But the victim usually complains of going blind and intense burning in his or her eyes. They will usually resort to tearing their own eyes out or severely damaging them. Then, their most terrifying fears are brought to life through mental images, and they will ultimately go to more insanity before it causes the lungs to stop all together, and shuts the whole body down. This poison is a lavender color.

-Bloody Orchid is her more deadly poison. It can be entered by injection, food or drinks. Once it enters the body it takes 24-hour for it to hit its destination, the digestive system. It will use the acid from the person's stomach and begin to slowly eat them alive. The poison lasts about a week as he or she will begin to feel old and can barely talk or move any part of their body, becoming a human zombie. The poison's final stage is when the person will look old and brittle as they will fall to the ground, having a seizure. He or She will continue to shake violently before their body caves in from the lost of all bone and tissues. The poison is a dark red color.

-Black Dahlia is her more bloody poison, worse than Spider Lotus. The person will be injected and the poison lasts four days, by the fifth day the person is dead. The main goal of the poison is to wipe out the nervous system, completely. He or she will think they have a cold as they will have a normal cough on the first day. On the second day the person will have more of a cough as little blood will be there but it won't be as noticeable. Once the third day comes the person will be colder than normal having a hacking cough and be more bloody, by the fourth day, he or she will be spewing or gushing out blood from their mouths uncontrollably by this time they cannot be saved. The victim will continue to vomit blood until they die of loss of blood or they have chocked on their own blood. The poison is a light pink color. They can be cured, but she won't reveal how.

Weaknesses: Platinum metal (extreme attraction), necrophilia, children, being in a place with a lot of people without someone she knows, and tight small places. She can not swim for the life of her.

Quote: "I'd never lose a fight.. Nor would I win, but every time someone knocked me down, not matter what, I'd get back up again."

Extra: Her costume consists of synthetic stretch fabric equipped with micro-suction cups on fingers and feet, enabling her to adhere to walls and ceilings. However this is the underlaying part of her armor, the second part of her armor is made of an unknown metal it is lightweight and form fitting, yet extremely resistant to physical damage and some projectiles and energy made weapons. The metal is thicker around her neck, chest, wrists, stomach and thighs. The body suit is black however when the sun hits it in certain spots, it shimmers a reddish tint, like tinted windows.

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Name: Steele Reedweb

Alias: Veteran

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Looks: With an aristocratic face and a somewhat average to thin muscular build, you wouldn't expect Steele to be a sort of feared figure. His dull grey eyes are full with a sheen of inferiority and anger, while his body language reads a seeming counteractive pseudo-intelligent tone to it. His hair is naturally straight and dirty blond, shaggy in a somewhat raw style. It reaches over the top of his ears, with short bangs swiping across his forehead, occasionally falling on his brow. His skin is the same color year round, light olive. His four front teeth have been knocked out and been replaced with a prosthetic, so his smile is at the very least straight and orderly when he exposes it. Despite being relatively thin, Steele sports a relatively toned 4-pack with somewhat thick arms and calves. He's tall as well, reaching just over 5ft 11.

Clothing: Steele goes simple when it comes to clothes, preferring a plain T-Shirt with a pair of dark wash denim Hurley skinny jeans and a purple knit visor-ed beanie. His ears are full with soft silicone plugs and the left side of his lower lip is pierced with a captive stainless-steel hoop.

Attitude: Steele seems to be a relatively quiet and introverted character, with the classic under-lying bad boy charm. He's both street and book smart, though the later is usually dominated by the preceding. He is last to strike in every sense, and in every situation. Despite this calm and somewhat non-threatening exterior demeanor, Steele is extremely passive aggressive and excels in the two-faced, double crossing, and love/hate categories. He firmly believes that enemies should be kept as close as possible, and that 'friends' are simply pawns to aid in the eventual destruction of the social plague destroying mutant and human 'co-habituation', or mutant superiority, as he sees it. He has destroyed (almost) every emotional tie he has held with anyone from his past, including family. He works for himself, by himself. He is internally scarred and irritated with the fact that his sister knows nothing of their relation, and that she sees him as a threat. Steele can be seen, in certain aspects, as Chaotic good or chaotic evil, depending on one's own opinion and his execution. He is a natural born fighter, and craves to spill blood at every given opportunity. However, he is sensible enough to know there is a time for everything, and will not attack or kill unless absolutely necessary. If ever placed in such a situation, the result is always the same;

Fight to the death, and no matter how much blood he sheds, how many bruises he acquires, or how many broken bones, he's always left standing.

Mini Bio: I can has reveal in RP? I has reveal in RP.

Powers/Abilities: Steele has developed a form of spacial-understanding that allows him to alter his own perception of time and physical interaction to a certain extent.

Allow me to elaborate...

