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Celestial Zodiac

We all have our least favorite character in any fandom. My least favorite in Wicked Lovely is... Keenan.

Why? Well... One: He is rather bias. He cares more about himself and his fairies that he has little to no concern for humans. Two: He uses people/fairies all alike, he was using his own loyal friend just so he can get information from the dark court. Three: He reminds me a bit like edward :P

So...what character do you dislike/hate?

8/8/2009 #1
Lamia of the Dark

Keenan, Aislinn, human!Seth

8/12/2009 #2
Tessa Thead


9/2/2009 #3

Mi favorite character, and the most awesome girl in the whole world is: DONIA!

Why? 'Cause she's beautifull, strong, brave, She's not a Mary Sue, She loves Keenan, and she hates him. In a perfect equilibrium. She's not stupid, she was injured. She is da best!

And the character I hate the most is... Mmmm... The granma XD

9/19/2009 #4

Who I hate?! Keenan... he remembers me a lot of Light Yagami from Death Note and with this I've said all. Goddess!

12/2/2009 #5
Lamia of the Dark

Keenan is NOT like Light Yagami. Light wants to create a utopia by killing all the criminals in the world, Keenan wants to make pretty sunshine :/

12/17/2009 #6

Sorry, I had to explain myself better ^^ I love Death Note to death - kukuku - and I'm a huge fan of the Light/L couple.

When I said Keenan remembers me of Light, I wanted to say he has a pretty face but, under that, his soul is full of flaws and darkness. If he needs something, Keenan doesn't stop till he has it even hurting innocent people.

12/18/2009 #7
Lamia of the Dark

Oh, that makes sense.

(Also, I am a huge fan of both Light and L, but not as a pairing...)

12/23/2009 #8
Lost in Believing

Hmm...probably Bananach. Or Aislinn. But I don't hate these characters, they're just my least fave.

Bananach because she can't do anything with out wanting someone to die or get hurt. Okay, I get it that's how they need to live. But really? People always say that there is usually a good person under everything, but with Bananach I can't imagine. She annoys me every time she's on screen and honestly, I hope someone shoots in her soon.

And Aislinn. People say that Keenan's selfish. He is. We all know that, but so is Aislinn. I mean, she chooses her self over saving everyone (humans and fairies). And then in the second book, she won't help her best friend. The third book really made me annoyed at her because she was making Seth feel so guilty and stuff. I mean, she should decide whether she wants Keenan or Seth.

12/26/2009 #9
Lamia of the Dark

"Hmm...probably Bananach. Or Aislinn. But I don't hate these characters, they're just my least fave.

Bananach because she can't do anything with out wanting someone to die or get hurt. Okay, I get it that's how they need to live. But really? People always say that there is usually a good person under everything, but with Bananach I can't imagine. She annoys me every time she's on screen and honestly, I hope someone shoots in her soon."

No, don't hate Bananach!! Yes, true, her only goal in life is to create war but that's because of what she IS - it's not a choice, it's her very nature as Sorcha's opposite (order and chaos).

I don't know why, but I always love the characters who are a little bit insane. So, of course, I am fascinated by Bananach. (Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter are some of my favorite characters from other fandoms... because of their insanity.)

12/26/2009 #10
Lost in Believing

Haha I can understand why you love Bananach. I don't know. I'm usually in love with the characters that steal your heart and whatever. And yeah, I know that it's supposed to be opposites and stuff. I'll probably like her better if she showed some niceness once in a while.

12/27/2009 #11
Lamia of the Dark

She DOES, sometimes, a little...... -_-' the only specific example I can think of is when she's in Seth's house picking up Boomer.

12/28/2009 #12

You're so right about Aislinn. After reading Fragile Eternity, I cannot stand her anymore. She really deserves Keenan!

She was... she was so... BELLA SWAN?! For a moment, I thought she could be the vampire's long lost cousin.

There is no problem if faires and humans have to suffer for her selfishness. If she is happy and has the two hot boys of the story following her like puppies, others' feelings are soooooooooo irrilevant.

I've to say this: way to go, Seth! Your ultimatum was great. It was about time someone tried to open her eyes. Goddess, Leslie almost died because Keenan's trick and Ash still forgive and forget? I hate how she fakes to be so kind.

