What Could Have Been
What if the superheroes didn't fall victim to the scrutiny of the world we live in. What if the world didn't fall to HIVE academy and kidnapped people to turn them into mindless drones to do their evil will? What if there is actually a resistance out ther
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Mistress Brya

So many lives and stories were lost on that day, when fear and oppression overcame hope and courage...

Whereas outside, trouble runs loose. All of these people are individuals, yet their lives are so closely linked that destiny leads them all on the same journey, of self-discovery, treachery, unlikely love and dark resolution. But they are not the only ones who have a part in the story... There are more souls out there, just waiting for the moment to inadvertently step into the slipstream of fate? The breaking point, it draws ever closer… both sides are awaiting the torch that will set ablaze the inferno that will cover the city in a cloud of destruction and if a certain someone succeeds, Blood… Where do the hopes lie? Are the rumors true? No matter how many pieces there are on the board, even a pawn can checkmate a king… What will happen to the city? Will it have a savior or a decimator?

Enter a world where nothing is what it seems and everyone is not what you expect... But be wary, and don't let your vanity overtake you, or you'll soon find someone overtaking your veins…

2/7/2012 #1
Mistress Brya

The building wasn't necessarily a building, it was a house. A very cute little abode near the outskirts of the city. This house proved to be a safe house where on the ground floor was an open living room that was fully furnished. The kitchen and dining room was furnished also, having pots and pans hanging on the wall near the stove. A four seater table was in the corner of the kitchen with a china cabinet to the left of it.

The upstairs of the house had three bed rooms and two bathrooms. A bedroom for a little girl and boy and their parents, however this home would never see a family for years to come.

The basement of the home held the family. A family of mutants.

You see, the city has gone up in smoke as anyone with powers and they will be brainwashed and become part of a mutant army.


Mika swore, she was about to lose it if the person in front of her didn't move up in line. She kept the aviator sunglasses secure on her face and looked around through them. Even if it was in fact dark outside and the sun had set about half an hour ago, she still wore those damn glasses.

"What would you like?" Asked the vendor.

"Hamburger, onion, no mayo, ketchup, mustard and pickles." She replies quickly, her eyes scanned the park as she paid for the food and moved, going back to her seat in the park.

2/8/2012 #2

Scar looked down from her perch in the tree. Could it really be her? No. It couldn't be that easy. It must be the HIVE.. Trying to lure her in? Or at least that's what Reeve was telling her. After all these years, could Mika really still be alive? It had been so long... She jumped down to a lower branch, using her shadows to keep her hidden from view.

She wanted to see if the girl with the burger really was her long lost friend and sister.. But.. The all knowing voice inside her head warned her not to. It was dangerous. Risky. An all over bad idea.. But.. if there was even a small chance.. Would it be worth it?


Akane raised an eyebrow at the brooding man before her. "I did..-"

"No Akane. You didn't. I gave you exact instructions!" The man stood and banged his fist down on the cherry wood desk before him, making Akane scowl. "Actually.." She began. "I completed your mission to your exact specifications." She replied, with a small satisfied grin.

"Then why is she still alive?" The man asked with an angry growl to his tone. Akane just smiled, her eyes cold from beneath her hood. "She is alive because you did not ask me to kill her. You told me to do 'away' with her. And that is exactly what I did. She went away."

2/8/2012 #3

Alden glanced up from the bench where he was seated, silvery-blue eyes peaking out from the hood that concealed so much of his face. He wore no mask, as that would would make him be a bit too suspicious. Still, a hooded traveler was nothing to look twice about. It could be the light, the wind, any number of things, but it was hardly a particularly unique or suspicious sight. He had found a good spot near the burger vendor, allowing him to keep himself fed as well as case targets for pickpocketing. It was a simple thing to bump into someone and be off while they were still cursing rude strangers, and the burger vendor made it likely that those nearby had spare money, often easy to grab. Spending money, change, while individually insignificant, a handful of wallets or loose bills added up faster. Currently he was watching the girl who had just ordered, trying to decide if she was a target worth going after. Until someone else needed something taken, or someone killed, or just some grunt work done, he was finding a way to make ends meet. His eyes shifted to the tree which he thought he saw it move unnaturally, but he waved it off as nothing. He was wasting time by not paying attention to his next target.

2/8/2012 #4

Acknowledgement was nothing but a sad and fabricated myth for the young man. There would always be a permanent block between her eyes and his, between the supposed mental connection engraved in their flesh and blood. For whatever sick and inane reason, she simply refused to acknowledge him. To remember him.

But he certainly hadn't forgotten.

Everyday, she quietly rested in the back of his mind, taunting him with bitter sweet memories of childhood and blood ties. Everyday, he sought out with the underlying intent to meet her once again. It had been months since he last recalled seeing her, years since they spoke. Had he been able to find her like he could any of the other seven billion bloody people infesting this diseased and contradictory world, he would have. But he can't.