Steele has heightened his senses and spiritual understanding to the point that he can pierce through the representative veil of our plane of existence, and hold it in his hands like warm putty. Physically, he utilizes this power by applying his own physical touch to solid surfaces; Altering the density of solid objects. Lightening the density allows him to break through objects more easily, toughening the density allows him to create shields or barriers, while variation between the two allows him to create bone shattering shockwaves. Steele is always extremely focused, but he is a complete monster in battle. Ranged combat with the man is a death wish, but close quarters is suicidal. His sense of pain dilutes, his motions grow less haggard, and his percent of hit accuracy rises up into the high 90s. Mentally, he can predict, for just the next few milliseconds, future movements in combat, and sense heat signatures nearby, for all but one key person...

Besides his form of molecular telekinesis, Steele is a natural born thief-based persona, quick in reflexes, sharp in sight and scent, and quiet while in motion. But his mutation has enhanced these powers to the next level; His agility can be compared to that of a cat, his endurance something you couldn't find in even the most hardened solider, and his strength on par with heavy weight champion boxer.

These effects of mutation are due to traces of animal-based DNA intertwined with his own. He has combined physical agility and senses of nature's most powerful beings with human intellect and understanding, creating a sort of hybrid without tasteless physical transformation or mindlessness. However, when bitten or scratched by an animal of any kind, his attitude is more feral and rash. His canines also enlarge and sharpen.

Weapons: Steele isn't usually drawn to weaponry while in combat; It's just not his first instinct. However, he keeps a sheathed military combat knife hooked to the inner side of his jeans on his right hip, the cursive inscription on the blade reading 'Sanctify' serving as the blood trap. He has been known to disable much larger weapons, such as large kurkis and bolo machetes, with just his hardened military knife.

Weakness: He is susceptible to uncontrollable bloodlust when he has been bit or scratched by an animal. He also has not, cannot, and will never been able to sense, terminally harm, or completely defeat Mika in any form, physical or emotional. He is also weak towards females Mika has grown fond of, but on the flip side, has an un-dying hatred for any male she expresses any kind will towards, and will murder them on site.

Extra: THEME.

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Mistress Brya

Mini Bio: I can has reveal in RP? I has reveal in RP.


However, I will put a flaw in his power, he can predict others futures movements, except for one key person.

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Sounds like a sweet plot twist, I'll add it in~

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Mistress Brya

I like how he's the opposite, he doesn't rely on weapons.

2/5/2012 #6

Yours is more of an assassin.


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Mistress Brya

Name: Thexliope "Lexxi" Shore

Alias: None

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Race: Mutant

Looks: 4'7 Her hair is cut about medium, just long enough to tie up into a short pony tail. It is short in the back, but gets longer as it gets further to the front. It's cut in layers. She has tanned skin from being outside a lot and her hair is bright red. Small, bright, sea green eyes that always has eyeliner around them that are framed by almost impossibly long lashes; a pretty face with full lips; The light blue eye shadow exaggerates her eye color. Her cheeks are rosy and it makes her look like Raggedy Ann, or at least in her opinion. She also says that she would've used the deep blue eye shadow, but her eyebrows are too light for it and it would look weird. The ends of the eyebrows are angled just a bit up and her nose is small and is what people call, a button nose. It is slightly upturned, but not by much. The bones in her face are very angular and square. She doesn't have much of a figure. She is quite skinny and has no hips. Her shoulders are slightly broad, but there isn't much muscle except in her legs from running so much. Her nails are short and jagged from her bad habit of biting her nails when in deep thought or when nervous.

Attitude: Cheerful, happy go lucky, impulsive; she can throw one hell of a tantrum when things doesn't go her way. She's very bubbly and mischievous, but knows when she shouldn't pull pranks on people. She loves giving hugs and learning about people.

Clothing: She wears a pair of jeans with white tennis shoes and a red shirt that has a heart on it and around her neck is a necklace that she got from her family before she was taken.

Mini Bio: She is one of the newest recruits of HIVE however, she hasn't been brainwashed as of yet.

Powers/Abilities: She can sense their feelings, read the thoughts of 97% of all humans, mutants and whoever, and even see through their eyes.

Weapons: None

Weakness: None, for right now.

Extra: She has a teddy bear that she talks to, his name is Teddy, however, Teddy has a power also.

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Name: Scar Raiin/Reeve Emolite.

Alias: ShadowHunter.

Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Race: Mutant.

Looks: She has thick short hair that is an inch or so below her shoulders. It is cut in a choppy way with bangs that lay across her forehead just above her eyebrows. Her hair is a blue/black color {She used a dye}. Her skin is a soft ivory with a pink undertone. Her eyes are almond shaped with long thick black eyelashes. The eye colors themselves are green with several specs of bright gold, but they turn black whenever she uses her powers or becomes 'Reeve'.