You know, when she said to Nyall how Irial tried to flirt with her, I could not stop laughing. Iri is Iri and Ash thinks to much of herself. How can she think to rival with his love for Nyall and Les?

Come down form your pedestal, girl! Universe doesn't revolve around you!

12/28/2009 #13
Lost in Believing

Exactly! Aislinn is pretty bad. I mean, I think she belongs with Seth, but the way she treats him and Keenan makes me want to throw up. I mean, how do you play around with both of them even though you're keeping one? That doesn't make sense. Yepp. In the third book, she kept saying how she was such a great friend to Leslie and look what happened.

12/28/2009 #14

Yeah. How can someone not help her best friend when she has been raped by her brother? What kind of person has Ash become?

"I wanted to save her mortality and well-being...". Bullshit! What she really wanted to say was: "Sorry Les, I could not help you because I was too busy playing with my boy-toys!"

I think the problems now are lust and vanity, not love. You cannot love two people in the same way, in spite of what people like Bella Swan could say.

Having two boys like Seth and Keenan flatters Ash, so she keeps sinking in her indecision. It's too easy.

12/29/2009 #15
Lost in Believing

Yeah I know! Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure Leslie was raped by her brother's enemies. Like the people he owed debt to. But anyway, exactly! If she was a good friend, she would have helped when she first saw trouble.

Oh yeah. I hate the whole fact that she's loving that the two of them adore her. And she wonders why Donia dislikes her in the third book. If I was Donia I would be pissed too because Aislinn is pretty much taking Keenan away with false hopes. You're right. She says she loves Seth, but I'm iffy on that fact.

12/30/2009 #16

I hate Keenan, yes I know that sounds weird because I have a AislinnxKeenan fanfic, but he just gets on my nerves

1/3/2010 #17

Finally! Someone who dosen't like donia! Everyone else loves her, but i don't.

1/24/2010 #18
Lamia of the Dark

But Donia is all tragic and stuff... ok, I don't really care for her that much either. I just want her to be with Keenan, cuz I don't want Keenan to be with Aislinn :/

1/24/2010 #19

Ohhh Seth makes my blood boil! He INFURIATES me. Mostly because I think he needs to get over Aislinn. He stopped dating other girls, or more appropriately, stopped screwing other girls for 7 months, but Aislinn and him only had a VERY short time to actually "date" and can you really consider it dating when the whole time she is being courted by Keenan? But besides him? Donia at times. Sometimes I love her and other times...she just annoys me. I have a love/hate relationship with her. XD

6/14/2010 #20
padfoot's prose

I really don't like Keenan.

He also reminds me of Edward Cullen - an apparently perfect guy with a darker side - but it's as if Marr wanted to create a version of Edward who was more flawed. The problem is that Edward's absolute dedication to the girl and family he loves is actually his only redeeming quality, and when Marr took that away, she exposed the selfish creep that he actually is.

Keenan is a perfect-looking guy who uses his perfection for the wrong reasons and to attain the wrong things. Yes, usually his decisions are the right ones, but the means he's willing to use to get what he wants are unreasonable. I think Marr went too far, letting his conscience allow too much betrayal and violence.

He's a sick creep and I honestly can't stand him.

Aislinn also annoys me though, in that she starts off in Wicked Lovely as such a strong person, and just kinda fades from there.

7/18/2010 #21
Celestial Zodiac

Yeah, you are right about Keenan and Aislinn. Aislinn seemed to be a strong character from the start but that went downhill.

I prefer Leslie much better than her...

7/19/2010 #22
Still Not King

Aislinn is my least favorite.

I was actually grinning when Donia stabbed her in Fragile Eternity.

8/16/2010 #23

I was horrified when i read that bit. I mean, how could Donia do that to Aislinn? And why?

Anyway, Keenan has the potential to be my least favorite character. He's a jerk in Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. I can't believe Aislinn doesn't realise he's a jerk.

1/15/2011 #24
Lamia of the Dark

Yeah, well, (SPOILER ALERT!!) in Radiant Shadows, Keenan mysteriously disappeared. Ha. :D

1/25/2011 #25

I've just finished reading that book. I like the ending.

Bananach is pretty nasty too. After reading Radiant Shadows she is now my least favorite character.

1/25/2011 #26

I hope that in Darkest Mercy they find a way to kill Bananach without killing everyone.

1/25/2011 #27
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