For whatever sick and inane reason.

Everyday would end the same, with a loose tie around his neck and beer bottle in his hand. Tedious cubicle work for a company he didn't care for wasn't something he aspired to be doing day in and day out for the rest of his foreseeable life, but some things just don't like to go your way. Sometimes, an undeniable force likes to throw your aspiring future into the dust, and hands you a life full of shit you didn't want and people you can't stand.

"For whatever sick and inane reason." He downs the last of his bottle as the sunset reaches its peak, reds and oranges fading into blues and purples. He blinks, and his day's swallowed into a comforting bath of moonlight. He blinks again, and the sun rears its ugly head once again, his ease and comfort shifting instantly back into tense shoulders and sunken expressions. The day brought nothing but disappointment. Therefore, he had to take advantage of his window of opportunity while the sun was away, and that's exactly what he did. He puts the dress shoes and tie away for another day, pulling out a pair of jeans, Vans, and a T-Shirt. He'd let his feet take him wherever they pleased, mindless in direction so long as he could relax in the process, which incidentally lead him to the local park.

2/8/2012 #5
Mistress Brya


Mika sat down quietly on one of the old wooden benches in the park. She unwrapped the burger that was in the foil and took a bite. She scanned the crowd, watching as some families went by. They slipped underneath the casual radar of others. She turned her head and looked behind her. There was a fountain with kids splashing and running through it at this hour. It didn't surprise her. She took another bite and chewed rather slowly, deep in thought for a moment now. She had gotten back here about six months ago, and everything was still a little weird. She had to get back use to dealing with gravity and such.

She would have preferred to stay back there but after the event of losing Scarleigh in battle, it was too burdening to her and she couldn't live on the planet without her friend. Mika took another bite. The wind blew threw and whipped her hair about, exposing her neck and the rose choker that was still there after all this time.

2/8/2012 #6

A soft gasp came from the tree to Mika's left. A shadow could be seen darting down the tree and pausing at the base of it. Despite the screaming voice of Reeve.. Scar knew she had to get to her friend. It was her! The choker! It was there! Scar let out a happy squeeal and rushed forward, despite the chastising of Reeve.

2/8/2012 #7

Alden's attention was drawn by the movement of the tree, and he noted the figure that darted from the shadows of it. A coincidence? No, he didn't believe in them. It was likely that she was responsible for the motion of the tree. A problem could arise if she was as focused on his chosen target as she appeared. He might have to rethink his decision if the two met and stayed together. Two of them stood a lot better chance of detecting them than one of them alone, and the last thing he needed was to draw attention to himself. For now, all he could do was wait, and hope, and he hated that. He'd rather act, but he knew that nothing he could do would help, so he shifted slightly and lowered his head to conceal his gaze.

2/8/2012 #8
Mistress Brya


Mika heard the gasp and looked about, confusion crossed her face as she saw the shadow and something or someone crawling down the tree. She got to her feet in fluid slow movements, she quickly wrapped the burger back in the rest of the foil. The squeal set her off and she took a step back, her eyes narrowing at whatever was rushing forward. It was coming in fast. Her hand reached for the revolver that was kept hidden underneath her shirt. Multiple things were running through her head, but the minute she realized it was a person, everything changed.

It could be someone from HIVE, but however, they wouldn't make their presence known. Well some of the new recruits probably would though, because they aren't that smart. Mika's back arched somewhat like a cat and she took a step back. She appeared as if she was about to pounce and strike without a moments hesitation.

2/8/2012 #9

With every step, heart beats and heat signatures synced with the bodies of life crowding the park area. His mind was like an organic army radar, complete with thermal and infrared toggling abilities. He could see almost absolutely anyone at once within a certain radius of distance, without having to seek them out. He could tell you if someone's home without ringing a doorbell, along with how many pets they had. Though it was a miraculous ability, he had to admit, it had began to bore. Knowing who was where and what was happening around him at any point of the day ruined any sense of surprise


Or had it? His eyes caught onto the flash of motion on the bench almost a hundred yards away, which had certainly caused his heart to jump. He didn't know there was a person sitting on the bench. Even without registering their heartbeat, which was odd enough in itself, he should've spotted them immediately with his hawk-like vision. His interest sparked immediately when the body tensed in unknown anticipation. Steele scratched his head and frowned. "Who could that be?"

2/8/2012 #10

Scar stopped and peaked out from beneath the hood of her cloak. "Mika?" her voice was hesitant, childish even. The voice inside her head screamed for her to run, she saw Mika tense and saw her hand dart to her revolver. Her heart began to ache, did Mika not recognize her? She threw back her hood and pouted at her best friend. "Don't you remember me?"