Attitude: Scar is pretty laid back in some areas, but loves to talk and accidentally gets herself into messes all the time. Reeve is much more tense, she seems to be very wary of her surroundings and almost never does something stupid. She never speaks, and is often a cold ominous present.

Clothing: She usually wears black leather pants, as Reeve. But when she's Scar she wears a manner of different colored leather shorts and pants. As for shirts it's usually just tank tops and leather jackets, along with her signature leather riding boots, and hooded cloak.

Mini Bio: She grew up with Mika as her closest, and only friend. Mika constantly had to get her out of trouble until one day she was forced to grow up for herself. In a rather jarring situation she was separated from Mika and she lost control of her abilities and her emotional control.

This ended up causing a crack in her frail sanity and letting in a whole 'nother identity, who calls herself 'Reeve'. Reeve is sort of Scar's 'grown-up' side. Scar is childish, living life as if it had no consequences, and thus keeping control of her powers through the sheer will power of denying that anything is wrong. Reeve does it through her own cold, emotionless attitude.

Because of what happened, and her new 'person' she began to grow.. more insane. And because of the years that passed without her being with the sanity that Mika provided she slowly deteriorated into the broken shell that she now is.

Powers/Abilities: She has the power to control inky shadows with her mind. But if her emotions go haywire, so do her powers.

Weapons: She carries a small black butterfly knife with serrated edges. A present from Mika on her seventh birthday.

Weakness: She is emotionally unstable, and has an alter-ego... of sorts.


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Mistress Brya

Nee-chan, I thought Akane was evil and Scar wasn't evil? Or are you testing out something new?

2/8/2012 #10

Edited in personality because Janine's a jew and added that after I posted~

And weakness~

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Mistress Brya

Suck a dick! :P I was going to let you know about the damn edit later, however you didn't post any yesterday so....

He also has not, cannot, and will never been able to sense, harm, or defeat Mika in any form, physical or emotional.

Mika's going to beat the shit out of him, so you might as well remove the word harm and probably like semi defeat or some shit like that because she'll go to town on his ass if she finds that out. The last part of his weakness, have that relate to females, as to males, he'll feel as if no guy would be perfect in the aspect and go into a rage for any one in the opposite sex that she is somewhat fond of or even in basic friendship terms with.

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Fuck a duck! XP Ok yeah that's the way it was. I messed up the names. Sorry! I'll go fix it now.

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Mistress Brya


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Name: Akane Iyanna.

Alias: Demon.

Age: 22.

Gender: Female.

Race: Alien.

Looks: She has long dark brown hair that she usually keeps tied up in a high poneytail. Her body is slender but she is very tall. Her eyes are a blood red color with silver lining them and long black eyelashes.

Attitude: She lives as a Mercenary for whoever pays the most, she doesn't seem to have much of a conscience and kills whatever and whoever her employer wants her to. She doesn't have friends, and she enjoys life's pleasures by sleeping with whomever she finds attractive.

Clothing: She wears tan leather pants, a maroon silk tank top and a tan hooded cloak over it with her signature thigh high black boots with a two inch heal.

Mini Bio: Akane was born on a planet called Callderon. Her race is somewhat like an 'elf', though they are bred for fighting. She was taught from an early age to fight, and eventually be a Emperial Guard like her father before her. However before she came of age some Alian Traffikers found her training. They drugged her and then brought her to earth to be sold. Even as a slave she fought for her life at every opertunity until one day they just said 'fuck it' and handed her over to the Mercenary training facilities. There she became what she now lives.

Powers/Abilities: She is extremely fast, agile, strong, and her body can heal rather quickly.

Weapons: She carries a broadsword strapped to her back, two short swords strapped to her thighs in her boots, and several needle like projectile weapons on her person.

Weakness: She has a tear in her heart that if she becomes too physical will kill her.

Quote: "Evil is a relative term."


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Name: Sebastian Ariyukawa.

Alias: Slash.

Age: 47.

Gender: Male.

Race: Mutant/Cyborg.

Looks: He has inky black hair that is cut into a stylish fashion, smooth tan skin only marred by a long deep scar across his left eye. His right eye is a pretty dark blue, while his left is pure white with only the black pupal that has a silver jagged line through it. He's tall and rather gangly, but fills out his Armani suit nicely. His right arm is robotic, but is covered in prothstetic skin so that it seems human.

Attitude: He's a rather polite gentleman who anyone can easily fall in love with, he lies like a true master, and can fool even the unfoolable into believeing his lies.

Clothing: He wears mainly nice black suits, but sometimes wears a dark blue one.

Mini Bio: N/A

Powers/Abilities: His left eye is used as a sort of hypnotic power, where he uses it to subtly change the mind of young and old people. He is also extremely strong and fast, for his gangly body.

