What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

Are these characters in the plot, assisting, making it broader, and you don't want to make a full on character sheet, well post them here! :)

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Mistress Brya

Resistance Fighters:-

Bellatrix (Clover): She is the main person in charge of the Resistance against Shade and all of the HIVE academy students. She is a superhuman with the ability to recognize powers in mutants and also mind control, however she lets people have their own free will.

Vanessa (Wallflower): She is a resistance fighter, but she is more for defense then offensive fighting. She has the ability to control barriers to keep certain things in or others out from whatever she wants. She is considered to be everyone's mother in the compound.

Avaline (Azalea): She is also the other defensive fighter with Vanessa, these two are usually staying in the compound. She has the ability to heal almost any wound except for disease and people who are mentally retarded. Rather shy and keeps to herself, she's very knowledgeable of the world, however she is somewhat naive to certain topics.

Exie: (Fern): She's a bit spacy, hyperactive for the group, but is also a defensive fighter when things get really bad. Her ability is not known to the group however they have rumored around that it is able to cancel out people's power and send it back to them.

Shawnee (Tulip): The smart mouthed, confrontational werewolf that is one of the top offensive fighters in the compound.

Henrietta (Holly): She is a mixture between defensive and offensive, but is one of the more tactical users of weapons in the group. She has a demonic sword that is bound to her and she is able to use it's energy to seek out other mutants and kill them also. She is a very sassy individual of the group.

Kalypso (Zinnia): She is the spit fire, she's very rebellious and she marches to her own beat. In the offensive squad, she is the person in charge of it and what she says goes. She is an angel with the ability to control light. She has wings that sprout out of her back that are silver in color.

Nova (Nettle): The Phoneix, that's what she is, she is able to spontaneously combust and controls fire. She is on the offensive squad, and is good at being a look out and at hand to hand combat. However she's the more level headed one out of the group.

Peronell (Poppy): Able to literally draw things from her sketch book. She is a mixture of defensive and offensive like Henrietta and Mika. She tends to hope that the outlook for the future of everyone. She tries to see what both sides are like and keeps a general neutral outlook on everyone. She is also the peace keeper when everyone gets up in arms.

Jodeci (Jasmine): She is a caring, brave and daring individual. She is a mermaid and has the ability to control water and sometimes ice if the conditions are correct. She is also the final person in the offensive team when they go in full force for a mission. She's all about the mission but isn't willing to do all kinds of crazy stunts like Kaly and Shawnee

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Mistress Brya


Carmen: She is a shapeshifter that is able to change her body into animal form or human form be it the opposite sex also. However there is a flaw in her ability as one feature of body stays exactly the same no matter who she changes into.

Ivory: Also known as Poison Ivy, she is able to emit poisons through her mouth, hands or really any kind of contact with another person.

Renegade: A brute of a man that has the strength of superman. He is able to levitate though the air and pick up things that an average man should not be allowed to pick up.

Gabriel: He is usually paired with Ivory, as he controls nature and plant life, having away with combining his petal power with Ivory's poison as being able to render someone unconscious in the matter of minutes if they inhale the fragrance for too long.

Zafina: A danity young female that seems as if she'd break in someone's grip. She has a crippling scream that is able to shatter 4 city blocks worth of glass. She can emit sonic booms through her hands or through her burps and other bodily functions.

Xander: He is a vampire that has hypnotic charm, while also having other powers and abilities.

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