The argument had been won and Akane was leaving the office, smug and satisfied. Another unhappy customer. She knew it would probably come back to bite her in the ass, but she didn't care.

2/8/2012 #11

Alden frowned. He didn't have time for this. He had to recalculate, as now the new girl was blocking the way to his original target, and watching her so intently that any attempt to pick her pockets would go noticed. With an exaggerated sigh, he stood, looking around as if he had been just a traveler waiting for someone before adjusting his hood slightly and making his way towards the two. What he was doing was riskier than he would've liked, as he had no way to be sure if the newcomer had any money on her or not, but she had presented herself as an easier target, and he could waste no more time here. Regardless of whether or not he failed, he'd have to relocate, at least for a while, afterwards, and he'd rather do that sooner than later. It was all too easy to bump into Scar as he passed, muttering an apology as he made off with whatever valuables he could grab, the motion covered by the impact. He wasted no time in pocketing whatever he had and bowing his head, striding off at a pace of someone in a hurry, but not fast enough to arouse suspicion.

2/9/2012 #12

Scar stumbled as Alden bumped into her but before he could get away inky shadows wrapped around his wrists and pulled him back. She turned and faced him with glowing eyes. "Trying to steal from me?" Her voice was soft, child like even. She took a step towards him, her eyes sad. "I don't have anything to steal." It was true, he had only gotten a few pieces of gum and her special butterfly knife that Mika had gifted her. "I... I need the knife back sir..." She ignored the voice screaming inside her head to just chop off his hand and take it.

2/9/2012 #13
Mistress Brya

Mika tried to register the entire situation that had happened just before her very eyes. For one thing, that was Scar. She hadn't seen Scar in about a year or so since they were split apart and now she was back. She lowered her hand when Scar removed her hood. The hair, her eyes, it was all Scar, it wasn't a fake or imitation. Mika forced the bad thoughts of how she thought Scar had died and many other gruesome things that happened when they were back on the other planet. She could have smiled, if it wasn't for the fact that Scar had been bumped into by another force. It was the guy, the same one that was sitting near the burger stand.

He was obviously a pick pocket, but he wouldn't be able to pick-pocket Mika. She wore skirts, which most obviously didn't have pockets and all her valuables were kept in her third pocket, which was in a small gap between her breasts. See, when your a female, and you don't have pockets on a shirt or pants, you get creative with where you put things that you need when your on the go. He had taken Scar's knife. The very knife Mika gave to her when she was younger.

The rose choker around her neck went from red to silver. Oh, he'd done it now... "Give it back to her. Now." Mika ordered, her voice laced with venom.

She had just gotten her friend back, and he was causing a problem. And, on top of that, the knife had sentimental value. He had better give it back, or the state of the park was going to be effected by Mika's course of action. No one, and I mean, no one messed with Scar if Mika was around. Ever. Of course this clearly proved that no reunion could be ever happy, there had to be something royally screw it over and this guy, obviously had to be the one to screw things up. Mika is a very chaotic good type of person, she's always been for the good, but her methods are rather confusing. For instance, if there was a kitten stuck in a tree and there were people blocking Mika's route of getting to the tree. She would slaughter all the people, to rescue the kitten. So, now in this scenario, she'd bathe the park in blood if it came down to it, shoving people out of her way just to get Scar's knife back.

Good intentions, however very unlawful ways.

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/9/2012 #14

"...What a development."

Steele was a heavy believer in fate. His faith in destiny and choice was what drove his entire life, yet this occurrence was simply unheard of. Impossible. Even if he had believed in coincidence, he would've recognized that this was no joke, no circumstantial miracle. It was not by chance that he landed in he same park as his lost sibling and her lost best friend. It was fucking fate. However, the circumstances could've been better. He was no peasant fool, not stupid enough to pickpocket with such a suspicious look to him. He had to have been a spy of some kind, possibly a mercenary. Ducking low and sneaking around two people of excessive supernatural interest was no coincidence, either.

Steele pondered the next course of action. This was, no doubt, a life altering choice. He knew getting himself involved wasn't a pleasant idea, seeing as conflict had erupted, but his mind grew feral with rage as he realized the man intended to somehow harm either Scar or Mika, and neither settled well with him. His lips twitched as he quietly slithered his way around the feverish crowd. Both girls could handle the situation fine, he decided, but that didn't mean he'd leave without making sure the guy got the ever-loving shit kicked out of him, and he didn't lay a finger on either of the girls, lest he find himself in Steele's grip.