Weapons: He uses only his eye and mind, however if provoked he has a shiny black Blaster that fires white hot shots.

Weakness: Though he uses his eye easily, it pains him to do so. No one knows of how it is slowly killing him.


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The last part of his weakness, have that relate to females, as to males, he'll feel as if no guy would be perfect in the aspect and go into a rage for any one in the opposite sex that she is somewhat fond of or even in basic friendship terms with.

Twas' what I was thinking, dunno why I hadn't elaborated.

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Mistress Brya

Good Akane.

Alright Spiral.

Oh, so I got flamed on my proboard, ya, something happened, so we are being forced to move... *shrugs* Good thing I had that back up place now.

2/8/2012 #19

Thanks Bri!

2/8/2012 #20

Name: Alden Risen

Alias: Phoenix

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Half-human/half-elf

Looks: Alden stands above average human height, but just short of six feet. He has an athletic build, but not particularly defined muscles, hinting at his lack of strength. He has more angled features than most humans, but not enough so it seems to out of the ordinary. He has silver-blue eyes, which, while certainly not normal, he attributes to colored contact lenses when pressed about it. He uses his medium length onyx black hair to cover his pointed ears, the only thing that undeniably proves his heritage. They are more rounded than the ears of most elves, but certainly pointed enough to betray his mixed blood.

Attitude: Alden is paranoid and self-serving, seeing others as a means to an end and little more. He will often betray people to avoid letting them take the initiative, as he believes everyone will do so eventually. He is jaded and unsympathetic and has an essentially dead sense of humor.

Clothing: Alden wears relatively tight clothing to aid in his movement and avoid snagging on anything, favoring darker colors to aid in his attempts to keep to the shadows and out of sight. His prefers long sleeved shirts and pants, though if it is hot enough he will switch to shorter sleeves, but never shorts. He keeps a black bandana he can tie around his face, and owns a hooded cloak, using it only when he plans to travel for long periods or doesn't need to remain overly mobile.

Mini Bio: From the little he lets slip, his mother is dead and he doesn't get along with his father, and arguably his mother before her death. Since he left home, a long string of bad luck has left him with a bad attitude and a diluted sense of morals, and it is implied his willingness to trust was what started his downward spiral.

Powers/Abilities: Alden is more capable than most of reading body motions, as subtle as they are. This means he can easily tell how someone feels based on things most would miss, and gives him an advantage in combat, as he often sees attacks coming before they're even thrown. This, coupled with his speed, beyond what any human could achieve, makes him a force to be reckoned with in combat, unless his mobility is reduced or completely cut off.

Weapons: Carries around a black-bladed dagger that seems to have significance to him, likely sentimental, and seems to never dull

Weakness: He relies on his speed more than strength, and in a contest of strength, he will likely lose. He can't tolerate the cold and is paranoid about betrayal, which makes him jumpy.

2/8/2012 #21
Mistress Brya

Good Roaven.

2/8/2012 #22
Fear Die Rothaarige

Name: Elizabeth Phantom (Goes by Eliza)

Alias: Mimzy

Age: 17

Race: Shapeshifter

Looks: Flowing Ginger hair with dark blue eyes. Pale skin like snow. About 5'6" with full curves, though her chest ain't exactly proportional to her hip/ass ratio (It ish smaller...). Normally wears jeans and band t-shirts with no make up. She cleans up good when she lets her hair down and dresses with more flair. Loves her purple chucks with bright ass orange laces.

Attitude: Usually quiet and hates being around people. Only loosens up around people she cares about and would call friends. She has a bad temper and has been arrested twice for aggravated assault. All charges were dropped in both cases. Can fight like a bad ass, usually moving with the grace of an animal. She cares deeply for the few friends she has managed to make and would give her life in a heart beat to save one of them.

Clothing: Jeans, t-shirts and chucks.

Mini-Bio: Born and raised in the South, she is far from your typical person. She grew up in an abusive household and regurly took beatings from both parents. At 15 she was being beaten when she suddenly shifted into the form of a wild wolf and attacked both of them, killing them. She awoke covered in their blood and screamed till the neighbors called the police. They locked her in a mental ward for the criminally insane. She escaped after shifting into a mouse after practicing her powers. She has been on the run ever since.

Powers/Abilities: Can shift into animals at will. She also maintains some of their traits like sensitive hearing, running faster and being stronger than the average human. And is clever as a mother fucker. It is unknown at how she gained this power.

Weapons: Carries a small knife with her at all times. When forced to fight and her life is on the line, she'll shift.

Weakness: She has to eat a lot of food because of how much energy is required to shift back and forth. After every shift it becomes harder and harder for her to regain her human side. One day she will not be able to shift back. If she is to low on energy or has lost to much blood she will automatically shift back to human form.

Extra: Loves to read and drink. Her favorite color is purple.

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Mistress Brya


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