2/9/2012 #15

As soon as the shadows had drawn him back, his dagger was in his hands and he was poised to lash out at the town. A snarl could be made out from under his hood, likely at being caught. The butterfly knife probably could've fetched a fair price, but he was in a hurry and didn't want to drawn any more attention to himself. He very clearly wasn't intimidated by either of them, though he did sheathe his dagger and pull out her knife, jamming it into her stomach, though fortunately not the sharp end. He would wait until she took it back before releasing it, then tugging his arm free once she released it. He was still tempted to slit their throats, but they were in far too public an area for that. Best to simply take the failure in stride and move on, at least for the time being. He was beyond the pettiness of revenge, but if he desired it, it would have to be taken later.

2/9/2012 #16

Scar doubled over and held her butterfly knife close to her. Her innocent eyes widened as she looked at the hooded figure before her. "T-thank you!" She said quickly, not attempting to stop him from leaving. She figured he wanted to slit their throats, but he hadn't yet, and she considered that a good sign. Besides, she had her strength back, and Reeve would never let anything hurt her.


2/10/2012 #17
Mistress Brya



Mika relaxed barely, it wasn't even noticeable. She turned and her attention was to Scar, she had forgotten that the pickpocket even existed. Her arms crossed against her chest, she wasn't annoyed at Scar or anything, it was just very much so her neutral stance.

"So, where did you go after the incident?" She asked.

(Roav, is Roaven evil or good? I kind of seeing him more so as evil...)

2/11/2012 #18

((Well, evil is subjective. I'd say he's more..Chaotic neutral. He doesn't care about what he does, just as long as it benefits him))

2/11/2012 #19
Mistress Brya

(Roger that.)

2/11/2012 #20

Scar turned back to Mika, her eyes innocent and confused. "After what?" She asked. She could hear Reeve warning her about her friend but this was confusing.. Why would Reeve tell her to stay away from her best friend? Her SISTER? Why? Scar let out a little whimper and began to shift nervously. "A-after.." She took in a shaky breath and looked up at her best friend in panic. "T-the war? I was.." She struggled to remember. But all she remembered was white. Everything was white, white and silver... And pills..

2/11/2012 #21
Mistress Brya

Mika slowly nodded, seeing that Scar probably didn't want to talk about it. It was probably hard on Scar just like it had been hard for her. She shook her head, "Forget I said anything." She mumbled softly. Her hands now rested on her hips, well one did. She had the rest of the burger she was eating in her other hand. She glanced down at it and looked back up at Scar.

"Want a bite?" She offered, holding out the sandwich towards her.

2/11/2012 #22

Scar looked at the burger then smiled. "Silly Mika. You know I don't like mustard and ketchup." She giggled and moved closer to her friend, forgetting Alden was there. "Thank you though!" Her eyes were lit up with happiness, and Reeve was no longer yelling at her to run, it would seem her innerself was alright with Mika. And that made her very very happy.

2/11/2012 #23
Mistress Brya

"So, what have you been doing since you got here?" Mika asked.

She went back and took a seat at the bench that she was sitting at before Scar had approached her. She crossed her right leg over her right and smoothed out her skirt. Her skirts was longer then what it usually was, which meant that she was taking a much more conservative look, at least trying to blend in. However, she still wore a corset top that had straps on the shoulders, but her shoulders were covered with a small black half jacket. She wrapped the burger back up in the foil, she'd eat it later, not like she was really hungry, she just had to keep her hands busy for the most part.

2/11/2012 #24

Scar hesitated then hurried over and sat down next to her, her knees pulled up to her chest. "What did I do..?" She thought about the question. "White.. Silver... medicines.." She mumbled, her eyes turning dark at the memory and the shadows rising around her as a sure sign that something was wrong.

2/11/2012 #25
Mistress Brya

"Medicines?" Inquired Mika.

She was curious, what did the girl mean by white and silver. What were they in reference to...

(I only have a muse for huge paragraphs when Tek is around... and he's not posting so I can get away with small posts... hehe!)

2/11/2012 #26

Scar scowled and the shadows rose to hide them in sheer darkness. "They made me feel funny. Made me crazy. Made my powers.." She let out whimper. "Reeve wasn't happy. She doesn't trust you. I trust you. Reeve doesn't trust you." She began to mumble over and over, her eyes getting a slightly psychotic glint to them.

{Hehe I love small posts!}

2/11/2012 #27
Mistress Brya

"Who's Reeve?"

Mika's eyebrow arched up slightly in confusion.

2/11/2012 #28

Scar paused in the middle of her rant and thought for a long moment. "Would you like to meet her? Maybe you can convince her that you won't hurt me!" She started to look excited, the shadows faded away and her face lit up happily. "Hear that Reeve? She wants to meet you!"

2/11/2012 #29
Mistress Brya

Mika's eyebrows knitted together. There wasn't another person around them, so who exactly was Reeve? She blinked, more confusion coming across her features. Was Scar talking to herself? Maybe it was the medication she was talking that was causing her to go crazy.

Mika sighed, "You know I would never hurt you. We've been friends since I was nine and you were seven."

2/11/2012 #30
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